Ladybug Symbolism, Spirit Animal, and What It Means To You

If a ladybug has ever landed on your hand or arm, their innocent presence may have spurred your curiosity about their spiritual meaning. Ladybugs are bright, beautiful little insects that make their presence known during the spring and summertime.

Even though these lady beetles are small, they are magnificent creatures beneath the surface. In some areas of the world, they are considered positive omens of luck and fortune.

Others associate them with infestation and death. The symbolic meaning behind a ladybug is one of protection, rejuvenation, and sacrifice.

How brave a ladybug must be!
Each drop of rain is big as she.
Can you imagine what you’d do,
If raindrops fell as big as you?

Aileen Fisher

What Does a Ladybug Symbolize?

A ladybug sighting is a wonderful experience, seeing these benevolent beings coasting through the summer sky hunting for aphids to munch on. The meaning of ladybug symbolism can help you guide you throughout your everyday life.

Sign of protection

When a ladybug is threatened, they release a blood-like substance from its kneecaps. This is a protective tact used to ward off predators due to its foul odor.

The powerful spirit of the ladybug may appear to remind you that you are divinely protected. No matter what you may be going through, something somewhere is helping guide you through challenging times.


A deeper meaning of the ladybug stems from their ability to hibernate. Yellow ladybugs are known for infesting homes while they hide away from the cold weather, sometimes resulting in a call for pest control!

Seeing a ladybug reminds you of the need to find ways to retract in your own life and allow your mind and body to rest. Without rest and rejuvenation, you won’t function at your best, mentally or emotionally.

ladybug spirit


When a ladybug lays her eggs, she’ll release unfertilized eggs as well as a food source for the baby larvae.

Ladybugs have a strong association with charity, giving to others, and sacrificing something of your own for the benefit of others. They remind you to help those in need whenever you have the means; you never know how a small gesture will change someone’s life.

Abundance of Love

Lady bugs are known for having a high amount of mating partners. These bugs mate every two days during their traditional mating period. Each time, they interact with a new partner.

If a ladybug lands on you, they are there to remind you of all the love that exists within the world. If you’ve experienced heartbreak or breakup, this little creature has come to remind you that there is someone for you just around the corner.

ladybugs on hand


Unlike mammals, insects and their children have a much different relationship. Ladybugs lay eggs many times throughout the years. Many of their eggs are likely to hatch into little forms of the larva.

Unfortunately, neither the ladybug female nor the male takes care of these babies after the eggs are laid. From birth, baby ladybugs are completely independent and forced to adapt to their environment.

If you tend to see ladybugs frequently, this may be a sign that you are a highly independent and adaptable person. You tend to take care of your own needs, don’t prefer to ask others for help, and always land on your feet no matter where life leads you.

“A ladybug cannot change its spots.”

– Anonymous

If you’re not adaptable by nature, the ladybug’s appearance may be urging you to find your own independence. This may be in a financial, emotional, or mental way.

Reflect on how you adapt to new experiences and if you have any attachments to the familiar, and try to find a healthy balance between the two.

Good Luck

Lady bugs are often associated with the heavens and considered divine beings. This little creature often symbolizes good luck, fortune, and blessing. Their presence may have been sent from the sky, indicating the positive energy that is assisting you right now.

Suppose you are completing a project or committed to an opportunity that seems too challenging or complex for you. In that case, a ladybug may appear before you as a symbol of hope and a positive omen for the luck that is all around you right now.

ladybug native american culture

Dead ladybug symbolism

Instead of having a ladybug land on you, maybe you’ve encountered one dead in the yard. These beautiful little bugs are known for playing dead by retracting into their shells when they are threatened. Whether you find a truly dead ladybug or one that’s incognito, there are a few spiritual meanings for this phenomenon.

Cycle of Life

If you see a dead ladybug, you may have been guided to find it to learn one of the most powerful lessons of life. A creature of its size is often seen as an innocent being, and through our own minds, it’s hard to imagine one doing any harm or evil. And yet, they are victims of the cycle of life and one day will meet death.

ladybug and flower

The dead ladybug meaning reminds you of your own mortality and the unchanging cycle of life that each of us must accept. Learning to accept that life’s cycle continues to turn, whether you allow it to or not, can help you recognize the gift that life truly is.

If life is temporary, why spend it doing anything other than following your joy? Even though the morbid sight of the ladybug may be jarring at first, they still bring a powerful message to follow your bliss and embrace your happiness while you’re still alive.

Bad luck

The Ladybug has been associated with many religious figures and gods throughout different cultures. One prominent association is the Virgin Mary.

When you see a bug in the wild, it’s easy to have an instinct to kill or flick it away from you. While this may be just an instinct, it may be beneficial to control yourself from doing so.

Some believe that killing a ladybug can bring bad luck into your life because of its ties to Mary. While this may just be an old Christian superstition, I wouldn’t risk it!

Letting go of the past

Ladybugs are temporary creatures that seem to live life one moment at a time. These insects naturally let go of their children before they hatch, only live a short while, and are often victims of prey themselves.

A dead ladybug symbolizes the need to let go of the past, pain, and any suffering you’ve held to for too long. If you allow yourself to be weighed down by the tragedies of life, you won’t have room to experience the love and joy that still exists.

If you’ve struggled with letting go, tap into the celestial energies of the ladybug and live in the moment.

Ladybug Larvae
Ladybug larvae

Understanding ladybug symbolism and death

If you find a dead ladybug, then it will not have any significant meaning. This is merely a circle of life and the end of the insect’s life cycle. Throughout its life, the ladybug has been a strong symbol representing the human soul. This insect is also said to be protected by ‘Virgin Mary’.

Hence, you are likely to have bad luck if you kill one knowingly or unknowingly. This bad luck is likely to be there for a straight nine days! Moreover, the person who is the killer of this ladybug is likely to face his/her death the following day!

The Symbolism of the Ladybug in Different Cultures

The bright color of the lady bug’s shell has made its presence known throughout every continent except Antarctica. The ladybug symbol is often associated with different gods in many different cultures.

blurred ladybug

Christian Traditions and European cultures

The traditional species of ladybug has a bright red spotted shell. Early Europeans have associated the ladybug with the Christina Icon, Virgin Mary. Mary is often depicted wearing a beautiful bright red robe, just like the shell of these beetles. Another correlation between the two is the spots on the beetle’s shell.

Most commonly, ladybugs in Europe have seven spots along their wings. These spots were said to symbolize the Seven Joys and Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary.

Farmers prayed to Virgin Mary, seeking her protection for their crops, and she is believed to have sent the ladybugs to defend them once; the bugs are referred to as ‘Beetles of the Lady’ by the farmers. This insect is known to have evolved into ‘ladybugs.’ Because of their connection with Mary, many people once considered them a gift from God.

virgin mary ladybug
Virgin mary and ladybug

Here are a few other instances where ladybugs have appeared in European culture.

In France, if a ladybug landed on a woman’s hand, it was a sign that she could be married within a year.

Similarly, in Italy, many believed if a ladybug landed on or near a newlywed couple, the spots on its wings would signify the number of children they would have.

Lastly, Dentists in France once used insects in their practice. If you went to a French dentist in the early days and told them you had a toothache or cavity, you may have soon regretted it.

They would mash up ladybugs and other insects and insert the bugs into the cavity. These dentists believed the ladybugs had healing properties and also helped with the pain, although it may have just been the disgusting taste distracting their patients.

There’s also believed that ladybugs could cure both measles and colic.

“The ladybug wears no disguises. She is just what she advertises—a speckled spectacle of spring, a fashion statement on the wing, a miniature orange kite, a tiny dot-to-dot delight.”

– J. Patrick Lewis

Norse ladybug mythology and folklore

Before Christianity became prominent in Europe, native ladybugs were called ‘Freya’s Bird.’ Freya is a Norse God associated with fertility, love, and beauty.

Legend states that Freya loved these little beetles and sent them to earth as a gift from God. There’s also a common belief that the God, Thor, sent ladybugs to earth on a lightning bolt, hoping their positive energy would be a gift for his people.

Freya, a Norse godess

Celtic Cultures

Ladybugs are found in many areas of the world, including Ireland. These bugs have gained many names, but none are as interested as their Irish nickname.

If you’re an Irish native or have traveled to this land, you’ve probably heard these beetles called God’s little cow. The name likely stems partly from their Christian origins and also from their spotted backs. The spots resemble those of a cow, making them a little cow gifted from the heavens above.

Types of ladybugs, see more here

American Culture

In 1988, the first invasive, non-native lady beetle was found in the United States, known as Asian lady beetles. Seeing these beetles was a not-so-positive sign, and they are often associated with being evil or bad.

This is because these orange ladybugs are very invasive and known for releasing a smelly substance when landing on people or objects. Pink eye is one known health challenge that these beetles are said to cause if handled improperly. Today, it’s part of American tradition to avoid these orange beetles at all costs.

NASA once conducted an experiment with the American ladybug and aphids in space. They were curious as to how the aphids would survive against the hungry ladybugs in zero gravity.

ladybug totem

Ladybug spirit animal: are you spiritually connected to ladybugs?

A spirit animal appears in your life to help show you wisdom and guidance, a totem animal is a spiritual energy that exists within you, and a power animal is an animalistic trait you can call upon for assistance.

Guardian Spirit

The playful spirit of lady buy is a powerful teacher that comes to you in times of need. Red is a color of wealth, holding power, passion, and confidence. Ladybug’s red shells are a reminder of your worth, hoping to instill the confidence you need to go after your heart’s desires.

This animal spirit also reminds you of your own beauty, both inside and out. Your uniqueness is meant for you to stand out, for everyone to bask in your magnificence! If you’re ever feeling less than and need a confidence boost, call upon the ladybug to remind you of your beauty, value, and worth. 

Most insects only live less than a year; the ladybug is no exception. The spirit animal of this beautiful beetle may appear as a reminder of the importance of living in the moment.

You never know how much time you have on this wonderful earth, and it’s important to spend each day appreciating what you have in life. The ladybug spirit animal also teaches you to share your love and fortune with others while you have the chance.

ladybug take off

Ladybug Totem Animal

This animal totem is no stranger to recognizing the circle of life. In fact, they will eat their own kind if their survival depends on it.

Ladybug people are those who are assigned this totem beetle. They often have very vibrant personalities, and although they are flashy on the outside, they have a vast inner world that they tend to retreat to often.

Because the ladybug is often depicted as a gift from God, if this bug is your totem animal, you may have innate protective powers, much like the heavens have over the earth.

If the ladybug is your totem animal, you likely have an appreciation for beauty, and self-care, and enjoy the finer things in life. You love watching sunsets, and flowers, and enjoying the simple experiences in life.

The energy of this totem animal is light-hearted, loving, and full of inspiration and hope

ladybug take off

Ladybug Power Animal

One of the many misconceptions about ladybugs is that they are weak creatures. While they may be small, these bugs have been highly favored throughout many cultures signifying divine protection that surrounds them.

Some consider it to be a spiritual sign to come across a dead ladybug. If you are one of them, then you need to understand the shared message.

Ladybugs use their beauty to obtain what they want; even in ancient beliefs, these bugs have been favored for their grace.

“With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one like a bug in a rug.”

– Anonymous

Call upon the power of these celestial bodies when you are in need of gaining favor in your life. Maybe you’re looking for a new job, a lover, or up against a court case; this power animal can offer you the ability to dazzle and magnetize anyone that lays their eyes on you.

This power animal can also be called upon when seeking answers to life’s most important questions. The spots on the beetle’s shells can symbolize different aspects of our lives, and the ladybug carries with it the infinite knowledge of the divine.

If you’re struggling to find answers, or are having trouble making a decision, ask the ladybug to help you overcome your fear and confusion.

on leave

Lady bugs: if they’re appearing in your dreams

When you think about dreaming of bugs, it may not sound too appealing. Well, dreaming of bugs isn’t all bad, especially when they’re ladybugs.

These vibrant creatures can visit you in your dreams to help show you their message, especially if you ignore their guidance in your waking life.

New Beginnings

Lady bugs have a lifespan of 1-2 years. They do for the ladybug, and their entire life feels like a constant cycle of change and freshness. Think about it, if you were to only live for a year or two, wouldn’t almost every experience you have felt like a new beginning?

If you are visited by a ladybug in your dreams, this can indicate that you are on the verge of experiencing a powerful change in your life. The change may be due to a new beginning and a change in the current course of your life.

Whether you’re starting a new job, moving to a new city, or entering a new romantic relationship, dreaming of the ladybug is a positive sign that there is new energy heading your way.

Bad Intentions

Lady bugs are a summer favorite due to their beautiful color and innocent nature. But, chances are, if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing one of these insects in the wild, you’ve had one land on you and experience the mess they create.

The liquid stain from a ladybug can be a real criminal to get out of clothing.

When the ladybug appears in your dream, especially if it stains your body or clothing, this may be a warning that someone in your life doesn’t have pure intentions for you.

Or, if you’ve committed to a new opportunity, it may seem bright and flashy on the outside, but there is something you’re not aware of on the inside.

Dead Ladybug Meaning


Ladybugs are known for laying an extraordinary amount of eggs within their lifetimes. On average, a ladybug can lay 1,000 eggs within her 1 – 2 year lifespan.

You may see a ladybug in your dream if you’re trying to have a child. They are a positive omen that symbolizes your own fertility and encourages you to continue with your efforts.

Ladybugs may even appear in your dreams to let you know that you are pregnant even before you know for yourself!

Is it good luck to see a ladybug?

Some cultures believe that if a ladybug visits you, then you are likely to derive good luck. You can experience good weather, succeed in love, fulfill your wishes, and enjoy financial success. Other cultures believe that a ladybug landing on your body brings immense luck. Some even state that the places where the ladybug lands are likely to enjoy improved versions.

ladybug means luck

Encounters and omens – what does it mean when you see a ladybug?

If there are ladybugs in your house, then it is cited that there can be some special reasons for their presence. This unique insect is indeed a welcome sight. They are present in bright colors and are easily visible although small in size.

We have also written about the different colors of the ladybug and their meanings – see below.

When you see a ladybug, it means that you’re about to encounter good luck. This is especially the case when someone sees one of these creatures as they are leaving their house with good intentions.

orange ladybug meaning

Some people associate this tiny creature’s symbolism not just with luck but also with love and protection for loved ones (in fact, the ladybug made it on our list: ‘animals that symbolize protection‘).

According to some cultures, seeing a Ladybug on your way out or coming in from work can be seen as an omen of how today will turn out. Seeing them going away could indicate success while encountering them returning might mean failure – though other interpretations vary greatly depending on where you live!

Ladybug Symbolism and Death

To many westerners, ladybugs represent good fortune because they were once thought to bring prosperity and abundance wherever they landed following Christianity’s arrival in Europe centuries ago.

You may even wonder if the already chosen path will cause another disappointment or help you to achieve freedom and success. With the ladybug visiting you, it can perhaps be a sign for you to stop worrying or rushing things.

She rather tells you to be patient to allow things to unfold naturally. You are sure to find comfort in her presence and also enjoy the immense calm, especially during turbulent times of life.

Many consider ladybugs to be lucky charms. It does not pose any threat, unlike other insects. Rather, they are associated with good luck, favorable news, and fortune.

Is it good luck to see a ladybug?

Ladybug symbolism love

Does sighting a ladybug symbolize love? Yes! The ladybug is said to convey the message of true love. Ancient Asian traditions believe that if someone catches one and releases it, then it is likely to deliver your message to the desired person. It will then fly within your intended love’s whispering distance to whisper your name. Once your true love gets to hear this, he/she is sure to seek your love.

But this does not mean that you should keep your hopes only on these symbols. Rather, you should delve deep within your mind, heart, and soul. Find out how your inner impulses are associated with the symbolic phenomenon taking place in your life.

Ladybug Symbolism Love

The ladybug is indeed a symbol of adoration, ardor, passion, and amorousness. This is because of its attractive red color. The red color is related to primal urge, desire, and passion including sex. It does trigger always a passionate fire feeling that kindles within (See also birds that symbolize love).

Therefore, as the ladybug visits you, it offers you a message to connect with your love and passion. It also ignites your entire being. It is indeed a positive and auspicious connection. Love may be present in countless forms.

The appearance of the ladybug can be a powerful reminder to open up your heart. It also ensures that you are connected with your real love. This can be your friend or some family member, love for hobby or work.

Ladybugs in house meaning

Ladybugs in house meanings are different depending on the culture. For some, they bring good luck and fortune; for others, it is an indication of a coming marriage or addition to your family – but this depends on where you live! You’ve probably heard how ladybugs make people happy because upon seeing one there have been many anecdotal stories about their power in bringing joy into our lives.

Ladybugs in house

Ladybugs are said to represent fertility due to their voracious appetites when it comes to aphids. The more aphids there nearby equal future children (if applicable), so keep an eye out for them before next spring hits! Just make sure they’re not under attack by any garden chemicals or pesticides–as mentioned the lady bug’s house meaning can also mean birth within close-knit families which could bode well for those who have been trying unsuccessfully fertility with no success thus far.


If you are a spiritual person, these ladybug myths are sure to have sparked a dose of optimism as you’ve learned about their both ancient and modern themes. The ladybug is a little resident bug and a symbol of beauty and hope.

The next time you see one flutter by, thank it for the gift it brought down to earth, and listen closely for the message that it brings.

Read here if you found a dead ladybug and want to understand the dead ladybug’s meaning.

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