Dreaming of Birds

Have you had any good dreams lately? Maybe you’ve recently had a dream with a bird being a crucial focal point or theme and you’re wondering what that might mean. Dreaming of birds is actually rather common. Dreams are wildly subjective things and their interpretation is often open to multiple perspectives but there are a few commonalities across the board that may shed some light on what your bird dream may be all about.

Meaning of Bird Dreams

Meaning of Bird Dreams

Birds are a common motif in dreams and depending on their context within the dream they can represent wildly different concepts. In general, however, birds are seen in mostly positive regards (and not just because Birds are Mother Nature’s prettiest and most colorful creation). They may represent prosperity or abundant wealth especially if they are rather large in appearance.

A bird flying towards you may represent good omens or fortune soon to befall you or your family. However, if the bird is flying away from you, it may represent a missed opportunity or a bygone period of wealth and prosperity departing Dream interpretation isn’t an exact science however and much of the symbolism can be rooted in your internal archetypical worldview and set of unique symbols. It’s very important while dreaming and attempting to interpret these dreams to be keenly aware of your emotional feelings when exposed to a symbol. How does the bird make you feel? Does it bring you joy? Or does it leave you with a sense of dread?

Birds in dream interpretation can also represent your goals, dreams, aspirations, and hopes To have a positive run-in with a bird in your dream is an uplifting event reaffirming the positive path that you are walking. Your hope should be reignited if it has grown somewhat cold. You are not alone. Failure and struggle are things of the past. Walk onward with courage knowing that you are being guided by the hope-inspiring spirit of the universe.

Freedom is another symbol of a bird especially if it is in flight. Birds are not restricted by gravity and confined to the earth as we are. They are free to soar. If you dream of a bird in flight, then you are dreaming of the freedom you have over your own destiny that is boundless and only restricted by your own doubts and fears. Spread your wings and sore. Learn from our bird friends the true meaning of freedom.

It should be noted that different species of birds may have their own unique symbology in relation to dreams. Owls for example may represent wisdom or death while doves may represent peace and love. If you keep a journal, make your best attempt to describe the bird’s physical appearance in terms of color, species, size, and any other defining features. These may all be pieces of the puzzle.

Dreams of Dead Birds

Dreaming of a dead bird may hold multiple interpretations depending on who you ask. Most commonly, however, dreaming of finding a dead bird can symbolize disappointment, anguish, turmoil, or grief. There may something in your life holding you back from your fullest potential or maybe that something is you. You’re own expectations and resentments may be having a toxic effect on your inner self. Perhaps you are going through some kind of loss or tribulation and the dead bird represents the mental and spiritual agony you are experiencing coming to terms and coping with this obstacle.

Dead Bird Symbolism

A dead bird may also represent the death of one era of one’s life and the birth or renewal of another. Dreaming of a deceased avian creature doesn’t have to represent doom and gloom. The death may just be the end of one cycle making room for the beginning of another. As mentioned above, dream interpretation is often about perspective.

Biblical Meaning of Bird Dreams

In the Bible, Birds are a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth. They represent the peace and mercy extended by God as in the days of Noah and also reflected in the sacrifice of Christ upon the cross. God’s spirit was said to have been roaming about across the earth in the days of Genesis like a mourning dove. When Jesus was baptized by John the baptist, the clouds parted and God’s spirit descended as a bird before speaking the famous words “This is my son, the beloved whom I have approved.”

Biblical meaning of bird dreams

As such, dreaming of a bird within a biblical context may represent God’s Holy Spirit being with you. This is a spirit that endows hope, peace, mercy, abundance, and bliss upon its recipient. The bird may represent God’s approval or his active intercession in your life to bring about his will.

In case you’re interested read more about the biblical meaning of a Blue Jay or a red Cardinal biblical meaning.

Birds in a House

Dreaming of Birds in a House

Your house is your safe place or your sense of security. If birds are trying to get into your house this may represent trouble on the horizon or menacing intrusive thoughts trying to pierce through your security blanket. IF the bird is already in your house but appears friendly and peaceful then perhaps this means that you have abundant peace within yourself. Some interpreters have speculated that this imagery means that you are about to come into some kind of fortune or luck or alternately that you already have it. So hold on to that good feeling and enjoy it while it lasts. Keep your bird safe and happy and it will treat you well.

Catching a Bird in your Dreams

To catch a bird may very well represent pursuing and achieving your dreams. The bird is your aspirations. To catch said bird is to reach to the skies and grab hold of the unobtainable or the elusive quality of material or spiritual success. To kill a bird, in contrast, represents looming disappointment. Tragedy may soon before you.

The bird as mentioned above often signifies freedom. To catch this bird can equally translate to unlocking one’s freedom whether that be freedom from the internal binds of doubt and worry or the physical binds of a restrictive relationship, job, or legal matter.

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