A Bird Flew Into My Window, Is Death Knocking At My Door?

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A Bird Flew Into My Window, Is Death Knocking At My Door

Though it is a regular but arguably rare occurrence, have you ever had a bird knocking on your closed window? Or perhaps you found that a bird has flown into your open window? Or maybe this bird hit and collided with your closed window but is still alive?

Have you come searching for the meaning of this strange encounter as you are now plagued with worry?

Our superstitions can have us scrambling for answers as we believe that these are signs of things to come or even worse, a divine warning that death may be close for you or a beloved member of your family, but in this article, we will take a look at the different reasons why this superstition exists, what each individual instance may mean for you, and if these could possibly be true.

Bird knocking at the window: a mysterious occurrence

Although birds knocking into or colliding against closed windows are a normal occurrence as they do so because the reflection of the sky leads them to think that your window is just another pathway into more expanse of sky, something tells us that this event may means something more. Besides, you wouldn’t have heard of this superstition had you not been told by friends or family to whom this has previously happened.

And despite superstitions being frowned upon, these beliefs do not just come from nowhere, as they have been passed down to us in order to appease things we cannot see, prevent a dangerous situation from happening to us or our loved ones, or to receive hints from the universe that we believe is looking out for us, being that superstitions are long observed occurrences, giving us reason to believe or abide by them.

Superstitions surrounding birds knocking at windows

We all have superstitions. Wherever your roots are from and which culture you’ve derived them from, we all have a belief in the supernatural and the divine messages they may be sending us at the moment. Let’s identify the spiritual significance of birds.

No matter the size, type, or color, birds are a symbol of freedom and divinity as they always have been portrayed in the bible as symbols of hope and peace, such as Noah’s releasing of the dove in the sky, for its return meant there was no land yet and the water had not gone away, but if it didn’t return, it would mean there was.

The roots of these superstitions

In most cultures, birds are symbols of freedom, independence, and happiness, or in some ancient cultures may sometimes even symbolize messengers of the gods, if not the god himself.

But aside from the symbolism, our ancestors lacking the ability to send one another messages the way we now currently do, utilized birds to send their message across the globe, whether it be good news or a foreboding warning, birds have always been seen as messengers.

Different situations and contexts mean that this can be narrowed down to perception, and what this occurrence may mean for your current life.

Are you in a transitional period?

Has life shifted for you in the past few weeks or months, or an occurrence has left you shaken? Has a long-term relationship just ended? This could mean that you are entering into a transitional period, wherein you are going through this current situation whether for better or worse.

If the bird had died upon its collision, this could mean that a relationship or a specific situation has ended for good, and is a chance for you to take the reins and redirect your life past this momentary bump (check also a dead bird’s meaning).

Or if the bird lives, it’s possible it is a message of comfort, telling you everything will be alright and you only need to take heart, as, with the bird surviving this ordeal, you will, too. But remember, this is in your control, and only heed this as a message.

A message from a loved one

Despite our emotional instability during the loss of a loved one, no one can argue the multiple experiences of people seeing, hearing, or feeling their loved one once they’ve passed. If you have recently experienced the passing of a beloved family member, this bird may be its way of telling you that they are there, they miss you, they are proud of you, and will always be by your side to watch over you.

As our ancestors have utilized birds as messengers, so would our loved ones who can no longer communicate with you the way they used to. So feel relief in this message as this is a means of telling you they are at peace.

A Message From A Loved One

Don’t be too worried

Whether or not you believe in the universe sending you signs or signals, this could be a sign that it’s using this bird and your window as a way to let you know that everything will be okay. If life currently has just been a bit much and things seem to be closing in on you, this could be a sign that the universe is telling you to breathe and that everything will be okay, similar to the transitional message.

As birds have always been a symbol of freedom (also check other animals representing freedom), independence, and hope, you will be alright soon enough, but just like birds, you must keep hope alive and follow the currents of the air out of this difficult spot you’ve found yourself in.

Impending death

This is at the bottom of the list as this is most likely not the case, but in some cultures and ancient civilizations, this occurrence may mean the worst. If you have recently found yourself in a situation or in an agreement or a relationship that has your alarm bells ringing, or their actions have you questioning their motives or intentions, now’s the time to assess the situation and the people you’re around, especially if your current living situation may not be the safest.

Just as the bird has found its life snuffed out without warning because of a situation it brought itself into, this could be a sign to quickly remove yourself from the place, people, or relationships you’ve found yourself in to protect yourself. This can also be true for the people you love.

At the end of the day, this is a matter of perception and a proper application of where you are in life. Always remember to be wise, keep safe, and listen to the messages the universe is sending you.

[Video] Bird in a coma, but survives hitting my window

An interesting video: I ran outside, and a young blackbird had just hit my window. I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it. Here’s what you should do in case you find a bird like this.

Spiritual guidelines for different birds flew into the window and die

Bird typeSpiritual meaning
Robin flew into the window and diedThis suggests change, transformation, and new beginnings. It’s almost like the spirit world sending us messages to remind us of what is truly important in our lives – even when we experience loss or another type of ending to an old cycle.
Cardinal flew into the window and diedSome people associate it with a loved one who has passed and see it as a message from the spirit world. In Christian beliefs, the Cardinal is sometimes seen as a symbol of spiritual vigilance and a reminder of a loved one watching over them.
Sparrow flew into the window and diedThe sparrow is considered a symbol of new beginnings and a fresh start, so its death could represent the end of one cycle and the start of another.


A bird hitting the window and dying – what to do?

Taking the proper precautions when dealing with birds that strike windows is essential – not only for your safety but also to ensure you handle them in a respectful manner.
Put on some gloves or grab a paper towel before picking up the bird and placing it carefully inside a plastic bag. Be sure to dispose of this properly by throwing it into an outdoor bin; if possible, consider burying the animal at least two feet underground somewhere safe as well.

A bird hit my window and is still alive – what to do?

If you’re ever faced with a bird that has hit your window and is still alive, take action! Protect yourself by wearing gloves or using a towel to pick it up.
Place the bird in an isolated spot like a box where there are no children, pets, or noise. Carefully monitor it for signs of injury before reaching out to wildlife professionals who can best advise on how to care for our feathered friends – but don’t attempt any feeding unless instructed first!

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Author: Bryan Samoy
Bryan, an expert in spiritual symbolism and animal totems, conducts research on symbolic traditions worldwide. Contributions on our blog from Quezon City, Philippines.

4 thoughts on “A Bird Flew Into My Window, Is Death Knocking At My Door?”

  1. I am at my computor by my window and a bird hit the window right by me and is dead.It is a brown bird small. Looks like it broke it’s neck

    • Dear Phyllis, I’m sorry to hear about the bird hitting your window. This is often an unfortunate accident and doesn’t carry any ominous meanings. It’s okay to feel upset, it shows your empathy for nature. Consider making your windows more bird-friendly to prevent similar incidents. Setting up a bird feeder or bath could also bring some positivity from this event. Take care.

  2. pigeon just flew really hard into my window left a dust splatter on it, at first i went out to check as we thought someone throw a rock at the window. i thru some food down for him and he climbed behind a plant pot but there was alot of long leafy stems which he appeared to get caught up in, he couldnt reverse out and his head started to tilt heavily backwards within 5 seconds his head dropped and he never moved again. should i have just left him ? was the stress to much for his little heart?

    • Dear Sam. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to the pigeon. Birds often fly into windows because they see the sky in the reflection and think it’s another pathway. It’s possible that the stress and confusion after the impact were too much for the bird. However, it was very compassionate of you to offer it food and check on it. Sometimes such incidents are simply unavoidable, and despite our best intentions, we can’t always help. It’s important to remember that you tried to help and did the best you could in that situation.


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