The Bluebird Meaning – Spiritual Meaning and Totem

The Bluebird Meaning – Chasing Your Blues Away

The bluebird is one of the most popular and well-known symbols in North American culture. They are often used as a symbol of peace, happiness, and good fortune. Bluebirds have been considered lucky since ancient times because they represent immortality and resurrection. This article will explore the various meanings of this symbolic bird that has captured so many imaginations over time!

Since ancient times, bluebirds have been a symbol of good luck and happiness. The Bluebird meaning reminds us of the beauty of the world around us and the importance of setting yourself free from all your doubts and worries. They serve as an invitation to spend more time appreciating the God-given gifts that we often take for granted.

Bluebirds are medium-sized birds that feed mostly on insects and plants, typically seen in North America sporting a blue or blue and rose beige feather. Although female birds are less brightly colored than their male counterpart, patterns are similar and the difference between the two birds is not noteworthy (don’t mix up the Bluebird with the Blue Jay).

As spirit animals, bluebirds remind us to remain joyful and content and to share and spread these traits with everyone. When they approach, bluebird meaning often signifies that positive occurrences are about to take place and we should prepare ourselves for its arrival. Bluebirds represent spiritual messages with meanings and interpretations that, with proper guidance, can easily be understood.

Bluebirds - Chasing Your Blues Away

The Symbolism

Bluebirds represent a spiritual realm that brings signs of loved ones from the heavens. They may be a physical incarnation of an angel that was sent to watch over you. Regarded as God’s messengers, bluebirds are believed to fly alongside angels, carrying the same gentle and loving energy that can soothe every soul.

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The bluebird as a symbol of happiness is evident in various cultures, due to its color and song, and dates back thousands of years. Businesses adopt the color blue to their office setting to neutralize the negative influence of high-stress jobs. Spiritual healers would refer to bluebirds as our connection to our Higher Self which enhances our knowledge of the Divine.

bluebird checking you out

Apart from being considered symbols of honesty, harmony, and security, here are a few stories that embody a bluebird as a spiritual figure:

  • Fairy tales in Russia define the bluebird as an omen of hope, particularly to those going through a bout of doubt in their personal and spiritual lives.
  • A popular legend in the City of Lights tells the story of a king who becomes a bluebird to assist his lover going through a difficult time. Similarly, in an old historic province in France, folklore speaks about two children who set off to find the Bluebird of Happiness. They returned home crushed, only to find out that the bird was in a cage in their home all along. The lovely bird was then given to a sick child to bring him joy.
  • Korean legend depicts bluebirds as God’s messengers, often carrying messages for separated lovers.

People believe that angels and spirit guides often present themselves as a bluebird to direct you to a blessing that remains unnoticed. In various translations, the bluebird understands the power of a higher being and is knowledgeable when it comes to migration, prompting sailors to use their imagination to generate good luck.

What Does It Mean When You See A Bluebird

The Meaning

The most significant bluebird meaning among all is its message for you to embrace happiness. When a bluebird appears, expect satisfaction and bliss to come your way as prosperity is due for a visit. It is an appeal to enjoy life and its wonders and to change the way you look at things, allowing you to appreciate every moment as well as our freedom that we often overlook.

Bluebirds are not only a sign of the arrival of spring but also serve as an omen for something important to come. The color is symbolic, attracting attention and alerting us that change may be coming soon.

bluebird framed

Bluebirds’ feathers captivate nature lovers with their hue while encouraging them to take notice of what surrounds them, reminding each person how lucky they are simply by living on this earth. Their presence makes decisions seem easier when faced with difficult circumstances because it suggests there will always be someone who has been through such dilemmas before and can offer guidance from experience.

However, should one hesitate or fear these changes then bluebirds remind people about how bravely others have dealt with uncertainty throughout history so many times in order to make progress possible.

bluebird green backgound

The bluebird is an amazing creature, not only because of its beauty but also for the message that it conveys. Bluebirds encourage us to be aware of nature’s beauty and remind us that our existence on this planet is a blessing. These birds are as many messengers from God as they are companions in life; their presence announces impending changes such as new phases which you will experience or prayers answered by your higher power.

Bluebirds are a symbol of hope and faith. There is an overwhelming sense that all your visions will come true when they fly around you as if their vibrations were sprinkling magic fairy dust on everyone beautiful enough to deserve it!

Bluebird Symbolism

The presence of a bluebird can lift your spirits when you are down. Encounters with them never happen by chance which is why their presence is regarded as extraordinary and a sign of hope, freedom, and encouragement.

What Does It Mean When You See A Bluebird?

Artistic, mystical, and spiritual are only a few of the ways to describe the bluebird’s symbolism. Having a deep understanding of these attributes allows us to grasp the reality that things happen for a reason.

bluebird shaking

Seeing a bluebird represents an end to a struggle that you are currently dealing with. It may be an issue that has bugged you for years, lifting a great weight off your shoulders. Spotting a bluebird may relate to the angelic or spiritual guidance of a loved one who is leading you towards the best decisions and to guide you through a difficult time in your life.

Bluebirds serve as a warning in certain instances, urging you to be more attentive about particular unresolved issues that may bring great fortune or incredible bad luck. The mere sight of a bluebird’s feather translates to a blessing that has always been with you but you choose to ignore it. Its presence motivates you to appreciate the little things before they fly out of your sight.

Bluebird Spiritual Meaning

The Spiritual Meaning

Due to their mystical nature, we often wonder what a bluebird means spiritually. The spiritual significance of bluebirds is powerful as they are believed to be messengers from the spiritual realm. Spotting a bluebird, we are taught to open our hearts and allow the spiritual wisdom sent directly from above.

Bluebirds are an indication from the divine that a guardian is present and is protecting you. The bird’s symbolisms are unique for each of us which is why on rare occasions they allow their presence to be obvious to us, paying extra attention to yourself, your environment, and the state of your life can prove to be of great importance.

bluebird catching food

Spirit Animal

The spiritual representation of blue is one of loyalty, trust, wisdom, sincerity, faith, and more importantly, heaven. Various cultures see the color blue as a symbol of peace that keeps negative energy at bay. Bluebirds as spirit animal remind us to never lose hope amid trials and to remain humble and joyful as we achieve our goals.

Bluebirds enable us to remain confident regardless of the circumstance, as they prepare us for the struggle months or even years ahead. A bluebird’s presence in prayer and meditation is a sign that we need to slow down and take the time to appreciate even the smallest and simplest things in life.

The bluebird, known also to signify admiration, transition, and love, encourages us to acknowledge the positivity that radiates in its presence, making the beginning of a new life chapter a reason to celebrate.

bluebird holding food

Totem Animal

Having a bluebird as a totem signifies that you thrive in making everyone feel comfortable. It means that you enjoy being in the company of others, especially the folks that you rely on, trust, and enjoy spending life with.

Bluebird totem animals always find a way to turn dreams into reality, strategizing optimally to give them an edge over the others. It may also mean that a person is not only romantic and monogamous but is also very protective of their nest, not allowing anyone to disrupt the love and peace in their lives. It also allows the totem’s carrier to become a spiritual guide to others as it brings them closer to a higher being’s divine presence.

Bluebird Superstition

Bluebirds in Dreams

The bluebird is a bird that symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Its presence in your dream may be indicative of forthcoming good fortune, or it could mean an impending change that will bring you joy. If the bluebird has nested near to where you are dreaming from, this might signify someone close coming to stay with them for some time- perhaps as a visitor who needs refuge after personal difficulties?

Or alternatively, if there have been many birds nesting nearby then they can often represent financial gain – maybe unexpected money on its way into one part of your life! However, sometimes dreams about these particular creatures also carry warnings: if the bird appears suddenly out of nowhere and swoops something away from our hands (or claws) we must keep vigilant around those people closest.


The bluebird is a fascinating feathered creature with many different meanings and interpretations. Some belief seeing this bird in their dreams they are often predicting good luck for themselves- whether in academic success, discovering new talents, or finding love!

Seeing the feathers of one in your dream may be a message to have hope as it’s believed that these birds signify peace and happiness but also transformation or healing. Others say that if you see them then you’ll get lucky because Bluebirds have been known as messengers of hope since time immemorial.

Bluebirds in Dreams

Superstitions about the Bluebird

Most people have this negative notion about superstitions. The sheer mention of the word sends us running for cover as it usually is an introduction to a bad omen or an unpleasant event. Bluebirds, known to be harbingers of happiness and good fortune, are defined by businesses as a very profitable period for a firm.

Aside from the belief that they are messengers from heaven and that a bluebird in your presence is simply a spirit guide keeping you company, these positive, calm, and fun-loving creatures just do not go well together with superstitions.

bluebird nest
Bluebird’s nest

In ancient times, it was believed that the bluebird represented immortality because of its ability to fly and “never die.” This idea is still prevalent today in various cultures. In North America, a dead bluebird signifies someone who has died peacefully or gone on to live forever with their loved ones in heaven.

The Eastern Bluebird represents resurrection as it feeds on insects and other small animals while living amongst the leaves. They are often viewed as guardians against evil spirits!

The most common superstition about bluebirds relates back again to luck-whether good or bad. If someone sees a solitary bird flying high up into the sky they might believe that this means either great fortune ahead or great misfortune behind them (depending on where you see the birds flying). It is also said that if one sees a bluebird land on high perch in the morning, it will bring trouble. However, if they see the bird fly away after landing, then fortune and happiness must follow!

bluebird looking at you

In North America, Bluebirds are often associated with good luck because of their coloration as well as their association with immortality. For example, many people believe that seeing a lone bluebird flying into the distance predicts either great misfortune behind them or great prosperity ahead-it all depends on where you’re standing when this happens! In Eastern cultures such as China and Japan, however; the sight of these birds usually brings predictions about death to those who witness it.

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The Bluebird Symbolism in Different Cultures

Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans believed that the bluebird’s feathers were so beautiful and rare, that they symbolized royalty. The bird was thought to be a gift from the Creator. Besides being associated with beauty, there are also other meanings for this symbolic creature in Native American culture: courage, happiness, and spirit of renewal.

In some tribes of Native America (such as the Iroquois), it is said that when someone has died their soul can inhabit a different animal or plant on earth until its time comes around again – one such place it might live is inside bluebirds! In addition, many believe that by simply seeing a bluebird you have been touched by immortality because these birds never seem to die but instead keep coming back every season like an endless cycle of life.


Many Native American tribes, such as the Cherokee Nation and Chippewa Tribe, believe that bluebirds are messengers from their Creator who have come to tell them important messages for survival or good fortune.

The Seneca tribe also has a similar belief: they say that if you see a bluebird after someone’s death it is because the spirit person (whose soul may now be residing inside this bird) wants to send their loved ones living on earth one more message before ascending into heaven – what exactly these messages might be will vary between cultures!


In Chinese culture, this beautiful bird is symbolic of intelligence as well as prosperity! Seeing one of these birds in your dream may be a symbol of new hopes or wishes coming true.

2 bluebirds with food

It is also a symbol of happiness and longevity. The color blue was historically associated with purity in China, as well as immortality, peace, harmony, and tranquility – all qualities that are desirable for life. In this sense, it is not surprising that Chinese people would consider the Bluebird to be an auspicious creature!

The Japanese Symbolism

Japan believes that seeing this lovely creature brings good fortune – so if you are having trouble finding the love they say grab hold of your dreams and see them through to fruition. On the other hand, it is also believed by some people who study Japan’s folklore that dreaming about the Bluebird foretells imminent danger or problems just waiting to happen…so beware?

Bluebird in Japanese Culture

The Celtic Culture

The Celts are known for their love of birds, and the bluebird was no exception. The symbolism of the bird varied depending on its coloration; a black-headed or ravenous bluebird symbolized death while a white-faced one signified peace. There also existed an ancient Celtic prophecy that “bluebirds will come to America when there is peace.”

This eventually came true in 1857 thanks to a ship called “The Blue Bird” arriving from France carrying emigrants during one period where Ireland experienced relative calm enough for them all to return home after many years abroad. It should be noted that this same bird has been seen as lucky among Native Americans since time immemorial.

celtic culture

As with other animals like snakes which can appear as malevolent or benevolent, the Celts saw a bluebird as either an omen of death to come or one of peace. This animal is also often associated with the Irish god Lug, who may have been based on a deity from older pagan beliefs not yet extinct in Ireland.

In Celtic culture, the Bluebird is also a symbolic representation of protection from Evil Spirits so having this creature cross paths with you means as long as they’re around nothing bad can happen…the more bluebirds are seen in one’s dream signifies great luck!

Bluebirds in Christianity

The bluebird is often thought to represent the Holy Spirit in Christian culture. This makes sense because it’s a bird that appears before people die and as such Christ rises from death, which he represents metaphorically.

The belief also says that birds are seen as reminding those who travel by them of their mortality and impending judgment day (again reinforcing the idea of resurrection). A third interpretation suggests that they stand for immortality or life – since we never see dead bluebirds on earth, but only when they fly away into heaven.

bluebird in christina culture

Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

Bird tattoos can hold various meanings but the Bluebirds tattoo symbolizes goodness and innocence and are a favored design of nautical tattoo enthusiasts. A bluebird is often associated with its mythological significance such as prosperity, positivity, joy, and spring’s arrival, meaning hope. The color represents the vastness of the sky during the day as it eliminates all the darkness and negativity.

A bluebird tattoo symbolizes also a lot of other things depending on the situation. Generally, they are considered to be good luck or happiness. They can also represent joy and serenity as well as freedom if someone is in prison for example.

If you have ever heard that song “Bluebirds over my head” then this will make more sense to you because it’s about being free from all worries! In some cultures, a bluebird tattoo signifies protection against evil spirits so there may be many reasons why someone would get one but these are just a few examples!

Depending on the culture, this bird usually represents an omen of good fortune or says to look up and over your shoulder because you’ll find some angel encouraging you along the way!

The bluebird is a symbol of good luck and innocence. It’s also one of the most common nautical tattoos because it resembles waves in water, which are often considered to be calming for sailors or other people who enjoy being near bodies of water. The design can sometimes be confused with that of a swallow or swift bird, but all three share similarities only by their coloring; everything else about them is quite different from each other 

bluebird tattoo nice

The symbolism behind this tattoo usually falls back on its mythological background: prosperity, happiness during new beginnings (spring), etcetera while others use the bright color as a way to remind themselves how vast our sky really stretches out into space – something we should never forget no matter what mood we’re feeling at any.

Places the tattoo can be found: mainly on the shoulder, neck, or back. In some cultures, they are also drawn on children’s faces to ward off evil spirits.

Bluebird Tattoo

Bluebird biblical meaning

The first reference to the bluebird in scripture is from a passage in Genesis. In this story, Jacob had just wrestled with an angel for hours and eventually won. He saw that he was limping after his long struggle so he opened up his shirt and put it on the top of a stone and poured oil on it as a blessing for healing (Gen. 32:28-29).

As soon as he did this, there were birds all around him but one bird stood out because its wings touched the center of his body while they covered their faces. This type of bird has been said to represent angels or even God Himself due to how quickly they came when called upon by Jacob’s prayer!

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This passage also points to the meaning of bluebirds as an omen for peace and happiness. Even though things were just beginning to settle down after Jacob’s long struggle, he knew that one bird was nearby with a message of hope!

The next reference comes from Ecclesiastes chapter 12: “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not…” (Eccl. 12:12). This is referring back to when God created man on earth during their life cycle rather than at birth or before they are born into this world.

bluebird spreading wings

The idea here is that man has been given time to enjoy all of his/her blessings because it can be taken away so quickly without warning. It also talks about how important it is to enjoy the time we have and to make sure that our relationships with others are strong. The passage is only about one sentence long but it gives a lot of insight into how integral youth can be in order for people to live their best life!

The next reference comes from Isaiah chapter 31: “In the year when king Ahaz died was this burden. Behold, upon a high mountain shall come unto thee thy joy; and beneath the evergreen tree, thou shalt give ear” (Isaiah 31). This scripture talks specifically about peace and happiness being found during periods where there has been great turmoil or unrest.

In other words, bluebirds represent hope as well as immortality which could also tie back into Jacob’s story earlier in Genesis because he wrestled with an angel and came out victorious. This is one of the most popular stories in scripture because it was so hard to make sense of but he had a lot of hope throughout his journey!

Bluebird Symbolism in bible

The final reference comes from Revelation 12: “And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter” (Rev. 12). In this passage about Jesus Christ coming back on earth, there are two references that talk about how He has blue eyes like ice as well as being called the Lamb of God which would tie into His sacrifice for our sins at Calvary.

The other reference connects Him to peace and happiness through ruling over every nation because they know that He is their King.


Cultures, folklore, mythologies, and religion reflect the spiritual significance of the bluebird. They are a personification of happiness and good fortune befalling anyone who puts their trust in them. Bluebirds as our spiritual guide simply leave no room for you to feel blue.

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[Video] The Eastern Bluebird

The bluebird spirit animal is quite powerful. It holds the power that will lead you to your success and happiness. Learn more about this creature here!


What does the Bluebird symbolize?

Bluebirds have been considered lucky since ancient times because they represent immortality and resurrection. They have been featured prominently in literature as an indicator of new beginnings or endings where the bird overcomes obstacles with grace and optimism. The birds are often seen representing good luck on journeys ahead by attending wedding ceremonies to signify love eternal between two individuals.

What is the bluebird’s spiritual meaning?

The bluebird’s spiritual meaning is associated with rebirth and immortality. The bird symbolizes resurrection, which speaks to the beliefs of many cultures and religions that one day everyone will be resurrected to live in a better world. They are also said to bring happiness because it was believed in ancient Greece that only happy souls could transform into these beautiful songbirds!

What does seeing a bluebird mean?

A bluebird is a symbol of life and beauty. Seeing a bluebird can be an indication that someone will soon feel happier or enjoy more luck on their journey ahead. It may also signal hope for the future or new life to come into your world with spring’s arrival if you see them during wintertime (or vice versa).

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