The Symbolic Meaning Of Dreaming About Birds

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“I dreamed of birds last night.” This is a phrase that signifies something different for each individual. For some, dreaming of birds can signify happiness and peace. The sound of their chirping may be uplifting and cause the dreamer to feel joyful. Others may find themselves feeling anxious or scared in this situation while others still could not care less about the thoughts these animals evoke.

What does dreaming about birds mean? It all depends on your personal interpretation!

Have you had any good dreams lately? Maybe you’ve recently had a dream with a bird being a crucial focal point or theme and you’re wondering what that might mean. Dreaming of birds is actually rather common. Dreams are wildly subjective things and their interpretation is often open to multiple perspectives but there are a few commonalities across the board that may shed some light on what your bird dream may be all about.

Meaning of Bird Dreams

Meaning of Bird Dreams

Birds are a common motif in dreams and depending on their context within the dream they can represent wildly different concepts. In general, however, birds are seen in mostly positive regards (and not just because Birds are Mother Nature’s prettiest and most colorful creation). They may represent prosperity or abundant wealth especially if they are rather large in appearance.

A bird flying towards you may represent good omens or fortune soon to befall you or your family. However, if the bird is flying away from you, it may represent a missed opportunity or a bygone period of wealth and prosperity departing dream interpretation isn’t an exact science however and much of the symbolism can be rooted in your internal archetypical worldview and set of unique symbols.

It’s very important while dreaming and attempting to interpret these dreams to be keenly aware of your emotional feelings when exposed to a symbol. How does the bird make you feel? Does it bring you joy? Or does it leave you with a sense of dread?

Birds Representing Goals

Birds in dream interpretation can also represent your goals, dreams, aspirations, and hopes To have a positive run-in with a bird in your dream is an uplifting event reaffirming the positive path that you are walking. Your hope should be reignited if it has grown somewhat cold. You are not alone. Failure and struggle are things of the past. Walk onward with courage knowing that you are being guided by the hope-inspiring spirit of the universe.

Birds Representing Freedom

Freedom is another symbol of a bird especially if it is in flight. Birds are not restricted by gravity and confined to the earth as we are. They are free to soar. If you dream of a bird in flight, then you are dreaming of the freedom you have over your own destiny that is boundless and only restricted by your own doubts and fears. Spread your wings and sore. Learn from our bird friends the true meaning of freedom.

Different Meanings for Different Species of Birds

It should be noted that different species of birds may have their own unique symbology in relation to dreams. Owls for example may represent wisdom or death while doves may represent peace and love. If you keep a journal, make your best attempt to describe the bird’s physical appearance in terms of color, species, size, and any other defining features. These may all be pieces of the puzzle.

  • Blue Jay: The most common interpretation of dreaming about a blue jay bird is that it symbolizes happiness and peace. This could be for one or more reasons, but the color blue has been said to represent new beginnings and renewal which can lead some people to believe this animal indicates positive thoughts! It also may signify being creative and having an artistic side; something many would feel happy about if they dreamed of this creature.
  • Blackbird: When you dream about a blackbird, you can interpret the dream to mean that there is something troubling you. The potential cause of this problem may be due to an outside source or it could stem from inside yourself. The symbolism in dreaming about birds typically points towards your own personal inner conflicts and anxieties as opposed to natural disasters.
  • Red Cardinal: Dreaming of Cardinals can signify a diverse range of things to different people. For some, dreaming about this bird can indicate success in their endeavors while others see it as being hopeful and happy. To other dreamers, the Cardinal may represent loneliness or isolation. There are even those who have interpreted these birds as being an omen for death!
  • Swallow: Dreaming of Swallows can be a sign of good luck and fortune. The Swallow is often seen as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, which may mean that dreaming about one could signify an end to sadness or sorrows in your life.
  • Hummingbird: Dreaming of Hummingbirds can mean that you may need to find more balance in your life. It can also signify that someone is standing nearby admiring the beauty of nature and it makes you feel good too!
  • Owl: When you dream of an owl, it is often seen as a positive omen. The animal you see in the dream may be telling you to listen more closely and think about what others are saying. This also signifies wisdom or intelligence which could translate into better decisions made for your life when needing guidance on how to proceed with something new that has been introduced into your everyday routine.
  • Sparrow: Sparrows in dreams mean good luck. It’s a sign that you will have some sort of success in the near future.
  • Crows: Crows are birds that are typically associated with death, bad luck, and even the devil. They also symbolize an omen of disaster or warning. It is said that crows signify a situation in someone’s life that will be difficult to overcome or handle well. Whatever you dream about falls under your own interpretation, but dreaming of birds can bring many interpretations depending on personal experience!
  • Bluebird: Bluebirds appearing in a person’s dream are a sign of happiness and good fortune. The bluebird symbolizes the joys in life that are waiting to be experienced.
  • Flamingo: These elegant birds are commonly associated with cheerfulness because of their bright coloration and unique stance.
  • Hawks, Eagles, and other birds of prey: Birds of prey, such as hawks or eagles, are symbols of power and strength. They represent being in control and having the upper hand over life’s challenges. The hawk is a symbol of victory for those who have suffered from hardships due to their bravery!
  • Swans: Swans can mean a few different things depending on the dream. Depending on your personal interpretation, dreaming about these majestic birds can signify beauty and harmony in some cases or it could also represent a fear of abandonment for those who have been hurt by love before. Sometimes dreaming of swans will show up when we are feeling very emotional and need to be able to tune into our feelings more deeply. This is often accompanied by other symbols that may be evoking emotion such as water or fog which would symbolize emotions being hidden from view but still present all the same.
  • Robin birds: These little birds are often seen as a symbol of happiness. They are known for their vocalizations that are typically high-pitched and enthusiastic, making them sound very jovial! In this case, dreaming about birds may be an indicator that you can let go of any worries or anxieties from the day before. The robin is also connected to springtime – specifically April when they begin singing again after winter hibernation. The symbolism in this instance could indicate your desire to get back into life with enthusiasm and vigor following a period of lethargy; it’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start moving forward once more!
  • Vultures: This may sound gruesome, but dreaming of vultures can signify death. If you are seeing a flock of them in your dream or one specific bird circling around you as you walk through the woods then this may be an indication that someone close to you is going to die soon. Some people believe that if these birds appear while the person is aware that they will also die within two weeks’ time so beware! On the other hand, many cultures have found meaning in their presence and view them as symbols for new beginnings with the hope of being able to soar into the sky again like they once did; giving life instead of taking it away.
  • Starlings: They gather together in large groups to form a murmuration. This is a fascinating phenomenon that can only be viewed with the naked eye as they often occur at dusk or after dark. The larger groupings are made up of smaller flocks and these will merge until all individuals have joined together into one giant flock, which changes shape constantly through their movements within this formation. There is no set number for how many birds make up each individual gathering but it’s not uncommon for there to be several thousand in a single flock!
  • Woodpeckers: Woodpeckers are interpreted differently by different cultures, but one common interpretation is that dreaming of these birds means you are feeling a sense of power and will. This could be because woodpeckers have the ability to bore through tree bark with their sharp, strong bills in search of insects.
  • Ducks: Ducks in dreams are typically seen as a sign of good luck, fertility, and life.
  • Pigeons: The act of dreaming may indicate that the dreamer is feeling trapped or as though they can’t escape from their current situation. Pigeons symbolize being weighed down by a burden, and dreaming about these animals could be a reflection of how you are struggling with some type of responsibility in waking life.
  • Magpies: These birds are commonly seen as omens of death or a warning that someone in the dreamer’s life is about to die.
  • Kingfisher: the Kingfisher is a symbol that represents power and change. This animal is often seen as a divine being in various cultures, so dreaming about one of them may be representative of something powerful happening with your life or some type of significant event coming up.
  • Canaries: What does it mean when you dream about the canary? On the surface level, dreaming about this bird would signify joy and hope for the future. The songbirds’ singing voice has been known to lift people’s spirits on even the worst days which explains why they’re sometimes considered symbols of happiness. Plus, their colors are bright and cheerful! However, if you’ve had this same recurring dream more than once then it could also represent loneliness or depression because these birds tend to flock together in large groups.
  • Albatross: The Albatross is considered by many to be one of the largest birds in existence with some specimens coming close to or even over 11 feet (or three meters) across! These giants can live almost 70 years which means that as you watch an Albatross glide effortlessly above your head, this bird could very well have been alive during World War II! It may seem like dreaming about these beautiful animals would signify happiness or peace because they appear so high above us all.
  • Pelicans: are generally seen as good omens. In this sense, dreaming of a pelican may show that you are waiting for something positive to happen and it is on the horizon.
  • Seagulls: If you dream of seagulls then it might signify that you feel chaotic or alone with too much going on at once; this could be a sign that you’re drowning from all the external factors affecting your life right now. On the flip side, seeing these creatures may also represent how free and independent they are which is an indication that maybe it’s time for more independence in your own life!
  • Parrots: can be seen as an omen of change and transformation when they appear in a dream. In some cultures dreaming about Parrots is thought to signify dishonor or shame, especially if there were that many around. However, it’s interpreted this bird will most likely have significance for you so make sure to pay attention!
  • Storks: Storks are birds that are known to be symbols of fertility. They often appear in dreams as a sign that someone is expecting or wants to have children and the individual dreaming may want to consider starting a family soon. The chirping sound from these birds can also signify happiness, joy, love, peace, contentment, birthdays (depending on the number), weddings (again depending on the number), and even death. These symbolic meanings will depend on each person’s interpretation but most agree that storks represent either a good thing or something ominous about to happen!
Dreaming of Crows

Dreaming of Baby Birds / Chicks

The symbolic meaning of dreaming about baby birds can be vastly different depending on your personal interpretation. For some people, seeing a nest with eggs in it may signify that they are feeling maternal and nurturing while others might have nightmares where the mother bird is injured or dead. To these individuals, this symbol could mean loss or abandonment because of their poor parenting skills which would create feelings such as fear and inadequacy when looking at an egg-filled nest.

Some dreamers believe that if there are no eggs in the nest then it means being unable to take care of yourself properly without someone’s help (older children, spouse). This person has been abandoned by those who were supposed to love them unconditionally: family members or friends.

Dreaming of Birds Flying High

When you dream of birds flying, you are dreaming about a sense of freedom. You may feel as though your life is not in its fullest form and that there’s something missing from it- like the weightlessness one feels when they’re unbound by gravity or restrictions.

Think about what type of bird was featured in your dream: were they soaring high above you? Were they swooping down to touch the ground with their wings before flapping upward again? Did these winged creatures seem to carefree and joyous while gliding through the air on their own accord? These types of dreams often signify feelings associated with being free from everyday worries so give yourself permission to find solace in this dream imagery!

Caged Birds

What does it mean when you dream of a bird in a cage? When dreaming about a bird in a cage, the dreamer may feel as if they are trapped and unable to escape. They could feel isolated from their environment or that they have nowhere else to go.

As a prisoner of the mind, this could signify that you are in some way being trapped by your surroundings. It is also possible to feel imprisoned by family expectations and obligations. The bird may be trying to tell you its time for new opportunities or it might want you to break out of your normality and fly away from what feels like an established prison sentence.

The cage can represent many things: confinement, captivity, restriction, enclosure; but most importantly it represents security – having something wrapped around oneself with which one feels protected (or threatened) – so how do we interpret dreaming about birds?

Dreams of Dead Birds

Dreaming of a dead bird may hold multiple interpretations depending on who you ask. Most commonly, however, dreaming of finding a dead bird can symbolize disappointment, anguish, turmoil, or grief. There may something in your life holding you back from your fullest potential or maybe that something is you. You’re own expectations and resentments may be having a toxic effect on your inner self. Perhaps you are going through some kind of loss or tribulation and the dead bird represents the mental and spiritual agony you are experiencing coming to terms and coping with this obstacle.

Dead Bird Symbolism

A dead bird may also represent the death of one era of one’s life and the birth or renewal of another. Dreaming of a deceased avian creature doesn’t have to represent doom and gloom. The death may just be the end of one cycle making room for the beginning of another. As mentioned above, dream interpretation is often about perspective.

Biblical Meaning of Bird Dreams

In the Bible, Birds are a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth. They represent the peace and mercy extended by God as in the days of Noah and also reflected in the sacrifice of Christ upon the cross. God’s spirit was said to have been roaming about across the earth in the days of Genesis like a mourning dove. When Jesus was baptized by John the baptist, the clouds parted and God’s spirit descended as a bird before speaking the famous words “This is my son, the beloved whom I have approved.”

Biblical meaning of bird dreams

As such, dreaming of a bird within a biblical context may represent God’s Holy Spirit being with you. This is a spirit that endows hope, peace, mercy, abundance, and bliss upon its recipient. The bird may represent God’s approval or his active intercession in your life to bring about his will.

In case you’re interested read more about the biblical meaning of a Blue Jay or a red Cardinal biblical meaning.

Dreaming of Birds in the House

Dreaming of Birds in a House

Your house is your safe place or your sense of security. If birds are trying to get into your house this may represent trouble on the horizon or menacing intrusive thoughts trying to pierce through your security blanket. If the bird is already in your house but appears friendly and peaceful then perhaps this means that you have abundant peace within yourself. Some interpreters have speculated that this imagery means that you are about to come into some kind of fortune or luck or alternately that you already have it. So hold on to that good feeling and enjoy it while it lasts. Keep your bird safe and happy and it will treat you well.

Catching a Bird in your Dreams

To catch a bird may very well represent pursuing and achieving your dreams. The bird is your aspirations. To catch said bird is to reach to the skies and grab hold of the unobtainable or the elusive quality of material or spiritual success. To kill a bird, in contrast, represents looming disappointment. Tragedy may soon before you.

The bird as mentioned above often signifies freedom. To catch this bird can equally translate to unlocking one’s freedom whether that be freedom from the internal binds of doubt and worry or the physical binds of a restrictive relationship, job, or legal matter.


Dreaming about birds can signify a variety of things, depending on the context. For instance, if you are flying and see a bird in your dream we could say that this signifies freedom or wish fulfilment. If there is an evil spirit chasing you and it turns into a bird then this may indicate good luck coming your way. The bottom line is that dreaming about birds has symbolic meaning which will depend on the situation at hand!

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