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“Lots of people talk to animals… Not very many listen, though… That’s the problem.”

This blog was created out of true interest in and love as well as respect for animals. We strive to provide information that is useful in our daily lives to connect to the animals around us whether the connections are in their spirit or physical form.

We see the blog as a medium to educate and encourage our readers to progress on the spiritual connection we all have with the animal kingdom.

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You’re welcome to contribute to our blog with a guest post. We accept guest articles from these areas:

  • Spirituality, New Age, Alternative Beliefs
  • Animals
  • Pets

The Authors

Richard Alois

Richard is the creator and editor of richardalois.com. He built this site as a labor of love and admiration for all animals. His goal is to better understand everyone’s relationship with animals.

Cynthia Demers

Cynthia lives with her husband in Southern California. She is passionate about animals and spiritual well-being through a healthy lifestyle and positive enrichment for their animal friends’ long, vibrant life.

Rachel Meyer

Rachel works in a veterinary practice in Pasadena, California, and contributes on a regular basis to our blog. Besides a husband and two kids, she has birds, dogs, and cats as pets at home.

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