The Power of the Winged Guardians: Discover the Birds That Represent Protection

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Bird that represent protection

Safety Flight: Birds That Represent Protection

Throughout history, birds have been admired for their gift of flight. As beautiful and fascinating as they are, their ability to soar in the sky allows them to watch over us, all while being close to the gods. Highly revered as guardians that can transcend both physical and heavenly realms, let’s wing in on the top 5 birds that represent protection.

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”

– Sigmund Freud

Blue jay

blue jay

With its distinct crest, perky calls, and signature blue, white, and black plumage, the blue jay is a bird that we can either love or hate. Admired for their intelligence and fondness for close-knit relationships, these songbirds use their loud shrills and trills to alert other birds of predators, making them a reliable symbol of protection.

While their blaring calls are an annoyance for some, many believe that blue jays fly in to warn us of threats and dangers in our surroundings. Their appearance also reminds us of the importance of spiritual awareness for such a trait helps us come to terms with our flaws and weaknesses.

blue jay

Having long been acknowledged to be a highly territorial creature, the blue jay has been observed to protect its young regardless of the predator. The blue jay is often heard mimicking the sound of large animals to scare away other birds that threaten its nest. This brilliant yet deceptive bird shows our capacity to use our skills and talents to ensure the safety and well-being of our family.

By teaching us how to better appreciate ourselves, blue jays remind us how our weaknesses hamper our growth and urge us to focus on our strengths instead.

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Admired for being the only bird that can fly forward, backward, sideways, and even upside-down, hummingbirds are amazing creatures that boast unique traits that separate them from other birds.

Using their ability to flap their wings about 70 times per second, they create a distinct humming sound that scares off many potential predators. They tell us that while we will always encounter challenges in life, hard work and determination enhance our ability to take on life’s countless ups and downs.

While hummingbirds can be devoted to their family, particularly their young, they are known to be both highly aggressive and anti-social.  Often sporting feathers that allow them to blend in with their surroundings, these naturally aloof creatures teach us the value of going through life under the radar.


The presence of these birds is a reminder that focusing on others helps us stay humble. Hummingbirds teach us about the risks of constantly thinking that people have a wrong impression of us. They also help turn us into individuals who are slow to anger and quick to apologize.

Despite its size, the hummingbird is a crucial member of the list of birds that represent protection.

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Mysterious and spooky yet extremely fascinating, no other bird awakens our imagination more than the owl. Its excellent sense of hearing and remarkable ability to turn its head around up to 270 degrees have long made people see it as a symbol of awareness and protection.

Gifted with such extraordinary skill, owls hoot into our lives to remind us how valuable it is to live with a deep trust in ourselves and spiritual awareness. Not only does the owl tell us how being secure in ourselves helps us to grow, but it also gives us the capacity to serve others.

While it is often spotted sitting peacefully in the dark, all hell breaks loose when a predator threatens its young. Owls use their long, sharp, and curved claws to dig into and rip the flesh off of their adversary. Their presence reminds us how we should be willing to use all of our gifts just to ensure that our loved ones are kept safe from danger and harm.

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Acknowledged to be among the birds that are a delight to watch when on the hunt, the falcon is a speedy flyer that manages to adapt to all kinds of habitats. Admired for their intricate courting rituals and for staying with a single partner for life, these imposing birds of prey can be ferociously protective of their mate and their young.

“A man without a vote is man without protection.”

– Lyndon B. Johnson

Known for their ability to take to skies at such crazy heights, they symbolize the protection that we enjoy from our spirit guides. As the falcon brings a message that we are constantly on their watch, we become more comfortable in placing our trust in the Divine. This makes it a lot easier to believe that we can do more with them on our side.


Regardless of the reputation that the falcon’s strength and courage have amassed, their nests are still not spared by a handful of predators. Using their strong talons to rip at these trespassers, the falcon’s presence urges us to feel more secure about ourselves.

Apart from pushing us to be more understanding of others, they encourage us to help our peers be better versions of their old selves.

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Already widely recognized as divine messengers that bring forth courage and wisdom, many of us are unaware that the majestic eagle is also a figure of guardianship and protection. Often seen gliding regally, they use those mighty wings to produce shade for their chicks and protect them from the cold and heat.

Such a loving act reminds us that despite the challenges and struggles we face, our spirit guides are here to help us see life’s overwhelming beauty and wonder.

harpy eagle

Naturally shy and would rather avoid any form of contact at all cost, threatening it and its family turns the eagle into a whole different beast. Using its talons and impressively strong feet for defense, the eagle’s protective nature reminds us of how God keeps us protected and secure.

This inspires us to let go of the emotional baggage we carry and trust that a higher power will never leave us with our burdens alone.

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Protection has different meanings to different people. But from a positive spiritual point of view, being secure is an idea that helps us flourish and gives us a hand as we deal with life’s trials and challenges.

As the presence of these birds helps make us feel safe and protected, spreading our wings and soaring to greater heights just got easier and uncomplicated.

If you require more protection, we have written a post about spiritual protection jewelry.

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