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animal symbolism v2 Animal Symbolism - The Meaning Of Different Creatures

Your spirit animal is a powerful force that can help guide you on your journey through life. If you’re not sure what its meaning might be, here are some ways to find out! It could have anything from wisdom and guidance down to power for protection against negative energy or harmful intentions from others nearby.

The animals in our lives are often there for a reason. They serve many purposes, from being our companions to teaching us life lessons. The animals that surround you can reveal your true self and the traits that you wish to emulate. What animal do you have most in your home or office? Let’s take a look at what animals symbolize!

Animal symbolism explained

Animal symbolism explained

When ancient societies had to find a way to their stories and songs that were passed down through generations, they turned towards animals as powerful metaphors. Many people in the past believed these creatures could take on human form or at least have some similarities with humans so it would be easier during times when there wasn’t any information about them yet-but this is not always true! In medieval heraldry, families put animal symbols across their crests which showed off values such: as courage (lion), and piety(sow). It’s interesting how much meaning can come out of just an animal depiction but also show what kind of family you belong to – animals are animals, but they can also mean so much more.

Animal symbolism list

Here is a quick list of animals that represent certain characteristics:

alligator/crocodile = tenacity and resourcefulness in times of hardship or adversity (
ant = industriousness
armadillo = symbolic of strength and protection (see armadillo symbolism)
bat = transformation, darkness
bear (black) = wisdom and knowledge
bear (brown) = wisdom, power, knowledge, strength in the face of adversity
bear (polar) = strength in the face of adversity (see polar bear symbolism)
beaver = determination and resourcefulness
bee = industriousness, community-mindedness
beetle = perseverance
bird = freedom, creativity, and unexpected possibilities
buffalo or bison (American) = abundance and prosperity; strength in the face of adversity or when facing a challenge (see also white buffalo meaning).
bull = abundance and prosperity (see also bull symbolism)
butterfly = rebirth, regeneration, and renewal
cat = independence, resourcefulness
cheetah = speed, agility (see our post cheetah symbolism)
chicken (rooster) = leadership
chicken = fertility (read more about the chicken symbolism)
cow (bull) = strength in the face of adversity; abundance and prosperity
cow = strength in the face of adversity; abundance and prosperity
coyote = transformation, magic (read more about coyote symbolism)
crab = tenacity, and resourcefulness in times of hardship or adversity
crane= patience, balance, peace
deer = gentleness, and grace
dog = loyalty
dolphin/porpoise/whale= communication, knowledge, harmony, and wisdom; using your intuition.
dragon = rebirth, regeneration and renewal
dragonfly = transformation and rebirth
duck= harmony, creativity, new beginnings after a period of hardship, adaptability
elephant = guidance, courage to overcome obstacles (read more about the elephant symbolism)
firefly = resurrection
fish = adaptability and resourcefulness
fox = stealth/inner magic/transformation (read more about the fox symbolism)
frog = transformation (read more about the frog symbolism)
giraffe = self-awareness and knowledge of the world around you (see also post giraffe symbolism)
goat or sheep = gentleness and grace, new beginnings after a period of hardship.
gorilla = being a responsible leader, showing emotion, and being truthful (read more about the gorilla symbolism)
grasshopper = resilience
hedgehog = resourcefulness (see post hedgehog symbolism)
hippopotamus = endurance and strength
horse = adventure and freedom
jaguar = strength and intuition (also check our post jaguar symbolism)
jellyfish = adaptability and resourcefulness in times of hardship or adversity
kangaroo = freedom of movement and personal independence (see kangaroo symbolism)
ladybug = resurrection
lamb = gentleness and grace
lion = courage and strength
lizard = transformation and resourcefulness
lobster = tenacity; rebirth, regeneration, and renewal.
monkey = playfulness, curiosity, resourcefulness, self-awareness (read more: monkey symbolism)
moose = strength and tenacity
mouse = humility, resourcefulness, and consideration of others’ needs before your own (see mouse symbolism)
octopus = adaptability and resourcefulness in times of hardship or adversity
panda = peace and harmony
panther (black) = strength in the face of adversity (see our post about the panther symbolism)
pig = abundance and prosperity (see also pig symbolism)
praying mantis = transformation and overcoming adversity
rabbit/hare = fertility (see also the bunny symbolism and dead rabbit symbolism)
ram = fertility, determination (see also ram symbolism)
rooster = leadership
scorpion = overcoming adversity
sea turtle = perseverance and tenacity
seal = adaptability and resourcefulness in times of hardship or adversity; harmony.
serpent/snake= rebirth, regeneration, and renewal
skunk = overcoming obstacles and the need to be cautious (see also skunk symbolism)
snail = resurrection, regeneration, renewal (see our post about snail symbolism or the slug meaning)
snake (copperhead) = rebirth, regeneration, and renewal
spider = overcoming adversity
squirrel = playfulness
tiger = courage and power (see our post about tiger symbolism)
toad = tenacity, overcoming obstacles
turkey = abundance and prosperity (read more about the turkey symbolism)
turtle (tortoise) = longevity
turtle/tortoise = longevity
unicorn = courage, strength and magic
weasel= resourcefulness and playfulness
whale/dolphin/porpoise= communication, knowledge, harmony, and wisdom
wolf = leadership and responsibility
Animals and their meanings

Animal representations

Animal representations vary depending on the species because animals in nature are not always what they seem; some animals symbolize traits like courage, wisdom, and even protection energy. Just understanding an animal’s instincts can help us figure out why your totem has shown up when it did!

Many animals have traits that are related to their species so they would represent the same character each time. The animals around us all have different personalities so you will never know when your totem might show up next, but it’s always for a good reason. Their presence is something we should cherish because animals truly care about the happiness of others.

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What is a spirit animal?

A spirit animal is an animal that has chosen you. These can be animals in real life or fictional animals, it doesn’t matter as long as this creature has a positive place in your heart and mind. You don’t choose what animals will represent you; they pick YOU! They are there to teach us through their behaviors and characteristics which we might need help with at the time. Other names might be animal guides, spirit helpers, spirit allies, power animals, or animal helpers.

A spirit animal is the closest thing anyone can get to having their superhero. The best part? You don’t have to wait for Captain America or Batman because this guy will come right when you need him! They’re there in all shapes and sizes, with animals guiding lessons on how they were able to achieve success at what it takes just like we humans do too sometimes (and also much more)!

A Shamanic practitioner might rely heavily upon these powerful messenger creatures; although some cultures believe that an individual must choose his/her totem before birth (or later after), many others feel as though one’s destiny is written and animals will show up to remind.

Animal representations

How To Find Your Spirit Animal

Perhaps you are wondering what animals can teach us, how they appear in our dreams for a reason, and why animals might choose to reach out to certain people. The answer is much simpler than you think because animal totems are here on Earth to protect us when we need them the most! There’s no better way of finding your spirit animal other than learning about its symbolism because it will make your connection all that more special once you know which one has chosen YOU as its companion!

Knowing who your spirit guide may have been thousands of years ago could help give meaning to ancient mythology or even just an old fairytale told by generations before us – this kind of wisdom was passed down from parent to child so it’s something worth cherishing if you ever come across it! Spirit animals can sometimes show themselves to us as guardian angels or even just by reaching out through our dreams because we’re all connected in ways we don’t know about.

There are many different ways to find your spirit animal. You can explore this world through meditation, going into nature, and observing animals for clues about what it is that you need or want from them; call out with self- Inquiry techniques like visualization exercises where the individual creates their own story of discovery by writing down all details as they remember them on paper before exploring these ideas further during imagination sessions (or journeying).

The first step to finding your spirit animal totem should be learning what animals and their symbolism mean before making any assumptions – this will help give deeper meaning into why animals seem drawn to certain people (i.e: those who are considered leaders, teachers, doctors) as well as what traits they may possess that could eventually benefit the world around them too! This way of thinking is something worth sharing with children around the world so future generations understand how animals live within nature and work together as one big family (I believe everyone would love such an idea, animals are so misunderstood).

Understanding what animals can teach us about life, death, and even how to be happy is something that should never go unheard because animals truly care about the happiness of others (just like humans do!) – this could help shape relationships between people as well as create a better future for generations ahead. Learning animal symbolism might not only help you find your spirit guide but also give meaning to why animals seem drawn to certain people (i.e: those considered leaders, teachers, and doctors) which will make your connection more meaningful too!

animal totem

What is an animal totem?

An animal totem is an animal’s spirit guide that serves as a teacher, protector, and companion. These animals are often used in Native American traditions but can be found in many cultures worldwide for this purpose. Each person’s animal totem will vary depending on the situation they’re currently facing; it could also mean more than one of these creatures might show up to help with something particular (or more than one at once).

A totem is a symbolic representation of your animal guide. It can be represented in the form of a totem pole, talisman, or jewelry and has been used throughout history to honor animals that we feel a very strong connection with and that are believed to influence us during our lives.

A totem animal is representative of certain animals that are used as guides. The traits and characteristics associated with this creature will be the ones you need to pay attention to for your life lessons to become more clear on what’s important, so focusing on these elements can help us step into our destiny or reach our full potential.

Animal symbolism isn’t always easy to read; some animals might not mean exactly what they seem at first glance but there are usually patterns your spirit guides animals to follow based on their species’ instincts (whether good or bad). By understanding an animal’s habits and how they live within nature, we can then figure out why they show up when he/she does!

How to find your animal totem

Finding your Animal Totem is not difficult, but it’s one of the first steps to self-acceptance and spirituality. There are several things you can do for this journey towards finding out what animal totemize with yourself to go well for everyone! First of all, remember that opening up an understanding about these creatures may take some time because each person has their way of how much research goes into them so keep at it until something sticks…

There’s no wrong answer when asking “who am I?”—which means trying new approaches makes sense too 😉 Let me show you three different ways:

  1. Read Books by or About Different Types Of Animalkind;
  2. Make Friends With Some Animals In Your Neighborhood (They’re Usually More Than Willing To Help Out); and lastly,
  3. You can also talk to animals by going into a natural setting that has animals nearby (like a forest or even just the park) where you have time alone to explore your thoughts.

Once you’ve found an animal who seems drawn towards you for whatever reason, give them some space so they know it’s safe enough for them to come closer without feeling threatened—take this as a sign from Mother Nature herself because animals are incredible teachers when given the chance!

Once animals trust us with their presence we’ll understand what they’re trying to say through body language which is another step I always recommend observing before getting any deeper…

Remember: Animals Communicate Through Body Language!

When you get outside for a walk and observe the animals around, your totem might just show up. Next time you’re in a park or on a trail- take out some paper to draw what animal comes into mind first. The earth provides deeper connections with our human experience so when we focus intently it will reveal itself! Always disconnect from technology while doing this exercise because too many distractions can make things difficult later 🙂 Be sure also to pay close attention not only to other mammals but to insects birds aquatic animals as well–your very own species could be one of them!

Some people are born with their animal totem, but it’s also possible to find your unique spirit guide. If you’re interested in an animal that interests or fascinates you then research on the internet can help bring clarity about what type of personality they might have and how we could benefit from these qualities as humans!

Meditating is a great exercise for getting to the root of personal issues, as well as releasing pent-up negativity that can bog us down in our daily lives. Making meditation part of your everyday routine delivers nothing but positivity! And you can also channel your inner animal guide through mediation practice by asking “what is my totem animal?” When an appropriate one presents itself (typically), always remember not to be judgmental or ignore any messages received from them if it isn’t what YOU want- because no two people are alike after all!!

power animal

What is a power animal?

A power animal is an animal’s spirit guide that acts as a source of strength, wisdom, and energy during times when you need it the most. Just like all animals have different personalities even if they’re from the same species or family – this one might be shy but will show up when you least expect it to help out at exactly the right time!

Power animals are strongly associated with the Native American Indian belief in Animism which is a spiritual idea where they believe everything has souls or spirits. Power animals empower people by embodying powerful traits and characteristics of an animal, like courage for example.

Power animals can give us confidence in who we are so we don’t feel overwhelmed by life’s little struggles; sometimes just seeing them again after losing sight for a while is enough motivation to keep going strong because these creatures want what truly matters more than anyone else could ever know. They’ll stand behind their people through thick and thin no matter how rough things may seem because our happiness means everything to them.

A power animal is an animal that shows up to help you gain strength during difficult times. Just like animals living in nature, these spirit guides have unique personalities and will come when they think it’s needed the most! This totem might not show up as often but knows exactly how important he/she is.

How to find your power animal?

Are you noticing an animal in your dreams? If so, take note of what they are. It may be time for them to make themselves known on a more personal level! Dream animals can tell us things about ourselves and our lives; if one keeps popping up then maybe its spirit guide is trying to talk with us through this creature.

If you’re not sure what your power animal is, there are some things to think about. Maybe it was the pet of a family member or friend from when they were younger? Or maybe this is something more abstract like an animal that has always crossed paths with nature but didn’t have any particular significance at first glance (maybe because we all loved them).

Sit down and do a quick 5-minute meditation, quiet your mind for intuition’s voice to be heard. When considering one animal with special significance for me ____ (name), consider what lessons they could teach on my personal power or inner strength if it were their guardian spirit. Spend time journaling these answers so we can decide which ones resonate most closely with us later when coming back here after some days have passed since doing this assignment!

See here for some more examples of animal symbolism.

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