Birds That Represent Strength: Discover the Power of Birds

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Birds That Represent Strength

Birds That Represent Strength: Encouraging Us To Face Our Fears

As life nowadays is composed of overwhelming e-mails, long commutes, and an even longer to-do list, many of us find very little room for downtime and reflection. Widely recognized as divine messengers that bring enlightenment, courage, and wisdom, birds would swoop down to remind us to reflect and re-discover our purpose in life.

Often flying in to increase our levels of physical and spiritual toughness, here are the top 10 birds that represent strength.

“Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.”

– Niccolò Machiavelli



Known as the “King of the Skies,” the eagle is known to bring dynamic spiritual messages such as strength, courage, and guidance. Perceived as an effective divine messenger, its impressively robust wings motivate us to find growth opportunities even when all things seem lost.

Recognized for their amazing ability to lead, eagles encourage us to hone our negotiating skills and learn how to communicate more clearly in our relationships. They tell us that although life can get rough, we should always face our challenges head-on and continue to rise to greater heights.

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While the first things that come to mind when an ostrich is mentioned are their humungous eggs and the belief that they stick their heads to the ground, there is more to these fast-running birds than meets the eye. Observed to dig holes to keep their eggs in the sand instead of nests, they channel the courage we need to be loving, protective parents.

Known to swallow rocks as a way to improve their digestion, this unique trait symbolizes our strength to keep going even when faced with hardships. Although the ostrich encourages us to be more observant, it also pushes us to face our challenges head-on for they help build a solid foundation for success later on.

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“Where is the man who has the strength to be true, and to show himself as he is?”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Blue jay

blue jay

Due to its size, the jay is not a commonly expected member of the birds that represent strength list; however, don’t underestimate that bird!

A welcome image in parks and backyard bird feeders, the blue jay is a songbird that gives us the strength to stand up for ourselves. They appear to remind us that speaking up shows our high self-worth, helping us feel more confident and important.

Sporting a crown of feathers that they can move depending on how they feel, a blue jay would often visit us to tell us why self-expression should be practiced without hesitation. Their presence implies that while our uniqueness may not always be understood by many, it enables us to develop a positive perspective and fearlessly move forward on the path to progress.

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Recognized for their stout bodies and vivid red feathers, the cardinal is a cheerful songbird that is considered in many traditions as a symbol of devotion and long-lasting relationships. Known to stay with a single mate for life, they provide us with the strength to stay away from thoughts and actions that may lead us to stray from our romantic partners.

Highly associated with the mythical phoenix in some cultures, they motivate us to bounce back each time we encounter failures in life. They appear to inspire us to “rise from the ashes” and keep moving forward even when we go through our most challenging times.

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Known for its massive wings, razor-sharp eyes, and taste for carrion, the condor is an imposing image of resourcefulness, foresight, and strength. Respected to be among the world’s biggest flying birds, they serve as our source of strength in facing life’s harshest realities.

Featuring an unsightly head and neck that are bare of feathers, condors provide us with the inner strength to go out into the world as though we always look our best. By helping us increase our self-confidence, they give us the courage to walk into any room and appear to not care or notice what others think.

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Respected for its ability to spot and chase after its prey with great agility and speed, the falcon gives us the strength to effectively go after our goals. Their ability to soar high in the sky motivates us to rise above the most ambitious and demanding situations.

“One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.”

– Albert Schweitzer

Featuring wings and bodies that are built for efficient hunting, falcons remind us to be proud of our skills for they are often enough to lead us toward the path of growth and success. Their appearance not only enables us to live our lives to the fullest, but it also gives us the courage to take risks and be ourselves.

The falcon also made it on our list of the most powerful animals.

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Boasting eyesight that is five times better than ours, the hawk is often associated with intelligence, perception, and high levels of spiritual awareness. Thriving in most parts of the world, hawks give us the ability to adapt to the various situations that we may find ourselves in, all while never losing sight of our goals and aspirations.

An aggressive hunter that inspires us to broaden our perspectives, the hawk gives us the strength to view setbacks as an opportunity to learn lessons that will ultimately help us realize dreams that we have long desired. They encourage us to dream high and enjoy the challenges we find.

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While most birds are gifted with wings that they can use to fly, penguins are naturally equipped with flippers that allow them to jump into the water and glide effortlessly. Their ability to endure the most frigid conditions gives us the heart to endure life’s most unfavorable situations.

Observed to huddle together to stay warm, their appearance indicates how our close-knit relationships can get us through the toughest of times. They tell us that while our family can sometimes drive us crazy, they will always give us the strength to face obstacles throughout our lives.

Besides being on the list of birds that represent strength, the penguin would deserve to be on top of the list of animals that represent endurance for sure!

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Outfitted with breathtaking tails and equally eye-catching sets of feathers, peacocks are unquestionably one of the most fascinating birds known to man. But despite such admirable charm, we rarely take the time to acknowledge the message of dominance, confidence, and strength that these fiercely aggressive birds provide.

The peacock’s presence teaches us how to be more self-assured and to believe that we deserve to enjoy the good things that life has to offer. They encourage us to live up to our potential, which often leads to a happy, healthy life.

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Vulture after meal Birds That Represent Strength: Discover the Power of Birds

As they rarely kill other animals for nourishment, vultures rely on their ability to lie in wait for hours just to acquire their dinner. Putting in a considerable amount of patience to obtain food, vultures awaken our resourcefulness and willpower to help us achieve our goals.

Revered for their terribly strong tummies that enable them to survive on carrion, vultures give us the strength to approach new challenges with excitement and determination. They encourage us to see hardships as an opportunity to grow and give us the toughness to keep going until we achieve success.

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From freedom and intelligence to hope and wisdom, birds are revered for the many symbolisms they bring. While most of us go through challenges that easily make us feel weak, these birds that represent strength set us up for growth and success.

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