parrot symbolism

Parrot Symbolism

Fowl-Mouthed: Why Parrots Talk And What’s Behind Its Every Squawk Because of their beauty and unique intelligence, parrots are hands down one of the most favored bird species in the world. Their ability to imitate the human voice as well … Read More

seagull symbolism

Seagull Symbolism

Offensive Fowl: Prying Into The Seagull’s Meddling Nature Much like angels, birds are known to represent freedom, imagination, and spirituality. Believed to have been gifted with otherworldly powers, they are often seen as creatures of wisdom that bear messages directly … Read More

birds that bring good luck - peacock

Birds That Bring Good Luck

Luck From Above: How Even A Bird’s Poop Can Bring Luck In many cultures, birds are seen as mystical creatures that carry with them the promise of good fortune and prosperity. From being spirit messengers to physically embodying fertility, strength, … Read More

pheasant symbolism

The Pheasant Symbolism

Flamboyant And Humble: What Best Describes The Pheasant Symbolism Known as one of the original immigrants of North America that flew in from Asia, pheasants are colorful and fascinating birds that have established their population across the Western states. Using … Read More