Dead Bird Meaning: A Definition and Interpretation

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Dead bird symbolism

The death of birds is omnipresent; it’s no wonder that superstition and a body of lore have been associated with these animals. In many cultures throughout history, birds have been seen as symbols of divine inspiration – the death of a bird, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have any intrinsic spiritual meaning.

However, you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to understand the dead bird meaning of a pigeon you find dead on your porch.

Birds are generally known to symbolize genuine freedom because they can walk on the earth and swim in the sea like us humans, but they also can fly into the sky. Many cultures believe they symbolize eternal life, and some say they serve as the connection between heaven and earth.

However, how do you interpret an odd sight like seeing a deceased animal? Do you see these symbols as bad omens or signs of impending doom? This article seeks to define what dead bird symbolism is, as well as give some interpretations of the death of common birds.

What Does a Dead Bird you find symbolize

The top 10 meanings of dead birds

The appearances of birds who have passed may have many symbols, but here are the most likely meanings of this occurrence.

Toxicity in your life

Birds are delicate creatures. Birds can become harmed and even die when exposed to certain toxins, such as lawn fertilizer.

If you find a dead bird in your backyard, this may be the dead bird meaning that there is something in your life that is toxic and is no longer serving you. Look to any areas that may need to be evaluated and try to remove any toxicity.


Like all wild animals, birds are left to fend for themselves, finding their food and source of water. Because of this, how often their nourished varies depending on the day.

If you see a dead bird outside, it may symbolize the need for you to practice self-care methods. Suppose you haven’t been eating as healthy as you should introduce nutritional foods into your diet. Also, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day.


While finding a dead bird may be jarring, it’s hard to deny that the bird is no longer in a state of fight or flight.

The dead bird meaning may signify peace because its soul is finally at rest. It’s a reminder that your troubles are nearing an end, and you will soon find peace within yourself.

peace with yourself
Find peace with yourself


Birds are migratory animals, meaning they fly to different locations depending on the current season. New environments can cause stress on a bird, even causing it to pass away.

If you find a dead bird in your path, this may be a reminder to find time to destress. Finding peace within yourself is essential for your happiness, joy, and contentment.


Death isn’t an ending; it’s a transition into the next phase of the spirit. Life and death only exist within this experience, and the spirit, or soul, is infinite.

Finding a dead bird may symbolize a time when you are nearing a transformation within your life. If you’ve entered a new relationship, career, or project, your life will be forever changed.

dead bird transformation
Life is about transformation


It’s no secret that all living beings eventually die once they’ve reached a specific age. Birds are no exception; depending on the species, birds can live between 4 and 100 years.

A dead bird may appear to remind you of life’s precious gift and to not let it pass you by as you progress through time. You only have one chance to live and make the most of your existence while you still have time.


Birds, like Hawkes and vultures, will feed on road kill dead on the street. Because of this, these types of birds are commonly killed by cars because they are unaware of the danger surrounding them.

If you find a dead road on the side of the road, it may be a bad sign that you should proceed with caution. Pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared for potential obstacles.

Change of perspective

When you first see a dead bird, you may experience sadness or discomfort. While this is a valid response, you could also have other reactions.

Maybe the bird was suffering, and now it’s finally at peace. A dead bird can sometimes symbolize a need to change your perspective on a situation to find a positive undertone.

different perspective
Change your perspective


The phrase “love birds” describes two people madly in love with each other. Finding a dead bird may negative symbolism when a relationship has ended or you’ve experienced some sort of heartache.

The bird serves as a reminder that even though this love has ended, there is still an entire world in you to find love in.


Some dead birds, such as a phoenix, symbolize the idea of rebirth. These birds rise from their ashes, shedding their old skin and transitioning into a new way of being.

Finding a dead bird can be scary, but it may also symbolize a period of time when you’re about to experience a transformation. If you’ve felt stuck or stagnant, your life is finally beginning to switch gears.

Dead Bird New Beginning
A dead bird symbolizes a new beginning

The meaning of dead birds in different cultures

Birds and their association with death have often been described as omens, transformation, and prophecies throughout many different cultures, religions, and belief systems. Here are a few popular instances of dead bird symbolism throughout history.

Native American culture

In Native American culture, animals are associated with spiritual energy, and they view these beings as carrying profound messages from the divine. Native Americans believed the dead bird meaning was seen as a sign of peace and hope.

It symbolizes death and rebirth because they are often killed by predators such as owls, hawks, cats, etc., so when one dies, its body will decompose until all that remains is its skeleton from which new life springs forth with flowers and grasses growing around; this shows how there’s always light after darkness.

It also implies change: while a living creature might be healthy but just unlucky at being caught by a predator, once it has died, the circle of life continues to turn.

native american

Christian Culture

Christians are said to have believed that if they saw one on their path, it could mean bad luck and imminent disaster were coming.

This is because the Bible states that dead birds, dead animals, and sickness were signs of certain ‘end time’ prophecies being fulfilled.

So, seeing a dead bird of any kind can be interpreted as destructive times on the horizon for Christian Followers.

Birds play an important role in the Bible. People have a special connection with these magnificent birds because we always envied their ability to rise above the ground and fly to the sky. Also, people in ancient times paid much more attention to their dreams than nowadays.

When a bird dies, it is often said that they have “gone to the angels” or “flown away.” This has led many Christians to believe that dead birds are an omen of death.

It’s hard not to feel bad for these poor little creatures when we see them lying on the ground with their wings spread out and feathers ruffled up. Some religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, believe regarding the dead bird meaning, that when you see a fallen bird on the ground, someone close to you has passed away.

These people think that if they find the body before other animals eat it up, the deceased will be reborn as a bird.

There is no biblical reference to dead birds being related to predicting a singular death in Christianity. However, many claims that the fallen bird signifies a friend passing on. It has also been said that some.

Christians believe if you find one of these creatures before other animals devour their body, your sins will be forgiven, and you’ll be reborn as a new creature yourself.

However, neither of these beliefs can be verified through scripture, so don’t worry too much about it! Although, there may still be an old superstition behind all those feathers!

Some species of birds were used as examples of certain virtues of the Christian soul and the Saints themselves. A white dove, in the Bible, symbolizes the Holy Spirit. White doves often appear in stories in the Bible, and their presence is always followed by something positive, representing a blessing from God.

white dove holy spirit
White doves are often seen as holy spirits

Read more about the biblical meaning of dead birds. If you’re also interested in other biblical interpretations of birds, feel free to read about the biblical meaning of seeing a Blue Jay or the red cardinal biblical meaning.

Egyptian Culture

Ancient cultures existed during a period when symbolism and animal folklore were much more prevalent than it is today. While birds are considered a warning sign, the Phoenix is one of the most powerful dead bird symbolism in all cultures.

These birds are a positive sign, transcending any traditional type of bird, becoming a fusion of bird and dragon. Egyptians believed that only one of these birds lived at a single time, and their lifetimes usually lasted for ages.

The reason they are a powerful symbol for a dead bird is that for them, death doesn’t symbolize the end of a lifetime. When the Phoenix dies, it becomes engulfed in its flames and turns to ashes.

The Phoenix

But, as it’s dead, its entire being begins to transform and metamorphose into new life. Phoenixes are emblems of freedom, symbolizing that even in the darkest time, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

These dynamic animals also help soothe any feeling of remorse, as they remind you that there is life beyond death. A phoenix may have appeared during a difficult time to help encourage you to accept the changes that are happening without resistance and allow yourself to grow into a brand new version of yourself. Well, these cheerful birds eventually turned into a symbol of plague and misfortune, no longer being animal symbols of the divine.

Arabian Culture

In Arabian culture, there are stories of a large, mysterious bird called the Anqa Maghrib. Anna translates to ‘long necked,’ which describes some of the bird’s appearance.

Like a crane or stork, these birds have long skinny necks, large bodies, and long skinny legs. ‘Mugrib’ translates to ‘unknown,’ and these birds were a mystery to people in ancient times.

They believed that the Anqas lived in a far-off land, far beyond where humans lived. Seeing these beautiful birds was a gift, as their appearance was rare.

People also believed that if you were looking for the Anqas, you could find them resting wherever the sun was setting. One strange story about these birds is that, at first, they seemed to have been created with all of God’s perfections.

Cherished and admired, people loved these majestic birds and often studied their animal behavior. Their reign ended in a bit of an awful situation; they began adopting their characteristics, no longer in the image of their God, and were eventually killed off because of this.

Ancient Greeks

Dead birds were seen as symbols of death and rebirth. A dead bird symbolizes the end of one life cycle and is a sign that something new has begun.

Often people would bury or dispose of these birds to honor them as symbols of change. Like the Ancient Egyptian Phoenix, the Ancient Greeks adopted this bird and called it a Phoenix.

They believed this bird’s death was not the end of its cycle nor the beginning; it was a marker of the continuation of the constant cycle of infinity. These birds were symbols of strength, resilience, and positive omens for the Greeks.

Asian Cultures

A dead bird gives the same message as it would in Western cultures, but there is an additional element to consider. In China and Japan, people often associate birds with their ancestors.

If you see one near your house or on a nearby property that’s not normally inhabited by them, this could be considered bad luck because they’re usually only found where someone has died. The symbolism of death can also be related to karma: if you’ve done something wrong in life and are now paying for it in some way (even if you are just losing sight of what matters), then seeing a dead bird might mean that your time has come.

There is a poem called ‘The Tune of the Geese’, popular in many Chinese homes. The poem describes a story of a coupling of geese. One of the geese was killed by a hunter while the other watched.

Upon seeing its mate die, the goose flew straight to the ground leading to its demise. In the poem, the dead bird meaning symbolizes the powerful bond created within love and how this connection can drive you to extreme lengths.


Known Superstitions About Dead Birds

According to Wikipedia “A superstition is a belief or practice typically resulting from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a belief in fate or magic, perceived supernatural influence, or fear of that which is unknown.”

Hence I would not trust the following beliefs I found:

  1. If you see a single dead bird, it can be seen as an omen of impending doom or bad luck for your loved ones.
  2. Some cultures believe that if you find one dead bird, then someone in your life will die soon and will shorten your lifespan by seven years.
  3. If a dead bird is found in the water it can be seen as an omen for the death of either yourself or one of those close to you.
  4. Other people believe that if you see a bird and then it dies, the death of the bird is foreshadowing your own.
  5. Some people when finding a dead bird on their porch believe voodoo is involved. We talked about it in our post, check it out.
dead bird new beginning

Dead Bird in a Dream

The art of dreaming of birds is not as new as people have been dreaming about weird things. However, a dead bird in a dream is in another class. What exactly does it mean?

An omen, in most cases, foretells the future and signifies an advent of change. You do not have to lose focus or have sleepless nights as you look for an omen associated with a dead bird dream.

Instead, be positive and look more rooted in your life, and try to identify the things that seem dead in your spiritual life. In most cases, the imagined perception of a bad omen being linked with such a dream does not exist.

Thus, admit you might be going through some struggles in life, and death, in this case, symbolizes the end of this era. I hope that this paradoxical meaning of the dream will find you thinking of some intrinsic meaning in your life rather than looking for bad omens associated with it.

The dead bird meaning in a dream can spark inspiration and encouragement for change. In other words, be positive and find a way of boosting your spiritual life instead of expecting a bad dead bird omen in the future. Check here for more information about dream interpretation.

Meanings of different types of birds

Bird TypeDead Bird Meaning
Dead Crow– These black-colored birds symbolize doom
– They are symbolized as bringers of bad news
– Misfortune and defeat are also associated with this bird
Read more here
Dead Dove– An omen to be cautious
– Issues regarding health or illness
– Message from a higher power
Read more here
Dead Owl– Symbolizes a past life or an old soul
– Bringer of wisdom
– These birds also carry messages from otherworldly realms
Read more here
Dead Sparrow– A symbol of change and transformation
– Represents the cycle of life
– Markers of time and a reminder that life flows continuously
Read more here
Dead Pigeon– Representation of inner harmony and a happy home life
– A warning that someone close to you may soon pass
– The consequences of our own actions
Read more here
Dead Hummingbird– Symbols of beauty and purity
– A sign of a deceased loved being at peace
– Comforting in times of grief and despair
Read more here


The meaning of a dead bird can vary depending on the culture. In some cultures, it is seen as an omen of death or bad luck; in other cultures, it may symbolize peace or a period of freedom from captivity. Still, regardless of what you believe about this animal carcass’s symbolism, we hope our last point will help you find your interpretation of life’s little mysteries.

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What to do if you find a dead bird?

Finding a dead bird can be a common occurrence. It’s important to be safe when handling a dead bird, never touching it with your bare hands, always wearing gloves or using a shovel to pick it up, and throwing it away properly. Wash your hands when you are finished to prevent contracting any disease that birds sometimes carry.
Read this if you found a dead baby bird and don’t know what to do.

What does it mean when you see a dead bird?

According to some beliefs, coming across a dead bird means your daily life is at its end. Resisting will only make death more painful. You are provided with an opportunity to recognize the changes within yourself and your surroundings. Hence, it is necessary to acknowledge your emotions while preparing to let go of the old skin. Some traditions believe that if you see a dead bird, then it may foretell your death. However, different birds symbolize different meanings.

What does it mean when you find a dead bird on your porch?

It could be that you find a dead bird on your porch. Traditionally, the bird’s death symbolizes signs of change and new beginnings. Rather, it can be depicted as an omen that something will change in your life. You will derive a new renewal. The symbolic meaning of a dead bird on your porch will likely vary based on the bird’s breed. Also, the day, time, weather, and location are considered. Do remember to dispose of the dead bird safely.

What do you do if you find a dead bird?

• Do not use bare hands to touch the dead bird. Make sure your clothing does not touch the dead bird, its feces secretions, or blood.
• Use multiple heavy-duty plastic bags or gloves to pick it up.
• Put it inside the bag with both your hand and turn the bag inside-out to ensure the bird is within the bag. Claws or beaks should not puncture the bag.
• Seal it tightly.
• Dispose of it by keeping it in a secured trash container.

Is seeing a dead bird good luck?

Different cultures interpret different meanings for dead birds that are noticed. In Asia, some cultures consider it to be an immortality symbol. Indian mythology states that birds carry departed souls from this world. The bird, according to Christianity, brings peace. Hence, most interpreters believe that someone beloved must have passed away after coming across a dead bird. Many also believe that seeing a dead bird offers good fortune. It can also be the end of some troublesome or painful predicament.

What happens if you touch a dead bird?

Dead birds carry lots of harmful viruses, fungi, and bacteria. So, touching them with bare hands will mean you will only contact those pathogens. Avoid bringing the dead bird home. If you happen to touch it, make sure to dispose of it and wash your hands properly and thoroughly. Also, do not touch your face, smoke, drink, or eat with your hands. This way, you can ensure that your hands become viral and germ-free after touching the dead bird.

Is finding a dead bird a bad omen?

Birds are symbolically seen as divine inspiration. On the other hand, its death is not associated with an intrinsic positive meaning. Some cultures state that seeing a dead bird can be a good sign. It may mean that some pain or turmoil you are currently experiencing will end soon. The dead bird may mean metaphorical death and not portend physical death. Maybe you are suffering from a breakup or not able to get a job. Seeing the dead bird may mean ending your struggle and search.

Dead bird curse: fact or fiction?

There is no evidence that a dead bird curse exists, but it’s been around for centuries. Birds are believed to carry messages of death with them, and harming one could bring bad luck or even kill someone in your family! Some people believe the superstition has some truth because there have been cases where somebody harmed a bird and they soon after die. These instances don’t happen often enough, though to say this is true of all birds everywhere.


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  1. A dead bird dropped into my back yard yesterday. It was All Saints Day. Today is All Souls Day. Is it a message from the spirit world? Is it about death?
    i’d been asking for a sign and found myself googling for answers/insightful information as to what it might mean. It could have been injured and fallen out of the sky – but what is the probability of it landing smack bang in the middle of my table where I always sit in the morning. It was as if it was placed right in the middle of my presence… so I would take notice. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have probably paid much attention to it. It’s very interesting anyway, thinkking about what it might mean – death, end of an era, cycke of life and death, loss of freedom…

    • woried about electromagnetic telecom antennas killing not only bids, but insects and plants and people

  2. Brirds represent flights of one thing or another. A dead bird does not necessarily mean disappointment or misfortune through loss while it most likely always means the end of something—and the beginning of something. Perhaps you have reached the close or end of some term and it’s time for you to prepare for another.

  3. I found two small dead birds today. One beside my drivers side of the car it looked like it hit the window. Then to my shock I found one right in front of my car at the same time. My car was parked in its parking spot. Was really strange and if I find more tomorrow I will be some what freaked out cause there are other cars parking in the parking area but the birds were around my parked car.

  4. can someone give me a bit of guidance here please!? i think the bird in question is a female Blackbird but i am yet to establish what the berries positioned in the semi-circle around her head actually are.

    the recent background –

    now 32, single 8 years. in jan 14, lost job, held own yard/property for 11 months but had to give up dec 14 as no longer able to make all ends meet. moved to another country (where family member is), found home and yard within 2 months, got a job within 4 (VERY tough times) months and spent 14 months at new home, lost new home april 16, amazingly found local and affordable property (5 horses and 2 cats) and moved within 2 weeks, 2 1/2 weeks later had to move us and all our kit again as new LL unstable (literally – shooting unreg’d firearms, demanding money at my door in the small hours, poisoning my cats and horses, growing drugs – literally bonkers), police presence and support for 3 hours on move out day, 4 from 5 horses poisoned and displayed potentially lethal symptoms a few hours after completing the move, took sofa at friends as ‘homeless’ from may, got kicked out 3 months later, took room at another friends (they supported sufficiently to enable me to get back on feet – june cost me my salary in vets bills for xrays, full exams and medications on 2 horses – Fox and Rio – prognosis was prep to lose the then mere 5yo, Fox and ‘try’ with Rio), it took 9 applications but, moved into current house once financially re-established, last Oct. up and down since then but wont bore you even more! suffice to say, things have not calmed in the slightest…

    i was forced to make the humane but crippling decision to have my mere 9 year old Irish Sports Horse, Rio, put to sleep due to irreparable, degenerative and, finally, crippling (multiple!) conditions to his off fore foot. a plethora of, each in its own right, debilitating issues culminated to see him leave us Feb 17th. I held him in my arms and lost a week of time in a blink.
    my dear boy, Rio, who literally and completely ‘found me’ when destined to be pts (‘dangerous and unpredictable’, broke his new owners back in 3 places, could not be returned as sold by (now well-renowned) care-free, duty of care and responsibility shirking, BAD dealers from Kent (charged and sentenced subsequently!), who showed himself to literally appear to be an extension of my own mind, or, a part of me, when i came to meet him. he allowed me to do what he would run in fear from if another human were to try, he arrived when my capacity was already unmanageable but yet fate called her card and i had no choice – he had to come home so we made it work, who arrived when i was due bilateral simultaneous CTS operations rendering me out of action for weeks with a stable full of other horses (in work too) to manage, who arrived as a scared, weak, malnourished, unpredictable, instinct-driven 17hh ISH – who became a horse whose eyes never strayed from me, a horse who would encourage other humans to engage, a horse that would be so tuned in to me that he would act upon my thoughts alone, a horse who found the power and strength to bury his past and fight his fear to grow into a gifted, ‘everyone loves Rio’, kissy, cuddly, do anything for my mum, horse. RIP Rio <3 17.02.2017

    17.03.17 – i had another horse whom also had issues – Fox. Nursed as an orphan foal at just 3 months old and close to death, Fox came into my life as a gift by means of recompense for a very difficult time i endured trying to make a baby-foaly. she was also 'unwell', offering exactly the same issues as Rio with two minor differences – she had sidebone, he had ringbone, he was straight but she was grossly pigeon toed to the near-fore.
    Fox and Rio grew to become the Mum and Dad of the herd, dominant, protective, passionate and full of love and consideration to others. they were inseparable and lived to be next to the other and/or me.
    Fox's vet review was booked for 17.03.17, i moved it to the 13th March. she was given 2 years, breed from her now if i want a 'part of her with me'. turned out she wasnt a viable option to breed from a few weeks later, then she deteriorated inconceivably fast, she was pts 17.06.17.

    i came home today to what appears to be a female Blackbird, dead, seemingly 'positioned', a step away from my front door and offering a semi-circle of red berries positioned around her head, she was laying in such a way that she could have simply fallen over sideways, softly, or, was 'placed'.
    at this stage i dont know what the berries are but i do know my house opens out on to the main entrance into the small estate i live on, an entrance softened by nothing but a rogue self-seeded Ash tree. Ash dont produce berries as far as i am aware! ive also been gardening excessively since Rio, i also know that i, nor my neighbours, have any berry-bearing trees, plants or bushes with the exception of my Sweet Pea in the back garden (bought last weekend, reduced for quick sale as dying – it doesnt even have green leaves yet let alone pods!). it is literally a complete mystery as to where these berries have come from and how on earth they got all the way down my path to rest outside my front door. in addition, i cannot understand how berries could appear in such a way, outside my door and with not a mark on them, no beak mark, no break to the outer covering, no flesh on display – absolutely, wholly intact.
    they are a dark, almost matt, red, the size of my whole little finger nail, cant see through their skin and not particularly marked/patterned or veiny but do offer what appears to be patches of a much darker red. they look to have come off a stalk, like a grape and the underneath looks as a grape does too (tiny little dot middle-underneath)
    i also cant work out how a Bird could deliver more than say, one half-eaten or 'damaged' berry to any location? considering she is dead, to deliver (and position!???) the berries when on her death bed!? purely and absolutely fcuking impossible, surely.

    my first thought was she'd been shot, picked up off the floor of a forest or wood (accounting for berries) and cruelly placed outside my front door (not beyond the realms of impossible but still, pretty unlikely!) as a warning. (turned out i was seeing someone from the estate who had his 2-year-long missus in the house, with their 4 kids.. i knew nothing at that time, know now and we are obv over but, its believed that i was aware and subsequently am now blamed for their splitting up..
    but, there isnt a mark on her. in fact, shes in good cond. well up to weight, clean, no visible illnesses or ailments, wings and legs are perfect… the only thing to note is she has a few downy feathers on her beak, a slight ruffling to the down and a few missing feathers on her back, just above the base of her tail.

    am i just tripping here!? so, a bird, carrying loads of berries just happened to fly into my front door. stunned, she fell to the floor, dropped the berries and proceeded to peck aggressively enough to remove underdown at the base of her tail and then died, almost immediately afterwards.
    if the latter is the favourable then obv the next question is, why my fecking door eh!? i live at 210… thats at least 209 other front doors to have chosen….

  5. I found a dead male cardinal on my porch right beside the chair I sit in. I have 4 cats that smelled it an walked away from it! What does it mean?

  6. I visited my sick girlfriend, when am abt to go, i saw a dead bird in their compound. After a week she died. So i think dead bird is that u wil loose someone close to u.

    • I think this also.
      There was a dead bird with no head in my nans back garden the other day and then literally within 48 hours she couldnt breathe and died of heart attack.

    • Same thing just happened to my friend. He found many dead birds in his yard and street for a week and on the 7th day his 17 yr old son was murdered.

  7. I found a dead bird on my back porch but it is all glassed in with a security door how did it get in and then die what is this I have lost both parents and really can’t stand another death hope this is something different than a bad omen.

  8. My girls found a bird on the front porch. It was very cold weather out side snow and ice. I think the bird was trying to get extra heat from under the doorway.The girls wanted the bird to have food to eat just in case it got hungry. So they put tiny pieces of bread by the bird. The bird turn it’s body away from the heat and looked at them. One of the girls got a warm hand towel to put over the bird but feared to place it on the bird but feared of being pecked. The bird started to shake and die in front of them what does that mean.

  9. Hi my name is Lavern. I lost my husband on November 16, 2017. He was at work and they called me to tell me that he sat down and was pale.
    I rushed over to get him. I asked him what he had for lunch, and he said chicken salad amd lemon aide. Our house is about 5 minutes from the job.I asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital, he said no, i wanna go home, i took him home and i laid him on the couch. H e was in pain, he had a stomachache. I left him for 5 minutes and when i went back to him, he was foaming at the mouth no movement. I tried to get him back but it was too late. We were married for 11 years. We had a great relationship.We had the perfect marriage.But now he’s gone.I feel that my heart is breaking everyday.

    One we later i found a dead bird on the east side of the house. The following week i saw another dead bird. Last night i found another dead bird, a great big one.

    I would like to know what it means, so i came to this site.

    • This means your loved one is trying to communicate with you and had to go to extreme lengths to get your attention. He’s probably trying to tell you he is okay and passing over wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be.

      • this really true cos my mom just passed away 3 weeks ago and I missed her lots. Been thinking about her every day and wondering why she never came into my dreams.

    • Been staying at my moms house helping her recover from a surgery Went home to care for my cat and water my plants on my patio 5 plants were dried up and a dead bird full of maggots I came home every night to care for my cat I didn’t check the patio every night but I think it’s been there for no more than two days Don’t know what to make of it I Cleaned the space and said a prayer

  10. My grandson passed away 2yrs ago.Since he passed and especially last year.I have seen dead birds almost on a daily basis.Mice and rats as well.

  11. My dog just died two days ago and today we found a dead bird in our house and then my mom and I started talking about it and the same type of bird flew into our window and died. We were both very close to her. I think it was her.

  12. Don’t know if I can ask a question or not but I have an interesting story about dead birds and would love some answers. When we moved out of our house that mirningvit was a dead bird lying directly on our doorstep. When we arrived at our new home there was a dead bird on our door step. Each bird looked as though they had been place directly in the center. You couldn’t walk around them. I felt afraid. Any ANSWERS?

    • I had the same incident happened today .. I live in a flat in singapore .. while I was on bed scrolling my phone .. a Dove brown in color flew into my window hopped around with struggle and just died…
      what happened after you saw that dead bird

  13. I just came across a dead pet bird in its cage in a cemetery. It looked like it’s neck had been broken. The cage was filled with toys and it can’t have been here more than a day. Someone left it under a tree. What does this mean? Wish I could post a picture of this heart breaking scene!

  14. I just went to the cemetery where my father’s ashes are interred. There was a dead bird just feet from his crypt. My dad was very much into metaphysics and would be proud that I sought the meaning. Yes, someone I loved did pass. And yes, I have been going through an intense period of turmoil. Yes, I believe it is time for a new beginning.

  15. I found a dead bird inside my car underneath the passenger seat. My partner is the one that takes care of cleaning my car howevrr, I felt the urge of cleaning it myself. So I did, and to my surprise I pulled a dead bird from underneath the seat. What is this? It really freaked me out.

    • Most likely scenario is that the bird got in some time when the window was open and then perished because you closed up the car or it got too hot and confused about how to get out.

      Second possible scenario is that someone put it there to frighten or prank you.

      In the first case, you could maybe see some symbolism there but the second only means you know someone who is a jerk. 😉

  16. Just recently after my family and I moved into our new house I noticed a small reddish colored bird nailed to our front porch. It was obviously done intentional. The nail was going through the middle of the body. I’m not sure if it was a real or fake bird but it certainly looked real to us. My husband said that he had noticed it since we first moved in but was too scared to remove it or even touch it. He is Mexican and the previous owners were Mexican as well. Does this have anything to do with the Mexican culture and beliefs? Does anyone know what this could mean??

  17. Day before yesterday my kids found a sick baby brown Dove, I kept it and tried to nurse it back to good health by giving it food( bread crumbs) and water. However the next day i woke up he was there alive and then he disappeared later i found him the next day, he fell out of the box he was in and died and that same morning , some hours before i found the bird we woke up to a dead pigeon on our porch right in front our door . I had two dead birds in the trash that day what a coincidence !

  18. I found two dead birds nestled together at the base of my hibiscus plant which is dormant right now due to winter. the birds were huddled up together facing opposite ways. and i saw a clump of pine straw that had been moved two feet away, apparently the pine straw had been placed on top of the birds. could a mother bird have done this due to cold or is it some sort of sign or warning

  19. I seen a beautiful bird just like this one? and another one in the yard. A couple days later one was dead by my truck. Also, a week after I seen a mockingbird dead laying beside my truck, than that evening I hit a buzzard with my truck. I’m not sure what’s going on with this bird ordeal, but I hope it’s over. I am a Christian that is not superstitious, but I know the white ?️ is and the Holy Spirit have something in common. Can anyone give me some real input on this matter?

  20. I saw a truck run over a sparrow a young one it broke heart I buried it then cried as I lovecfeeding wild birds

  21. My friend gave me a ride from my job and when we arrived to my house we saw a dead cat next day I go to my job I get out I see a dead bird on the sidewalk then I go to the park with my dog the same day I see another dead bird. I overthink everything right now I’m in a relationship in witch I love him but ik I’m the toxic one I overthink everything so that day I decided to break up with him and let him know it’s cus of me he didn’t think much of it I told him cus I envy him and sometimes hate him without him doing anything he said he’ll just shut up and give me time to think about it again then I said well okay I’ll think about it even tho I don’t see anything special about me then I decided to look up what a dead bird means and it said the beginning of something new and I thought hmm I tried to by breaking up with him and starting all over but I think thats not the case I think my beginning of something new was letting him know how I felt about him and actually communicating and he was understanding about it but anyways hopefully I find my soul and make him happy

  22. Just now, I noticed my dog wake up beside me and become anxious about something in the corner of my living room by the sliding glass door (which remains securely closed nearly all the time (and certainly recently). I sent her out of the room and found it to be a dead bird, but not at all stiff. I have no cats, no other people in the house, and this dog would NEVER injure an animal–besides she seemed genuinely as surprised as I to see the bird. I see no damage to windows that have remained closed all winter long. For the life of me, I have no idea how the poor little bird got in. I carried it to an open space area near me and gently laid it under a big bush. I don’t know if there is meaning. I’m a friend to birds (which have nested in a basket on my front door in years past) and to other wildlife that live near me. I surely would have tried to help it had I known. Most of all, I can not figure out how it got in. I hope the meaning is a metaphorical start to something positive as I am quite in need of some new opportunity. I choose to believe that just as I hope there is a welcoming new realm for that poor little creature. Be at peace, little one.

  23. I have seen 3 dead birds on my drive way and one on my car. I don’t know what bad stuff is going to happen to me.

  24. I live in the United States in Nebraska, we have finally had a spring followed by spurts of summer in between. It was a beautiful Saturday in the later morning and I decided it was a perfect day to weed and clean up the garden/flower bed in front of my house. There were long tale weeds with white flowers, as I was pulling I noticed a dead robin that did not have any apparent harm or damage to its self, just dead. Naturally I had a moment of panic but I was able to respectfully get it up onto a shovel where I then buried it in a small patch of dirt that did not have anything growing in it. I gave it a blessing and proper burial. I did definitely feel some kind of symbolism with this encounter but looking more into it I feel strongly that it was an important moment that I was glad to feel present in. Thanks for letting me share, please feel free to make any comments!

  25. I came home and found a dead bird inside my front door. It looked like it had been trying to get out of the door and windows. I have no idea how the bird got inside. Any thoughts on what this symbolizes?

  26. I just put to rest my 9 year old cat, Ace, on Friday, July 12, 2019. I returned home and there lying dead on my back porch was a Robin! It shocked me because something like that has never happened before. After reading this article I believe that my Ace was sending me a message. I miss Ace so much, but if the symbolism is true, it’s brought me some comfort.

  27. I work in a software park and – few hours ago after lunch I got out the office, went downstairs and walked 600 meters or so inside the complex to get coffee with a colleague. After having the coffee, on our way back I noticed a still pigeon, it was lying on the hard floor under the sun on a hot summer day. It was trying to move its neck, wings and tail but its legs were not moving. My first instinct was to move it to a little grass lawn a few meters away, under a tree shade. As soon as I picked it with both hands it immediately closed its eyes and loosened its neck, it literally just died in my hands. I used one finger as support for its head and moved it under the shade. It didn’t seem scared of me, I don’t know if it was hurt and got ran over (it didn’t seem to be the case) or dropped from the wall of the building next to where I found it. I checked back a few hours later and it was indeed dead. My 95 y/o grandfather just got admitted to the hospital with a serious pulmonary issue (I just read the message when I got back to the office after that) and I recently reconciled with my wife after a discussion. I am glad the bird died in my hands and not on the hot rocks, perhaps I brought it some relief in its final seconds. I think this was symbolic event (both for the pigeon and me!) and hope my grandfather is well or at least transitions peacefully.

  28. We were going to move into the garden apt of a relative. Then they started to get controlling and would not try to work out a time to have some items of another person moved. They became cold, vicous and refused to let us give them our schedule to help. When we left them and went to the garden apt. to check on something we saw a dead crow. We both had a strange feeling. The following week I went to do a healing and was relieved of a 19 lifetimes old prisoner trauma and healer trauma. I learned that evil people do bad things to other with no feeling and it may not be yours to help if they have chosen evil over God and goodness. We are relieved to be free of these people. We are relieved to let them go. They are suffering with unhappiness and we have moved on to peace and safety that God provides and never forgets those who have chosen God and goodness. Peace of mind and good health are what we are enjoying!

  29. I used to say dead bird good luck. Because everytime i found a dead bird i never had a bad day. It was like a sign. I decided to google it and found this page. Could be coincidence.

  30. I used to live in Japan. I got a Japanese boyfriend who was using me for money. At the school I taught English at a bird hit the window and died. That night I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with 4 other girls. My relationship was over. A year later I got a new boyfriend. After a work meeting I saw a dead bird that had crashed into window. That night I find out that boyfriend also cheated he used my computer to buy another girl a sex toy. we ended the relationship. It just freaked me out how both times a bird died.

  31. My father passed away August 10, 2019, after years of caring for him. Yesterday, August 13, 2019, I left the windows to my car open and found a dead bird in my drivers seat.
    I believe.

  32. We recently relocated and had only been in our house 2 weeks. I have been looking for a job and we had just closed on selling our previous home. I had actually put our overnight papers in ups drop box last night. I woke this am to find a dead sparrow on my front porch. Weirdest thing ever. I pray this symbolism is correct.

  33. I saw two dead birds but it was different days but it wasn’t to far of apart of the days that I saw them

  34. Yesterday I told my mom I was going to join the Air Force. It’s been hard on her and on my family and myself, but I know it’s what’s best for my future and I’m ready for the next journey in my life. Today, I walked out the door with my girlfriend and saw a dead bird literally a couple feet from my door. If a dead bird is in front of your house it means the end of something and the beginning of something better and new. I’m leaving this chapter of my life to enter a new one by joining the Air Force. This is Gods way imo, of telling me there’s better things to come for my life. Amen!

  35. I am going through a struggle for the past few years with evwry single thing in my life and been through a heartbreak recently. Financially and emotionally, spiritually I feel so drained I have very difficult people I have to deal with. I had my lights cut etc, tenants not paying rent and not moving being abusive. I had to move my shop because I cannot afford rental and as I got to my shop this morning I see a dead bird in front of the door. I wanted to cry sooo badly. I am a single mum of one daughter.

  36. A bird literally flew and hit me In the chest and then died in front of me … I was traumatized. What does this mean ?

  37. My niece was driving and a dead bird just fell from the sky and landed on her car was just wondering what does that mean

  38. Today I was walking the dogs and, on the way home, I saw a small bird lying on the path. It was lying on its back, but moving slightly. I went up to it and carefully picked it up. There was no obvious external damage to it. I stroked it and it moved its head about, it’s beak opening and closing. A walked with it a while and, as I had two leads to hold, placed it down on a wall for a second. It kept opening and closing its beak, pecking at the wall. It moved its eyes as if it was looking around. I picked it up again and walked further. After a while it stared to move its legs and twisted about a bit. I was expecting it to come to, having possibly been stunned. It started to make very quite chirping noises and I thought it would fly off. Carefully I held it in my palm as I didn’t want it flying off into the traffic. It sang a few notes, it’s eyes opened wide for a while then started to close. It stopped singing. And went still. It had passed away, but not before singing me a list, gentle song. I don’t think I have ever felt so close to nature, nor been so acutely aware of the fragility of life. I placed it on the top of a hedge, looking up at eye sky.

  39. Dead birds are in my small garden once in a while. I take that God’s request for me to give them a decent burial. I dig a hole, bury and say a prayer. Let them return to Nature. Six birds are now in my Garden of Peace.

  40. I had a red tail hawk dead in my backyard the day after my friend passed away three days ago.. whats that mean?

  41. I am deeply troubled by strange, daily encounters with dead birds. For over 3-weeks, dying birds stay right by my feet, (sometimes for days) then die under the chair I sit in on the porch. Not any other chair, just mine. Every single day, there is one, sometimes two dead or dying birds. They are not ill. Some are injured, most are old. They are Zebra Finches, yet, there are flocks of other types of birds at my home in Hawaii. I provide all birds fresh water and quality seed scattered on the property, I love all birds. My beloved Brother passed unexpectedly 3-months ago and I have been horribly grief stricken, perhaps this has something to do with it? I’m so distraught by all these lil dying birds, they are breaking my heart as well.

    Any explanations are appreciated…

  42. I found a newly dead owl, caught in the barb wire fence next door. I released it and placed it under a tree. Then lit some sage and said a prayer. I was very devastated. Feels like there could be some deep, symbolic meaning there..

  43. Candice—could it be that your brother is trying to say he is okay and you must stop allowing grief to consume you? That is the most obvious possibility. Or are you grieving the loss of an old way of life such as divorce or job so you are barely living? Alternatively Is there an area of your life that is unhealthy for you spiritually but that you have been in denial about, resisted change, leaving or letting go? Are you stagnating in your spiritual growth? I honestly don’t know what I believe or don’t believe about signs or symbols but if true (and it’s hard to imagine your experience is all due to coincidence,) it would seem that there is a message for you and you have not been listening so the dead birds persist. . It is time to embrace change—acknowledge feelings of sadness or fear about leaving your old life, while honoring the people and lifestyle of the old. Then you can mindfully participate in the newest stage of your life.

  44. Hi! I am a Muslim. And for the past few days, I have been very worried because I and my family have seen two dead pigeons. One was a week ago who was under our water supply place and did not have an eye and we didn’t take that seriously and still haven’t” picked it up. The second we saw today in our teress which was bleeding and dead and the blood had splashed everywhere. We got extremely worried and are thinking that this is a strong black curse so please help us and tell us what to do.

    • You are not cursed. All animals die, some peacefully and some terribly, like the pigeon splashed with blood. A hawk or other animal probably attacked and killed it and was frightened off before it could eat it.

      I would not leave the dead birds on your water source or terrace, because they carry parasites and germs that can make you ill, especially if you let them rot there. Do yourself a kindness and pick them up with a garbage bag or gloves and throw them away or bury them away from your water source. You never want to leave a rotting corpse near drinking water if you can help it.

      It’s just the circle of life. Ease your mind and have a blessed day. Smile or say something nice to a stranger and you will feel better. Spread some joy from your heart. I wish you well.

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