Complete List of Spirit Animals

Here is a complete alphabetical list of all the Spirit Animals contained on our website. New posts are currently scheduled on Mondays. Bird Symbolism Bird Facts Animal Symbolism

pelican symbolism

Pelican Symbolism

Calm And Collective: Cracking The Magnificent Pelican Symbolism Birds are among the lucky few who were gifted with the ability to thrive on the ground, water, and the air. Known to be one of the largest birds on the planet, … Read More

Kingfisher Symbolism

Kingfisher Symbolism

If you have been on a forest trek near a river, chances are you have seen a beautiful kingfisher bird with its vibrant blue and orange plumage dive into the water and come out with a tiny wriggling fish in … Read More

Swan Feeding

What Do Swans Eat?

Swans are one of the largest waterfowl species of the Family Anatidae and subfamily Anserinae. Most swans are classified in the genus called Cygnus. Swans are elegantly long-necked, big-footed, and heavy-bodied birds that glide royally when swimming. Swans fly via … Read More

Animals That Represent Love

Animals That Represent Love

For as long as humans have existed, so have animals. In many cultures and beliefs, animals are seen as spiritual beings who represent deep aspects of our humanity. Unfortunately, some people think animals are inferior to humans and do not … Read More

goldfinch meaning

The Goldfinch Meaning

Gold Rush: The Goldfinch Meaning Made Clear Because of their sweet personality and their brilliant lemon color, the goldfinch is perhaps the runaway favorite out of all the birds that frequently visit our backyards. Often seen in large flocks particularly … Read More

Falcon Symbolism

Falcon Symbolism

Falcons are great birds who are revered across many cultures and traditions as spiritual entities. In truth, the falcon represents different things across diverse cultures and traditions. However, in the midst of the different perceptions of falcon symbolism, there are … Read More

Scary Spiders Pictures 2

Scary Spiders Pictures

There is something about spiders that makes people’s skin crawl, especially when looking at scary spider pictures; maybe it has to do with all those hairy legs? To get in the spirit of spooky Halloween, we are diving into the … Read More