Cardinal Bird Symbolism: Spiritual Messengers and Love Messengers

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Cardinal Symbolism

Boasting a color that represents energy, sexuality, and passion, the cardinal bird is one of the most easily recognized birds in the world. Having long been a part of mythologies for centuries, these beautiful birds are associated with love because they mate for life.

They also symbolize loyalty because they would never desert their partner even during tough times.

Admired for its ability to sing a wide range of melodies, let’s tattle about the harmonious cardinal symbolism.

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.”

– Maya Angelou, American memoirist

What does the cardinal symbolize?

Identified as a common year-long bird that sports bright red feathers, the cardinal is one of those easy-to-spot creatures in the wild. Believed to deliver messages from our spirit guides as well as our departed loved ones, this bird carries many beliefs, meanings, and symbolism for different groups of people.

A popular image in woodlands, wetlands, and at times our yards, let’s swoop down into what a visit from these red birds means.


Featuring a color that represents strength, vigor, and health, the cardinal provides us with the spirit to face our challenges with confidence.

Not only do these beautiful creatures teach us how to look at life positively, but they also help us better know ourselves.

Male and female cardinal


A revered symbol of passion, the cardinal teaches us how to positively get lost in our thoughts, as well as drive us to move towards the realization of our goals. 

Adored for flying straight up at speeds of 120 kilometers per hour, this amazing creature glides into our life to serve as an inspiration to reach for greater heights.


As cardinals appear to have complete trust in their abilities, their appearance reminds us how we should see ourselves with certainty and assurance.

These highly territorial creatures help enhance our motivation, develop our resilience, and lessen our feeling of fear and anxiety.


Known for its territorial nature, the cardinal tells us how we should constantly look after ourselves.

These magnificent creatures remind us how appreciating one’s self helps nourish our personal growth and prevents us from comparing ourselves to others.

passion Cardinal


Highly protective of its territory, particularly its nest, the cardinal often appears to remind us of our need to better assert ourselves.

While some may see this as a sign of aggressiveness, it allows us to earn others’ respect and develop honest, long-lasting relationships.


Whistling its melodious songs all year long, the cardinal is favored for its capacity to withstand all four seasons.

The presence of these lovely birds enables us to easily acquire new skills and effectively respond to challenges regardless of the changing circumstances.

persistent cardinal


While their songs can easily win the heart of any bird in the wild, cardinals mate with a single partner for life.

A revered symbol of commitment and loyalty, the cardinal urges us to remain firm and steadfast regardless of the challenges, as well as promote the beauty of domestic harmony.


Relying mostly on their instincts to keep threats at bay, these relatively small yet fearless birds remind us about the importance of being physically and mentally alert.

By helping us notice the small things that most people tend to ignore, cardinals enable us to access the information we need before we make life-changing decisions.


Typically building their nest several feet off the ground, the cardinal appears to tell us about the value of keeping our loved ones safe and away from harm.

Lining their home with hair, leaves, or grass, these intelligent birds show us that nothing beats the comfort of knowing that those whom we hold dear are protected regardless of what life sends their way.

Giving back

Often seen feasting on bird feeders, cardinals make sure that their chicks are well fed before they indulge themselves. By teaching us the value of sharing our gifts with others, this bright bird enables us to create deeper connections with others. It also allows us to appreciate life and our accomplishments.

Intuition red cardinal

Meaning of cardinals in different cultures and religions

Cardinal birds have played countless roles in mythology and literature through the centuries: whether they’re spiritual messengers, playful birds, or symbols of love, we can’t seem to get enough!

red cardinal close up

Native Americans

For Native Americans, the Red Cardinal is a messenger sent by the spirits of their ancestors.

They were viewed by the various tribes as a way to ask for rain to obtain a good harvest. Native American lore also respected them as messengers from the heavens that enveloped their communities in safety and protection.

As cardinals show great commitment to their families, they have long represented devotion and fierce loyalty in a monogamous relationship.

Tribes including the Ojibwe, Lakota, Odawa, Sioux, Algonquin, and Menomini made cardinals a critical figure in their various spiritual beliefs. The most common perception is that they bring messages from a loved one who has recently passed.

native american culture birds Cardinal Bird Symbolism: Spiritual Messengers and Love Messengers

Native Americans believed these vibrant creatures represent monogamy, courtship, and domestic harmony.

Highly associated with the sun and the arrival of a period of abundance, Southeastern Native American tribes saw them as a positive omen that flies along with a wealth of meaningful spiritual messages.

As one popular legend has it, a cardinal was once instrumental in helping a brave boy and a lovely maiden discovers friendship, adventure, and romance. Such lore has made these birds a renowned symbol of friendship and a pillar of a handful of Native American beliefs.

2 cardinals

Seen by the Native Americans as a powerful and beautiful symbol of passion, they believed that if a single person spotted a cardinal crossing their path, they could expect a romantic relationship soon.

If a person in a committed relationship encounters the red bird of wonders, they can expect a renewed spark of romance in their relationship.

Cardinals also serve as a reminder of monogamy to people who were unfaithful in their relationships. The natives believe the cardinals to be messengers of romance because of the maiden and the red bird’s legend.


Different cultures and groups of people attribute their own meanings and symbols to this bird based on their cultural and religious beliefs. Christians believe that cardinals are not just symbols of unity and diversity, but also of the blood of Christ.

Since the red color of the cardinal resembles the bright red robes of high officials in the church, they are widely seen as a symbol of the fire and vitality of the living spirit.

The blood of Christ
The Blood of Christ

Both cardinals and blood have long been symbols of vitality, and in the Christian context, that vitality is everlasting. As the holy scripture says:

“His blood, we are freed from sin to serve the living God, to glorify Him, and to enjoy Him forever.”

Traditionally, the cardinal is symbolic of restoration, faith, and eternal life.

These symbols connect cardinal birds to a living faith. They come to remind us that though circumstances might look bleak, dark, and despairing, there is always hope.

Believed to be spiritual messengers connecting earth and heaven (read more about the red cardinal biblical meaning here), the cardinal is represented as our way to transcend between earth and the spiritual realm.

As the name suggests, the cardinal is a prominent Christian title bestowed on highly influential Catholic Church leaders. Christian traditions make them eminent messengers of God over people in their churches and nations.

Besides, Christianity calls four of the seven Christian Archangels as Cardinal Angels. These are Angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.

Several passages mention objects being crimson red, like the blood of Jesus Christ and the scarlet cord which Rahab hung from her window to safeguard Joshua and his team in Jericho. These scripture references highlight the red color, and there is nothing that refers directly to the red cardinal biblical meaning. Read more about what it means when god sends a cardinal here.


Cardinals in the Celtic culture

Looking closely at the life of these magical birds and what they have to offer can reveal the reason behind the many good things they are believed to offer.

Regarded as a positive omen in the Celtic world, the cardinal is associated with several special meanings. Notably, they symbolize strength and ferocity because the bird fights to protect its territory.

Naturally monogamous and capable of bringing food to their mate on the nest, the Celtic people also connect cardinals to love because it is believed that these birds mate for life.

Known for their strong connections with the Divine, the Celts saw the cardinal bird symbolism as a mystical creature wrapped in a handful of tradition and myth.

Its many symbolism and messages indicate fruitful relationships, self-realization, renewal, and happiness.

cardinal souvenir

Cardinals in Eastern culture

Perhaps because of their vibrant features, cardinals carry many helpful symbols for different groups of people and cultures.

In the East, the common meanings and symbolism brought on by their bright red coloring are either fiery and passionate romance or passionate and fierce leadership. Highly associated with the Chinese phoenix, they are also seen to signify that a new relationship may be on the horizon, or that we need to improve our ability to lead those under our wings.

Coming across these bright and fiery birds could be an indication to take heed of the messages they’ve been trying to make us understand. It was widely perceived that their appearance is an indication that the time is right for us to speak to an authoritative figure about a concern that brings fear and worry.

Cardinal romantic meaning and symbolism

Cardinals are birds that aren’t afraid to express their romantic sides. Seen in how they interact and form relationships with their peers, these birds are the epitome of being monogamous as they form life-long bonds with their chosen partners.

They also like to sing to one another and in duets in times that their brood may need comfort or to be soothed. Because of the romantic nature of these birds, coming across one may mean a lot to your love life.

romantic cardinals

If this bird crosses your path, it may be a sign that a romantic relationship is going to come your way, one that is fiery and passionate.

If you already are in one, then this means that this relationship will experience a rebirth that will make it seem new and exciting.

For the few that tend to be unfaithful, then these birds serve as a reminder to you to rethink your path and to remember to remain faithful.

“I saw a Cardinal in my tree, The bright red color so beautiful to see. Thoughts of loved ones brought a smile to my face, As I watched it flitter about with grace. Visitors from Heaven they are said to be, I feel blessed that you came to visit me. – A Messenger to tell you, we’re never far apart. My spirit will live on forever, there within your heart. So when you see a cardinal, You will know it’s true, I am never far away, I’m always here with you. – If a cardinal should appear, A loved one came to bring you cheer. A memory; a smile; a tear… A visitor from heaven is near.”

– Unknown Author

The female cardinal

The female cardinal appears brownish and seeing it symbolizes that you’re getting spiritual support from the heavens.

It also gives us the opportunity to explore and heal certain uncomfortable emotions in your life that you seem to have forgotten.

While it might be a means of getting into a state of reconciliation with a loved one, the experience encourages us to get back to living a happier and more cheerful life.

Red cardinals messengers

Spiritual messages of a cardinal crossing your path

Does a cardinal flying across your path communicate a message as well?

While it may simply be all that we see, a cardinal crossing our path is an assurance that the path towards our goals is clear and sincere.

It is a reminder that all it needs is a gentle push for our goals to be easily achieved.

Their presence may communicate the importance of taking the consequences of our decisions more deeply and diligently.

If you find yourself in a situation where your health is in question, seeing the cardinal in your path is a call to take really good care of yourself.

The Cardinal sits upon the branch.
He does not know which way to glance.
He only knows that God above
Is looking down in deepest love.
I look to you dear God above
And pray for your redeeming love,
To guide me through my nights and days,
And flight my fleeting fears away!

– “The Cardinal” by Pam Waters Carson

Cardinals in dreams

When cardinals appear in a dream, they are often seen as symbols of love or loyalty.

If you see cardinals in the wild, it could symbolize that someone is thinking of you deeply and passionately.

In some cases, cardinal dreams can also be signs from the spirit world. It is believed that if one person dies and another falls ill away from home, the cardinal will deliver messages to those who remain behind.

Cardinal - Sincerity and Truthfulness

Dead cardinal meaning

The cardinal bird symbolism is so spiritually powerful that the sighting of it, dead or alive, has symbolism. Seeing a dead cardinal symbolizes a fresh beginning from an end as opposed to simply an end.

Cardinal Symbolism Christianity

When a cardinal dies and you find the carcass, it urges us to reflect on the changes taking place around and inside us. It presents itself to get us to acknowledge our emotions and work on releasing them to get our life rejuvenated.

They tell us that while pain can undoubtedly slow us down, it comes as a spiritual call to discard the adversities of the past.

Read more about the dead cardinal meaning.

Cardinals sign for right track

Seeing a red cardinal after a death

Creatures with wings attract our attention pretty much and all you need to do is tune in and follow their lead.

If a recently deceased loved one wants to inform you of their presence, it is believed that they often send a cardinal to bring you their message.

Sometimes, they might just come to let you know that your beloved friend or family is around and thinking about you.

Are you asking the universe for guidance? That cardinal bird symbolism you see acknowledges that your spirit guides hear you.

The cardinal sings in early morning
Carving the cold with fog breath rhythm
A sing song defiance
A feathery red contrast

– “Cardinal Song” by Gregory D. Welch
cardinal symbolic blood of Christ

Cardinal tattoo meaning

There are many unique interpretations of a bird tattoo meaning because it can represent lots of things. However, when it’s a highly significant cardinal, the meaning gets wrapped in positivity like love, hope, passion, family, nobility, renewal, and grace.

Vitality and energy are two words that come to mind when the song of the cardinal echoes from your backyard. There is nothing demure or coy about these birds; they make their presence shine through even the chill of a winter’s day.

While most cardinal tattoos appear natural, you can also find a few variations out there that come in abstract and watercolor styles.

A cardinal bird tattoo with a realistic route is interpreted as displaying your family’s pride and territory.

Make sure you give your idea for a cardinal tattoo a thoughtful moment about the cardinal symbolism you want it to display and the position it fits well.

cardinal crosses your path

Cardinal spirit animal

Whether you have lost a loved one or your confidence, the cardinal is a powerful animal and totem that possesses the spirit to reconnect you with them or restore your confidence.

A cardinal bird represents intuition, masculine energy, femininity, and the many spiritual beliefs that we keep within.

Regarded as messengers of the heavens, many people believe when a cardinal lands in their yard, an angel is nearby. They remind us of a departed loved one and are known as among the most notable spiritual messengers.

By sending us meaningful messages in a variety of ways, the cardinal helps us become our truest and most confident selves.

The cardinal would often swoop in to let us know that putting ourselves first is important for us to help others as well.

cardinal bird on tree

Cardinal animal totem

The cardinal is a totem animal that connects the Earth to the heavenly realms. It tells us that if only we would take the time to pay attention to it, it brings the messages of the divine close to us in the most beautiful and natural way.

Seen as messengers for loved ones who have passed, they serve as a reminder to nurture the relationships we have developed with our family and loved ones.

A non-migratory bird that owns the unique ability to endure the harshness of all four seasons, they encourage us to remain steadfast even in the most difficult and trying times. Their natural trait of caring for their family, particularly its young, tells us to strive for a more stable family life.

When people come across the cardinal, their attention usually shifts to its stunning red feathers and unique crest. (see also our post about the fascinating cardinal feather meaning)

Such vibrant and amazing features inspire us to be more enthusiastic about life and to show how our individual gifts are worthy of attention and should be a source of self-confidence and pride.

cardinal lookout

Cardinal power animal

Because the cardinal power animal has such a strong reputation for being a loving, faithful partner, much can be learned from sighting one of these beautiful and sweet songbirds. Devoted and truthful in their relationships, having cardinals as your power animal indicates a range of possibilities related to their faithful nature.

Their presence can be a sign that you are on the right track, and that your efforts of being honest, kind, and loving are being recognized. You are no doubt ripe for a reward. The cardinal, along with its deep symbolic meanings, is a strong encouragement to keep up the good work!

Other times, their presence may be a warning that someone you’re involved with isn’t being as truthful and sincere as they should be and that you may need to reevaluate any relationships you have.

However, their appearance could also be an indication that you might need to examine your thoughts and actions to see where you might have fallen off the righteous path.

cardinals drawings


Representing renewal in the periods of darkness as well as hope in times of sadness, the cardinal symbolism is deeply respected in various cultures for the critical role it plays in our lives.

Believed to symbolize our deceased loved ones, their presence serves as our guide as we strive to gain wisdom from the spiritual realm.

As many say, it’s a meeting point between our human world and the world beyond. If you get sight of any, pay enough attention and decipher the message it brings to you.

In case you’re interested in further reading – we also compared the cardinal vs blue jay.

More interesting facts about the red cardinal bird – what cute birds they are…

FAQ – Cardinal Bird Meaning

What does a cardinal symbolize?

Cardinals have been considered messengers sent by the spirit world for quite literally thousands of years. They also symbolize devotion, loving relationships, courtship, and monogamy. A cardinal lets you know that putting yourself first is key to helping yourself and others as well as signifying the perfect timing to start that project or execute your plans.

What does it mean when you see a cardinal?

Cardinals can act as spiritual messengers. Some people have mentioned seeing cardinals repeatedly after losing a loved one. Perhaps cardinals are sent to let you know that your loved one is still with you.  They are considered a sign that someone is watching over you and may, therefore, be excellent for those who are suffering a loss.

Are cardinals good luck?

Many people believe that the sighting of a cardinal is a sign of good luck, devotion, or even a spiritual message (a sign that someone is watching over you.) In some cultures, it states that when a cardinal is seen, it is believed that the person will experience good luck 12 days after the sighting.

What is the meaning of a red cardinal at the window?

When a red cardinal appears at your window, it often means a sign of good luck and devotion. It also means that you are on the right track and that your efforts of being honest are being recognized and will soon be rewarded.

What does a cardinal sound like?

Both male and female Northern Cardinals sing. The song is a loud string of clear down-slurred or two-parted whistles, often speeding up and ending in a slow trill. The songs typically last for 2 to 3 seconds. Syllables can sound like the bird is singing cheer, cheer, cheer, or birdie, birdie, birdie. Males, in particular, may sing throughout the year, though the peak of singing is in spring and early summer. Listen to a Cardinal below:

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