Bird tattoos are popular due to their beauty and the particular stories behind each species but tucked under their colourful wings lie hidden meanings and special messages. What is the meaning behind different bird tattoos or what bird symbolism can you use to express your own personal identity (tattoos have always been used as a means of identification)? Did you know that goldfinches appear in dreams and that a raven is an ancient omen of death? Birds are used throughout history to convey emotions, foresee prophecies, and guide people to safety. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, colours, and designs. Let’s dive into what tale each of these birds has to share and what bird tattoo meaning is just right for you!

What do birds symbolize?

Birds embody freedom and independence, whimsical spirits, and celestial messages. They also symbolize a higher calling and the ability to soar and reach for the sky! Each culture has its own spin on bird lore, and they are all fascinating and deeply meaningful. From Native American spirit guides to Celtic and Greek deities, birds have a deep root in history.

In Native American cultures, birds are granted as spirit guides to help people reach their full potential and navigate difficult periods in life. They show themselves to people during spiritual journeys and help individuals find a deeper connection to the natural world. Hawks, falcons, eagles, and even smaller birds like blue jays have manifested as guides to those who seek them. Aside from spirit guides, certain Native American deities have been presented as birds. The Thunderbird is a mythical bird from Native American lore and was said to create storms with their massive, beating wings.

In Celtic mythology, birds are revered as messengers from God and can even be gods themselves. In Ireland, there is a goddess by the name of Morrigan who is represented by a crow who flies over battlefields and offers protection to soldiers. Because of her, in Celtic lore crow feathers are a sign of good luck and were often added to weapons. Similarly, the Celtic god of the ocean, Manannan Mac Lir, is seen as a gull and brings prosperity to fishermen.

In Greek mythology, birds represent deities and symbols of power. Hecate from Greek mythology was depicted as an owl. She could see in three different directions at once, similar to how an owl can turn its head to see all around its body. Arthemis, the goddess of the hunt and the moon, was also referred to as the owl goddess. This could be because owls fly in the night by the light of the moon and hunt, which is exactly what this Greek goddess is known for.

Show off your knowledge of ancient mythology by mixing in aspects of these stories in your bird tattoos. This will give cultured flair to your designs and make the birds stand out as regal representations of memorable folklore. Accent a tattoo of a phoenix with a blaring sun or bursts of flame, or an owl with a full moon. Customize each bird to give it that special flair and make it uniquely yours!

What does a bird tattoos mean and why should you choose one?

Bird tattoos embody the special qualities each species of bird possesses. They can also reflect your own unique story and personality. A bird tattoo can depict any message you want it to, you just have to paint the perfect picture.

Tattoos are a part of you, which is why choosing the best one is important. You want to relay the right message and let a bit of yourself shine through in the process. Birds have distinct characteristics, and there is a bird for every type of person out there. From carefree canaries to sombre ravens to regal swans, you can handpick a bird for every aspect of yourself that you want to shine through. I will go over what each bird tattoo symbolizes so you can choose the best fit for your life.

The Meanings of Different Types of Bird Tattoos

Cardinal Tattoos

Cardinal Tattoo meaning

Cardinals are vibrant birds. They hold many meanings (incl. biblical meanings) , but the most symbolic of those are pride, boldness, passion, and the remembrance of a loved one. The bright crimson coloring of their feathers represents bold qualities that inspire dignity and individuality. The color red similarly invokes a burning passion like fire. It is also believed that cardinals represent the reincarnation of a loved one. They say that if a cardinal visits your window or appears in a dream, it means someone is visiting you from the afterlife and wishes you well. Many people get cardinal bird tattoos to remember someone who has passed.

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Canary, Goldfinch, or Other Yellow Bird Tattos