What does it mean when a bird poops on you?

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What does it mean when a bird poops on you

If you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself on the receiving end of a bird’s “gift,” it might be time to consider what this means. It’s not every day that you get pooped on by a bird. In fact, it probably only happens to about 1% of the population. Believe it or not, there is a reason why these winged creatures would choose your head as their target and actually go through with their plan. There are many reasons that birds flock to human heads like flies over honey: for one, they don’t have hands so they use their tail feathers to scoop up poop from the ground and then wipe it all over your face! But more importantly, birds seem to be attracted by our hair color. The bright colors catch their eye which makes them want to land and take care of business right there on your head – thus giving you an instant new do.

You might have come across a lot of superstitions for which you did not find any logical conclusion. The legendary tales of rabbit foot or horseshoe bringing good luck must have piqued your interest in these myths. It is inevitable that you might feel like believing in these superstitions while trying to find the reasoning behind them. One of the most annoying occurrences in our day-to-day life is encountering bird poop. It can be a real nuisance if you get bird poop on your head while you are on your way to the office or a party. You also would not like the sight of your car covered in bird poop. So, what does it mean when a bird poops on you?

Why is getting pooped on by a bird good luck?

According to Turkish culture, it is believed that bird poop is a sign of good luck. It is supposed to bring prosperity and riches. In fact, Russian culture also has mentioned this superstition and believes in the luck factor associated with bird poop (read more about Russian culture and animal symbols). Now you might concur that this belief of bird poop bringing luck is a way of cheering yourself on a bad day. It is just a way of consoling yourself when you find your favorite dress tainted with bird poop. Well, to a large extent many people take this as a reason to feel good after a bird drops its blessings on them.

Birds Are Fascinating

Why is getting pooped on by a bird good luck?

According to ancient history and folklore, there are many birds that are considered auspicious in certain parts of the world. There are certain birds like eagles, blue jays, to name a few, which are considered regal and majestic. Mankind always had a fascination with the bird species. The very idea of having wings and soaring high up in the sky has enamored human beings for ages. Birds signify freedom, independence, and free will, some of the feelings which mankind treasure the most. They have the power to protect themselves by flying away from their predators.

Origins of the Belief

It is widely believed that if such beautiful creatures decide to bless you, it will bring you luck. Hence, when people get pooped on their heads or their cars, it is considered that the person will be blessed with resources and riches. Due to this popular belief, many people used to go and get lottery tickets after getting pooped by a bird. Who knows? The bird poop might help in getting the lucky numbers.

People have a way of justifying the good luck attached to bird poop. They give a reason that out of all the cars and people present in the vicinity, the bird chose to anoint a particular human being with its blessings. You might not consider yourself lucky at that moment when you are soiled with bird poop. The only thoughts crossing your mind would be how to get it cleaned and damage control your looks. Well, you can take it as a consolation that the majestic, high soaring creatures chose to bless you that day. You might as well laugh it off and narrate this as a funny story to your friends while waiting for something good to happen.

Why Do Birds Poop on Us?

There are a number of theories as to why birds poop on people. The most common, and likely most accurate, explanation is that its territorial behavior. Birds will mark the spot with their poop so other birds know they’re not welcome in that area. But there are also other reasons for this type of bird behavior:

1) They may have eaten something like berries or grains which can cause gas buildup

2) They might be stressed from being chased by an animal

3) It could just be a behavioral tic

According to some research, when crows find food in the same spot fairly often, these clever creatures will leave feces near them in order: first animal droppings (like raccoon or deer), then human excrement; finally fresh crow dropping! This is so other scavengers won't be able to identify which pile of dung contains undigested corn kernels or berries by smell alone. It also marks out any area as being "crow-claimed" property… meaning that no one else should eat from

A Pigeon Pooped On My Shoulder. What Kind Of Luck Does It Bring?

Pigeon Pooped On My Shoulder

Pigeons come in different colors like greyish blue, white, to name a few. It is popularly believed that the presence of a white pigeon in the house bodes well for the peace and harmony of its members. White pigeons are rare, so their occurrence is considered auspicious. People feel blessed when they are graced by the presence of white pigeons.

Pigeons and doves belong to the same family even if they belong to separate species. They have found themselves being mentioned a lot of times in history, battle scenes, and folklores. Pigeons played a huge role during battles in delivering messages. It is also considered to be a messenger of peace. The pristine white pigeons symbolize peace and purity. Such types of birds are revered by mankind. Hence it is considered as good luck if a pigeon poops on you. It is believed that they can be harbingers of good news, prosperity, and harmony.

Other people say the idea that a bird pooping on your head is good luck is a myth put forward by people who have been pooped on by birds. Because once you’ve been pooped on by a bird, and said poop is running down your head, you need to tell yourself there’s some kind of silver lining. Otherwise, you’re just left with the sobering reality that your head is covered in bird poop. Most people would agree that this is not an ideal situation.

How Dangerous Is A Bird Poop?

What does it mean when a bird poops on you 1 What does it mean when a bird poops on you?

Bird poop can cause certain diseases if it reacts negatively with your skin. This is due to the harmful ingredients present in its composition. A fungus called cryptococcus is found in bird poop which can cause severe infection in the body. This can be caused by breathing in the odour of bird poop or when the fungus reacts with your skin.

Bird droppings contain dangerous bacteria and fungus. Birds prey on a lot of insects and poisonous animals like snakes, frogs, etc. Their excreta are bound to consist of harmful components that can impact adversely if it comes in contact with human beings. A bacterium called salmonella is commonly found in bird poop that is capable of causing diarrhoea. The bird droppings also cause fever and lead to weakening the immunity system of the human body. Hence, it is always advised to clean the impacted area and wash your hands so that the composition of the bird poop does not get a chance to react in your body.

Odds of Being Pooped on

It’s estimated that nearly 150,000 birds poop on humans each year. You have a one-in-a-million chance of getting pooped on by an eagle or other large bird. And you’re more likely to get pooped on by a smaller bird like sparrows and robins than larger ones are to poop on you as they fly overhead. But it is hard for anyone who has been hit with bird droppings from above to forget the experience!

But how often does this actually happen? In most cases, it happens once every two years if you live near water or forested areas where there are plenty of wildlife populations nearby. It can also be more common among those living alongside busy roadsides because these locations provide great habitats.

Tips for preventing future incidents of being pooped on by a bird

To prevent future incidents, try to keep the area clean and away from any food sources that might attract them. If you do happen to come into contact with bird feces on your clothes or skin after an unexpected encounter, make sure you wash it off thoroughly as soon as possible. It’s also recommended to wear protective gear when in areas where birds are commonly found – like a hat or sunglasses!

Be careful not to set up too close proximity for nesting season; this could cause distress among wild animals who then feel threatened by humans encroaching upon their territory.

Further Bird Superstitions

Besides the question of what does it mean when a bird poops on you – there are other superstitions about birds in people’s heads. Pigeons are not the only ones having their fair share of superstitions. There are other widely accepted beliefs about other birds.

Peacock Feathers Are Inauspicious

In certain parts of the world, keeping peacock feathers is considered inauspicious. It is believed that peacock feathers result in accidents and injuries. On the other hand, they are considered a sign of good luck in India and are associated with divinity.

Crows And Ravens Bring In Bad Luck And Negativity

The black coating of the crowsand ravens add to its vibe of negativity. It is considered that spotting a murder of crows near your house or at a wedding ceremony means it would bring sorrows and marital discord.

Black Birds Hovering Around Your House Is Considered Bad News

White is always associated with peace whereas black is associated with sorrows. It is widely said that if you spot a black colored bird hovering around your house, it can be a sign of ill health or death. According to the folklore and stories, brown vultures always hovered around battlefields before the battles would begin. This signified impending deaths which the vultures would later feed on. Hence, the presence of dark-colored birds hovering around your house is considered inauspicious.

Brown Owls Bring Bad Luck Whereas White Ones Are Considered Auspicious

It is said that spotting an owl during day time would usher in bad luck, especially if it is a brown one. On the other hand, white owls are considered auspicious. If your house is graced by the presence of a white owl, it is believed to bring harmony and good relations.

Native American Symbols

Native American Indians were deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas, and dreams from generation to generation through Symbols and Signs. Their connection with nature was a part of their identity. Birds are probably the most mystified symbols and many people are fascinated by them.

They believed Eagles have the power of communicating with God and that it was capable to deliver messages from heaven to the people and vice versa. Feathers and bones were used for prayers. Eagles were also believed to be the balance between the Great Spirit and the physical world. As an extremely high-flying bird, it had a special place in their culture.

Birds symbolizing love and life

You’ve heard the term love birds (birds that symbolize love), and you probably picture a pair of doves. Doves association with love goes all the way back to the Middle Ages. There was an old belief that birds chose their mates on Saint Valentine’s Day. This came from the observation that some birds were mating in February, although we know now that most birds mate in spring or summer.

No bird quite symbolizes life quite like the mythical firebird phoenix. According to legend, these fantastic birds periodically die by bursting into flames, only to be reborn in their own ashes. These birds have become a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

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  1. Many years ago my mother had a pigeon poop on her shoulder ,we were on holiday this was in 1954 ,weeks later on her birthday she had a telegram to say she had drawn a horse in the Irish lottery ,she won £1500 that was a lot money then ,
    I also had a friend had a bird poop on her head weeks later she won £1000: Jean

  2. I’m not really a superstitious person, but there are times where things turned out lucky for me.

    A strange, unrelated example: whenever the left side of my right foot itches, I usually get some money of varying amounts.

    But back to the topic at hand….

    A European Starling pooped on my shoulder last year and a couple of weeks later, I finally got hired.

    And today, a pigeon dropped two bombs that missed ground zero, but did manage to splatter on the skin of my right leg (I wore capri pants) and right shoe.

    We’ll see if any good luck comes from this recent hit.

  3. Never knew about bird poop was standing at bus stop and bird pooped on me twice.was on my way to play mega million like I always do.Got back home and was talking about being pooped on and was told it meant luck.


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