Sea Turtle Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and Ancient Wisdom

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sea turtle symbolism

Sea turtle symbolism is deeper than what you may think. Sea turtles are not just symbols of peace or wisdom, but they also represent the natural cycle of life and death. This article will discuss the meaning behind sea turtles and what they symbolize in different cultures around the world.

Sea turtles are an important animal to many cultures around the world. They have been used as symbols of spiritual wisdom and guidance for centuries, with some cultures believing that they were created by their ancestors to carry messages from one generation to another. The sea turtle is also a totem animal because it possesses qualities that each individual may aspire towards in life – serenity, patience, endurance, inner peace, and contentment.

What does a sea turtle symbolize

What does a sea turtle symbolize?

What does a sea turtle symbolize? The sea turtle is a very ancient animal that has been used as a totem and spiritual guide by many cultures around the world for centuries. In fact, some Native American tribes believe that they were created by their ancestors to carry messages from one generation to another through time. As well as being an important part of our natural heritage, turtles represent wisdom and patience – two attributes we could all use more of in life!

The sea turtle also represents strength and endurance which can be useful qualities when faced with difficult situations in your personal or professional life. Turtles are able to survive for long periods out of water because they have developed internal shells perfect for storing moisture while breathing on land. This means that even if you feel lonely, you have the inner resources to persevere through difficult times and come out of them a stronger person.

Sea turtles are also a symbol of serenity because they possess an ability that we could all do with instilling in ourselves more often – patience! Turtles represent endurance as well as patience which means that even if you feel frustrated or irritated by something, instead of reacting immediately it will be better for your mental health to take some time before reaching a decision about what action to take next – this is particularly important when making decisions at work. If you can show others around you how patient and wise you can be under pressure then not only will their opinion of you improve but so too might your chances at promotion! The ancient wisdom represented by the sea turtle has carried on into the modern age and they are still used to symbolize patience, endurance, and serenity in our everyday lives.

spiritual meaning sea turtle

The spiritual meaning

Sea turtles not only represent the dualistic nature of creation but also embody it. These energies in tandem can lead to wisdom and self-awareness if we’re able to keep up with them: fast and slow, dreamy and grounded into action. It is a symbiotic relationship that the turtle and human can share.

A sea turtle in your life could mean that you need to find a more creative balance. Are you pushing yourself too hard? Do you feel tired all the time or frustrated because your body can’t keep up with how fast work is progressing? Have spent a long working towards finishing a goal, but cannot focus enough to complete it? Your body is speaking to you with the turtle totem; it needs time to rejuvenate. Turtles can also represent our connection with nature and how we must strive for harmony between ourselves, the animal kingdom, and the planet.

Turtles are extremely patient animals that move slowly through life – they often carry their homes on their backs! The sea turtle’s shell represents ‘carrying your home’ around on its back which is a great analogy for what happens in relationships where one person cares more than another – nobody wants this imbalance but sometimes people cannot help who they fall in love with or what type of partner works best for them so turtles symbolize accepting these imbalances as part of being human. This does not mean letting yourself be walked over by others just accepting that there is always going to be a certain amount of giving and take in relationships.

Sea turtles are also known for their strength, patience, and endurance which makes them the sea-going equivalent of oxen or elephants on land – these animals can carry weight so they symbolize carrying your burdens as well as having an inner resilience to deal with life’s problems. The turtle was once thought to hold up Earth itself because it floated around effortlessly despite its great size! This means that turtles represent carrying our own world – body and mind – rather than worrying about what others think or how we stack up against others: focus only on how you feel inside not outside. Turtles teach us about ourselves; knowing who we are, without fluffing it up to sound better. They also symbolize not worrying about the opinion of others and just being comfortable in your own skin!

Sea turtles can teach us that we don’t have to try so hard all the time, nor do we need to be constantly moving: sometimes it’s good for our health and well-being if we slow down and stop pushing ourselves into overdrive because this will only cause stress which is neither healthy nor helpful when you’re trying to achieve something important such as passing an exam or finding a new job. Turtles show us how powerful relaxation techniques such as meditation can be; they help you let go of tension by teaching their bodies how to shut off from everyday life – helping them become more focused on what matters most! As turtle people ourselves we can learn to take better care of our bodies, minds, and souls by slowing down.

People who are born under the sea turtle horoscope sign or ascendant tend to be graceful creatures that carry themselves with an air of mystery but this is not because they’re trying hard to impress others – it’s often just a result of their innate sense of calmness which allows them to go through life without worrying too much about what other people think about them! Turtles have been here before us on Earth and will return once again after we leave: there is some longevity in these animals which means that they represent lasting power as well as wisdom from past lives if you’ve had one within your current incarnation.

animal totem sea turtle

The Animal totem

A sea turtle totem is a symbol of patience, resilience, and inner calm. It is symbolic of carrying your burdens on your back in order to remain steady underneath them all.

A person who is represented by the sea turtle totem maybe someone who feels comfortable with themselves despite what others may think about them. The sea turtle spirit animal can teach us how to take better care of our bodies while remaining at peace within ourselves even when we are faced with adversity or challenging circumstances which cannot be changed right now but must simply be endured until they pass. People born under this sign tend not to worry too much about opinions held by other people because their confidence comes from being in touch with their own self-worth – no matter what happens around them! Turtles have been here before us on Earth and will return once again after we leave: there is some longevity in these animals which means that they represent lasting power as well as wisdom from past lives if you’ve had one within your current incarnation.

The sea turtle totem symbolizes not worrying about the opinion of others while feeling comfortable with ourselves. The sea turtle spirit animal can teach us how to take better care of our bodies while remaining at peace within ourselves even when we are faced with adversity or challenging circumstances which cannot be changed right now but must simply be endured until they pass. People born under this sign tend not to worry too much about opinions held by other people because their confidence (see post:symbolism for confidence) comes from being in touch with their own self – no matter what happens around them!

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The sea turtle symbolism in different cultures and mythologies


In Taoism, the sea turtle is a symbol of long life and great abundance. It was said that when turtles were caught they would always lay eggs at night which meant there was an endless source of food to be had! Turtles can teach us about our own ability to endlessly give back what we’ve received in order to gain more for ourselves over time – even if it isn’t immediately obvious or visible.

Taoists also believe that consuming parts of the turtle will help them live longer lives because all animals carry traits within themselves that are beneficial for human consumption according to their symbolic links with different organs inside our bodies; this may mean eating the liver (strength), gall bladder (courage) or kidneys/ren system (endurance).

Native American culture

In Native American culture, the sea turtle symbolizes a connection to Mother Earth and also represents the four directions of north, south, east, and west. The turtle is believed to hold the world on its back just as we carry our own worlds with us wherever we go – if turtles can do this for such an incredibly long time then it’s likely that they have some wisdom about how to endure through challenging times which could be helpful for people who feel like their burdens aren’t worth carrying.

Hawaiian sea turtle symbolism

In Hawaii sea turtles were seen as messengers from deities or ancestors; they would often swim up onto beaches in order to deliver messages! If you see a sea turtle during your day to day don’t ignore them because there may be something important you’re meant to know: let yourself get out of your usual headspace and allow new information to come in from a different source. Turtles can also represent a connection with the past and ancestral knowledge so if you have a sea turtle as your animal totem then it’s likely that your family line has something to do with water or being at peace within yourself.

Celtic culture

In Celtic culture, sea turtles were said to be a form of shape-shifting and could take the forms of humans as well as other animals in order to help guide people through life. They were also seen as protectors; if one was spotted offshore then it meant that there would be no storms or bad weather – this is probably because they live out their lives underwater which means they know what things are like on land compared with how conditions can be unpredictable at sea!

sea turtle laying eggs

Ancient Greece

The sea turtle was seen as a symbol of resurrection in Ancient Greece which makes sense because turtles are reptiles who live underwater but move onto land when they hatch so their lives seem to be split between two different worlds! This could also mean that sea turtles have wisdom about how life feels for other beings compared with our own human experience – what you know well, it is easy to understand others too.


In Christianity the sea turtle has been used as a symbol of Jesus’ death and resurrection because turtles were believed to be fish who had adapted to live on land; this is similar to how Christians believe that Christ died for our sins but was resurrected in order to give us eternal life.

Others say: Christians consider turtles to be burdened beings that symbolize the sins of heretics. They also represent evil, unclean spirits, and combat. A more biblical meaning for sea turtles depicts them as heroic creatures because they can defy death like immortality since it has a long life span. The patterns on their back signify how souls travel in the spirit world to heaven or hell which makes them symbols of an afterlife where there are lines on its shell representing this path between two realms by showing routes through these places such as Purgatory and Limbo.

Ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians saw the sea turtle as an important part of their culture because it helped them with navigation – they didn’t have compasses so instead looked towards animals like birds, dolphins, crocodiles, and sea turtles when trying to find new lands! This shows us that if you’re struggling with finding your way then perhaps there are other creatures out there who can help point you in the right direction. For example, some people might see badgers as their animal totem and these animals both like to dig holes in the ground which might mean there’s something important underneath!

sea turtle good luck

Does seeing a sea turtle mean good luck? 

Seeing a sea turtle in your mind’s eye or in real life can mean that you’re opening yourself up to new information and experiences which may help you navigate through challenging times.

Turtles are known for their longevity so if they show themselves to you then it could be an indication that there’s something important about the way you’ve been living your life that is worth preserving – this might not always feel like good news at first because we often resist change but when things get tough sometimes all we need is some extra endurance from our animal totems! Turtles also have wisdom about how every creature needs to take time out of its day-to-day activities in order to make sure their physical health stays tip-top; what do turtles do? They dig little homes for themselves in the sand and tuck themselves away until it’s time to come out again.

In general, I would say: seeing a turtle in your life is great news for you. It means that it’s time to piece together what needs to be done and achieve all of the goals you have been putting off – because once the pattern becomes clear, manifestations will come much more quickly! This is why turtles are associated with good luck and abundance.

What does it mean when you dream of sea turtles?

Sea turtles are associated with the element of water so if you dream about them then it may be that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something important about how you’re approaching the way in which you communicate or connect with others. Maybe there’s a situation where someone might feel misunderstood – do they need some time alone? Are their words being misconstrued by another person and causing unnecessary drama? Turtles are also messengers from ancestors, deities, or other spirits who have passed on; this could mean that sea turtle dreams indicate that there’s advice floating around for us but we aren’t quite picking up what our spirit helpers are putting down! Sea turtles can take many forms depending upon what message needs to come through- sometimes they will appear as humans, other times they will appear as another animal. It all depends upon the dreamer and what kind of message needs to resonate with them most strongly- what is it that you need to hear?

Sea turtles in dreams can also indicate a time when we should be more receptive towards others’ opinions or advice; this might mean accepting other people’s help or allowing ourselves some extra support from those around us because we’re putting so much pressure on our own shoulders! Sea turtle symbolism is often about balancing out spiritual energies – maybe there’s something causing an imbalance in your life (check also our post about symbols of balance) which sea turtles are trying to compensate for by sending helpful messages through the world of dreams. What do you think could be causing such imbalances? How can sea turtles guide you back into balance?

sea turtle dream meaning

What does a sea turtle tattoo mean?

Lately, sea turtles have become a popular tattoo design as they are such powerful symbols of good luck and positive energy. Sea turtle tattoos can also indicate that the wearer has an affinity with water; if you dream about sea turtles then it might be worth checking out what element your totem or spirit animal is related to because there’s something important hiding in those waters!

Sea turtle tattoos are often paired with other ocean creatures like sharks (also check our post about shark symbolism) and whales which indicates someone who enjoys spending time near (or even underwater!) but isn’t afraid of getting their feet wet- this may not mean literally swimming underneath the waves instead we should think more broadly about how we interact with others or go after certain goals. For example, maybe you’ve been putting off taking some risks in your life or making some changes that you know are necessary. You might feel safer sticking to what is familiar but when sea turtles show up in our dreams, it’s probably because there is something more powerful than ourselves telling us that the stakes need to be raised! Sea turtle symbolism reveals that we can trust ourselves and others around us so take a leap of faith- go after those goals!

sea turtle tattoo


Sea turtle symbolism is about getting our feet wet and going after what we want- whether that’s a new career, an exciting change in life plans or even just pursuing some fun for the sake of it! Sea turtles represent guidance from ancestors as well as messages from other worlds beyond the physical one which means they’re also associated with good luck and abundance. If you’ve been seeing sea turtles lately then there may be something important you need to hear but aren’t quite picking up on so keep your eyes open because those spirit animals are trying to send us powerful messages through dreams – maybe by showing themselves as humans instead of their animal counterparts? Whatever message sea turtles have come here to share with us will help guide us towards balancing out spiritual energies while achieving all of our goals too, so don’t miss out!

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