Swan Feeding

What Do Swans Eat?

Swans are one of the largest waterfowl species of the Family Anatidae and subfamily Anserinae. Most swans are classified in the genus called Cygnus. Swans are elegantly long-necked, big-footed, and heavy-bodied birds that glide royally when swimming. Swans fly via … Read More

can birds smell

Can Birds Smell?

Nosediving Into This Age-Old Issue For most animals, a scent instantly tells them about the personal profile of their peers. However, people have long dismissed the bird’s ability to detect an odor, specifically smell-based communications that unwittingly eliminate the advantages … Read More

Top 15 of the Biggest Birds of Prey

Top 15 of the Biggest Birds of Prey

The heaviest and largest birds who had the ability to fight are now extinct. The largest and heaviest bird species living is in mountains, plains, forests, and riverside. These fascinating creatures are at the food chain top owing to their … Read More

Fun facts about birds

Fun Facts About Birds

Birds are the most diverse class among terrestrial vertebrates and over 11,000 different species of birds are currently known. They are social animals and communicate with visual signals, voice calls, or singing. These are some of the fun facts about … Read More