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All birds are geniuses! However, the most beautiful and exotic birds, the peacock has long attracted human attention with its magnificent feathers and graceful gait. In the history, myths, and legends of different cultures, peacock meaning is not only related to its beauty, but also its spirituality, vitality, nobility, protection, and immortality.

What Does a Peacock Symbolize?

An interesting symbolism associate with the peacock. The peacock is a symbol of beauty, progress, royal dignity, pride, love, compassion, soul, and peace. Because of the belief that his body would not rot, it became a symbol of immortality. Its waving and showing off feathers interpreted as a symbol of pride, arrogance, and vanity.

The peacock has all those qualities that people admired. It is a powerful solar symbol that is related to fame, splendor, life, good health, strength, and thus prosperity in almost all fields. History and mythology see the peacock as a picture of nobles, holiness, and protectors.

According to Greek mythology, the peacock associate with Hera and Argus, who remained known as the “good guardian”, and the term “Argus’ eyes” use to describe good eyesight, for eyes that nothing can miss. Hera saved his eyes in gratitude for the sincere service and placed them on the tail of a bird, and they, like starry eyes, became a symbol of the sky. That’s how the peacock came to be.

In ancient India, peacocks decorated gardens. Paintings, statues, and carvings with their figures adorned the royal palaces. Peacock meaning implies transformation, Hindus believed that their feathers and flesh treated snake bites and diseases and that the blood repelled evil spirits. According to the Hindu tradition, peacock feathers are like angel feathers.

In China, it is dedicated to the goddess of mercy and is a symbol of compassion.

The peacock as a symbol has become a part of various aspects of life and culture from the earliest times. It can find in art, architecture, sculpture, painting, jewelry, handicrafts, textiles, literature, music, folklore, and the traditions of almost all regions of the world. The well-known eye, which is an integral part of the peacock feather, is more than a clear sign of vigilance, caution, and is therefore often used in meditations.

All this proves that for centuries, humanity has shown significant interest in this wonderful bird, which has found its expression in various types of creative instinct.

What does a peacock symbolize

Spiritual Meaning

The energy of peacocks is immeasurable. If you carry wisdom, parts, and dignity, you will receive very good rewards. The presence of a peacock in your life speaks of beauty. The Peacock wants you to use this for prosperity.

The female peacock is not so grandiose in its beauty. It is rich in inner beauty. Its beauty complements the beauty of the male peacock. This message has a symbolic meaning in your life. This means that you will appreciate the inner beauty of others only when you treat them with respect.

When it comes to the symbolism of this bird in religions, the situation is as follows:

  • in Buddhism, the peacock symbolizes the highest knowledge and connects it with the goddess Kuan-Yin,
  • in Hinduism, it is a faithful companion of Lakshmi – the goddess of joy, abundance, mercy, and patience,
  • in Christianity, it symbolizes salvation, but also the image of Christ who “sees everything.”

Peacocks are known for their wonderful, restless game before the rain. It is a dance that inspired the sages to think about the fiery restlessness of the soul in this world. A peacock notices the approach of rain clouds during the monsoon season — with fully spread feathers.

By choosing a lifelong partner, peacocks also represent fidelity. On the dry ridges of Rajasthan in India, the sight of a peacock dancing with its mate is considered a favorable sign of fertility, and despite the tendency of birds to disturb crops, they are never killed.

The peacock also associates with the Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi, and keeping peacock feathers in the house brings happiness and prosperity.

Peacock spiritual meaning

The Meaning of the Peacock Feather

Peacocks have beautiful blue-green or green feathers decorated with eye-shaped patterns, and the multitude of colors you see is due to the refraction of light from the fibrous structures of the feathers.

Peacock feathers, like peacock birds, carry many positive symbols and are thus often the inspiration of artists and fashion designers. Its feathers have valued for centuries as a symbol of pride, aristocratic origins, and glory.

The peacock’s tail identified with the Sun, the sky, and the universal symbol of beauty. Peacock feathers are believed to provide protection from negative energy, attract happiness, joy, and career success.

If someone sees a peacock feather, a period of happiness and joy is ahead.

Many use the peacock feather as a talisman to attract love, protection from the betrayal of love, danger, and evil. According to Feng Shui, every year you should give family members a peacock feather to prevent accidents and additionally protect the home.

The feathers of this beautiful bird have been used for centuries as an ornament and inspiration for making jewelry and fashion ornaments. The peacock considered being the personification of the mythical bird Phoenix. In Eastern symbolism, the peacock feathers meaning are associate with abundance, patience, compassion, and love. In Western symbolism, the peacock feather is a symbol of immortality, holiness, and renewal. Its beauty reminds us that a human hand can hardly create something as refined and unreally beautiful as nature can.


Dream Meaning

Dreaming of birds is actually rather common. Dreams are wildly subjective things and their interpretation is often open to multiple perspectives but there are a few commonalities across the board that may shed some light on what your bird dream may be all about. A peacock in a dream means happiness, prosperity, rich suitors. Depending on the details of the dream itself, the peacock can warn you that there are people you can’t trust completely. It is best to look at the situation you are in and weigh each next move wisely.

Dreaming of a Peacock

Stands for prosperity, happiness, and success in love. To see a peacock in a dream represents spring birth, new growth, longevity, and love. It is an excellent sign, a signal of prestige, success, and satisfaction in your relationship or career. You can impose yourself too much or be overly arrogant with your success and achievements. The peacock may suggest that many eyes are watching you.

Dreaming of its Tail

This dream can be interpreted in different ways. On the one hand, it is a sign of personal pride, narcissism, and arrogance. At the same time, it symbolizes sensual pleasures and even evil spirits. If you dream that a peacock is spreading its tail, you will get an unexpected benefit.

Tattoo Meaning

Today, peacock tattoos have gained popularity because they use as a key symbol of immortality, the pure soul of a person, and resurrection. For various reasons, you can choose an amazing design made of bright colors.

Most peacock tattoos for women and men are large, to show the intricate designs of beautiful peacock feathers. The feathers of this exceptional bird are always colorful, which allows you to explore all possible color combinations. The color chosen to create a peacock tattoo can play a very important role in making the tattoo beautiful. An entire peacock, with its feathers described in detail, can look sensational on any part of the body.

Peacock tattoo

White Peacock Tattoo

A white peacock considers a very rare phenomenon, so it valued as a symbol of religion. Tattoos with the image of a white peacock for Christians bear a sign of purity, humility, and spiritual renewal. Such an image serves as a symbol of Jesus Christ, and the deeply sacred belief of Christians. The image of a white bird carries the meaning of enlightenment and renewed feelings.

Small Peacock Tattoo

A tattoo with the image of a small peacock is rare because this image cannot fully convey the beauty of a peacock’s tail. For a more original drawing, this tattoo decorates with bright colors. Original and beautiful enough, the image of a peacock looks on the girl’s neck. The peacock’s tail passes smoothly into the back, which gives the picture a certain puzzle. Small tattoos mostly applied on the wrist. This means that the owner of the tattoo is a cheerful and open person willing to share kindness with the outside world. The ornament draws on the right-hand means that the person is very purposeful.

The “Peacock Feather” Tattoo

The peacock feather is a symbol of renewal and healing for many years. The tattoo with this image carries the meaning of immortality. Tattoo lovers are thrilled by the unusually beautiful tail, which exceeds the size of a bird. Girls with such a tattoo are especially noticeable among those around them because such a pattern emphasizes sophistication and grace.

Based on all the above, the peacock can be said to be a symbol of integrity, and with its appearance and behavior, it constantly reminds a person of how important it is to have the courage and show the world its true colors. Remember this every time you lack self-confidence or when you dissatisfied with some part of your body. No one is perfect, but is perfection so important for beauty? Sometimes it is enough to accept your shortcomings, emphasize your virtues or “good sides”, and wear them with pride.

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