Dead Bird Symbolism

In Asian cultures birds often symbolise immortality. In Indian myth birds represent departed souls and in Christian art birds often appear as saved souls. Some people say when you find a dead bird the meaning is someone you loved passed away.

None of the mentioned happened (at least I did not notice) when I found this bird in my garden in Clapham, London. HDR applied.

2 Responses to Dead Bird Symbolism

  • Toni

    A dead bird dropped into my back yard yesterday. It was All Saints Day. Today is All Souls Day. Is it a message from the spirit world? Is it about death?
    i’d been asking for a sign and found myself googling for answers/insightful information as to what it might mean. It could have been injured and fallen out of the sky – but what is the probability of it landing smack bang in the middle of my table where I always sit in the morning. It was as if it was placed right in the middle of my presence… so I would take notice. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have probably paid much attention to it. It’s very interesting anyway, thinkking about what it might mean – death, end of an era, cycke of life and death, loss of freedom…

  • Addie Goode

    Brirds represent flights of one thing or another.  A dead bird does not necessarily mean disappointment or misfortune through loss while it most likely always means the end of something—and the beginning of something.  Perhaps you have reached the close or end of some term and it’s time for you to prepare for another.

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