Dead Bird Symbolism

In Asian cultures birds often symbolise immortality. In Indian myth birds represent departed souls and in Christian art birds often appear as saved souls. Some people say when you find a dead bird the meaning is someone you loved passed away.

Others say that dead birds actually are a good sign, showing you that an end to turmoil or pain is coming. A dead bird doesn’t necessarily portend physical death, but metaphorical death. Perhaps you’re going through the heartache of a break-up. Perhaps you are struggling to find a job. This dead bird marks the end to your search and struggle. A new beginning is just around the corner.

None of the mentioned happened (at least I did not notice) when I found this bird in my garden in Clapham, London. HDR applied.

8 Responses to Dead Bird Symbolism

  • Toni

    A dead bird dropped into my back yard yesterday. It was All Saints Day. Today is All Souls Day. Is it a message from the spirit world? Is it about death?
    i’d been asking for a sign and found myself googling for answers/insightful information as to what it might mean. It could have been injured and fallen out of the sky – but what is the probability of it landing smack bang in the middle of my table where I always sit in the morning. It was as if it was placed right in the middle of my presence… so I would take notice. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have probably paid much attention to it. It’s very interesting anyway, thinkking about what it might mean – death, end of an era, cycke of life and death, loss of freedom…

  • Addie Goode

    Brirds represent flights of one thing or another.  A dead bird does not necessarily mean disappointment or misfortune through loss while it most likely always means the end of something—and the beginning of something.  Perhaps you have reached the close or end of some term and it’s time for you to prepare for another.

  • Mark

    A dead bird represents nothing but a dead bird.


  • Tamara

    I found two small dead birds today. One beside my drivers side of the car it looked like it hit the window. Then to my shock I found one right in front of my car at the same time.  My car was parked in its parking spot.  Was really strange and if I find more tomorrow I will be some what freaked out cause there are other cars parking in the parking area but the birds were around my parked car.

  • am i just tripping

    can someone give me a bit of guidance here please!? i think the bird in question is a female Blackbird but i am yet to establish what the berries positioned in the semi-circle around her head actually are.

    the recent background –

    now 32, single 8 years. in jan 14, lost job, held own yard/property for 11 months but had to give up dec 14 as no longer able to make all ends meet. moved to another country (where family member is), found home and yard within 2 months, got a job within 4 (VERY tough times) months and spent 14 months at new home, lost new home april 16, amazingly found local and affordable property (5 horses and 2 cats) and moved within 2 weeks, 2 1/2 weeks later had to move us and all our kit again as new LL unstable (literally – shooting unreg’d firearms, demanding money at my door in the small hours, poisoning my cats and horses, growing drugs – literally bonkers), police presence and support for 3 hours on move out day, 4 from 5 horses poisoned and displayed potentially lethal symptoms a few hours after completing the move, took sofa at friends as ‘homeless’ from may, got kicked out 3 months later, took room at another friends (they supported sufficiently to enable me to get back on feet – june cost me my salary in vets bills for xrays, full exams and medications on 2 horses – Fox and Rio – prognosis was prep to lose the then mere 5yo, Fox and ‘try’ with Rio), it took 9 applications but, moved into current house once financially re-established, last Oct. up and down since then but wont bore you even more! suffice to say, things have not calmed in the slightest…

    i was forced to make the humane but crippling decision to have my mere 9 year old Irish Sports Horse, Rio, put to sleep due to irreparable, degenerative and, finally, crippling (multiple!) conditions to his off fore foot. a plethora of, each in its own right, debilitating issues culminated to see him leave us Feb 17th. I held him in my arms and lost a week of time in a blink.
    my dear boy, Rio, who literally and completely ‘found me’ when destined to be pts (‘dangerous and unpredictable’, broke his new owners back in 3 places, could not be returned as sold by (now well-renowned) care-free, duty of care and responsibility shirking, BAD dealers from Kent (charged and sentenced subsequently!), who showed himself to literally appear to be an extension of my own mind, or, a part of me, when i came to meet him. he allowed me to do what he would run in fear from if another human were to try, he arrived when my capacity was already unmanageable but yet fate called her card and i had no choice – he had to come home so we made it work, who arrived when i was due bilateral simultaneous CTS operations rendering me out of action for weeks with a stable full of other horses (in work too) to manage, who arrived as a scared, weak, malnourished, unpredictable, instinct-driven 17hh ISH – who became a horse whose eyes never strayed from me, a horse who would encourage other humans to engage, a horse that would be so tuned in to me that he would act upon my thoughts alone, a horse who found the power and strength to bury his past and fight his fear to grow into a gifted, ‘everyone loves Rio’, kissy, cuddly, do anything for my mum, horse. RIP Rio <3 17.02.2017

    17.03.17 – i had another horse whom also had issues – Fox. Nursed as an orphan foal at just 3 months old and close to death, Fox came into my life as a gift by means of recompense for a very difficult time i endured trying to make a baby-foaly. she was also 'unwell', offering exactly the same issues as Rio with two minor differences – she had sidebone, he had ringbone, he was straight but she was grossly pigeon toed to the near-fore.
    Fox and Rio grew to become the Mum and Dad of the herd, dominant, protective, passionate and full of love and consideration to others. they were inseparable and lived to be next to the other and/or me.
    Fox's vet review was booked for 17.03.17, i moved it to the 13th March. she was given 2 years, breed from her now if i want a 'part of her with me'. turned out she wasnt a viable option to breed from a few weeks later, then she deteriorated inconceivably fast, she was pts 17.06.17.

    i came home today to what appears to be a female Blackbird, dead, seemingly 'positioned', a step away from my front door and offering a semi-circle of red berries positioned around her head, she was laying in such a way that she could have simply fallen over sideways, softly, or, was 'placed'.
    at this stage i dont know what the berries are but i do know my house opens out on to the main entrance into the small estate i live on, an entrance softened by nothing but a rogue self-seeded Ash tree. Ash dont produce berries as far as i am aware! ive also been gardening excessively since Rio, i also know that i, nor my neighbours, have any berry-bearing trees, plants or bushes with the exception of my Sweet Pea in the back garden (bought last weekend, reduced for quick sale as dying – it doesnt even have green leaves yet let alone pods!). it is literally a complete mystery as to where these berries have come from and how on earth they got all the way down my path to rest outside my front door. in addition, i cannot understand how berries could appear in such a way, outside my door and with not a mark on them, no beak mark, no break to the outer covering, no flesh on display – absolutely, wholly intact.
    they are a dark, almost matt, red, the size of my whole little finger nail, cant see through their skin and not particularly marked/patterned or veiny but do offer what appears to be patches of a much darker red. they look to have come off a stalk, like a grape and the underneath looks as a grape does too (tiny little dot middle-underneath)
    i also cant work out how a Bird could deliver more than say, one half-eaten or 'damaged' berry to any location? considering she is dead, to deliver (and position!???) the berries when on her death bed!? purely and absolutely fcuking impossible, surely. 

    my first thought was she'd been shot, picked up off the floor of a forest or wood (accounting for berries) and cruelly placed outside my front door (not beyond the realms of impossible but still, pretty unlikely!) as a warning. (turned out i was seeing someone from the estate who had his 2-year-long missus in the house, with their 4 kids.. i knew nothing at that time, know now and we are obv over but, its believed that i was aware and subsequently am now blamed for their splitting up..
    but, there isnt a mark on her. in fact, shes in good cond. well up to weight, clean, no visible illnesses or ailments, wings and legs are perfect… the only thing to note is she has a few downy feathers on her beak, a slight ruffling to the down and a few missing feathers on her back, just above the base of her tail.

    am i just tripping here!? so, a bird, carrying loads of berries just happened to fly into my front door. stunned, she fell to the floor, dropped the berries and proceeded to peck aggressively enough to remove underdown at the base of her tail and then died, almost immediately afterwards.
    if the latter is the favourable then obv the next question is, why my fecking door eh!? i live at 210… thats at least 209 other front doors to have chosen….

  • Debbie

    I found a dead male cardinal on my porch right beside the chair I sit in. I have 4 cats that smelled it an walked away from it! What does it mean?

  • Afomama afo

    I visited my sick girlfriend, when am abt to go, i saw a dead bird in their compound. After a week she died. So i think dead bird is that u wil loose someone close to u.

  • Melissa

    I found a dead bird on my back porch but it is all glassed in with a security door how did it get in and then die what is this I have lost both parents and really can’t stand another death hope this is something different than a bad omen.

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