Blue Jay: Symbolism and Meaning

The blue jay is a bird with many symbolic meanings. Many people believe that the blue jays have a connection to happiness and joy, which is why they are often seen as good luck symbols. They also symbolize peace, because of their association with making friends and being social creatures. Blue Jays represent strength, eloquence, intelligence, wit, and wisdom because they are able to mimic sounds from other animals or human voices in order to communicate more effectively.

In this article, we want to find out more about the symbolism and meaning of the Blue Jay bird!

Spiritual Meaning

The Blue Jay as Animal of Power transmits the strength in the will of the vision understood as the ability to rise above the situations understanding the real hidden meaning. As a soul guide, he has the power to instill in the Soul on which he watches, the ability of intuition and foresight.

These characteristics can be attributed to the Blue Jay to make him an almost mystical bird surrounded by ancient beliefs as long as history:

  • Loquacity
  • Communication
  • Determination
  • Loyalty
  • Assertiveness
  • Intelligence
  • Advantage
  • Vitality
  • Curiosity
  • Clarity
  • Energy

The Blue Jay presents great determination, he can oppose his enemies with great pride. It teaches you to assert yourself and properly use your personal power. It also represents communication and talkativeness, which you can use to dissolve your personal issues. Its blue color inspires the clarity and purity of the soul.

Coming from Two Worlds

The Bird is widespread in North America, and the main reason why it is present in the beliefs and symbols of Native Americans; its plumage interspersed with blue and black colors, evoking Urania and Gea, respectively represent death and life, two colors that bring the human back to the union between heaven and earth.

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I remember when my daddy gave me that gun. He told me that I should never point it at anything in the house; and that he’d rather I’d shoot at tin cans in the backyard. But he said that sooner or later he supposed the temptation to go after birds would be too much and that I could shoot all the blue jays I wanted – if I could hit ’em; but to remember it was a sin to kill a mockingbird.

Harper Lee

The animal moves between the two worlds, combining what is physical and material with what is instead abstract and spiritual; he joins both worlds with tenacity and deepens his own skills and potential so that he can get to know better these two worlds which, although distant, are correlated by an ever-present union.

The blue of its crest represents the harmony that, combined with a calm and the ability to find balance, leads us to a higher path of awareness, be it physical or spiritual.

The pure and crystalline clarity that the blue of this bird brings us in opposition to the blue of the sky; we cannot be betrayed by other colors when the blue of the blue jay appears as a reflection of the blue of the sky.

It is not afraid of hurting to reveal himself, the purity of his blue is too limpid and the force of truth too strong.

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

The jay does not fear aggressors, it reminds us not to fear and give in to fears in the search for truth, and not to be afraid to ask for help if we cannot defeat evil on our own.

If the jay discovers a similar corpse, begins a real funeral rite, stops eating even for more than a day, shouting to call his fellow men to form real groups around the dead a real need to divulge all the possible presence of a dangerous predator.

The intelligence and peculiar characteristics of the blue jay have led it to be an integral part of the sometimes esoteric symbolism within different ancient cultures where it has largely found admiration for the meaning that it has been able to convey.

What Does it Mean When You See a Blue Jay?

Seeing a jay during one of our days most likely means giving us the courage to face a certain danger or opponent, or evil, reminding us not to be afraid to ask for help, and reminds us how much the truth can satisfy us.

When a blue jay appears in front of you and he delights you with his presence, it’s a very good and positive thing, a very good sign so you don t be afraid in noway. It means that something awesome is about to happen. He comes to remember you to be always yourself and you should not compromise your values to conform to what others think of you, but, at the same time, you should be courageous enough to stand up for the downtrodden.

The Blue jay symbolizes your ability to speak exactly what you have on your mind and he teaches you that you don’t need to keep quiet in order to be accepted.

This spirit guide is communicating a very simple message to you. Be bold, stand up, and follow your best counsel.

If he comes into your life, he will improve you to emphasize fearlessness, clarity, honesty, and determination. Be determined enough to ensure that your projects come to a fruitful completion.

When the blue jay enters your life, you get the courage you need to see your dreams come true.

What does it mean when you see a Blue Jay

Seeing a jay takes on particular esoteric and mystical meanings, especially in a dream:

  • If you dream of singing jays, most likely a man will meet you who will enchant you with his charm but in reality, his intent will be to obtain something from you but only and exclusively for selfish purposes;
  • If you dream of a singing blue jay, but not with its typical song, then imitating other sounds, most likely someone is acting on your behalf, and not always in the right way that you can imagine;
  • Simply dreaming of a blue jay means that we will make new acquaintances with very interesting people, while a dead blue jay would be at the center of controversy and problems, especially in the family and at home, with various turbulence;
  • If in the dream we took a blue jay it means that something is going to happen that is very exciting but useless.

Biblical Meaning Of Seeing a Blue Jay

As we know, the Bible often speaks of birds, as many are mentioned, like the beautiful blue jay, a celestial specimen that reflects the color of the sky, maybe missing.

Well, the blue jay is not specifically mentioned in the bible but today we know that one of those many birds that appear in the Holy Book is precisely the Blue Jay, precisely for the meaning that it represents, showing us the love that God has for man and for all the created.

Giving us a beautiful messenger who came from up there almost to give us spiritual support and guidance, almost to eliminate the distance that separates us from the creator, almost as God wants to approach our daily life by giving us the support we need to feel more confident and strong against the adversities that we are almost forced to face every day.

A stay close to us was almost accompanying you by the hand towards the path of life.

Blue Jay a Sign from Heaven

Is the Blue Jay a Sign from Heaven?

For many, the blue jay is a spiritual animal sent from heaven. He brings divine messages of awareness to earth directly from heaven and his presence indicates that we are doing an excellent job on the journey of our life with passion and dedication.

How could it not be a sign of divine heaven? Even with his similarity in colors, the same blue color leads us to recognize him as a heavenly messenger. There are numerous stories that are told and lived by different people who have had to face this splendid blue specimen in one way or another.

All these theses are consistent in affirming and demonstrating that the blue jay is a celestial creature in some way. Some boys once said they had never seen a blue jay, but suddenly some of them only appeared after the death of their father, staying around for several days; many spiritual stories about this little animal have happened.

On the other hand, a Blue Jay is a type of bird. It’s not an omen or sign from heaven, but it does have some symbolic meanings for people in different cultures. For example, many believe that the blue jays are good luck symbols because they’re seen as happy and joyful creatures who bring peace to those around them; others see their intelligence and eloquence reflected in their ability to mimic other animals’ calls.

Blue Jays represent eloquence, intelligence, wit, and wisdom. Some legends say that when Blue Jays crowed it would rain! They also symbolize peace with their association making friends and being social creatures. But there isn’t any concrete evidence proving this theory- so don’t count on a Blue Jay bringing you sunshine.

blue-jay-meaning native american culture

The Blue Jay Meaning in Different Cultures

The Blue Jay is a bird that has been seen in many different cultures around the world. In some of these cultures, it is considered to be a sacred animal with deep connections to spirituality and healing. For others, it is simply an ordinary bird that can be found in their backyard or on their porch.

Native American Culture

In Native American culture, the blue jay is a spiritual animal. This belief comes from stories of how they would fly into homes to warn people that there was danger approaching.

Some Native Americans believed that if you had good thoughts when looking at them then they will return those thoughts with happiness and prosperity. Others believe that touching or talking to one while it’s perched on your arm can bring healing benefits.

The Navajo Nation has considered this bird sacred for centuries now because it symbolizes strength and intelligence due to its ability to remember where food sources were even after months have gone by without visiting the area again. They also use feathers in ceremonies like “Hosholi” which is their most important ceremony involving prayer sticks and pine needles dipped in corn.

In Christian Culture

In Christian culture, the Blue Jay is believed to be a bird that is representative of the Holy Spirit. This belief originated from an old folk story about how three blue jays rescued a group of Christian pilgrims after their horse ran away with them and they had been stuck in snow for days without food or water.

In Japanese Culture

In Japanese culture, the Blue Jays are believed to bring messages from ancestors who have passed on. They also carry these messages back up into Heaven when they fly too high while flying around looking for insects and seeds at night time.

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Feather of the Blue Jay Meaning

Ancient peoples of different cultures such as Aborigines, Egyptians, Celts, and Native Americans believed that birds and feathers carried stories, mystical meanings, and even magic.

The reason why people from so many indigenous cultures wore feathers on their heads in various forms, is because they viewed them as a sacred connection with God and the Divine.

Blue Jay Feather Meaning

Feathers, with their connection with wings as a spiritual metaphor, represent a strong connection with the celestial realms, as well as with love, truth, protection, new beginnings, and rebirth.

When a feather reaches your feet, it is traditionally considered to be a positive omen that means that your requests have been heard. But in general, when you find a blue jay feather in a magical way, that is, in an unusual place, the Spirit communicates with you and shows you its support and guidance.

In addition to the general spiritual meanings of feathers, specific colors and color combinations can also add extra meaning:

  • Blue jays symbolize protection with magical powers. If you happen to find a blue jay feather it is an omen that says that heaven listens to your prayers and the magic is close to you. Magic is around you and Heaven has just sent you a blue feather to make sure you recognize it. It also means that you have to be patient. Blessings are coming but not now.
  • The blue feather also means acceptance, peace and calm, inspiration, knowledge, connection with spirits, and spiritual protection.
  • Sometimes the feather can also mean paying attention to the different and many suggestions that people are giving you and that we don’t always catch on the fly. Behave well and in a straight way and be an inspiration for others so that they too are correct, brave, and just. Concentrate on a few things and do them correctly.
  • The blue color is linked not only to spirituality, celestially, and purity but also to wisdom.

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