Meaning of the Dead Crow: a Symbol of Death and Rebirth

Few birds are more misunderstood than crows. They are commonly associated with death, misfortune, and the supernatural, but the dead crow meaning is thought to suggest the opposite – potentially bringing good news and positive change to those who see it.

Though different people and belief systems hold many varying ideas, it is the crow’s connection to transformation and change – of a good or bad kind – which seems to remain a common theme.

crow messenger

Many of us have seen a dead crow in our lives, but what does the symbolism of this creature say about you? Dead crows are often associated with death and mourning. If you come across one during your day, it might be time to reflect on what is important to you.

They are considered to be messengers of the dark side, and their appearance is often seen as a bad omen. In this blog post, we will explore the symbolism of dead crows and discuss what their appearance might mean for you.

Crows are often considered the harbinger of death, the dead crow meaning is thought to suggest the opposite, potentially bringing good news and positive change to those who see it.

If you have to eat crow, eat it while it’s young and tender.

Thomas Jefferson
dead crow symbolic meaning

The symbolism when you find a dead crow

Symbols are not always objective. The following are examples of possible interpretations, but they may not be the correct ones for you and your situation.

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When you see a dead crow, there could be a serious health risk attached to it and there is most likely a spiritual meaning behind this. Some people see the dead crow as an omen, others see it as a sign of good luck, and usually, this depends on your cultural background, traditions, and religious beliefs.

Symbols are not always objective. The following are examples of possible interpretations, but they may not be the correct ones for you and your situation.

Failed communication

Crows and ravens are some of the most intelligent birds in any avian kingdom. They have an innovative way to communicate with other creatures, by imitating their voices which can trick them into doing things. So finding a dead crow could mean that there was a failure in your communication with somebody you were recently trying to talk to.

A bad omen

Crows and ravens are also known as carrion birds, which means that they eat dead animals. This is one of the main reasons why they are seen as a bad omen in many cultures. If you see a dead crow, it could be a sign that something bad is going to happen to you or someone you know. Some even say a dead crow is a sign of death.

Dead Bird Symbolism

A good omen

On the other hand, some people see dead crows as a sign of good luck. In many cultures, crows are seen as symbols of rebirth and new beginnings. So if you find a dead crow, it could be a sign that something good is about to happen in your life.

Also, a crow is often a symbol that bad things are about to happen. So, the death of the bad symbol can mean something good is about to come your way.

A new beginning


In some cultures, the dead crow is seen as a sign of change or a new beginning. It could be that something you have been working on is about to come to an end, or it might be time to start something new. So after all a dead crow can be a hopeful sign as well!

The future is bleak

It could mean that a lack of opportunities lets your future appear as bleak. Crows are always on the hunt for new things and opportunities to grab. When crows die the opportunities die too, which can be interpreted as a bleak future.

The crow as an omen of change and a messenger of death

Seeing A Dead Crow SYMBOLISM

Crows are believed to guide us towards change – to prepare us for a transition in our lives. Their adaptability is an example to us, showing that we too need to change to survive.

When one appears before you, it is encouragement not to resist that change that is coming and inevitable. Since dying is perhaps the biggest change of all, their role in the process of death is unsurprising.

The crow is a bird that has been deeply entrenched in the mythology of many different cultures and religions. It’s believed to be more than just an animal, but rather some kind of spiritual messenger or omen for change.

ugly hooded crow

In Greek Mythology it was considered sacred, while Native American tribes have viewed them as guardians and healers. The Crow has also been revered in other parts of the world for its clever nature and intelligence.

One story that has come down to us from ancient Greece tells of a crow who was able to speak with Apollo, the god of prophecy and knowledge. The bird asked what it should do about three men chasing him because they wanted his feathers. In return for information, the crow requested that Apollo provide him with a secret. Apollo told the crow not to give away all its feathers and in return, he would teach it to prophesy.

This story is symbolic of how clever crows are but also shows their ability to predict future events based on present-day happenings around them.

hooded crow

In many cultures, the Crow was seen as a messenger of death. Crows have often been found near battlefields and they were once believed to be the souls of warriors who had not yet crossed over from this life into the next.

As recently as World War II, people interpreted dead or wounded crows in their own way but it is generally accepted today that they are not considered an omen of death.

crow black aND WHITE

People have also believed that crows represent a change in fortune for the observer, and it is seen as bad luck to kill one or disturb its nest.

In many Native American tribes, killing a crow was punishable by law because they were so important during the planting season when they would eat bugs and help keep the fields free of pests (read here about the Crow Mythology).

crow aggressive

Dead crow meaning in different cultures

It’s important to note that the dead crow symbolism is often interpreted differently depending on what culture one belongs to and which spiritual beliefs one follows.

Some Native American tribes see Dead Crows as messengers from their deceased loved ones who have returned on behalf of their living relatives to warn them about impending danger or death. Seeing dead crows might be interpreted as a warning that something bad will happen soon or has already happened.

In traditional Japanese mythology, Dead Crows represent misfortune and ill omen – sometimes even attributing any unfortunate event after seeing Dead Crows to being caused by the curse they bring along with them when they fly past someone’s home.

In ancient Greek mythology, dead crows represented fate and the inevitability of death. Dead crows would fly over battlefields, only to feast on dead soldiers as their destiny unfolds before them.

biblical meainng of dead birds

In Christianity, dead crows are often associated with omens rather than good or bad luck. In the bible crows always have been seen as messengers and dead crows are said to symbolize a warning that someone will die soon because in Christian mythology when dead ravens call out it’s believed they’re predicting an individual’s death by either foretelling future events or announcing someone has died already.

Seeing dead crows fly past one’s home may be interpreted as a sign from God telling him he’ll die soon if he continues his sinful ways; while seeing dead crow feathers might indicate divine guidance for an upcoming victory against enemies who oppose the Christian faith.

In Celtic culture a dead crow is seen as a symbol of death, reminding people that not even the crows can escape it as life is fleeting. Dead crows are often a warning from the spirit world to repent before one dies.

dead crow message

Dead crow dream meaning

Dreams about birds are usually considered to be good signs, therefore, dreaming of a dead bird should prepare you for the bad news. However, due to the crow’s ambiguous and mystical nature, dreaming of a dead crow is thought to be more hopeful than a live one.

A flying crow might indicate future hardship or bad news, such as the death of a loved one; it could also foresee a great change in your life – one not to be resisted but accepted.

However, dreaming of a dead crow says that bad days are gone and better days are on the way. It suggests that you are out of some previous danger and are feeling great relief.

two dead crows

However, dead crows are often seen in dreams, and they need to be interpreted based on what the dreamer is experiencing at the time:

  • Some say that a dead crow means someone close to you has died or will soon die.
  • Others believe it represents an event of death coming towards your life or something happening which may harm you.
  • Dead crows can represent fear and inner conflict as well; it could mean that there is an issue inside of yourself that needs resolution before moving forward with anything else.
  • It might also signify feelings about being overwhelmed by outside forces such as drugs, alcohol, society/culture, etc. Dead crows in dreams can additionally represent a need to be independent and free of outside forces.
  • Dead crows could also symbolize past memories which you have been unable to let go of, or they may signify what has happened before will happen again.
  • Some believe that dead crows are symbols of darkness and the end of something; this is often seen as a bad omen.
painting dead crow

Symbolic Meaning of the Raven and the Crow in Native American Culture

The raven symbolizes a change in Native American Indian lore, just as crows do in many other cultures. For some tribes, these transforming qualities are something to be celebrated, but for others, they make the raven a deceitful and tricky creature.

Like the crow, the raven is an extremely magical bird – a bringer of messages from beyond our world.

Furthermore, the native American Indians used this magic in healing rituals, showing that the raven’s transforming qualities were thought to give life as well as bring death.

Its intelligence and ability to see the truth make it a highly respected animal, used to show humans the truth where we cannot see our own secrets.

As we’ve seen, the dead crow holds many meanings and symbols, acting as an omen of death, but also a messenger of positive change.

The key features of the bird for symbolic purposes are its intelligence and transformative powers, able to move between the world of the living and the dead. Since its meanings are so ambiguous when alive, they are similarly mystical in death, calling for self-reflection and an ability to change with the world.

Crows will fight over a dead man’s flesh and kill each other for his eyes.

– George R.R. Martin
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Interesting Bonus Fact: Crow Funeral

Crows are highly intelligent creatures, some experiments have revealed that American crows never forget a (human) face—even for nine-and-a-half years and counting. Also, they’re calling to each other, gathering around, and paying special attention to a fallen comrade is common among the highly intelligent corvids, a group of birds that includes crows, jays, magpies, and ravens. Check out the video below.

We also compared the owl vs crow in the linked article.


What is the dead crow meaning?

Dead crows are considered to be the messenger between the world of the dead and the living, their presence acting as a warning. They’re also thought of as a guide of souls to the afterlife. This existence between the two worlds gives them superior knowledge, explaining the respect we have for these particular birds.

What does a dead crow in your front yard mean?

A Dead Crow Meaning is very symbolic and usually has an underlying meaning. The death of the bird can be linked to someone’s passing or it might show that you have sinned and need to purify yourself before your time on earth ends. There are many cultures worldwide that use dead crows as symbols for spiritual ceremonies like cleansing sins and sending people off into heaven after they die.

What is the dead crow hanging from a tree meaning?

The Dead Crow Meaning: Dead Crows are omens of death, as crows fly only at night and usually use trees to roost. Seeing a dead crow is seen as an omen for someone’s death. The way the dead crow hangs from the tree also symbolizes how your life would hang if you passed away soon.

What does a dead crow at your door mean?

A dead crow at your door means that somebody is about to die, or has recently died. It can also mean a death in the family, or even your own impending demise. 

What does it mean to see a dead crow in front of your house?

If you see a dead crow in front of your house, it could mean that someone is going to die. In some cultures, crows are seen as symbols of death and the afterlife. So, if you find a dead crow in front of your house, it could be a warning sign from the other side. Read on here.

What is the meaning of a dead crow in a tarot card?

In the Tarot, the dead crow represents a person who has passed away. These cards are used to help interpret dreams and visions, but they can also be used to predict future events. For example, if you draw this card during a reading, it may indicate that you will soon lose someone close to you.

What do 2 dead crows in my pool mean?

Two dead crows in your pool mean that there is trouble ahead for you. You should take care not to step in the water when you see this symbol because it could mean that you are going to drown. Alternatively, it could just be a normal occurrence in nature.

What do you do if you find a dead crow?

If you find a dead crow, then you must make sure that you don’t touch it. If you find a dead crow, then you must make sure that you don’t touch it. dead crows can often carry diseases (for instance the west Nile virus) that are harmful to humans. It is best to call your local animal control or the police so they can deal with the dead crow in a safe and proper manner.

Why is it called a murder of crows?

The term “murder of crows” reflects actually a time when groupings of many animals had colorful and poetic names. Other fun examples of “group” names include ostentation of peacocks, a parliament of owls, knot frogs, and a skulk of foxes.

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  2. Today was the day When I as a Hindu was going to to the Pind Dan of my Father as I approached to my Friends house to inquire about him is he joining me in the process I sea a black dead crow on the way He was not there at home So o left to the temple and finished my Dad Pind Dan pooja In the past I have seen these two times more But it was crow This time the Raven A full black crow was seen dead on the pathway It Strange Anyway I know it a Good omen for me God blessed me with is omen It rare As crow is the Vehicle of karma lord Saturn There has been too much up and downs going on after the Astrology Cosmos happing
    4 plants in my Astro Moon chart in 10 th house today Jupiter Saturn Mercury Pluto
    After 2 days Moon and Sun will enter What dose this indicate I major change in me Spirituality and My past Karmic depth of My 7 chain Ancestors

  3. Today I found a dead crow on my way to my chicken coop.
    I saw something black laying on the ground, thinking it was a piece of plastic but was not sure so took a closer look.
    Then I saw it was a crow laying gently on his back on the soil.
    I find it very strange, but I feel blessed to find one:)

  4. A week ago when in our garden we came across THREE dead crows all in a line, approx. 2 feet apart from each other. There was no sign of damage or injury. So what has caused all three crows to end their lives all at the same time and in the same place? We do not get crows coming into the garden even though we have bird feeders . We live in the country and see many crows in and around but never before have we seen any in our garden. The crows were lying directly under the overhead electric supply cables. Could this be a natural event or is it a sign of something to come????

  5. Today as I was walking back to my parents house from my camper in the wooded area I found 1 white feather and a dead baby crow in the path I always take. Since my soul mate and I met I started ha being crow encounters first 12 going 2 by 2 dow. The rail road tracks and now that we are separated due to him being in prison I’ve keeped 5 crows that over the la d here every day. They comfort me as we regard uh lashley talk.

  6. I shared this with the world today…. playing imagination dragons……. love … my dad said he would come back as a crow.. he was a wise human… would make a wiser crow… peace and love to all.

  7. I love how this blog is full of symbolism and meaning. Dead Crow is a great sign of transformation and change.


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