Green Feather Meaning: Spiritual Interpretations Of A Mysterious Symbol

Finding a feather is a fun occurrence that doesn’t happen very often. But, when it does, there may be a deeper meaning to why you found it than you first realize.

Maybe you’ve found a green feather recently and want to know the spiritual significance of this symbol. This article will take a deeper look into the meaning behind this feather and what finding a green feather means for you.

“A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.”

– Suzy Kassem
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What does a green feather mean spiritually?

While a green feather has many spiritual meanings, here are the most important messages that these emerald feathers symbolize.


Green is the color of nature, one of the planet’s most abundant sources of life. Finding a green feather in the wild is a powerful symbol of cultivation, prosperity, and fulfillment. If you’ve found this feather recently, it’s a positive omen for the future, especially if you have a new career goal or project on the horizon.

If you’re debating on taking a certain action towards abundance or related to your finances, the green feather encourages you to take the leap. Abundance doesn’t have to only describe the state of your finances, it can also be associated with love, happiness, joy, freedom, and peace.

abuandance green feather meaning

What have areas of your life been lacking? Using the green feather is a nudge to find ways to fill these areas of your life with beneficial action.

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Unconditional love

The color green is associated with the heart chakra, which is the energy center within your chest area. The heart chakra allows or restricts unconditional love within you (read more about the Chakra colors and Chakra symbols).

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When finding a green feather, may be a reminder to open your heart and allow yourself to find love and appreciation for your life. If you’re currently struggling within a relationship or feeling unhappy in some area of your life, chances are it’s because you aren’t practicing empowering it with love.

Unconditional love green feather

If you’re in the beginning stages of a new relationship or venue, finding the green feather is a positive omen showing you the energy you’ll receive from the experience.


Green’s association with nature has many meanings, but growth is one of the most important interpretations of the color. When you think of the color green, you may think of a plant, flower, or grass. When finding a green feather, not only is the energy of growth associated with it but so is freedom.

If you’ve recently found a green feather, it’s a sign that you are entering a period of profound growth that will lead you to cultivate more freedom within your life while simultaneously allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you. Make a note of anything that you’ve wanted to let go of but haven’t made the time to do so.

growth meaning green feather

It can also be helpful to reflect back on your life over the past year and recognize what’s changed. Recognizing the growth that’s already occurred in your life will inspire you, helping you become open to experiencing more freedom and expansion.

Finding a green feather meaning

If you’ve happened to find a green feather recently, it’s a sign of encouragement. You’re entering a period when you’re expanding, both in your relationships and career.

The green feather only appears when you are going through periods of growth, moving into new heights, and letting go of past experiences that have weighed you down. When seeing this color feather, it’s important to find hope and inspiration, guiding you towards the bountiful experiences that have yet to come.

finding green feathers green birds

If you find a green feather and aren’t necessarily in a positive place in life, the feather may be a symbol of too much focus on the material world, greed, or even jealousy. If this resonates with you, find ways to let go of these feelings and remind yourself of what’s truly important in life and refrain from comparing your life to anyone else’s. 

List of birds with green feathers in the US

Violet-Green Swallow
Violet-Green Swallow


While finding any feather has a deeper meaning, finding a green feather is one you’ll definitely want to find. Green is one of the most loving, expansive, and welcoming colors, and when paired with a feather, easy times are just around the corner.

The next time you find a green feather, use it to encourage you to continue with your goals and desires, commit to your ambitions, and check in with your heart, making sure you’re open to giving and receiving love.


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Should I keep the feathers I find?

You can keep all the feathers of birds THAT ARE NOT protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) of 1918. The MBTA makes it illegal to “take, possess, sell, purchase, barter, offer for sale, transport or ship any migratory bird, or the parts, nests, or eggs of such a bird” without a valid permit. Keeping other feathers is illegal but appreciating feathers is not.

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