Raven Symbolism

…Shedding Light On The Blackness Of It…

Noah proved to everyone that he wasn’t crazy when he chose to release a raven from the ark to see if the waters from the great flood have receded. Known to be comparable to chimpanzees and dolphins when it comes to intelligence, they have been associated with dark omens and death due perhaps to their persona being enshrouded with mystery. Unlike their more popular cousins such as the magpie and crows, not a lot is known about these amazing birds which led us to come up with a post about the fascinating raven symbolism.

Spiritual Meaning

Ravens possess the unique ability to mimic animal noises and birdcalls. Not only that, but they are also known to be better than parrots in terms of talking and can amazingly and eerily imitate human speech. Such a display of remarkable brilliance drove many to believe that this bird is a symbol of intellect and wisdom.

Having a raven as your sprit animal signifies that a strong and mysterious force is guiding you since they are a representation of the mystical ways of the universe. Although their presence signifies that you can be both attractive and fearsome to others, ravens often serve as a reminder to listen and understand the messages that they convey to you.

Raven Spiritual Meaning

Like most birds, ravens are perceived to be messengers of God, encouraging us to simply look deep within ourselves when we seek to find answers at times we feel the need for change. Not only do ravens inspire us to meditate and reflect on our possible misgivings in the past, but they also provide us with the strength to heal and experience rebirth and renewal without fear.

Often, possibly due to the blackness of their plume, ravens are perceived to be carriers of bad omens, masked with mysticism. But rather, they stimulate us spiritually to turn the negative into a positive, to find comfort within ourselves, and to serve as the light in life’s darkest moments.

Some people see these large black birds with a deep terrifying gaze as the incarnation of damned souls and exorcized spirits, disguising themselves to deceive the world of its evil. However, heeding to the raven as a spirit animal, one should see them as a guide towards their own spiritual transformations, knowledge, and divination. Read more about the symbolism of the crow here.

What Does Seeing a Raven Mean?

When a raven suddenly flies into your life, it is often an indication that you need utter support and guidance. Behind their extremely playful nature lie spiritual signs or messages that may explain the reason behind the presence of these mischievous and whimsical birds.

Here are a few of the probable reasons why this spirit animal would pay you a visit:

  • The awe-inspiring wisdom that you possess draws people to you. Yet, it is your fortitude and strength in lending them a hand that will have you rewarded.
  • Ravens are attracted to the chosen few that are surrounded by mystical forces. These forces may deem you as intimidating to others, thus the need for you to be mindful of your actions and words.
  • As a spirit guide, they can sense when you are in need of spiritual rebirth or a great transformation. They arrive as agents of change.
  • Though treading the dark does not bother you, ravens instinctively recognize your divine plea for the darkness in your life to be cast, allowing light to shine on the path for your spiritual recovery and healing.
What Does Seeing A Raven Mean

Ravens allow their presence to be known when the call to reflect on your character and life arises. Seeing them, the raven symbolism stands for a strong and mysterious spiritual force that is present and that this energy affects the people around you negatively. Amid such an occurrence, ravens would often show up and play the role of a guide through your soul-searching process.

Raven Totem

For some, the raven’s appearance corresponds to death and a bad omen. As an animal totem though, these birds imply that a spiritual transformation is afoot and that they have arrived to guide you through all of it. Such realizations happen when you have come to a point when you feel that your life is at a standstill.

The raven totem may also illustrate spiritual cleansing as they bring forth light and happiness to drive the darkness away from your life and spirit. Their manifestation may signify your necessity to stop dawdling and learn that every moment counts, to grasp the importance of acting appropriately and the gravity of saying the right words at the right time.

Spirit Animal

The raven spirit animal is an indication of your ability to learn quickly and how you use your creative, crafty, and resourceful traits to overcome challenges and figure out solutions to problems. Ravens encourage you to face your fears and accept defeat with integrity, always finding the good from your setbacks.

Raven Spirit Animal

Spiritually, ravens imply mythical forces available to you and how they work and affect each aspect of your life. They serve as guides and inspiration, motivating you to bring about success by using your artistry and imagination. Ravens are also fierce reminders of the comfort of solitude and the beauty of embracing life even though you are on your own.

Tattoo Meaning

Birds are a great choice for a tattoo since they can be both stunning and packed with symbolism. Not exactly a popular choice, but a raven that is brimming with meanings and is hands down one of the coolest designs around. Typically seen as a representation of mystery, darkness, and death raven symbolism also stands for the good within a person.

As an indication of the balance between the negative and the positive, ravens depict the afterlife as well as protection, vision, and secrecy. Their personification of our good and bad qualities perfectly embodies our imperfections; our nature to be human. Raven tattoos are a creative expression of knowledge, intuition, and wisdom, allowing its bearer a path to higher intelligence and better control over the future.


Ravens bring a higher awareness of our identity. They are known to carry with them omens and bad tidings, but wisdom, strength, and change as well. The mythology that defines these birds is aplenty, but good or not, they have the ability to arrive at the time when you need them most. Still, it all depends on how we receive the raven symbolism since all it aims for is to uncover the trait that we feel best.

Video: The Symbolism of Ravens

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