Birds That Bring Bad Luck

The first question you may be asking is, “Why do some birds bring bad luck?” And the answer to this is actually quite complex. Birds have long been associated with omens of death and misfortune in human culture. This comes from a variety of sources such as ancient Egyptian art, Norse mythology, and Native American folklore. But we’re not going to get into all that today because it’s just too complicated for me to explain! Instead I’m going to give you my best tips on which birds will make your day worse if you come across them during your travels.

It is common that we tend to believe in superstitions in our life. Bird superstitions is one among that belief commonly practiced among people across the globe. Different people have different beliefs such as white bird superstitions and blackbird superstitions. Both bad and good luck is seen through the birds by the common man. For example, bad luck is seen if a person sees an owl in a day. Some people consider the kingfisher a lucky bird if they see it suddenly. Hence, different birds are given so much importance by believers across the globe.

Black Birds

In common black birds are given heavy importance as it allures the individual in many ways. Mystical and magical blackbirds are given due importance by the common man in his daily life to a greater extent. Some black birds are considered bad luck to the individuals. Different activities of birds give a different impression to the observers. For example, if some birds hit the windows, poops on the body of an individual, laying nest in the house, etc. Depending upon the different roles of the birds, good and bad luck is weighed upon.

There are lots of impressions found and seen by the common man due to black birds’ activity and impression. In case the blackbird makes a nest in the house, then it is considered that the person can expect good luck in the coming days. There are also some views and beliefs that if an individual sees give crows a lot of issues may occur. It is believed that the black bird, especially crows brings bad fortune for the man who sees. Mainly, bad luck is seen if the person sees five crows at a time. Above it, if an individual follows six crows death might follow him. This belief is with the individual who sees blackbirds like crows and still some other birds.

Crows-scary birds brining bad luck

Some are very specific if they see a magpie. Yes, they need to tap the hat if they see the magpie. This is to avoid bad luck all of a sudden. Both crows and raven bring bad luck to the person who looks at them. Even these black birds are considered Omen by many individuals across the globe. These blackbirds are associated with the witches by people who believe in superstitions.

Does It Mean Bad Luck When Finding a Dead Bird?

Birds and superstitions are interlocked across the globe. Finding a dead bird is one of that belief that many people have. However, it is understood that birds who found dead imply some meaning to the individuals who look at them. The dead birds’ imply a great meaning of nice to the observers. You do not be a clever person when you look at the dead ones on your porch. Sometimes, you might find a dead pigeons’ body in your parking space that tells you something either good or bad. The death of the bird mostly does not give an intrinsic positive meaning to the observers.

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Immortality and Saved Souls

In Asian culture, the death of a bird is considered immortality. In other cultures around the globe, the dead body gives us the meaning of departed souls. In some religions like Christianity, the dead bird implies the meaning of a saved soul.

Lots of Ambiguity

Some people believe in good fortune occurs to them if they see dead birds. These people believe that a bad issue is going to end soon and also believe that they do not have problems anymore. The long ending problem comes to an end on seeding a dead bird. Still, some people believe that the dead bird tells the meaning of the metamorphic death of someone and not the physical death. It also implies the meaning of break up, end of a struggle or problem, heartache, and mental sufferings.

On a positive note, the death of a bird gives the meaning of the end of the tragedy and the beginning of fortune soon. On analyzing the above features, it is common that dead bird gives both good and bad news to the customers. Many believe that their problem might come to an end soon and hence they start to feel bright and happy. Many feel it a bad sign if they see the dead bird on the road accidentally.

Finding a dead bird

I’ve also heard of people believing when you’ve found a dead bird, it may not be an omen of bad luck. However, if you come across the remains of two or more birds that have died in close proximity to each other (especially without any signs of animal predation), then this is likely a sign of something worse.

On the whole, the dead bird symbolizes a new beginning for the individual. Let he can forget his worries and concentrate fully on new happenings in life. He can put a full stop to his worries and continue with the new world after.

A Bird Hits Your Window – Bad Luck?

Hitting your window by birds is a common scene for many individuals – you would have seen the incident many times in your life. What is the impression you get from the birds hitting the window?

It is a simple theory that the windows are invisible to the birds. However, many superstitious believers think in different ways whenever they see birds hitting the window. Another common reason is that the birds see their reflection on the glass.

Many destiny believes say the bird that hits the window portends a death. This is belief is very common among individuals who believe in superstition. Still, some others have a different explanation for the birds that are hitting the windows.

Still, some people believe that it is the warning message to future issues. Others consider the hitting task as a goodwill message and some others as a death message. Hence, the options vary from one person to another. On a positive note, it may be considered as changes in the near future are going to happen to the individual.

Another train of thought is: a bird hitting your window may seem like bad luck, but it’s not going to cause any long-term consequences unless the bird is significantly large. In which case you should call a professional and get them out of there as soon as possible!

A Bird Poops on You

Birds poop on you on many occasions when you are in your garden or travel out. It is a regular incident for many individuals like you. What you infer from that?

It gives the meaning of good health and vitality to some people. Many individuals feel happy because the bird pooping on them is taken as prosperity. They believe in some fortune thing is going to happen to them very soon.

The bird symbolically tells you that someone visits your house soon for good news and better happening. Many considered when a bird poops on them is lucky to them in all aspects. They believe strongly that some fortune is on the way and he has to be alert to catch it.

bird poops on you

We shall also see some people who feel happy with a bird pooping on them. Why? They believe that the bad happenings are going to end by replacing the good ones soon. The bad issues that are chasing the individual would come to an end with the good happenings.

On the other hand, if you’re out on a walk and some bird drops something foul onto your head, don’t worry! This does not mean that it is going to rain tomorrow. The most likely culprit of this soiling act is the Rock Dove or Pigeon because they are common feeder birds in urban areas where people keep grain available for them all year long. It’s actually quite rare that these scavengers will poop on someone without being provoked – contrary to popular belief, they generally avoid humans as much as possible unless there are scraps easily within reach like bread crusts thrown aside by careless humans. So if one comes up and doodles down your shirt while you’re doing nothing wrong then just chalk it up to bad luck; no sense in pondering the meaning of it.

Birds Fly Into Your House – Does That Mean Bad Luck?

If you find a bird flying in the house then it denotes that prosperity in your life very soon. A massive change is going to happen in your life and hence the bird enters the house. This is on the positive side of an individual.

Some superstitious people believe that a bad incident is going to happen in nearby days for the individual and hence he has to be very alert and careful to face those. Birds in the house denote the meaning of a warning message for someone’s death in the house. The other belief is that the impending news of good or bad news for the individual who sees the bird inside the house. Especially, if you see the bird in the house it denotes the meaning of prosperity and luck.

What you need to do here if a bird flies into your house, or any other human dwelling for that matter, is close the window and then release it outside. In this way, no bad luck can come in through the open window after being released from its cage of glass!

[Video] Hilarious: Girl Scared of Bird in the House

Other Bird Superstitions

Other bird superstitions are as follows:

  • If you see a blackbird that is making a nest in your house it tells you about good luck in your life very soon.
  • If you see an owl near your house during the daytime, bad luck is near to you – also check out our post about owl superstitions.
  • Some people consider kingfishers as lucky birds.
  • If you or your friend sees three seagulls flying over the head, there is a chance of some lovable ones nearing the end or dying soon.
  • You may expect a storm if you see a swan lay its head and neck on its back.
  • If you see sparrows, it denotes the meaning of soul carrying.
  • An albatross killer may get lost at sea, which is a superstitious thought.
  • Some believe that the same will happen to you whatever you do to Robin.

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