The Symbolism Of The Goat: What Does it Mean?

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Goat Symbolism

I cannot think of a more interesting animal than the goat. They are one of the most diverse creatures in the world, with over 300 breeds and 100 million goats alive today. This is not surprising when you consider how old they are; their first appearance on Earth was about 10 million years ago! There are many reasons for this longevity, but what is most fascinating to me is that goats have been used as symbols throughout history, religion, philosophy, and literature. So who better to ask than a goat expert?

It is quite natural for you to come across animals even in cities. Each of them is said to come with its own symbolism and meaning. If you view a spirit animal then you are sure to be blessed by its appearance. The goat is also considered to be a spirit animal and provides you with some crucial messages that you need to understand.

Several symbolic meanings and goat symbolisms are present about the goat since ancient times. It was also part of Greek mythology, where Pan was regarded to be God of the wild. This god was said to be half-goat and half-man and symbolized power, intoxication, and bravery. God Zeus is known to have been nursed by a goat.

This spirit animal is also associated with the astrological sign ‘Capricorn’. People falling in this sign are regarded to be powerful and intelligent. Their vital traits are good organization, intuition, and balance. They also are patient in their approach and develop their own plans, thus achieving success. You can also find some deeper hidden meaning in this spirit animal.

The blood of a goat will shatter a diamond.


Goat Symbolic Meaning

There are many symbols of the goat, as well as different meanings depending on your interpretation. In general, though, goats carry a variety of symbolic associations: fertility and virility (male), prosperity & luck (female) in some cultures; yet also stupidity or greediness in others! The most common symbolism is that they represent lustful desires while being associated with freedom from restraint.

The main symbolic traits of the goat are:

  • Righteousness and justice, which is why they were sacrificed at pagan temples
  • Wisdom but no soul or spirit
  • in Christianity, the goat represents Satan because of its association with sin. However, Jesus can be symbolized by a rooster (a bird) or lamb due to his innocence and purity. The devil was often personified as a dark animal such as Beastiality when not represented as an actual human being.

This animal is being used in various ceremonies by different cultures and religions celebrated across the globe. It also symbolizes sacrifice. Many legends and myths have goats in them playing a crucial role. This is referred to as a symbol of health, sensuality, and vitality.

The female goat is symbolized reproduction and abundance, while the male got represented virility. It was also related to the wicked. However, it symbolizes peace, respect, and balance.

Since there are several meanings associated with this totem animal, it is quite popular since ancient times. If you relate your totem with this animal, then you are considered to be a persistent individual. You are likely to put in your best efforts to fulfill your desires and goals. Moreover, no obstacles or hindrances are likely to hamper your achievements as you will overcome them easily.

Goat spiritual meaning

Spirit Animal

Goats are considered to be curious animals and are known to poke into just about anything they see in their surroundings. So if the goat is your spirit animal, this signifies that you also are a curious person and highly intelligent. If you get bored with your life, then you can simply call on this animal totem. It will provide you with fresh, new energy allowing you to explore all new things as well as have immense fun. Even small things will be found exciting.

Given below are some of the meanings of the goat spirit animal that you can relate to yourself.

  • High ambitions: Among all animals, goats are considered to be excellent climbers. They can climb steep slopes easily and effortlessly. It symbolizes your high ambitions including the desire to achieve long-term progress. You have it in you to climb greater heights and fulfill all your aspirations and dreams. You can enjoy success in whatever thing you do you are more determined and focused on your goals/objectives.
  • Fearlessness: It is definitely a crucial trait that is exhibited by the goat spirit animal. This signifies that you are not afraid to face any difficulties, obstacles, and hindrances that come your way. You are also better prepared to face and overcome your fears and obstacles that you face time and again.
  • Honor: This spirit animal signifies that you need to respect and honor your life ideals and yourself. Never surrender to pressure and give up on your goals. You can reach greater heights with the right efforts put in. The near future will allow you to enjoy greater rewards.
  • Curiosity: This is another important trait shared by the goat. On seeing this animal, you are likely to take into consideration your curiosity.
  • Intuition: It is high time that you started to incorporate new beginnings and move on in your life. For this, it is necessary to use your intuition as well as trust in yourself. It is your intuition that is likely to allow you to make the correct choices and move forwards in life.
  • Balance: The goat spirit animal symbolizes balance. It may appear in your dreams or you might see it in reality. Whatever be it, viewing the goat signifies your efforts to maintain proper balance in life. What concerns you is your inner peace. It is only self-belief that you will be able to achieve your set objectives and goals in life and your career.
Goat spirit animal

Goat Totem

The goat totem is a spirit guide that comes from the animal world and often symbolizes creativity or fertility. It’s also seen as a manifestation of our wild side since goats are animals who live in nature and have free range to do whatever they please.

Goats represent independence because they don’t need humans for anything other than food (and sometimes not even then). The red-brown color of their coats can trigger feelings of warmth in others, which may be why so many people associate them with fire energy and heat.

In most cultures, the goat is symbolic of health and prosperity. From ancient times to more modern days “goat’s milk” has been a cure-all for many ailments (including poor eyesight), while goats have also played an important role in fertility practices because they provide offspring quickly and easily – that being said it’s no coincidence that one colloquial word for pregnancy means ‘having young kids.’

In addition to their traditional roles as sacrificial animals or symbols of lust, there are several myths about male goats which emphasize virility. Female goats often symbolize reproduction & abundance across various cultures worldwide due both to how fast they reproduce themselves AND how much sustenance can be derived from them thanks to their production level.

Goat Symbolism in Different Cultures

Greek Culture

In ancient Greece, the goat was a symbol of fertility. When Minoan and Mycenaean traders came from Europe to trade, they brought with them their deities; many became gods in Greece such as Zeus (Jupiter), Artemis (Diana), Demeter (Ceres), and Dionysus.

The head of a goat is often depicted on Greek urns, signifying that it was an animal with great worth. Goat horns are also seen carved into statues of Pan who represents nature and wildness, or Apollo who embodies music, art, and healing (check also our post about animals that represent healing) (check also our post about animals that represent healing).

In general, goats were considered symbols for sacrifice because they were common victims at religious rituals where there would be lots of blood spilled during sacrificial ceremonies.

The most famous depiction of the goat in Greek culture is certainly the stories of the faun, satyr, and pan. We also wrote a blog post about them (half man half goat, click to read it)

Native American Culture

Native Americans assigned the goat symbolism to ideas such as fertility, sexuality, and creativity. There are many stories of Native American folk tales involving goats: “The Young Man Who Married a Dog’s Daughter,” “Shape-Shifting Witches” or “How Deer Got His Horns.”

Goats in the Christian Culture

In Christian culture, the goat is a symbol of sacrifice. In many Christian traditions, it represents Jesus’ crucifixion and his willingness to be sacrificed for humankind’s sins. This symbolism dates back as far as Christianity started in 325 AD with Saint Athanasius who said “God became man so that man could become God.”

In modern-day churches, you can see goats being used at Easter time when they are led up to Christ on an altar where their throats will be cut. The animals’ blood is then drained into cups which priests use while performing communion services over bread and wine representing Jesus’ body and blood given out as an offering for sin. Some Christians believe this ritual was first performed by Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus.

When considered as a Christian symbol, this animal represents demonic forces, wicked men, and oppressors. It also refers to unrepentant sinners, who on Judgment Day are likely to get separated from God.

During those days, goats were regarded as valuable properties. Hence, sacrificing a goat in the form of the sin offering was acceptable. When compared to other cultures, this animal was viewed somewhat differently. The reason is that the goat in those days symbolized demonic influences and wickedness. These animals were related to sinners who were not eager to repent for their sins. However, by sacrificing this animal, they could atone for their sins and crimes.

African Cultures

In Africa, the goat symbolism is seen as a symbol of fertility, health, and prosperity. In fact, it’s the most important animal in African culture because goats are used to make everything from food to medicine. The goat was also sacred within their tribal customs such as having kids who were born under this sign killed or sacrificed!

goat meaning different cultures

Celtic Culture

In the Celtic culture, the goat is symbolic of the life force “cailleach” and occasional deity. This female spirit was typically portrayed as a haggard old woman with red hair who would appear in various places such as standing on mountain tops or crossing bridges. Another interpretation for this symbol might be that it reflects an early Celtic belief about aging, which held that people were put under malevolent spells by sorcerers to make them infertile at middle age (40).

Celtic mythology also includes references to goats: they can represent greed because their hooves are always reaching out towards something new; they could also mean fertility due to how prolifically they reproduce.

The Goat in Mythology

In mythology, there are many different gods associated with goats; for instance, the god Pan from Greek legend was half-goat.

In mythology, the goat is also often a symbol of lust and sexual desire (similar to the mermaid symbolism). The goat, in some cultures, is associated with the devil himself; this has been seen in various religious scriptures from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism.

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The Goat as a Symbol for Lust:

– In Greek mythology, Aphrodite’s son Eros shoots arrows at both gods and men to cause love or attraction between them. Arrows are often made of gold when used by him because they symbolize his wealth as well as the power that he was given from his mother who is the goddess of beauty and fertility among other things including love. These golden arrows also have tips shaped like goats’ heads which may be why they are so powerful!

The goat’s business is none of the sheep’s concern.

Edna Ferber

Goat in Dreams

When dreaming of a goat, you can often feel that the animal is representative of your own self. This may be because goats are herd animals and they have strong family ties to one another. But it could also mean that cowards or liars will show themselves as goats to escape being caught for their misdeed!

goat in dreams

Goats are indeed amazing animals with incredible traits and skills. When dreams are concerned, this animal represents numerous concepts and ideas. It also signifies fertility, courage, curiosity, fortune, discovery, vitality, balance, exploration, hope, and intuition. If you dream of goats, then it can mean different things, which again depends on your dream. However, dreaming this animal is fortunate and good, while representing abundance, modesty, free spirit, and fortune – read more about a goat in a dream.

Dreaming of a black goatIt might mean that you are likely to experience unexpected troubles. However, these don’t need to be extremely negative situations. Rather, these can be stated to be unusual challenges like changes in plans, etc. This is likely to make you confused and somewhat lost. So, seeing this animal in your dreams may mean, you need to be noticeable, extravagant, and different.
Dreaming of a white goatThese are positive dreams, representing money, good fortune, well-being, and health. It is also a good omen allowing you to enjoy life and relax. It also signifies that you have a clear conscience, no worries including balanced life. You are likely to receive a good amount of fortune, enjoy happier times with your beloved ones. You will also be able to explore your hobbies, talents, and skills. White goat is said to represent good luck, optimism, purification, hope, and wisdom.
Dreams of a milking goatSuch dreams may signify opposite meanings. It represents fertility, abundance, nurture, family, balance, and harmonious life. You can also stop worrying about your beloved ones’ material well-being or health. At the same time, seeing such dreams can also bring in negative aspects. It may symbolize misfortune and illness. Some family members might get sick. It is your inner feeling that you should trust always.
Dreaming of a wild goatSuch dreams are termed to be optimistic, reflecting your restless, adventurous personality. It also signifies freedom, of mind, soul, and physical. Your dreams also help you to understand and realize your true desires and to avoid suppressing them. It rather represents instinct, adaptability, intuition, capability, curiosity, adventurous spirit, and explorer’s desires.

Spiritual Difference between Sheep and Goats

The Bible has a lot to say about the symbolic meaning of sheep and goats. Due to some very interesting happenings, there is an idea that sheep are good and goats are bad. This is actually not true; both animals have been used as symbols for people in different ways depending on what was going on at the time they were first mentioned in Biblical text. For example, when Jesus talks about being the shepherd of his flock (John chapter ten), he draws parallels with shepherding because this was something most Jews knew well from their own life experience – tending flocks of livestock, caring for them day after day. There’s nothing inherently “good” or “bad” about either animal according to scripture but if you’re looking for symbolism then you will see that in every case where goats are mentioned, they symbolize some sort of negative energy (check also our post about sheep symbolism).

The satanic goat symbol

In Western culture, goats are often seen as symbols of Satan or evil. However, in many other cultures and religions, they represent a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. So in the Bible, goats are symbolic of deceit and cunning in addition to being a representation of Satan. However, sheep represent purity and honesty which is why they became the symbol of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion sacrifice. Along with this symbolism comes an interesting story about how Lucifer became known as “Satan.” How come? And I would have assumed that the serpent is much more diabolic anyway?

The goat is the first animal to have been sacrificed to God in the Bible story about Abraham’s near-sacrifice of his son Isaac (Genesis 22:13), which was interpreted by Christians to mean that Jesus replaced the need for human sacrifice with himself. Legend has it that when Christ died on the cross he took all humanity’s sins upon him so we could be redeemed from our own sinfulness. This resonates well with Christian tradition because Adam was said to have taken responsibility for Eve’s departure from Eden after she disobeyed God’s command and ate the forbidden fruit.

satanic goat

The goat is also used to represent a wandering, lost soul in medieval Europe, and this has led to it representing Christ on Judgment Day when he comes back for his sheep (John 21:16). This legend was so well known that during times of plague in Europe from 1347-1400 people would use goats as scapegoats by sending them away or slaughtering them as a means of removing any perceived blame. It is thought that the word “scapegoat” may have its origins here too because an animal could be seen as playing our role against us being punished with death. The Jews even called off their observance of Yom Kippur while they waited for God to send a scapegoat to save them from the plague that killed tens of thousands.

The goat is also seen as an animal connected with fertility and, in some cultures, it symbolizes lustfulness or sexuality.

Btw, Satan is also identified as being associated with serpents which makes sense when you think about how deceptive snakes are. It has been speculated that Lucifer became known as Satan after he fell out of favor with God and was thrown down into Hell where he now resides.


The goat totem is quite powerful while being associated with several symbolic meanings. If you have come across one, then you can expect a fresh beginning both in life and in your career. It also shows that you need to use your intuition, and have confidence in your abilities. It also signifies that you can overcome all types of obstacles that you face in life. This can be achieved by imbibing great knowledge.

We hope this blog post has helped you to better understand the symbolism of goats. The goat is a symbol that carries many meanings, and depending on where it appears in your life or what situation you are facing, will determine how its meaning changes for you.

The goat also made it on our list of animals that represent loyalty.


What does a goat symbolize?

A goat is a symbol of fertility, virility, or creativity. Animals were often sacrificed in ancient times for these purposes, so the people could get what they desired. In this sense, it’s not just about breeding new life but also living and breathing with vigor to produce creative work.Symbolic Animal Meanings & Photoblog

What do goats symbolize in the bible?

The goat is a symbol of repentance in the Bible. In Leviticus, Abraham offers his son Isaac as a sacrifice and after he is stopped by God (thus proving his devotion), instead of sacrificing him, they sacrificed two goats–one for the Lord and one for Azazel. The former represented all that was good while the latter stood for evil.

Why is the goat a satanic symbol?

In 1854, a man named Eliphas Levi drew an image of Baphomet (deity that the Knights Templar worshipped. It was also incorporated into other occult and mystical traditions) He made it look like a man with the head of a goat. The drawing is called “the nightmare,” “the fantastic monster,” and “that phantom of all terrors.” It was inspired by some bad gods that are mean and make people feel bad.satanic goat The Symbolism Of The Goat: What Does it Mean?

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