Found A Bird In Your house? This Is The Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

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Bird Flying Into Your house

What does it mean when a bird flies into your house? This is a question that many people ask themselves, and there are many different answers. Some believe this means bad luck, illness, or even death to the person living in the home. Others believe it is an omen of good things for the homeowner.

This article will explore what happens when different types of birds with different colors fly into your house (or birds trying to get in house) and possible explanations for why they might do so!

bird flying into house Found A Bird In Your house? This Is The Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

What is the spiritual meaning of birds flying into your house?

There is a considerable number of superstitions and meanings associated with birds. These superstitions only come more to the fore when it involves your own home, especially the wild bird in a house meaning.

The associated meanings of a bird flying into your house are generally not good. A bird entering your dwelling is a sign of bad fortune. Many believe it heralds impending doom or bad news you will soon receive. A bird entering your house could precede the worst news of all, such as the death of a loved one.

Bird’s in the house

The top spiritual meanings

According to some spiritual beliefs, when a bird flies into a home, there is often a deeper meaning behind the event. Here are the top 7 messages and meanings that you can expect:

1) Message: Embrace Change and New Beginnings

A bird flying into your home can indicate that change is on the horizon and that it may be time to embrace new opportunities and start fresh.

2) Message: Trust Your Intuition and Inner Wisdom

When a bird flies into your home, it can remind us to listen deeply to your intuition and inner wisdom. There’s something special about this moment – it can be an invitation to pause, reflect and trust oneself more than ever before. Though difficult to know for sure, this symbolic interaction may well be calling us to reconnect with our instinctive nature, allowing us to take action from a place of knowing rather than from fear or doubt.

3) Message: Communication and Self-Expression are Important

bird is tapping at your window

A bird in your home may symbolize a message from the universe to open up and let out what you’ve been keeping pent up inside. It could be an invitation for more meaningful conversations with loved ones or taking time to express yourself creatively.

4) Message: Embrace Transformation and Growth

Entering a new phase of life? A friendly feathered visitor could be suggesting that it’s time for you to make some changes and expand your horizons.

5) Message: Abundance and Prosperity are Coming

An unexpected avian visitor to your house could mean a period of prosperity and luck is on the way.

wild bird in the house

6) Message: Bring More Joy and Happiness into Your Life

A feathery guest in your home may symbolize the need to add some joy and cheer into your life!

7) Message: Keep Working Toward Your Goals

A bird in your home sends a symbolic message that success is within reach, no matter how many obstacles stand between you and it. Keep striving forward!

Does the color of the bird influence the meaning?

Bird sightings can convey hidden messages beyond the literal sense. Depending on the color, a feathered visitor may subtly signal different meanings and symbols that could add further insight to deciphering its message.

Here’s a table that showcases how the color of the bird can influence the meaning:

Bird’s colorSpiritual MeaningImpact on One’s Life
RedGood luck, passion, excitement.A red bird flying into a house may bring good luck and positive energy, inspiring feelings of passion and excitement.
WhitePurity, innocence, peace.A white bird entering a house may symbolize purity and peace, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to one’s life.
BlackMystery, change, sophistication.A black bird flying into a house may indicate that change is coming and bring a sense of sophistication and elegance.
YellowHappiness, positivity, optimism.A yellow bird entering a house may bring happiness and positivity, inspiring feelings of optimism and hope.
BlueTranquility, peace, stability.A blue bird flying into a house may symbolize tranquility and peace, bringing a sense of stability and balance to one’s life.
GreenGrowth, abundance, harmony.A green bird entering a house may indicate growth and abundance, inspiring feelings of harmony and balance in one’s life.

What role does the type of bird play?

The specific interpretation depends also on the species of the bird, as well as the individual’s own experiences and cultural background. Here is a list of potential interpretations when one of these feathered friends visits your home:

  • Sparrow – A symbol of good fortune and success, potentially indicating new opportunities or a change in circumstances.
  • Dove – A symbol of peace, love, and new beginnings indicating a time for reflection and contemplation.
  • Crow – A symbol of transformation, change, and adaptability, potentially indicating a need to embrace change and let go of old habits or beliefs.
  • Owl – A symbol of wisdom and knowledge, potentially indicating a need to pay attention to your intuition or inner voice.
  • Blue Jay – A symbol of communication and self-expression, potentially indicating a need to speak your truth or express yourself creatively.
  • Raven – A symbol of magic, mystery, and transformation, potentially indicating a time for change and growth.
  • Falcon – A symbol of power, strength, and focus, potentially indicating a need to assert yourself or overcome obstacles.
  • Hummingbird – A symbol of joy, lightness, and beauty, potentially indicating a need to bring more lightness and happiness into your life.
  • Woodpecker – A symbol of persistence and determination, potentially indicating a need to keep working towards your goals.
  • Magpie – A symbol of good luck and prosperity, potentially indicating a time of abundance and financial success.
  • Peacock – A symbol of vanity, pride, and self-expression, potentially indicating a need to show off your talents or celebrate your achievements.

Mythologies and Superstitions of birds in houses in different cultures

Symbologists could associate such phenomena with mythologies and superstitions from many different cultures.

Greek culture

In Ancient Greece, birds meant the arrival of messages or visitations from the gods. Extremely rich in animal symbolism, the dove was associated with Aphrodite and was seen as an agent of fertility and love. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, was often illustrated with an owl. Zeus, on the other hand, regarded as the most powerful among the gods, would, at times, arrive with an eagle on hand. His eagle signifies strength, courage, and royalty.

Celtic culture

What to do if a bird flies into your house

In Celtic cultures, it was associated with death or the impending arrival of good or bad news. Birds played a critical role in Celtic mythology and were acknowledged as heavenly creatures transporting messages from the Divine.

The Celts believed their unique calls warned us about threats that may occur soon. The Celts help birds such as the raven, crane, and swan sacred, while the appearance of crows foretells defeat in battle and bloodshed.

Christian culture

In Christianity, it was often a sign of guardian angels warning us about the pleasure or displeasure of god. While people often view birds as small and insignificant, the spiritual meaning of a bird reminds us that we are loved regardless of how big or irrelevant others think we are.

catbird in the window

Stay on the safe side – don’t take risks

The general advice is not to let birds enter your home at all. If you are caring for a sick or injured bird, it is better to do so outside the house. Similarly, all unnecessary bird-related paraphernalia, such as bird-decorated wallpaper, should be avoided just to be on the safe side.

Numerous individuals accepted that since fowls could fly so high, they routinely flew all through paradise and were firmly associated with gods. This conviction framed the premise that the presence of a bird is a good omen that brings a sense of harmony, prosperity, and wisdom.

wild bird entering a house was seen as a death omen by many people:

“If a bird flies into your house, a death will follow within three days”

– Irish saying

Brehon Law and the bird in house meaning

In Ireland, a wild bird in the house was associated with death or extreme bad luck, particularly for women. This association was so well accepted that under the ancient Brehon law, an unmarried woman who became pregnant and could prove that she had been frightened by a bird flying into her house would have been cleared of any accusations of wrongdoing. As mandated by the judge, her virginity would no longer be in question either. 

This is true, especially for birds like magpies, crows, and ravens. Blackbirds are always associated with the devil or evil spirits, hence the traditions of saluting magpies and the children’s nursery rhyme “One for sorrow, two for joy…”

Regardless of the spiritual meanings or superstitions involved, the destructive capability of birds when confined in small spaces or rooms or the ability of birds to steal things (particularly shiny or sparkly things like jewelry), has been well established, and this may be the foundation for many of these beliefs.

Sometimes also, small birds forage and hop around an area to see if there’s any food there…

hummingbird in house


Is it good luck when a bird flies into your house?

There are a few regional variations of superstitions around birds flying into your home, but generally, it is not considered a sign of good luck. In fact, exactly the opposite is true.
A bird flying into your house is regarded as a bad omen that precedes the arrival of unfavorable news. Many people even view this uncommon incident as an omen of death.

What to do if a bird flies into your house?

Because of the related superstitions and stories associated with birds flying into houses, many people may panic if such an event occurs. This is not the right thing to do (you could try to avoid that situation as a bird defender).
First of all, you should get rid of the bird without harming it. Hurting the bird will only likely bring further sickness and bad luck to your home. Firstly, open all the house doors and windows. It would help if you created an avenue for it to escape, which is why it is best to remove such obstacles.
Next, wearing some eye protection if possible, you should gently guide it to the exit. Some gentle coaxing and cajoling should encourage it to leave, but you should not frighten or unnerve the bird.
Once the immediate problem is out of the way, you can turn to the problem of cleansing your home from bad luck. It is important not to dwell too much on the bad signs. You can try doing some simple things to bring on a bit of good luck to counter the bad energy.
For example, you might consider crossing your fingers, wishing on a penny, or hanging a horseshoe outside your front door.
One of the most effective ways of countering this kind of bad luck is to go out of your way to show kindness to birds. For example, you can hang some bird feed in your back garden, set up a birdhouse, or even build a swallow birdhouse.
This should help restore some sense of balance and eliminate the ill omens. Read also How To Get A Bird Out Of Garage, in case you need it.

What if a bird is tapping at your window?

Unfortunately, the meanings of this are equally ominous. This sound is truly chilling to many people worldwide because of what it foretells. A bird pecking on your window is thought to be a sign of death for someone in the house. This could also be a sign of death for someone not in the immediate family, but in the extended family.
In Gaelic culture, this may be related to the tale of the banshee, a haunting creature who is said to tap on the windows of homes where death is about to strike.
For obvious reasons, this is not very well received. There may be a more innocent explanation. Often birds are simply surprised by the sight of their reflection, and pecking at the window is how they try to show dominance to this new bird (their reflection). However, this will do little to calm the nerves of more superstitious people.

What if a bird flies into or hits your window?

A bird flying into your window can also be seen as a very symbolic event, filled with potential meanings. You might have heard as well of the saying:
A Bird Flew Into My Window, Is Death Knocking At My Door?
Many people consider this to have the same meaning as a bird tapping on your window (i.e. an impending death), but this is overly simplistic.
The truth is that a bird hitting your window can foretell a major change in your life, forcing you to change direction. Just as the bird is stopped in its tracks and needs to reorient itself, so will some household members.
Of course, a significant life event could be a death in the family, but it could also be a career change, a new baby, or simply a newfound purpose in life.
A bird in house meaning does not have to have a dark, sinister meaning. It could be a sign from the spiritual world about the beginning of a glorious new phase in your life. It is especially auspicious if the bird manages to get up after the accident, reassert itself, and fly away safely.

A bird trying to get in your house meaning

A feathered friend trying to gain entry into your home could signify more than the need for warmth. It may be an indication of a newfound sense of security or that something new is on its way, in addition to being a possible spiritual reminder from above urging you to take notice.

Bird in house, no windows open – how is that possible?

Birds are quite crafty when it comes to finding their way into our homes. While open doors or windows offer a direct entryway, they can also get in through any cracks and crevices such as chimneys, vents, and air conditioning units – even unnoticed gaps between walls! If you ever come across an injured bird indoors though – don’t hesitate to give your local wildlife rehab center a call for assistance right away.

sparrow in the house

Girl terrified of bird in her house

Actually rather funny: on her way into her home, this girl found a bird lying on her driveway. She immediately thought it was injured and took it inside her home. When she stepped away for a second and came back the bird was flying around the house.

Note to self: Don’t assume birds are injured because they aren’t flying.

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Meet Rachel, a veterinarian in Pasadena, California, and a valued contributor to our blog. Rachel brings a wealth of expertise to the table, with a particular focus on the intersection of symbolism, nature, and spirituality. She shares her knowledge and insights on our blog on regular basis.

24 thoughts on “Found A Bird In Your house? This Is The Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism”

      • A bird was flying around my bedroom about 2months ago and 2weeks later our friend that was living with us died suddenly and 2day there was another bird flying around in a different bedroom and our friend we have staying with us now just asked me last night how do u know when it’s your time 2go!!!! I’m freakin out 4real

        • I agree – one came into my home recently, then my grandma passed. Last week we had one in the house, and we found out our ex brother in law has died. Spooky!

  1. This year we have had a lot of birds try to come into the house. I had a pretty Blue Bird and his mate. He would also follow me from window to window. We had cardinals try to come in. We had wrens try to come in and the one little one that nests on the front porch does sometimes to the house when you open the door. We even had a homing pigeon he/she spent the night on our back deck. I wish they would tell me why they want to come in. And of course hummingbirds but I know what they wanted. But it is funny they seem to find me in the house and go to that window. But they are gone now for winter.

    • I have helped a lot of birds that could not fly or were injured since I was a child.
      Three days ago a small Robin came into the house it was behind the fridge and could not fly Silvereaster my big black cat was after it, anyway I got the bird and made a safe place for it to keep it and fed it water to, I put two herp plants inside the cage and the next morning the bird got out, lucky the cat was out that night, I could not let the bird out due it would not survive so I went and got a big cage and made it like a garden with trees and it getting on well its been four days now and it is eating and signing, once it can fly I will take the cage out in the garden and if it feels safe it will fly away but if it decided not to then I will figure something out.

      Over 40 years ago I was living in a home next door was an abandoned building, nose from it I went inside and inside the toilet a newborn no feathered bird was inside it, I got it and raised it, turned out to be a pidgin, I kept it and had it for years it used to fly out and come back as it wanted and when my partner came home from work the pidgin would fly down into the street and walk with her and then come into the house and walk up the stairs with her.
      One would like to believe it is gods will when one passes away and has nothing to do with birds coming inside your home, so next time you see an injured bird or a bird coming into your home for food or help, then you must help it, after all, it says in the good book help these in need and don’t shut them out that goes for all gods creatures, the only bird you should be worried about is the vulture as they are the only birds that can smell and senses death, if you start to believe that something will happen, then it may just come true, your mind can make you well or do the opposite if you allow it to do so, think good and not bad.
      The problems in our lives are created by us and blaming others and birds don’t do anybody or us any good! Believe in good and good will happen belive in bad and bad will happened.

  2. Today it has been 30+ minutes from now I have been having these black and red birds just flying over the house and in my backyard it’s giving me really bad anxiety I don’t know what this means.

  3. A bird was flying around my bedroom about 2months ago and 2weeks later our friend that was living with us died suddenly and 2day there was another bird flying around in a different bedroom and our friend we have staying with us now just asked me last night how do u know when it’s your time 2go!!!! I’m freakin out 4real

  4. A month ago or so two yellow-and-blue birds stopped briefly at my bedroom’s window. So far, nothing has happened but I’m a bit scared after reading the article.

  5. I have had a Nuthatch also known as a Carolina Wren climb into my t-shirt drying on the clothes line and go to sleep inside it about 4 times. The bird also would try to sleep in my awning. Then I got a bird feeder and placed it in the same awning. I figured out its favorite is cashews because they can be broken up easily. How I know this I once ran out and didn’t place any extra treats in the feeder for a few weeks. Well he came inside looking for them quite a few times and I have a video of it. Once I put a few crushed up a day in the feeder he stopped coming in. There once was a commotion of a bunch of them all coming in to feed at once and he flew through the house past me in the kitchen and out the back door another time flew to my bedroom and hang out for a little while. Well I have had the feeder for years now and have 4 Cardinals,
    5 Titmice, a Giant Woodpecker and a pair of gracious Bluejays plus a few others. They all announce themselves as they land on the feeder everyday to say they are there with my front door open or not. I have had birds come to me in different places and my message to all is if a bird comes to you it means it needs help and is probably very hungry. I have never associated a omen to a close bird encounter even if it’s a few feet away. My local Titmice associate me being near my feeder as “new treats” (unsalted cashews or unsalted dry roasted peanuts) being put into the feeder as a extra treat for them. It’s a beautiful thing to see the parents bring their little ones along to the feeder as they learn to fly so Life can be beautiful if you open your eyes and mind to it.

    • For more than 10years birds have entered my house just a few weeks before someone close died. On holiday 3 birds, were little birds. Within two weeks my daughter in Law had a miscarriage, my petite friend from Liverpool died and our full grown next door neighbor died. Before my mother a bird flew in thru the window rot he opposite wall turned and flew out. My paternal grandmother, the bird came down the chimney; my father a bird just arrived from where … no idea in th3 living room; childhood friends too… My husband laughed saying that it was just coincidence. I reminded him of how a bird also flew into the house, just before my mentor of a boss passed. Then today, 2 weeks ago another bird flew in…. a beautiful, wonderful man, a former colleague, I so respected passed away.

  6. Is it really death that is brought by a bird who enters the bedroom? During my birthday at around 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning a ricebird coloredbrown bird entered our bedroom and we were surprised so i prayed at once saying “i pray that what you brought is a good luck for us” my sister’s bf tied it and went for his job interview and luckily he was hired so we believed that that was the lucky message of the bird unfortunately the following morning the bird died in the corner so i threw it outside saying thanks for the luck you gave the my sister’s bf.

  7. A bird came in my house threw the chimney, it flew around the kitchen

    and living room. Finally I was able to get him out the front door

    unharmed, but I’m sacred after hearing what it could mean.

  8. For more than 10years birds have entered my house just a few weeks before someone close died. On holiday 3 birds, were little birds. Within two weeks my daughter in Law had a miscarriage, my petite friend from Liverpool died and our full grown next door neighbor died. Before my mother a bird flew in thru the window rot he opposite wall turned and flew out. My paternal grandmother, the bird came down the chimney; my father a bird just arrived from where … no idea in th3 living room; childhood friends too… My husband laughed saying that it was just coincidence. I reminded him of how a bird also flew into the house, just before my mentor of a boss passed. Then today, 2 weeks ago another bird flew in…. a beautiful, wonderful man, a former colleague, I so respected passed away.

  9. A black bird with White feather in chest area suddenly chirping so noisy at 2am.. also in that time, my wife has angina feelings. I ask my son’s to shoo away the bird, it manages to get out but was harm a little bit with one of son. As a Christian this syncretism is forbidden for us to believe specially for superstitions like this. But I found it ironic that at 2am , a black bird will enter your close door house and chirping so noisy. I fully entrusted God on this omen.. bad luck or good luck.. only Jesus has the power to take life..

  10. I just had a gray bird fly around in my garage! Have no idea how it got in there! I opened the door and it flew away. About a year ago a bird flew in the house part, stayed an hour and a half, lit on my finger, so, I opened the door so it could fly away. After it left there was an aura of such peace in the house! It was almost eerie

    • Pamela! What an enchanting experience! Birds occasionally finding their way into our spaces can indeed be unexpected and mysterious. The peaceful aura you mentioned after the gray bird’s visit seems to resonate with many beliefs about birds being messengers of change and harmony. Perhaps your garage guest was a little reminder of the serenity and surprises life holds. It’s lovely to hear how these moments leave such a lasting and positive impression.


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