What Gorilla Symbolism, Totem, And Spirit Animal Mean For You

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Gorilla Symbolism

Gorilla Symbolism: What These Human-Like Gentle Giants Are Trying To Tell Us

Gorilla symbolism is powerful, and it should not be taken lightly. Gorillas are one of the strongest animals in the world, and they can teach us a lot about power, strength, and determination. If you have a gorilla as your totem or spirit animal, there are certain things that you need to learn about this mighty creature. In this blog post, we will explore the meanings behind gorilla symbolism and what it can teach us about ourselves.

Throughout history, most of us believed that a gorilla encounter was always a hair-raising and spine-chilling experience. However, these gentle, peaceful, and highly social creatures resonate with meaningful spiritual messages that stir us to develop an affinity with these tender primates. From their intimidating chest pounds and frighteningly enormous teeth to the extraordinary ways they protect their family from threats and risks, let’s stomp and thump into the gripping gorilla symbolism.

Gorillas are almost altruistic in nature. There’s very little if any ‘me-itis.’ When I get back to civilization I’m always appalled by ‘me, me, me.’

– Diane Fossey
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What does a gorilla symbolize?

Known for their human-like eyes, appearance, and gestures, the aggressive and combative image of the gorilla has made sightings of this frequently misunderstood vegetarian creature mostly overwhelming and fearful. Yet chancing upon these majestic mammals, whether in the zoo or out in the wild, brings about a host of amazing messages that provides us with knowledge and heartens us to remain connected with others.

A pillar of strength

All it takes is one look at a gorilla and you know that it is an animal that exudes power, firmness, and strength. While having such an awesome gift does not give you the right to take advantage of others, this particularly special trait allows us to recognize our fears and motivates us to find ways to overcome them. Not only does it enable us to make use of opportunities as they come, but it also gives us the courage to face the various challenges that hamper our success.

Beam with pride

Often seen in a troop of at least 12 individuals, the gorilla radiates not just courage but also an air of pride and confidence. Trudging along with heads held high, the presence of this powerful creature with authoritative features reminds us of how we should assert our dominance but never use it to take advantage of the weakness of others. While they are known to possess exceptional tenacity and strength, this relatively peaceful animal can be quite aggressive, but only as a way to keep their family safe.

Use your knowledge as power

While most of us admire the gorilla for its size and strength, this unusually strong mammal comes packed with great wisdom and intelligence. Making use of its strong sense and wit, the gorilla’s presence teaches us how we can lead our loved ones to safety by resorting to any form of violence and aggression only when provoked. Regarded as one of our closest cousins, their ability to use tools and to build nests where their young can rest indicates our own ability to constantly make good use of our skills and intellect.

Build bridges

Much like us humans, gorillas are naturally social beings that thrive in the company of a troop, particularly their family. While coming across a gorilla can serve as a reminder of how much we need a group of individuals who will support us no matter what, the presence of these gentle giants may also indicate how staying connected with our family and friends allows us to enjoy life’s most wonderful moments. Not only does it lead to a home filled with love, peace, and harmony, but also an image that is worthy of respect.

Gorilla spiritual symbolism

Gorilla spiritual symbolism

Perhaps the only animal capable of certain human-like behaviors, the gorilla would often stump its way into our lives to remind us how we should proudly stand with nobility and honor. Known for being responsible, warmhearted, and fearless leaders, they inspire us to be capable individuals who can deliver our family and community from all sorts of danger and harm. Although most animals including humans would cave in from the strength of these creatures, they remind us that respect is earned by treating others with courtesy, honesty, and righteousness.

As one of the few animals who own the ability to make eye contact, there is no doubt that the gorilla is a creature that gives great value to connections and relationships. With a genetic make-up that is largely similar to humans and intelligent levels that allow them to laugh, express sadness, and show various emotions, this remarkable spirit animal teaches us to show not just an image of sharpness and brilliance but to be truthful about the feelings that we have. Revered for their ability to stand and even walk upright, these friendly creatures spur us to face our hardships with confidence and non-assertive pride.

Gorilla animal totem What Gorilla Symbolism, Totem, And Spirit Animal Mean For You

Animal totem 

Since troop leaders need to display boldness and tenacity to keep each family member safe, the gorilla totem animal would often appear to remind us about the importance of believing in our own skills and talents. Serving as motivation to constantly hold our heads high, their presence, though enormous, teaches us how we should shun hostile behaviors, as well as arrogance. Instead, we should aspire to live a life of serenity, stillness, and calmness. Appearing at a time of anxieties and doubt, this incredibly perceptive and rational animal provides us with the wisdom to rise above our difficulties as they come. 

Considered to be the largest primates around, gorillas signify our innate capacity to lead a community and to act as a protector to our family. Gifted with strength that can put down adversaries twice their size, they serve as a gentle reminder of how our innate talents are effective enough to handle even the most seemingly insurmountable challenges. They appear in our presence to show that while we may be bigger and more gifted than some of our peers, it does not automatically give us the right to make them feel inferior. By lending us their exceptional leadership skills, they teach us to guide the people around us toward a path of success and peace. An animal of great size, strength, and intelligence having the gorilla as your animal totem encourage you to lead, protect, and build relationships with humility, certainty, and respect.

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Gorilla symbolism in different cultures What Gorilla Symbolism, Totem, And Spirit Animal Mean For You

Gorilla symbolism in different cultures

The gorilla has been a popular figure in folklore and literature, with many cultures giving this creature different meanings. In Africa, they are often seen as symbols of strength, power, and ferocity. To the Native Americans, gorillas represent wisdom and knowledge. The Chinese see them as guardian animals that protect people from harm.

In the bible, Gorillas are one of the animals that Noah brought into the ark, which means they are seen as symbols of hope, faith, and new beginnings.

Gorillas have also been featured in films and TV shows such as King Kong, Gorillas in the Mist, Skull Island, and Congo. These popular culture references often portray gorillas as aggressive and dangerous animals. All in all, the gorilla symbolism is about being a responsible leader, showing emotion, and being truthful. Gorilla totem animals teach us to lead with confidence and to be non-assertive when needed.

dreaming Gorilla

What is the meaning of dreaming of Gorillas?

Some believe that seeing a gorilla in their dream is a sign of good luck, while others interpret it as a warning of upcoming danger. Gorillas are also known to symbolize strength, power, and ferocity. If the Gorilla is acting aggressively in your dream, it may be an indication that you are feeling overwhelmed or threatened in some area of your waking life. Alternatively, this could be a sign that you are not using your full potential.

If the Gorilla is peaceful and friendly, this may be a sign that you need to take on more responsibility in your life. Are you shouldering too much burden? Are you being too passive? The Gorilla as a spirit animal encourages us to find the balance between these two extremes.

Gorillas and apes in dreams can represent a number of different things. For some, they may be an indicator that you need to learn more about the customs or culture around them while others believe it’s important not only through knowledge but also emotions such as trustworthiness for themselves so there isn’t any imbalance which leads one foot into darkness without knowing what will happen next!

Also, the gorilla in your dream could symbolize a time when you were fighting, but also the victory over difficulties. If this was not just an animalistic visage of someone or something that has been challenging to deal with then there may be some troubles coming up for ya!

Gorilla emotional.


Observed to possess the ability to create and use tools, show emotions, and live in complicated social groups, these remarkable spirit guides walk into our lives with knuckles on the ground carrying meaningful messages that are meant to enlighten and inspire. While they are considered one of our closest relatives, there is no doubt that the gorilla and its captivating spiritual symbolism leave us behind pound for pound.

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