Parakeet Symbolism: What Does This Spirit Animal Mean for You?

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parakeet Symbolism

The parakeet is a colorful bird whose origins somewhat remain a mystery. They symbolize a spiritual significance and have also played an important role in many cultures and folklore. 

The Parakeet is a beautiful, colorful bird that is found all over the world. This little bird has a lot of symbolism and meaning associated with it. Some believe that the Parakeet is a spirit animal, and can offer guidance and support in your life. Others believe that the parakeet totem animal can help you connect with your own creative energy.

Follow along for a deep dive into the symbolism of the parakeet, its depiction throughout history, and the significance of the parakeet spirit animal. 

Parakeets hold spiritual meaning

Key takeaways

  1. Parakeets hold significant meaning throughout histories, such as in Native American culture, Hinduism, and the UK. 
  2. These birds hold positive meanings, such as true love and honest communication. They are a symbol of integrity and commitment. 
  3. The Parakeet spirit animal is a powerful energy that can help you in times of need. This spirit guide can fly into your life, guide you towards your divine route, and help you find your empowerment. 

“Healthy parakeets have the nervous energy of tennis players.”

– Mignon McLaughlin

The spiritual meaning of parakeets

Bird symbolism is a broad topic, in the case of parakeets, it seems quite clear: true love, longevity, communication, and health are the top meanings behind parakeet symbolism. 

True Love

Parakeets are monogamous birds that tend to stick in pairs for their entire lives. If kept as pets, it’s recommended to have two, so they can live as a pair. 

These birds symbolize true love and commitment. Seeing a parakeet may symbolize the current relationship you’re in is meant to last. If you’re single, it’s a sign your true love is on its way into your life. 

parakeets beautiful


As pets, parakeets can live quite a long time. They have records of living up to 15 years when kept in healthy and safe environments. 

Seeing one of these beautiful birds may be a sign from the universe that you will prevail. If you’re struggling or going through a challenging time, it’s a sign that you will continue to have the strength and longevity to continue forward until you find your peace. 

parakeets meanings true love and honest communication


Like parrots, some parakeets have the ability to speak. They learn their words from their owners and can mimic them at random, and some can even speak on command. 

These birds are a symbol of maintaining healthy communication. Your words are powerful, and they stick with those you share them with. 


Parakeet owners know the importance of health when it comes to keeping these birds. They’re known for developing asthma, diabetes, and even bronchitis. 

Parakeets symbolize the importance of maintaining your health. If you happen to see these birds pop up in your life, it may be a sign that you should check in with your body. 

beautiful spiritual parakeet

Parakeet symbolism throughout different cultures

The parakeet has made its mark on the lives of Native Americans, Indonesian folklore, and in the UK

Indonesian folklore

The Parakeet King is an Indonesian story about a group of wild parakeets that live in the jungle. These parakeets live under a king who protects and watches over them. 

One day a hunter arrives in the jungle in hopes of catching some of the birds. The parakeet king uses his wits to form a plan to save them.

The king instructs all of the birds to pretend to play dead; that way, the hunter will be disappointed and let his guard down. 

The plan works, and all of the birds are able to escape except for the king. The king wanted to make sure all of the birds were safe before trying to escape. 

Australien King Parrot
Australien King Parrot

The hunter took the king back home and trapped him in a cage. The king’s parakeets were very loyal to him and risked their own lives to find and release him. 

In the story, parakeets symbolize selflessness, loyalty, and bravery. 

United Kingdom

Parakeets are still a relatively newly discovered species of bird. The first instance of the parakeet was recorded in the early 1800s. These birds symbolize mystery in the UK, as how they first appeared there is a mystery. 

There are rumors that Jimmy Hendrix brought these birds over by releasing a pair into the streets. Others believe they were first brought over by Humphrey Bogart, who was planning to use them in the film The African Queen alongside other exotic animals. 

Experts now believe that these birds had become popular pets and were then introduced into the wild either by accident or naturally, which caused the outburst of their seemingly random population. 

Ring-necked parakeets in london
Ring-necked parakeets in London

While the parakeets have a mysterious origin, they also symbolize illness. There were records of infection passed to humans from parakeets that were potentially fatal and were responsible for many deaths. 

Once this information hit the news, parakeets now symbolized death, and many pets were released into the wild even further. 


In Hinduism, the parakeet is frequently seen in images alongside certain gods and deities. The birds symbolize the spiritual connection to animals, specifically birds, who seem to watch over people just as these Gods do. 

Parakeet as vehicle for gods in Hinduism
Parakeet as a vehicle for gods in Hinduism

Vedic astrologers have used parakeets to predict the future, and they symbolize the ability to perceive the unknown. The birds have been taught to choose cards in hopes of reading one’s future. 

Parakeet spirit animal

Your spirit animal is a guide that can be called upon to help assist you throughout your lifetime. 

“I grew up with two different parakeets – one that lived for five years, and one that lived for 13 years – so I always had a bit of an attraction to birds and it’s an oddly good fit to be in a movie about birdwatchers.”

– Jim Parsons

The parakeet spirit animal is a powerful force that can bring with it transformative energy, allowing you to prevail in times of need. If you’re struggling within a relationship and unsure of how to move forward, calling upon the parakeet can help you find new ways to revitalize the love you both share. 

The spirit animal can teach you how to love each other unconditionally, guide you towards overcoming any differences, and fill your relationship with new hope. 

colorful parakeets

Calling upon the parakeet spirit animal can also be helpful before public speaking, interviews, or when you’re planning to have a serious conversation with someone. The parakeet is an excellent communicator, and it can lend you its abilities to help you speak your truth clearly, with respect for the receiver. 

Communication only happens when both the speaker and receiver are in harmony, which many times may not be the case. Ask the parakeet to help you be a more effective speaker, and teach you how to speak with confidence and from the heart. 


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