Blue Jay Symbolism: Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

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blue jay sign from heaven

What does it mean when a blue jay visits you? Blue Jays are often considered to be a bird of good luck, and seeing one may indicate that the individual is on their way to success.
Blue Jays can also symbolize wisdom or insight which for some people might help them find what they need in life.

It is also said that seeing a blue jay can be interpreted as an omen from the Biblical God. The Blue Jay is linked with several different symbols, and each symbol withholds much influence based on the situation in which this blue jay bird crosses its path. It is generally said that blue jay birds are deeply integrated with clear skies because of the vibrant blue coloring on their feathers (see here the post blue jay feathers meaning), and more importantly, they are considered a courageous and loyal species. They are also profoundly energetic and determined.

Nonetheless, it is pivotal to break down whether the blue jay has any critical significance from a Biblical viewpoint. Does seeing this beautiful bird in our day-to-day life brings any remarkable difference in our life? It is vital to interpret the message carried by this little bird.

What Does the Bible Say About the Blue Jay?

God has indeed used birds throughout Scripture to remind us of his plans for us. Jesus has used birds in his parables, and birds play a vital role in the execution of God’s plan in his people in Scripture. But what is the biblical meaning of seeing a Blue Jay – does the Bible speak about blue jay in any of the scriptures?

The Bible speaks of two instances in which this was the case. In one instance, a blue jay landed on Elijah’s shoulder and when he looked up to see what it meant, there were four hundred ravens picking up bread crumbs at his feet (1 Kings 17:6-7). This symbolizes that Yahweh had not yet forsaken him because the bird brought him food. In another instance, Ezekiel saw a man clothed in linen with a writer’s inkhorn by his side and with outstretched wings flying above him. A voice then called out to him “Son of man!

What does the Bible say about blue jay

Is Seeing a Blue Jay Good Luck?

There are different sayings and beliefs when it comes to blue jay, and there is a widespread belief that it could bring good luck if it visits our house or sits in our garden. Besides the biblical meaning of seeing a Blue Jay, it is said that when a blue jay makes its entry or stays in close proximity for an extended period, it is letting you know that you are doing an excellent job following your passion and dream.

Its vivid colors and sharp eyes encourage one to carry on the path with courage and boldness.  There are several aspiring attributes to the blue jay bird and showing those attributes in our day-to-day life is sure to bring good luck in any circumstances. They are very bold birds and teach us to be brave and also stand up to others and just be ourselves.

This species has great integrity and could speak out loud even though they don’t possess a great voice. Do you need to say something out loud to another; are you afraid to because you think it might not be accepted? Too bad; if it needs to be said, then say it.

blue jay symbolism Blue Jay Symbolism: Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

The Blue Jay is the color of communication, a blue color matching the throat chakra (read more about the Chakra symbols and their colors). It is time to speak up, be bold, and follow your own good advice, even if it makes you a bit unpopular. Some may admire your stand or take inspiration.

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Is it an Omen to See a Blue Jay?

As an omen, Blue Jay gives a clear picture that stands in your power, and never gives up on your progress even if there are stumbling blocks to pull you down. On the other hand, it is also giving a warning that you could be scattering your powerful energy in different directions and reminds us to pick the right one and commit to it until it happens.

“Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

– Harper Lee

The blue jay is connected with the throat chakra (see also here), which is all about communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Are you saying what you really mean? Speak up!

blue jay omen

These species are brilliant at communicating the message and this is important when it comes to human survival. Many people these days pick the option of suicide because they are hesitant to express what they want to communicate and hold in them forever and struggle inside.

This could cause mental issues, depression, and severe stress, which could not look like a major issue but could end up even deadly if they persist in the problems. Communication is vital.

Perhaps the blue jay omen is showing us to execute these skills. When you develop this skill, people see you as a person worth trusting. Therefore, they don’t find it too difficult to share their burdens with you. Blue Jay can help us establish and honor our boundaries. And remind us to respect the boundaries of others.

Is a Blue Jay a Sign from Heaven?

Many have this doubt whether blue jay is a sign from heaven. However, birds are seen as a spiritual sign carrying the message from heaven to earth.  There is no direct reference that the blue jay is a sign from heaven. There are other signs that God the Father, has sent his Son for our sins to get back to the heavens.

Blue jay sign from heaven

What’s troubling you today? Are you worried about tomorrow? Do you desire the reassurance of heaven?

If that is the case then you can place all your worries into the creator’s hand. Jesus has given his last blood for our sins, and transgressions so that we can have a place in heaven. John 3:16 clearly says “For God so loved the world, that he gave him only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. … For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” The sign has been given in the form of Jesus that whoever believes in him attains eternity.

It is important to get away from our wicked ways and seek the truth. The truth is Jesus Christ. Scripture says “Truth will set you free”. We need to seek the truth because Jesus is the way, truth, and life. He will give you the true light in this dark world which is full of sins. Without light, it is impossible to live a sinless and peaceful life. Jesus has given us peace, life, strength, authority and to enter the gates of heaven through him.

So let us see Jesus the sign from heaven and mend of ways according to his will. Are you prepared to see Him? Similar accounts also to the Red Cardinal Biblical Meaning.

Blue Jay Facts

  • COMMON NAME: Blue Jay
  • SCIENTIFIC NAMECyanocitta cristata
  • TYPE: Birds
  • DIET: Omnivore
  • GROUP NAME: Flock
  • SIZE: 10 to 12 inches; wingspan: 13 to 17 inches
  • WEIGHT: 2.5 to 3.5 ounces

[Video] A Lot About Blue Jays

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What is the meaning of seeing a blue jay?

Seeing a Blue Jay gives a clear picture that stands in your power, and never give up on your progress even if there are stumbling blocks to pull you down. On the other hand, it is also giving a warning that you could be scattering your powerful energy in different directions and reminds us to pick the right one and commit to it until it happens. What is the meaning of seeing a blue jay

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  1. I found this website because I wanted to know something about Blue Jays.. I was just sitting in my room right next to my window it’s on the second floor.. my window has a box fan that I have on the window seal touching the screen. What was so funny is that a Blue Jay just flew right on the screen with the fan on high and just started chirping away like it had something very important to say! I was in total disbelief at the sight that I am still in awe.. this really makes me feel strange and the only thing I keep thinking about is last night I was driving back home around midnight from Walgreens and I was thinking how eerie it seemed out when a falling star fell right down in front of my car.. I’ve seen plenty of falling stars just never like that. ! Now this Blue Jay !! Coincidence. I’m sure that’s all it is..

  2. “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.” Revelations 22:18-19

  3. I have had a Bluejay screaming looking at me in the window. I had the TV on loudly and when I did hear something screaming I thought it was my son in the back room playing his video game. This continued until I looked up and saw him screaming and he continued to do so until I went a little closer to the window and suddenly silence. There has been bone dead silence for the last 45 minutes.
    I found your website here when I googled meaning of Bluejay screaming looking at me


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