Kangaroo Symbolism: Animal Totem, Spirit Animal, and More

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Kangaroo Symbolism

The kangaroo symbolism can help you try something different in your life if you do not have enough courage to take leaps of faith. This animal represents courage and adaptability, as well as remarkable stamina.

The kangaroo spirit animal inspires us to focus on the endless possibilities that the future holds rather than holding on to pieces from the past. This marsupial regularly takes large jumps forward without doubt and fear of the unknown which teaches us to be courageous in everything we do. 

In this blog post, we will be highlighting what the kangaroo symbolizes and its spiritual meanings. We would also call your attention to the animal totem of the kangaroo.

Kangaroos have an impeccable survival instinct. Their adaptability has earned them a reputable spot in the mammalian ecosystem. It either moves alone or in a mob, troop, or herd. Its symbolism mirrors the kangaroo’s nature to show significant energy levels and its capacity to withstand trying times.

“It’s like trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline.”

– Sid Waddell
What does a Kangaroo symbolize

What does a Kangaroo symbolize?

Right off the bat, the kangaroo’s nature of movement “the hop” scientifically called “the saltatorial locomotion movement” symbolizes movement through different phases of life. The kangaroo is not one to move around for no good reason. This is why “the hop” implies key movement from one significant aspect of your life to another. Exhibiting traits of stamina, protectiveness, social belongingness, and adaptability.

Here are what a kangaroo symbolizes:


Known to have one of the most powerful hindlegs in the animal kingdom, the average male kangaroo can deliver an estimated strike force of 750 pounds which in reality can injure any external force that it perceives as a threat. Despite its known strength, the kangaroo rarely goes out looking for trouble in the name of being equipped with a strike force. The kangaroo is a bold animal that reserves its obvious strengths till there’s a confrontation. This peculiar animal protects its mob from external forces.

This trait reinforces the fact that true strength lies in knowing your capabilities. You don’t need to be in a room and ask for the strongest person or attach your worth to the weaknesses of others.

There are situations that you would encounter which might be challenging. But, due to your stamina, strength, and adaptability, you’d be able to overcome them and even become stronger than you thought you ever were.

The Kangaroo does not cower in the face of the toughest adversities. It demonstrates courage, steps up to the challenge, and conquers. If this vitality is adapted to different aspects of your life, it would help you grow exponentially.

Transition and Adaptability

Kangaroos are known to constantly migrate and stay on the move. They do not have a natural habitat which means they have to constantly search for hospitable environments, food, and water to stay alive. Their sturdiness and capacity to find new environments and swiftly settle make them a reference point for top-tier adaptation.

If, like the kangaroo, you are experiencing a phase of change in any aspect of your life, reinforce in your mind that growth happens outside your comfort zone. To be the best version of yourself, you have to keep moving. Hanging on to familiar situations would not stop life from happening. Life, always, goes on!

strong spiritual kangaroo

This adaptability trait of the kangaroo also symbolizes the never-ending learning process of life. Different phases require a different version of you and the only way to deliver is to keep evolving and learn as you grow.

Their biological structure is made for adaptation. In times of droughts, the female kangaroo’s body puts a hold on embryo creation and the male kangaroo also puts a stop to the production of sperm. This only resumes when the surroundings of the kangaroo indicate better survival conditions for themselves and Joey (the baby kangaroo). This connotes that the marsupial biologically understands the concept of time and appropriateness. There is a time in your life to love, learn, grow, settle down, and take risks. Nothing should be done abruptly.


The kangaroo’s tail is just as significant as its arms and legs. Whenever it hops, its tail helps it to maintain balance. The tail is so vital for its movement to the extent that if the tail tilts an inch more than it is supposed to, it could affect its entire movement.

That being said, just like the kangaroo, we all have agents of balance in our lives. If you’ve not identified what your agent of balance is, then, it is important you do so. You can’t control what you have no knowledge of or an understanding of how it works.

kangaroo fight totem

Kangaroo Spiritual Meaning

The kangaroo symbolism inspires dominance, determination, and energy. It teaches us to be self-assured and steadfast. It reiterates the need to stop trying to have everything figured out and control the outcome of every situation.

It teaches you to trust your instincts and take leaps of faith every now and then. [R9] 

The kangaroo symbolism essentially reinforces a sense of capacity to overcome any challenge you face. It urges you to channel your energy into the things you are passionate about because those are the things you’d thrive at.

It also inspires you to always trust your intuition to help you at crossroads.

If you need to focus on creating trust, the kangaroo teaches you not to try and overanalyze the context. Not every person is worthy of your trust. It would be in your best interest if you allowed yourself to trust people later rather than sooner.

Spiritual Meaning

Kangaroo Animal Totem

If you feel a connection to the kangaroo, it is possible that you have a kangaroo totem animal. A totem animal is an animal that serves as a spiritual guide or protector. It is believed that we each have one or more totem animals that watch over us and help us through difficult times. If the kangaroo is your totem animal, it may be telling you to trust your instincts and be alert for danger.

Alternatively, it could be urging you to be more playful and carefree. Or, it could simply be a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. There are many different interpretations of what it means to have a kangaroo as a totem animal. If you feel a connection to this animal, trust your intuition and let it guide you on your journey.

The kangaroo totem represents tremendous endurance. If you find yourself constantly exhausted or experiencing low levels of energy and no willpower, the kangaroo totem surely has your name written all over it.

Those who wield the kangaroo animal totem possess the natural inclination to go far in almost every endeavor because of the kangaroo’s natural thirst for growth and agitation towards stagnancy. Having the kangaroo as your spirit animal means that you are naturally innovative when it comes to large-scale thinking.

totem Meaning

People in this frame are laser-focused. Whatever they set their mind on to achieve always stands at the center of their mind. They go at it even though they don’t have all the details figured out. This means the ability to manifest their desires into reality in their hands.

Having this sturdy animal as your spirit animal means somewhere underneath that gritty persona, you generally have a soft spot for people, kids, baby animals, pets, seniors, and anything that might seem delicate.

People tend to misjudge your determination as a quest for intimidation. Only if they’re able to step away from their perceptions would they see the true extent of how genuine you are.

Kangaroo symbolism in the culture of the aborigines

For aborigines, the kangaroo symbolism means strength and power. This is because the kangaroo is an animal that is able to defend itself against predators with its powerful hind legs. Additionally, the kangaroo is seen as a symbol of agility and grace. This is because the kangaroo is able to move quickly and effortlessly across vast distances.

The kangaroo is also considered to be a spirit animal or totem in some cultures. In Aboriginal culture, the kangaroo is often seen as a guardian spirit. This is because the kangaroo has a strong connection to the land and its people.

The kangaroo is also seen as a symbol of motherhood in Aboriginal culture. This is because the kangaroo is a nurturing and protective mother who cares for her young.

aborigines and kangaroo

In their culture kangaroos are ancient storytellers and must be treated with respect. These totem animals have always been a part of their lives, from the time we were children to now as adults who have learned so much about them in recent years through research! The Kangaroo is known for its dreaming ability which creates spiritual dreaming. The kangaroo is a powerful totem animal and has much to teach us about living in balance with the environment and respecting all life.

The kangaroo is also considered to be a national icon in Australia. This is because the kangaroo is a unique and iconic animal that is found nowhere else in the world.

What does it mean to dream of kangaroos?

If you dream of kangaroos, they could symbolize a variety of things. It could represent your strength, power, and ability to defend yourself. Alternatively, it could represent your agility, grace, and ability to move quickly and effortlessly. Alternatively, it could be a sign that you are in touch with your spiritual side or that you are connected to the land.

kangaroo dream

Kangaroos are known for their caring natures and if you dream about one, it might mean that in some part of your life there’s a huge need to care. Dreaming kangaroo could also symbolize how we mother people close to us- so this would be something important! If you have been neglecting your loved ones, kangaroo as your dream spirit animal is here to give you a nudge.

Kangaroos are also known to be excellent jumpers and their long legs in the dream could be telling you that now is the time to take a leap of faith in some area of your life. Trust your instincts as they will lead you exactly where you need to go!


Just like the kangaroo symbol, your key takeout from this should be the need to not live life in fear. When you consistently push the limits, only then will you be able to discover who you truly are. So stay focused, you’re getting there!

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