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The Bluebird Symbolism – Chasing Your Blues Away

The bluebird is an inspiration with wings and carries blessings to all those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them overhead. These birds have a bright, unique color, and shine in every environment they’re in. 

For many, bluebirds are a symbol of hope, encouraging them to live authentically, striving to cultivate personal freedom, and allowing peace to enter their lives. Bluebirds wear the disguise of being just any old bird, but truly, they are a sign of the universe with a special message just for you. 

“Be like the bluebird who never is blue, For he knows from his upbringing what singing can do.”

– Cole Porter
bluebird taking off The Bluebird Meaning - Spiritual Meaning and Totem

The Symbolism

Bluebirds are a joy to see when you’re outside in nature. But these birds carry a powerful message that may be specifically for you. 


Bluebirds get their name from their bright, electric blue feathers. Blue is associated with peace and serenity, and these beautiful birds also carry these same messages. 

A bluebird comes into your life when you’re feeling pulled in too many directions. What obligations do you have that you’re resisting?

These birds appear when you’ve been running yourself too thin, whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. They are a reminder to practice cultivating peace and serenity in life. 

Bluebirds - Chasing Your Blues Away

Take up meditation, get more active, or spend time being creative. When you allow yourself to be fully present, you release any energies of the past or future, drawing in a warm blanket of peace. 


Another deep message stems from the bluebird’s colored feathers. Blue is associated with the throat chakra, which governs communication and honesty. 

So, the bluebird is a symbol of pure honesty, healthy communication, and authentic expression. 

Encounters with these birds appear during times when you may not be expressing your truth. If you’re struggling to communicate honestly with someone in your life, the bluebird may inspire you to find the strength to do so. 

bluebird checking you out

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The bright, vibrant plumage of the bluebird allows them to shine and stand out in any environment they’re in. They express themselves with ease and without fear of judgment. 

If you’re ever struggling to express your authenticity, the blue bird reminds you of your vibrancy and the importance of expressing it. You have unique qualities and traits that make you stand out from the rest of the world. 

When you learn to accept and appreciate these aspects of yourself, and when you do, you can use them as your strengths. 


As bluebirds soar overhead, their blue bodies blend in with the vastness of the sky. Birds are often associated with angles, which represent freedom and being boundless. 

What Does It Mean When You See A Bluebird

When a bluebird pays you a visit, it’s a sign that for you, not even the sky is the limit. Are you expressing your own sense of freedom? If not, this bird encourages you to find ways to let go of the resistance in your life and allow for more ease, flow, and free-spiritedness. 

“The bluebird carries the sky on his back.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Spirit Animal

The spiritual representation of blue is one of loyalty, trust, wisdom, sincerity, faith, and, more importantly, heaven. Various cultures see the color blue as a symbol of peace that keeps negative energy at bay. Bluebirds, as a spirit animal, remind us never to lose hope amid trials and to remain humble and joyful as we achieve our goals.

Bluebirds enable us to remain confident regardless of the circumstance, preparing us for the struggle months or years ahead. A bluebird’s presence in prayer and meditation is a sign that we need to slow down and take the time to appreciate even the smallest and simplest things in life.

The bluebird, known also to signify admiration, transition, and love, encourages us to acknowledge the positivity that radiates in its presence, making the beginning of a new life chapter a reason to celebrate.

bluebird framed

Totem Animal

Having a bluebird as a totem signifies that you thrive in making everyone feel comfortable. It means that you enjoy being in the company of others, especially the folks that you rely on, trust, and enjoy spending life with.

Bluebird totem animals always find a way to turn dreams into reality, strategizing optimally to give them an edge over the others. It may also mean that a person is not only romantic and monogamous but is also very protective of their nest, not allowing anyone to disrupt the love and peace in their lives. 

Bluebirds in Dreams

This allows the totem’s carrier to become a spiritual guide to others, bringing them closer to a higher being’s divine presence.

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Bluebirds in Dreams

The bluebird is a bird that symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Its presence in your dream may be indicative of forthcoming good fortune, or it could mean an impending change that will bring you joy. 

If the bluebird has nested near where you are dreaming from, this might signify someone close coming to stay with you for some time– perhaps as a visitor who needs refuge after personal difficulties.

bluebird looking at you

Or alternatively, if there are many birds nesting nearby, they can often represent financial gain – maybe unexpected money on its way into one part of your life!

However, sometimes dreams about these creatures also carry warnings: if the bird appears suddenly out of nowhere and swoops something away from our hands (or claws), we must keep vigilant around those closest people.

The bluebird is a fascinating feathered creature with many different meanings and interpretations. Some believe that seeing this bird in their dreams, they often predict good luck for themselves– whether in academic success, discovering new talents, or finding love!

Seeing the feathers of one in your dream may be a message to have hope as it’s believed that these birds signify peace and happiness but also transformation or healing. Others say that if you see them then you’ll get lucky because Bluebirds have been known as messengers of hope since time immemorial.

The Bluebird Symbolism in Different Cultures

Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans believed that the bluebird’s feathers were so beautiful and rare that they symbolized royalty. The bird was thought to be a gift from the Creator. 


Besides being associated with beauty, there are also other meanings for this symbolic creature in Native American culture: courage, happiness, and spirit of renewal.

In some tribes of Native America (such as the Iroquois), it is said that when someone has died, their soul can inhabit a different animal or plant on earth until its time comes around again – one such place it might live is inside bluebirds! In addition, many believe that by simply seeing a bluebird, you have been touched by immortality because these birds never seem to die but instead keep coming back every season like an endless cycle of life.

Many Native American tribes, such as the Cherokee Nation and Chippewa Tribe, believe that bluebirds are messengers from their Creator who have come to tell them important messages for survival or good fortune.

The Seneca tribe also has a similar belief: they say that if you see a bluebird after someone’s death, it is because the spirit (whose soul may now be residing inside this bird) wants to send their loved ones living on earth one more message before ascending into heaven – what exactly these messages might be will vary between cultures!

bluebird green backgound


In Chinese culture, this beautiful bird is symbolic of intelligence as well as prosperity! Seeing one of these birds in your dream may be a symbol of new hopes or wishes coming true.

Bluebird Symbolism

Bluebirds are also a symbol of happiness and longevity. The color blue was historically associated with purity in China, as well as immortality, peace, harmony, and tranquility – all qualities that are desirable for life. In this sense, it is unsurprising that Chinese people would consider the Bluebird an auspicious creature!

The Japanese Symbolism

Japan believes that seeing this lovely creature brings good fortune – so if you are having trouble finding the love, they say grab hold of your dreams and see them through to fruition. On the other hand, it is also believed by some people who study Japan’s folklore that dreaming about the Bluebird meaning foretells imminent danger or problems just waiting to happen…so beware?

Celtic symbolism

The Celts are known for their love of birds, and the bluebird was no exception. The symbolism of the bird varied depending on its coloration; a black-headed or ravenous bluebird symbolized death, while a white-faced one signified peace. An ancient Celtic prophecy also existed that “bluebirds will come to America when there is peace.”

celtic culture

This eventually came true in 1857 thanks to a ship called “The Blue Bird” arriving from France carrying emigrants during one period when Ireland experienced relative calm enough for them all to return home after many years abroad. It should be noted that this same bird has been seen as lucky among Native Americans since time immemorial.

As with other animals like snakes which can appear as malevolent or benevolent, the Celts saw a bluebird as either an omen of death to come or one of peace. This animal is also often associated with the Irish god Lug, who may have been based on a deity from older pagan beliefs not yet extinct in Ireland.

bluebird nest
Bluebird’s nest

In Celtic culture, the Bluebird is also a symbolic representation of protection from evil spirits, so having this creature cross paths with you means as long as they’re around, nothing bad can happen…the more bluebirds are seen in one’s dream signifies great luck!

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Bluebirds in Christianity

The bluebird is often thought to represent the Holy Spirit in Christian culture. This makes sense because it’s a bird that appears before people die, and as such, Christ rises from death, which he represents metaphorically.

bluebird in christina culture

The belief also says that birds are seen as reminding those who travel by them of their mortality and impending judgment day (again reinforcing the idea of resurrection). A third interpretation suggests that they stand for immortality or life – since we never see dead bluebirds on earth, but only when they fly away into heaven.

Bluebird Meaning Death

The Bluebird: A Feathered Messenger of Hope

Have you ever experienced the loss of a loved one and noticed a bluebird nearby? This isn’t just a coincidence. The bluebird, with its vibrant hues and enchanting song, often appears as a comforting sign during times of grief. It’s as if nature itself is reaching out, offering a gentle reminder of life’s preciousness and the enduring cycle of existence.

Navigating Life’s Transitions with the Bluebird

The bluebird’s migratory patterns mirror our own life transitions, including the profound shift from life to death. This journey isn’t an end, but a transformation, a new chapter in the soul’s journey. If you’re navigating the challenging seas of loss, the sight of a bluebird can provide a sense of acceptance and continuity.

The bluebird’s serene presence and melodious song can be a balm for the grieving heart, a soothing message of acceptance and the promise of the soul’s journey continuing beyond death. The bluebird, soaring high, is seen as a guide for souls on their journey toward spiritual transformation and eternal peace.

In essence, if you’ve lost a loved one and you see a bluebird, consider it a sign of your loved one’s peaceful transition to the afterlife and their enduring presence in your life. It’s nature’s way of whispering, “All is well.” The bluebird is a symbol of hope, comfort, and the enduring connection between the physical and spiritual realms. It’s a small, feathered reminder that love and spirit endure, offering a touch of comfort in times of sorrow.


Cultures, folklore, mythologies, and religion reflect the spiritual significance of the bluebird. They are a personification of happiness and peace befalling anyone who puts their trust in them. 

Bluebirds as our spiritual guide simply leave no room for you to feel blue. If you are interested, also check out our comparison of Bluebird Vs Blue Jay.

Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

Bird tattoos can hold various meanings but the Bluebirds tattoo symbolizes goodness and innocence and are a favored design of nautical tattoo enthusiasts. A bluebird is often associated with its mythological significance such as prosperity, positivity, joy, and spring’s arrival, meaning hope. The color represents the vastness of the sky during the day as it eliminates all the darkness and negativity.

A bluebird tattoo symbolizes also a lot of other things depending on the situation. Generally, they are considered to be good luck or happiness. They can also represent joy and serenity as well as freedom if someone is in prison for example.

bluebird tattoo The Bluebird Meaning - Spiritual Meaning and Totem

If you have ever heard the song “Bluebirds over my head” then this will make more sense to you because it’s about being free from all worries! In some cultures, a bluebird tattoo signifies protection against evil spirits so there may be many reasons why someone would get one but these are just a few examples!

Depending on the culture, this bird usually represents an omen of good fortune or says to look up and over your shoulder because you’ll find some angel encouraging you along the way!

The bluebird meaning is a symbol of good luck and innocence. It’s also one of the most common nautical tattoos because it resembles waves in water, which are often considered to be calming for sailors or other people who enjoy being near bodies of water. The design can sometimes be confused with that of a swallow or swift bird, but all three share similarities only by their coloring; everything else about them is quite different from each other 

bluebird tattoo nice

The symbolism behind this tattoo usually falls back on its mythological background: prosperity, happiness during new beginnings (spring), etcetera while others use the bright color as a way to remind themselves how vast our sky really stretches out into space – something we should never forget no matter what mood we’re feeling at any.


What is the bluebird’s meaning of death?

In some Native American tribes, a bluebird was seen as a sign of death as they believed these birds carried the souls of their ancestors to the afterlife. Furthermore, in many other cultures, birds are often associated with death and rebirth due to their ability to take off into the air, symbolizing escape from the physical world. As such, a blue bird can represent one’s transition from life to death and back again.

What does the Bluebird symbolize?

Bluebirds have been considered lucky since ancient times because they represent immortality and resurrection. They have been featured prominently in literature as an indicator of new beginnings or endings where the bird overcomes obstacles with grace and optimism. The birds are often seen representing good luck on journeys ahead by attending wedding ceremonies to signify love eternal between two individuals.

What is the bluebird’s spiritual meaning?

The bluebird’s spiritual meaning is associated with rebirth and immortality. The bird symbolizes resurrection, which speaks to the beliefs of many cultures and religions that one day everyone will be resurrected to live in a better world. They are also said to bring happiness because it was believed in ancient Greece that only happy souls could transform into these beautiful songbirds!

What does seeing a bluebird mean?

A bluebird is a symbol of life and beauty. Seeing a bluebird can be an indication that someone will soon feel happier or enjoy more luck on their journey ahead. It may also signal hope for the future or new life to come into your world with spring’s arrival if you see them during wintertime (or vice versa).

What is the blue bird’s prophetic meaning?

Bluebirds represent joy and hope in many cultures around the world, celebrated as a sign of luck or divine guidance. They are often used to signify our pursuit of happiness and ambition for success – an omen towards better days ahead!

What is the eastern bluebird meaning?

The Eastern Bluebird is a comforting reminder of joy and protection. These birds have proudly adorned the skies with their bright blue feathers, setting them apart as symbols of hope, optimism, and even love in many cultures across time – promoting feelings of cheerfulness wherever they go!

What is the bluebird’s biblical meaning?

In biblical symbolism, the bluebird is often seen as a sign of happiness and fulfillment. It’s also associated with the realm of the spirit, representing a transition or transformation towards a higher spiritual awareness. The bluebird’s presence is generally considered a positive omen in biblical contexts.

What is the dead bluebird meaning?

A dead bluebird, while saddening, can symbolize an end to a period of joy and happiness, or it can represent a transition or transformation. It’s a reminder of life’s fleeting nature and the constant cycle of life and death. Interpretations can vary based on personal beliefs and cultural contexts.

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