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hawk symbolism

Birds are considered to be powerful messengers and are stated to derive from spirit realms. Have you kept a hawk as your totem animal or a spirit? Do you happen to see hawks flying around you regularly? If yes, then you cannot ignore the appearance of the hawk symbolism in your life. Here are a few of the significant meanings that you need to be aware of about the hawk symbolism.

These birds are admired for their beauty & grace (but also strength). It is also regarded as a fabulous hunter as well as among the world’s fastest animals. As the only predator bird that kills its hapless prey using its sharp and exceedingly powerful claws, the majestic hawk is no doubt one of the most interesting birds that exist.

The extraordinary mating ritual of this spirit animal which consists of the male bird diving towards the female repeatedly until it successfully latches onto its mate, and the free-fall that ensues after the unique act is simply a vision to behold.

Known for their exceptionally sharp eyes that make them superior hunters, this assertive and somewhat violent power animal has the ability to flap its wings rapidly and use its momentum to glide gracefully through the air.

However, you may not be aware of the ability of the hawk spirit animal to bring important messages that allows you to better connect with the universe. Gentle, quiet, and recognized as among the most intelligent birds, let’s spiral down for a better understanding of the hawk symbolism.

Hawk spiritual Symbolism

Hawk Symbolism

Known to symbolize a handful of things, a hawk dives into our lives to help us recall past events as well as to inspire us to be observant of the world around us. Hawk encounters depict illumination, truth, courage, and the wisdom to overcome what seems like insurmountable problems.

For ages, the hawk symbolism has been revered by different cultures.

In ancient Egypt, the hawk spirit animal is said to symbolize prayers, land & gods. This magical bird belonged to Horus, the sun god, who represented having a man’s body & hawk head. Ancient Egyptians were of the strong belief that they can be protected from evil & illness from hawk spirit animals. Hawk totems are still popular today as it symbolizes great vision, wisdom & intuition as well as truth. It is believed that we can derive spiritual awakening and view things in-depth when a hawk appears in our presence.

Hawk Symbolism and meaning

Significance of Seeing a Hawk

When a hawk crosses your path, you are gifted with the ability to see things that others can not. Considered to be a symbol of brilliant vision, the hawk symbolism can help you derive answers by simply changing your thinking pattern & looking around you. Native Americans consider hawks to be messengers, hence if you get to see a hawk fly, try to find a hidden message & the truth. Do try to understand the meaning associated related to the hawk spirit animal. Often, hawk symbolism inspires consciousness at high levels. Hawk sightings can help discover your hidden creativity (read more about the symbolism for creativity) and also help you develop an innovative vision.

Various cultures see the hawk power animal as a representation of free will, freedom, and independence, in which getting a visit from this remarkable flying creature indicates that it may be time for you to break away from a tedious and demanding situation. By having this extremely intelligent bird unexpectedly flying into your consciousness, they are simply providing us with the courage to start a new life where we can be highly creative and where our ideas can be heard and acted on.

Hawk Totem Animal

Hawk Totem Animal

Most of the time spotted perched up high, the hawk totem reminds us to remain calm even during times of fear, chaos, and distress. They inspire you to keep your emotions balanced which is often necessary for a successful spiritual journey. By not letting life’s little troubles bring you down, the hawk symbolism can help us find ways to stay focused on our goals which can help us gain lasting contentment.

As a physical representation of perseverance, intelligence, and purpose, hawk encounters could be a message from the spirit realm that you are ready to take on larger roles and that a significant expansion is on the horizon. Their affinity to flying in a circle, particularly during a hunt, represents your capacity for higher spiritual understanding that may lead you to great abundance. A hawk circling the skies reminds us about the value of ethics and morals and how much they can help make you into a complete and successful individual.

If you’re lucky enough and hear a Hawk’s cry, read the meaning in this post.

hawk flying

Hawk Christianity symbolism

A lot of bird species have a biblical meaning: such as the biblical meaning of seeing a Blue Jay or Red Cardinal. The Bible states that seeing a hawk can help you be aware of your hidden spiritual gifts. In case a hawk flies into your life, then you can experience greater intuition. You need to allow this spirit animal to provide you with proper guidance to lead the correct life path. This spirit animal will also motivate you to use a wide range of gifts offered by the divine.

As these spirit animals are known to stay with a single partner throughout their life, hawk sightings typically mean that you will enjoy a relationship that is eternal & uncompromising. When Biblical meaning is concerned, the hawk reminds us about the importance of being completely devoted to someone you love. The spirit animal on being viewed states you to spend quality time with that person whom you love & respect. You can get a good amount of support & help from the spirit animal to overcome your suffering & difficult stages of life.

Hawk Totem

Hawk Spiritual Meaning

A hawk perched, if noticed, comes with a deep spiritual meaning. It shows that you are quite intuitive & will receive visions regularly which you can use to gain certain advantages. This is because the hawk symbolism can help us understand the meaning of such visions easily. Moreover, you will be mentally strong enough to focus on the tasks at hand whenever required. Also, this spirit animal enables us to get a clear path to proceed & get to know the directions effortlessly. You will also get spiritual guidance much more than others and know the spiritual significance of things you come across.

Hawk Spirit Animal

Often spotted smoothly and elegantly circling the skies, the typical confident appearance of this amazing spirit animal indicates poise, certainty, and control. Their awesome optic abilities which exceed those among their species make them phenomenal hunters as this allows them to see further and clearer as compared to most birds of prey. By utilizing their incredible gift of intuition, great instinct, and wisdom, this spirit animal provides us with the power of focus and determination to help us reach our goals swiftly and with ease.

Bearing the power of divine sight, these birds of frequently grey but at times reddish plumage can see into the future as well as recognize opportunities that others don’t. By simply being around their mystical presence, you could immediately feel the increase in your spiritual awareness as the hawk spirit animal can help activate the connection between you and your spirit guides, your guardian angels, and your faith.

Hawk Spiritual Meaning

Using their great perception, the hawk totem animal has the ability to show up in our lives to teach us about the importance of expressing ourselves and keeping strong connections. When going through difficult and stressful times, these birds that display impressive wingspans that allow them to soar the skies with grace remind us about the value of patience and to not let our emotional ups and downs lead us to make unreasonable decisions.

Highly revered as an effective predator, this bird’s ability to spot and latch on to its prey with amazing swiftness and accuracy makes the hawk power animal a great indication of evolution and transformation. While they may bring death and destruction to other creatures, they provide spiritual guidance to those who have them as their spirit animal which helps them understand the significance of growth and change a lot better.

Hawk Spiritual meaning

Dreaming about Hawks

Dreaming of birds is not an uncommon thing. This messenger of God & powerful spirit animal may appear in your dreams and indicate that you are experiencing a growth in your spirituality. Often referred to as a spiritual awakening, such dreams may symbolize cruelty, wisdom & courage. The hawk symbolism indicates your having a sharp & focused mind. You will be able to perform various types of activities, something others cannot. You can overcome any situation and take away all the prizes.

  • When a hawk soars in the open sky with other birds in your dream, it may symbolize the anxieties that you experience in real life. Again if you dream that a hawk flew peacefully in the sky, then this is regarded to be a good sign. It indicates that you will earn respect from others around you.
  • If you find yourself killing a hawk in your dream, then it indicates a good omen. It symbolizes that you will be able to defeat your enemies successfully & be happy.
  • If you happen to see a hawk in your dream carrying a snake in its claws, then it is also a good sign. It means you will achieve sure success in your life & work and be proud of your achievements.

There are people who are lucky and find hawk feathers, read about the hawk feather meaning here.

Hawk Feather Meaning

Seeing a hawk feather in times of distress and challenges signifies that someone of great importance would soon come to bring comfort and warmth. It appears in our presence to remind us about the importance of proper communication as well as the spiritual benefits that we gain if only we would heed its calls.

hawk feather

The Sound of a Hawk

Hawks make screeching sounds and some other calls and noises. Adult red-tailed hawks make the distinctive, hoarse screech, often described as a scream. They are also known to make a scolding call.

Also, the distinct screech sound can carry a particular meaning, read more in our post.

Red Tailed Hawk Symbolism

Regarded as the largest among the hawk species, the red-tailed hawk flies into our lives carrying spiritual symbolism that can inspire positive changes in our lives. Commonly seen by many, its mere presence almost always gives anyone a peaceful mind that allows us to embark on an incredible spiritual awakening and discovery. Known for its exceptionally keen eyesight that is believed to be about 8 times sharper than that of a human, the red-tailed hawk swoops down into our consciousness to bring clarity into the complicated occurrences in our lives.

Here are the most significant meanings of red tail hawk symbolism:


Respected as one of the most determined birds of prey, red-tailed hawks soar high in the sky in search of a target then rapidly plummet to the ground to snatch their lunch. Typically training its sights to an unsuspecting rodent, it relentlessly pursues its goals until they are properly met.


The hawk power animal that will never back down from a challenge. It reminds us that greatness will never be achieved if we will always back down each time a discouraging situation comes. This powerful bird would often fly in with a message that tells us to trust our abilities and skills.


Recognized as the color of fondness and adoration in the spirit world, a red tail hawk indicates the enduring appreciation that we have for our family and friends. A domineering figure that uses its strength to protect its nest and its young, this spirit animal will do anything to make certain that you are kept safe from harm.

Hawk Native American Symbolism

Respected in numerous cultures for its amazing eyesight, the hawk is held in high reverence by the Native Americans. Often gliding into our lives at times that we purposely neglect or overlook the messages that the divine leaves for us, these calm yet tenacious winged creatures provide us with the wisdom to better understand, a clear sight to see the bigger picture, and the focus to be more observant. As a power animal that brings forth protection from above (see also our list of birds that represent protection), the hawk represents our ability to see things from a higher perspective as well as gives us the courage and the vision that will help us realize our life’s true purpose.

Hawk Celtic Symbolism

Leaving a long list of traditions, beliefs, and laws, the Celts considered the hawk as a powerful and potent spiritual guide. They proclaimed that its keen sense of sight encourages us to keep our eyes open for situations that require immediate action. Trusting that these majestic birds symbolize their god Bran, a hawk flying and circling a village was long thought to imply a victorious battle. While the Celtic symbolism long treasured the hawk as guides that allow us to find clarity and deep awareness, these impressive creatures swoop down into our lives to provide us with the courage of a skilled leader, the mental strength to remain focused on our goals, as well as a rooted spiritual guide.

Biblical meaning of seeing a hawk

So, what does it mean to you in a biblical way when you see a hawk? Hawks are considered unclean animals in the Bible, and seeing one is a sign of God’s presence. Since Israelites don’t eat raptors, eating hawks is also prohibited. Therefore, seeing a hawk is a symbol of heavenly love, and signs from God are frequently viewed favorably.

Hawk Tattoo Meaning

Throughout history, tattoos have been considered a fashion statement as well as symbols that carry a host of remarkable spiritual meanings. Much like most powerful birds of prey that represent, strength, intelligence, and fearlessness, a hawk tattoo is an indication of masculinity, vigor, and an unrelenting fighting spirit. Serving as our constant reminder to be watchful and to see life with a wide perspective, a hawk tattoo in full color is no doubt a striking image to ink.


Typically aloof and distant, a visit from this fearless and self-reliant creature is hands down a beautiful and rare experience. Known as messengers from the heavens, the hawk symbolism may present hidden messages which can help you better understand the significance of your spiritual journey. As astonishing flyers as they may seem, flying high and spreading your wings may perhaps be the best interpretation of the hawk’s spiritual meaning.

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