Find Serenity in Nature: Top 11 Animals That Represent Peace and Harmony Across Cultures

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Animals That Represent Peace

Peace is something that many people strive for. It means different things to different people, but it is a feeling and emotion that all humans can relate to. In order to get peace in your life, you have to find what makes you happy and live accordingly. Sometimes this includes surrounding yourself with animals or wildlife of all kinds! 

Animals are often used as symbols of peace. They can represent a sense of unity and wholeness, or they can represent the idea that many differences in life are not important enough to fight over. In this blog post we have compiled 11 animals that represent peace, some you may know and others you may not!

Top 10 animals that symbolize peace (+1 bonus animal that just can’t be left out)

#1: the dove

dove representing peace

The top mention among animals that represent peace is of course the dove. The symbolism of this bird, often seen as a sign of good luck or love in many cultures, can be traced back to Ancient Rome after they saw it descend from heaven with an olive branch clutched in its claws. This symbolized their celebrations and worship of Venus which was the goddess of beauty and love at the time!

This animal symbolizes peace because it is often seen as a sign of good luck or love in many cultures. It can also be traced back to Ancient Rome when they saw the dove descend from heaven with an olive branch clutched in its claws. This signifies their celebrations and worship of Venus which was the goddess of beauty and love at that time!

The Dove has been documented through history by various civilizations, including Ancient Roman civilization who interpreted doves as symbols of God’s bringing messages to earth from Heaven (the divine realm). The significance carried over into Christianity due to Christian interpretations of Noah sending out a dove after his Ark landed on Mount Ararat – Genesis chapter eight verse 11: “And he stayed yet other seven days; so that the waters decreased continually. And the dove came into him at eventide; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.” The dove also symbolizes love.

#2: the elephant

elephant representing peace

Elephants are another animal that represents peace. They have been used in many cultures to symbolize unity and strength, as well as wisdom because of their long memories. In Hinduism, they can also represent the god Ganesha who is considered a remover of obstacles and helper of those on the spiritual path.

The elephant has been depicted in various ways over time by different civilizations. They are often used as symbols of unity and strength, but in Eastern cultures they also represent wisdom.

The Elephant was created by God to be an animal that signifies peace because it’s believed their memory lasts for up to 70 years! This allows them to pass down knowledge from generation to generation without forgetting anything which has been learned along the way.

In most countries across Africa, elephants are killed for ivory trade or poaching due to their high price tag so this animal clearly doesn’t symbolize peace in some places (read more about the elephant symbolism).

#3: the turtle

turtle representing peace

Turtles are another animal that represents peace because of their hard outer shell. They are seen as a symbol of perseverance and strength in many parts of the world, so they can represent unity when surrounded by other turtles or animals.

The turtle has become a symbol of patience and strength which is why it’s often used to signify peace among humans! It also brings about images of being able to survive against all odds – just like a peacemaker needs to do in order to reach their goals on earth.

In some cultures, this animal signifies wisdom because it takes its time moving through life. The physical features that make them strong creatures have been represented over time with various meanings such as protection from enemies; ability not to be scared by most things; hardiness and determination.

As a symbol of peace, turtles have been used in many cultures to represent perseverance and strength. They also signify unity when surrounded by other animals or symbols because they are seen as slow-moving but wise creatures that can survive against all odds!

The turtle has become an emblem of patience and wisdom which is why it’s often found among humans who want to spread their message about peace on earth with others! It also means images of being able to stay strong even during tough times – just like a peacemaker needs the same qualities in order to reach their goals here on earth.

In some Eastern countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, and Korea, this animal signifies longevity because its life span ranges from 25-50 years.

#4: the owl

owl representing peace

Owls symbolize intelligence and wisdom, which is why they have often been used as a symbol of peace across various cultures.

The owl has become synonymous with insightfulness because it’s able to see things that other animals can’t in the darkness or daytime. It also represents patience because this animal never moves fast but flies slowly on silent wings – just like peacemakers who don’t rush towards their goals!

In many countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, and Korea (to name a few), these creatures are seen as symbols of longevity because they live up to 60 years without showing any signs of aging!

Owls are significant for being intelligent and wise so much so that people within different societies use them as symbols of peace.

Owls have been used within various cultures across the world in order to symbolize peace through intelligence or wisdom that is why this creature has often been connected with insightful people who wait patiently before attacking its prey. It also brings about images of being able to see things other animals cannot in the dark or during daylight.

#5: the white swan


The white swan is a symbol of peace in many cultures because it’s seen as the purest and most innocent animal out there. It also represents purity which is why they’ve often been used to represent high-ranking people or deities across history.

White Swans are often associated with staying calm during times when other creatures would turn aggressive – just like peacemakers who try not to get angry even if provoked by others! They’re sometimes also considered symbols of beauty within different societies due to their shimmering feathers and elegant presence on the land. Whilst swans can come across as aggressive, this behavior is only shown when there territorial or defense mechanisms. Hence the swan deserves a spot in the list of the top animals that represent peace.

The White Swan has been made into an emblem for peace because it’s seen as the purest and most innocent animal out there. They also represent purity which is why many people in history have used them to symbolize high-ranking members of society or deities!

In some cultures, these creatures are often considered symbols of beauty due to their elegant presence on land with shimmering feathers that make them beautiful when they take flight. Read more about the Swan symbolism.

#6 the lamb


In nearly every religion, the lamb is a symbol of innocence and purity. It has been used to represent Jesus Christ in Christianity, due to its status as an animal that is slaughtered for food on the holiday of Passover. The lamb also has many other meanings throughout history and various cultures around the world. For instance, it’s often thought to be a symbol of innocence because lambs are born without sin – not yet tainted by human nature.

Lambs have been a frequent mention in many religious books and traditions. In each of these religions, lambs symbolize different things. Lambs are weak and lack any defense, especially when they are alone and not protected by the parent sheep. They are easy prey for the predators so they require guidance to protect themselves against the dangers hovering around them. It is due to these traits of lambs that they have been used as symbols for various traits of human beings and their life.

Lambs also represent weakness due to their inability to defend themselves against dangers without guidance from their parent sheep (check also our post about sheep symbolism). In some cultures, this strengthlessness is actually considered good – as exemplified by how children are often shown with a six-pointed white star which stands for “goodness,” one point representing each limb and an extra point at the center denoting pure heart. Read more about the symbolism of the lamb.

#7: the ladybug


Ladybugs are seen as symbols of luck, protection, and love because they were believed to have a powerful connection with God.

The Ladybug is often considered a symbol of good luck due to the fact that people in many different cultures associate it with happiness, joy, prosperity, and love! They’re also seen as helpful creatures who can help protect gardens from aphids by eating them up!

In some religions such as Christianity, ladybugs represent purity – which is why this creature has been used extensively throughout history. For instance, one possible meaning for the ladybug’s red color could be related to its association within Christian culture with Jesus Christ being depicted wearing a scarlet robe when he was crucified on the cross. Within Asian countries like Japan or China, the ladybug is often considered a symbol of love due to its association with marriage, while in some African countries it’s seen as a sign of fertility and new beginnings! Read more about the ladybug symbolism.

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#8: the horse


Horses have been used extensively throughout history as symbols of power, elegance, beauty, and love.

The horse is often seen to represent power or might – which is why they were frequently depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting the Pharaohs! In some cultures like Japan, horses are also thought to be a symbol of wealth due to their association with being able to buy anything you want since someone who has enough money can afford expensive things like them.

In other parts of the world such as Europe where horses represented different roles within society such as transportation or war tactics, they’ve become symbolic creatures that carry people with ease but require lots of care so it’s important not to abuse these animals lest you suffer consequences from God.

The horse symbol is present in most parts of the world, from a simple omen to an emblem of war. But they also represent love for many cultures and religions. In China, where its sign starts each new zodiac cycle; horses are associated with Epona (horse goddess), who is attributed to fertility and abundance as well as practicality–especially seen when she was depicted pulling the sun across the sky during ancient times! Horses have always been symbolic animals representing bravery on battlefields around Europe too- especially in Celtic regions like Ireland or Scotland that see them pulled by knights into battle against one another time after time throughout their history books. They embody courage only paralleled by dragons which have made these creatures so important still today not just all over the world but also in movies, advertisements, and more.

#10: the Manatee


The manatee has been seen as a symbol of peace and good fortune for many different cultures.

The gentle manatees are mostly sleeping and eating, with a diet of only plants. These peaceful creatures use hugging or kissing to greet each other as well as communicate their friendliness. In West African traditions, the docile beasts are considered sacred because they bring no harm to any animal unlike many predators out there who kill for food – which requires atonement if killed in some cultures!

This species is commonly thought to be an emblem that brings gentleness, kindness, and friendship – which makes them such perfect symbols of peace! In addition to being loved by humans in the United States due to their gentle nature with humans, they’re also loved by the Brazilian people who have a legend about manatees that says they are actually mermaids. This makes them one of the few magical creatures in history to be seen as gentle and benevolent, which is why there’s such an uproar anytime someone suggests killing these animals for their meat or skin!

#11 bonus animal: the sloth


The sloth is a peace-loving creature that’s not only rare and elusive but also spends much of its life hanging upside down in the trees.

To many indigenous cultures like those living on the coast of Columbia or Costa Rica, they’re considered to be protective animals who ward off evil spirits – since their movements are so slow and deliberate, no one can get near them without their notice.

The sloth is also known to be a symbol of Christ’s peace in Christianity for how they move so slowly and deliberately – which is meant to bring people closer to God with its pace that forces us all into the present moment! In Hinduism, this creature has been seen as the animal embodiment of an ancient Goddess that is a symbol of balance, peace, and love for all.

The sloth’s name translates from Latin to “relaxed one” which can be seen in its languid movements when it moves around. But it also has been known as ‘lazy bones’ by people who were used to seeing animals with more stamina for hunting and moving about so quickly.

The sloth has a very specific diet of leaves, fruit, lichens, mosses, and tree bark which makes them an animal that is not only rare to see but also one that can’t be found in most places throughout the world – making it even more unique and special.


I’ve always loved animals for their ability to bring the best out in people. They can make you more patient, less angry, and happier – which is a wonderful way to experience life! I think it’s important that we try our hardest not only as humans but also as animal lovers to protect these amazing creatures from harm because they have so much to offer!

See also our full guide post about animal symbolism.

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