10 Adorable Animals That Represent Love

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Animals That Represent Love

Love is a powerful and magical thing. It has the power to make us feel happy, content, and at peace with ourselves and our world. Some people believe that animals can be symbols of love too. They come up with some pretty cute names for these creatures like “love bugs” or “love birds.” We are going to take this idea one step further by showcasing 10 animals that represent love in their own way.

For as long as humans have existed, so have animals. In many cultures and beliefs, animals are seen as spiritual beings who represent deep aspects of our humanity. Unfortunately, some people think animals are inferior to humans and do not pay keen attention to them. If you are sensitive enough, you may be able to pick up on the many symbols different animals represent and watch how they can apply in your life. 

Messages from Animals Bearing the Love Symbol

Have you ever wondered if an animal is trying to send you a message that could ultimately change your life? Messages from animals can take different forms and be passed in different ways.

In some instances, you could find yourself crossing paths with a certain animal repeatedly or you may also see an animal in your dreams. There’s also a chance that the animal in question could be your pet. These are different ways in which animals try to pass messages to us. And if you’re fated to encounter animals that symbolize love, they could be sending you any of the following messages.

  • Animals may bring messages that will point you to a new love interest
  • They could be letting you know that your loved ones need your attention
  • They may point you towards the direction of a pregnancy
  • They may be sending a message across that needs you to love yourself even more

The following paragraphs discuss 10 animals that represent love. You may be pleasantly surprised by some of the names you’ll find.


The dolphin is one animal that has been known to be peaceful and within it’s peaceful nature lies love. Dolphins are animals that represent love and in some cases, their symbol is used in churches to signify that they are guided by the love of Jesus Christ. 

dolphin love symbol


The dove is a common bird whose symbol represents peace all the time. Most times humans use the word “as peaceful as a dove”. They are also considered to be a symbol of love and most people with their various beliefs consider a dove to represent love in their own way. Some say a dove has the capacity of holding love, while some believe that doves are the goddess of love. Hence, whatever the belief or tradition, the dove still represents love. Read more about the dove symbolism here.


Swans are considered to be birds with beautiful necks and they are considered to be graceful. These birds also represent love, purity, chastity, grace, and sincerity. If you are one of the Roman Catholic people, you should be used to swans as they are a symbol of love and purity for the Roman Catholic.  Hence, swans represent love and when two swans bring their necks together, they create the heart shape. Read more about the Swan symbolism here.


It is certain that you are already wondering what a horse is doing on our list, but don’t be surprised because horses also represent love. Not only do they represent love, but they also represent fertility and abundance. If you check the Chinese zodiac sign, you will find the image of horses there because they believe that horses practicalize love. However, when two horses also bring their necks together, they form the heart symbol. 

As a bonus animal, you could consider the seahorse; it symbolizes love since they mate for life – read more about the seahorse spiritual meaning.

The French Angelfish

These fishes are a true definition of love and loyalty. Whenever you see them, they are always moving in pairs and they make sure to defend their territory often. An angelfish protects it’s loved one and they symbolize love.


A starfish is not one animal that you come across often but they represent love, hence whenever you see them, pay attention to the message they are trying to pass across to you. The starfish is also considered to be a celestial being. They are also used as a symbol of peace and survival in times of hardship, their symbol represents infinite love. 


The ladybug is not only seen as a symbol of love but also as a lucky charm. When you catch a ladybug, it is believed that you have caught the love bug and it will take your message of love to your lover, and in no time, your lover will come running to you. Some say it is their lucky charm, hence, when they see a ladybug, they believe they have found love and luck at the same time. Find out more about the Ladybug symbolism here.

Ladybug love symbol

Turtle Doves

Just like doves, turtle doves also represent divine love and their love is loyal. The pair are always so cute and if you never believed in love, the symbol of turtle doves will change your perception. Their love is loyal and they are very romantic. Whenever you come across a turtle dove or their symbol, they are always in pairs and that is their symbol of love. Also, check our post: Turtle Dove vs Mourning Dove.


You don’t need to be told that as little as butterflies are, they also represent love. Butterflies are beautiful and they look very graceful in their various colors always perching from one flower to another. These lovely creatures are a true definition of love and they seem to be passing a message of love and happiness whenever you see them. Love to them is not to be endured but enjoyed with freedom. Read more about the butterfly meaning here.


The last but not the least on our list is the albatross. These birds are also considered to be a symbol of love and their love is loyal. Although they spend most of their time flying high, they have a strong belief in love and sticking to one partner considered to be their soulmate.  


Almost every animal you see out there represents one or two things, some represent strength, weakness, loyalty, deception, etc. However, looking at the animal kingdom, finding animals that represent love will not be difficult. Love is something that everyone craves, some people may feel exhausted already, but let these animals rejuvenate the feeling and strength of love in you once again. You may not get to see these animals but their symbols are what matters and they represent the love and loyalty you seek. Listen to the messages sent by these animals and let them show you the true meaning of love. 

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