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Welcome to our Bird Facts category, a treasure trove of fascinating information about the incredible world of our feathered friends. From intriguing behaviors and unique features to diverse species and their habitats, our captivating collection covers a wide range of bird-related topics.
Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply curious about the avian kingdom, our posts will entertain, educate, and inspire you to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the birds that share our planet.
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list birds live near rivers

A List of the Top 25 Birds that are Waterfowl and Live Near Rivers in the USA

Bird watching is an amazing hobby that can help you appreciate nature and the environment around you. Many of the world’s most beautiful and diverse birds can …

Top Extinct Flightless Birds

Some of the Most Interesting Cases of Extinct Birds That Never Flew

The world is home to many birds, but some species are now extinct. Flightless birds were particularly vulnerable to human activity, and many died after being hunted …

Birds That Build a Mud Nest

Here are the top 15 mud-nesting bird species

Have you ever marveled at the architectural prowess of birds building mud nests? From the curious oven-like homes of the Rufous Hornero to the colossal dome-shaped nests …

White Birds With Long Necks

Best 16 White Birds With Long Necks – A List For The Interested

White birds, particularly ones with long necks, are some of the most commonly seen birds throughout North and South America. These birds may all share gleaming white …

wading birds in the us

The 10 Most Interesting Wading Birds in the United States

Wading birds, more commonly known as waders, are shorebirds with impressive characteristics. They are long-necked birds found on the shores, mainly in North America.  Waders prefer wet …

birds that attack humans

Top 10 Birds That Attack Humans – Duck And Run!

Across the globe, there are instances of birds attacking humans. There are many reasons a bird may attack, often due to the bird’s type and environmental factors. …

bird species in danger of extinction

Appreciate These 15 Endangered Bird Species While You Still Can

Today, many species of birds are at risk of extinction across the globe. Habitat destruction, hunting, and predators are often the main threats to these birds. In …

Extinct Birds in the US

Learn the Real Story Behind America’s Top 10 Extinct Birds

Birds are a common species of animals that seem to have trouble going extinct in the US. There are many reasons for this, such as environmental changes, …

List Of Brown Birds In The US

Ten Most Interesting Brown Birds in the United States

It is usual, for new birders, that one of the most difficult groups to identify are the brown birds and it is not for less, they are …

Blackbird Vs. Crow

Blackbird Vs Crow – Differences, Similarities And Best Of Each

There are many different types of birds in the world, and each one has its unique features and habits. In this blog post, we will be comparing …

Sparrow vs Swallow

Sparrow Vs Swallow – Differences, Similarities and Best Of

Many bird species resemble each other so much that you can’t differentiate them at first sight. Sparrow and Swallow are prominent examples of these kinds of birds. …

King Penguin vs Emperor Penguin

King Penguin Vs Emperor Penguin – Differences, Similarities and Best Features

Penguin species are one of the most interesting birds on Earth.  They are also known as the “winged-tux” because of their black and white body color, which …

Finch Vs Sparrow

Discover Finch vs Sparrow: Spot the Difference in Nature (Differences, similarities and Best Features)

Have you ever found yourself gazing at a small bird, wondering, “Is that a finch or a sparrow?” You’re not alone. These two birds can be tricky …

Osprey Vs Bald Eagle

Osprey Vs Bald Eagle – Differences and Similarities Between These Mighty Raptors

Raptors are furious and aggressive birds. They are the main center of attention for bird enthusiasts and avian scientists due to their unique anatomy and predators’ nature. …

Condor Vs Vulture

Condor vs Vulture: Battle of the Birds – Features Compared

Preliminarily, it is essential to note that condors are vultures as well, but they are members of the New World vulture species. In contrast, the term “vulture” …

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