Turkey Symbolism: What Does A Turkey Mean As A Spiritual Animal

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turkey Symbolism2 Turkey Symbolism: What Does A Turkey Mean As A Spiritual Animal

The Turkey is a very important bird in the United States. It is often considered the national bird. But what does Turkey symbolism mean for you? What is the turkey spirit animal and totem?

Has it ever occurred to you why turkey is the most popular dish served on important occasions? In many cultures, a turkey is not just a bird or a dish that is served. But what does this bird really mean to you, and does it have a deeper spiritual meaning? Read more on this, and let us dig deeper into the fascinating symbolism and spiritual meanings of the turkey.

Turkeys have been around for a long time, and they have been used as a symbol for different events by different cultures. The turkey is not only a symbol of Thanksgiving; it is also a symbol of the Pilgrims’ first harvest and a symbol that represents the beginning of the New Year. 

“The turkey’s eyes are such that he can see a bumblebee turn a somersault on the verge of the horizon.”

~ Archibald Rutledge
What does a turkey symbolize Turkey Symbolism: What Does A Turkey Mean As A Spiritual Animal

What does a turkey symbolize?

As rich as the stories of the Native Americans are, the turkey has a deeper spiritual meaning for many cultures. The history of the turkey dates back to 500 B.C. when they domesticated them in Mesoamerica. They are naturally generous animals, as the turkey serves as a source of meat and feathers for clothing, personal adornment, religious ceremonies, and ritual celebrations. In other cultures, it symbolizes gratitude, abundance, and generosity (read more about the turkey feather meaning). Here are other fascinating symbols of Turkey:

Flexible and adaptable

Turkeys are adaptable birds that can live in a variety of habitats. This quality of a turkey inspires us to thrive in different weather conditions of life. No matter how strong the storm or how dry the heat of the sun is, you’ll thrive as a majestic individual and serve with greater purpose. They are flexible, especially in making directions, as you should be in your paths.

Prosperity and Abundance

Turkeys have been used as food for centuries. Where there is food, there is abundance. In some cultures, serving turkey at the table represents hospitality and gratitude to the higher being that provides the food. As they believe in an equal exchange of energy, the more you give, the more you will receive. It represents the harvest season and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that we, like any other creature, will go through. 

Family and friendship

A turkey on the table celebrates the coming together of friends and family from all walks of life. It means that, like a turkey, we need to belong to a flock to survive. We need to look for people who will understand us on a deeper level. If you have been feeling alone and depressed for some time, it is finally time to open and lower your walls to significant people in your life or take the first step outside your comfort zone.


A turkey has feathers that protect it from the cold and rain. They are large and powerful birds, which could represent protection. The association between turkeys and protection can be seen in many different cultures, including the Navajo people, who see turkeys as guardians of the home and the family. No matter where you are, you are protected by your ancestors, and you should have confidence in achieving your goal.

Fatherhood and fertility

In many cultures, the turkey is seen as a good omen. There are many attributes of turkeys that symbolize fertility. One is because it lays eggs all year round. Another one is that the male turkey performs a mating ritual with its counterpart. In some cultures, the turkey’s feathers are worn as symbols of fertility.

Turkey Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual meaning

If you have been seeing turkeys most of the time or in dreams without any specific reason, a turkey might be your spirit animal. Here are a few meanings of this colorful and majestic bird as a spiritual animal:

You are where you are supposed to be

Native Americans believe that the turkey holds a sacred place in their culture because it was one of the animals that were hunted for food. They are there when they are needed. However, climates affect their flocks too, and some hunters find fewer, so hunting them needs patience. waiting.

Good fortune and abundance are about to come

The act of serving turkey to show gratitude and hospitality for the blessings that are received all year round is also an act of receiving these blessings in one’s life. A turkey imparts a message that to receive the blessings, one must first give.

Your ancestors are continuously directing you on the right path

The Aztecs believed that turkeys were the reincarnation of their ancestors, and they would often feed them with maize and tortillas to honor them. Seeing turkeys may remind you of how sacred your life is already because your ancestor is continuously guiding you.

Turkey Totem Turkey Symbolism: What Does A Turkey Mean As A Spiritual Animal

The turkey totem

The color of a turkey’s head changes boldly while expressing its emotions. As totems, they are a gentle nudge that we should not suppress our feelings to conform to the standards of society. Be different and bold with your emotions and express them without fear of being judged.

Staying on the ground in spite of their ability to fly reminds us to be humble and stay grounded no matter how far we reach in life. Their wings are agile and huge, to show a message that flexibility should be embodied as life continuously redirects us to a path that would serve us. 

The turkey symbolism in different cultures

The Turkey has been an important bird to many cultures throughout history. In Native American culture, the Turkey is a symbol of abundance and fertility. The Turkey is also associated with Mother Earth and the changing of the seasons.

In Mexico, the Turkey is considered to be a symbol of good luck. It is often given as a gift during holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

The Turkey is also an important bird in Chinese culture. It is associated with honesty (see also post: symbolism of honesty), integrity, and truthfulness. It is also considered to be a bringer of good news and luck.

In Christian culture the turkey is often seen as a symbol of gluttony and greed. It is also seen as a symbol of Thanksgiving and the harvest.

The turkey wasn’t covered in the Bible, but it’s still a well-known bird. The Jews didn’t know about this native American animal until they were brought back from Europe during exploration times and even later on when Turkey was introduced to them by other countries like Portugal or Spain.

turkey food

What does it mean to dream of turkeys?

If you have ever dreamed of a turkey, then you know that this dream can be quite confusing. Turkey dreams can symbolize many different things. They can represent abundance and fertility or they can represent Thanksgiving and the harvest.

Turkey dreams can also represent your own personal power and strength. If you are able to kill the turkey in your dream, then this usually represents victory over an enemy or challenge in your life. To see a dead turkey in your dream could symbolize a loss or failure.

Others say the turkey is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. If you dream about this bird, then your financial situation will become more favorable in the coming days – so don’t worry! There may be some minor issues with property division or other expenses but they’ll all work out eventually because everything flows smoothly here at home during these times…I hope I’ve encouraged enough people who need motivation right now 😉

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Stuffed with a richness of meanings and symbols from different cultures. This bird is not just as superficial as something we serve to guests and families on occasion to show hospitality. The turkey symbolism has a far deeper meaning that can only be fully understood by further reading about different civilizations and diving deeper into your understanding of its meaning for you, especially if you feel that the turkey is your spirit animal.

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