Hummingbird Symbolism Death – Meaning Of Seeing a Dead Hummingbird

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hummingbird symbolism death

When someone sees a hummingbird, it is often seen as a sign from heaven. Hummingbirds are known for their beauty and speed, and they are often associated with joy and happiness. However, hummingbirds can also symbolize death. If you see a hummingbird near or after someone has passed away, it may be interpreted as a sign from the deceased that they are okay. Hummingbirds can also appear in dreams to those who are grieving or mourning, offering comfort and hope for the future.

Hummingbird Symbolism Death: Are These Angry Birds All About Aggression And Death?

Widely identified as a flying creature of insatiable appetite, the hummingbird glides into our lives with a number of fascinating symbolisms that you would absolutely love to learn about. Known as the world’s tiniest bird, its appearance does not only bring more excitement to your backyard but also carries messages of healing, joy, and favorable luck. However, as pretty and vibrant as it is, its aggressive behavior has led many to regard this bird with contempt and to tag it with negative connotations such as aggression, combativeness, and even death. An incredibly dynamic bird with a voracious taste for nectar, let’s fly into the wonderful hummingbird symbolism.

“May my faith always be at the end of the day like a hummingbird returning to its favorite flower.”

– Sanober Khan, Author
What does it mean when you see a hummingbird death

What does it mean when you see a hummingbird?

Often spotted darting from one flower to the next, hummingbirds hover with a host of messages that will help you give great value to the joy and happiness which you neglect and discount at times. A mystical creature that invites us to celebrate our achievements no matter how small, here’s what it means when these pint-sized birds show up in your life.

Powerful spiritual vibrations

Deriving its name from the unique humming sound it creates when it rapidly flaps its wings, the hummingbird reminds us about the constant presence of our spirit guide as its grace moves with us all the time. Its wings’ smooth purr is an assurance that we can achieve our goals quickly if we could only find the courage to let go of our doubts and never let our anxieties and fears hold us back.

Reaching greater heights

From those awesome territorial fights to their swift, accurate dives, these assertive birds pay us a visit to serve as an inspiration to transform into a higher and better version of ourselves. Not only does the hummingbird tell us to soar high or to plunge deep within in the pursuit of our life’s genuine purpose, but it also stirs us to be open to new ideas, relationships, and aspirations.

hummingbird symbolism change of heart

Displaying your true grit

While these birds of varying vibrant plumes are typically small, they have been observed to never back down from any potential predators when it comes to safeguarding their homes. The presence of a hummingbird should encourage you to stand up for your own beliefs and opinions and to be confident as you know that you are being watched over by the Divine. As these energetic birds are seen to cheerfully nourish themselves from their favored flowers, they remind us to be grateful for life’s simple pleasures and to be a beacon of hope and love to others.

A change of heart

Perhaps due to the flowers that we offer a loved one who has gone ahead of us, the hummingbird’s fondness for showing up at a time of great sadness and loss represents our need for change and transformation. While we may be focusing on the feeling of pain and discomfort, the presence of a joyful bird tells us that the mistakes we did in the past are now insignificant and that we should train our sights towards rebirth and renewal.

hummingbird seeing

The worst is over

Enthusiastically more visible in spring just right after the cold and, at times, harsh winter (see more content about winter symbolism), the presence of this spirited creature in your garden indicates that you have survived a difficult period in your life. Hummingbirds would often sweep into our consciousness to help us come to terms with our heartaches but also urge us to let go of our unhappiness and regrets and to start a fresh journey towards a life of peace, optimism, and success.

Faith and spiritual devotion

Admired for their commitment to keeping their territory, particularly their nest, safe from intruders, hummingbirds appear to remind us about the importance of having a strong relationship with the Divine. While times of doubt regarding our spiritual beliefs are not unusual, this aggressive spirit animal would swoop in to fend off the various distractions that we encounter and make certain that we steer back to a life of faith.

In complete control

As only one of the few animals that can fly upside down and even backward, these remarkable creatures can be seen speeding along our yards to satisfy their craving for enormous amounts of nectar. Such agility represents our own ability to be in control of our destiny and how our extraordinary gifts are often enough to bring about great achievements. Also, it shows that being able to express yourself in your own way allows you to highlight your talents and show why you are a cut above the rest.

Hummingbird is a sign from heaven: Appears to those in grief and mourning

Whether you see this awesome bird flapping its wings at about 80 times per second in your garden or observing its amazing flight patterns, the hummingbird omen serves as a comforting spiritual guide when things are going bad. While death is seen by many as a symbol of transition and a fresh start, these marvelous creatures are believed to represent a friend or a family member that has passed and is trying to reconnect and support us as we go on with our life. Flying in at a time of despair and grief, it gives us the strength to go on with the journey and to face the world with confidence and aggressiveness.

Hummingbird sign from heaven

As the end of life is understandably feared and avoided by many, the hummingbird meaning (hummingbird symbolism death) enlightens us to see death as a symbol of change and a reassurance that it won’t be long until this period of turbulence and anxiety will finally be put to rest. Although they are known to be insatiable when it comes to food and will never back down from a fight to win over a bite, these creative creatures have been observed to share their food with their young. A magnificent image of affection and generosity, they remind us why we should remain warm-hearted and compassionate even when faced with sorrow and adversity.

Dead hummingbird symbolism

Sometimes you’re unlucky and you might come across a dead hummingbird and ask yourself what does that mean? The hummingbird symbolism death could symbolize a lot of different things depending on your own personal experiences. It could be a reminder of mortality, or a past event that still haunts you.

A dead hummingbird could also be symbolic of something good; like the end of a difficult journey or letting go of something that’s been weighing you down. No matter what, if you see a dead hummingbird it’s important to take some time to reflect on what it might mean for you specifically.

dead hummingbird symbolism

The dead hummingbird symbolism is often considered to symbolize growth. This could mean that you are ready for a partner or project, and this may be an indication of how serious your commitment towards them really should be! If you see a dead hummingbird it is also a reminder that something has come to an end, and this may be a good thing. It is time for you to move forward without this person or thing.

In some cultures, the dead hummingbird symbolism is associated with joy. This means that even though something has ended, there is still happiness to be found in other things! The hummingbird spirit animal is one of hope and renewal, so don’t be discouraged if you see one that’s not alive. Instead, take it as a sign that better things are on the horizon.

dead hummingbird meaning

In summary, the dead hummingbird symbolism could mean a lot of different things depending on your own personal experiences and beliefs. If you see a dead hummingbird, take some time to reflect on what it might mean for you specifically and what you can do to move forward. hummingbirds are also a reminder of our own ability to be in control of our destiny and how our extraordinary gifts are often enough to bring about great achievements.

Lastly, dead hummingbirds could also be symbolic of something good; like the end of a difficult journey or letting go of something that’s been weighing you down. No matter what, if you see a dead hummingbird it’s important to take some time to think about its significance in your life.


Gifted with a unique flight pattern that allows them to fly up, down, front, and back with ease, hummingbirds are no doubt some of the most recognizable flyers among their peers. Favored for its bright colors, intelligent nature, and extremely fast-flapping wings, all the buzz about this spirit animal gives the hummingbird symbolism as well as the hummingbird symbolism death an even deeper meaning.

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