Red is the colour of passion, life force, energy, sexuality, fire, passionate love. The Cardinal bird symbolism stands just for that!

A Cardinal bird can represent intuition as in a little bird told me. A bird also represents spirit. A bird can be spirit and nature together. Spirit is masculine energy, natural feminine energy. A bird being spirit can also represent thoughts, ideas, plans going on within.

Whether you’ve lost a loved one or your confidence, the cardinal bird is a power animal and totem that possesses the spirit to reconnect you to them or restore your confidence. It helps you become your truest and most confident self. Cardinal symbolism involves cardinal birds interfering in our lives by sending to us meaningful messages in a variety of ways.

Whether is a red cardinal, female, dead, single or couple cardinals singing, a cardinal bird in your yard or even in your dream, they all remind you to be clear in your intentions.

Cardinal symbolism, lets you know that putting yourself first is key to helping yourself and others as well as signifying the perfect timing to start that project or execute your plans.

Cardinals have been surrounded by spirituality for centuries. High ranking Catholic figures are called cardinals and wear deep red robes. Native American cultures believe that cardinals are the daughter of the sun and if you see a cardinal flying towards the sun you will have good luck.

Let’s look deeply into cardinal symbolism and meaning to understand the significance of this Animal Spirit Guide and how it supports, builds, and inspires you!

Red Cardinal Meaning Spirit Animal

As an essential part of our human experience, the red cardinal is a spiritual animal that connects Earth and Spirit as well as Past, Present and Future. It brings the wisdom of the universe close to us in the most beautiful and natural way possible. We just need to pay attention to.

The red cardinal is wrapped in just every tradition and myth and many of its symbolism and messages are meant for good health, goodness, fruitful relationships, self-realization and renewal, happiness, healthy relationships and many more. Looking closely at the life of these magical birds and what they have to offer can reveal the reason behind the many good things they are believed to offer. For instance, did you know that unlike many birds, the red cardinal isn’t polygamous but monogamous? This truly until-death-do-us-part couple lives and sings together all through life in a small area they protect so fiercely.

When people come across a red cardinal bird, their attention usually shifts to its stunning red feathers and unique crest, brightening their day. With the spiritually sensitive, seeing a red cardinal is seeing a spiritual messenger that comes with a good message from the spirit world. Its appearance is also a way through which spirits attract your attention. When did you last spot a cardinal and did you remember asking for spiritual guidance?

Sincerity and Truthfulness

Cardinal - Sincerity and Truthfulness

Because the cardinal has such a strong reputation for being a loving, faithful partner and an attentive, caring parent, much can be gleaned from sighting one of these beautiful, sweet songbirds. Whether you receive a visitor that serenades you outside your window, flies across your path, or even visits you in a dream, you can rest assured that the Universe is telling you something you need to know about the nature of your life.

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Cardinals are sincere and truthful in their relationships, and having cardinals come into your life can indicate many possibilities related to their nature. They can be a sign that you are on the right track, that your efforts of being honest, kind, and loving are being recognized by the Universe and will be rewarded. Cardinal bird symbolism is a strong encouragement to keep up the good work!
Other times, their presence may be a warning, letting you know that someone you’re involved with isn’t being as truthful and sincere as they should be and that you may need to reevaluate any relationships you have.

Sometimes, though, the person that a cardinal is warning you about may just be yourself. This is an indication that you might need to examine your own thoughts and actions to see where you might have fallen off the path that has been laid out for you.