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pheasant symbolism

The pheasant is a bird that has been associated with many things throughout history. It is most commonly seen as the symbol of peace and tranquility in Buddhism, but it has also been associated with power, authority, and even immortality! In this blog post, we will explore some of these associations, discuss how they may be connected, and offer you suggestions on what you can do if you see a pheasant in your life.

Known as one of the original immigrants of North America that flew in from Asia, pheasants are colorful and fascinating birds that have established their population across the Western states. Using their powerful leg muscles, these amazing creatures of vibrant plumage can run up to speeds of 10 miles per hour whenever they sense danger. While the female pheasant is characterized by the simplicity of its features, the males of this species boast of a striking splashy appearance which they flaunt to impress and capture their women. Well-recognized as a representation of masculine flamboyance and sexuality, let’s take a more intimate look at the pheasant symbolism.

“He that but looketh on a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it, hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart”

C. S. Lewis

What Does A Pheasant Symbolize?

As a cousin of the peacock, in which they are also known to flex their jaw-dropping plumage to land a mate, a pheasant represents active energy that is often expressed and attributed to heat, the male energy, as well as vibrant lights, colors, and sounds.

By putting on display their flamboyant, eye-catching colors, male pheasants remind us of the vastness of nature’s diversity and creativity. Such beauty has made the males of these species incredibly attractive to their female counterparts, making them symbols of influence, artistry, and sexuality. Much like drizzling yourself with a whiff of body spray that women find irresistible, the image of a pheasant flashing its gorgeous feathers is a powerful metaphor, telling us that showing off our creativity and how much of an impact we may have is fine, as long as we know when and how to leverage it at the proper time.

The pheasant serves as our reminder that regardless of how powerful and dynamic we may be, showcasing our gifts inappropriately, particularly to an indifferent audience, puts all those efforts in vain. These birds ask for us to remain true to ourselves and avoid pretending to be someone that we are not. By channeling the embodiment of protection and privacy for us and our loved ones, the pheasant symbolizes a keen knowledge of when to expose its real beauty and when to stay hidden to promote safety.

Long considered as a symbol of passion and sexuality, pheasants have amazingly attractive males which allow them to win the hearts of a handful of females. Although they may typify influence and infidelity, they remind us about the importance of showing our gifts at the proper and most opportune time.

Pheasant good luck

Does the Pheasant Symbolize Good Luck?

The pheasant has long been seen as a symbol of good luck. It is believed that seeing one will bring you wealth, success, and happiness in life. The first mention we have found for this idea dates to around 1790 where it was suggested by naturalist George Shaw: “The Phesant…is an emblem of joyfulness; being eminently conspicuous from its signal beauty.”

Since then many people have reinforced this idea – including Charles Dickens who wrote about pheasants in his classic book A Tale of Two Cities (1859). In that story, he described them as symbols of hope, peace, and contentment which reflects their association with Buddhism.

The Symbolism in Different Cultures

The Symbolism of the Pheasant in Greek Culture

In ancient Greek culture, the pheasant was considered a symbol of power and authority. Many generals in Ancient Greece carried a staff with two gold or silver pheasants on top to represent their ability to rule over others. The bird has also been associated with immortality because it is often seen as not dying in winter when other animals do.

The Symbolism of the Pheasant in Buddhism

Buddhists believe that seeing a male pheasant brings good fortune and seeing one for three days straight brings even more luck! It’s said that this comes from how quickly they can fly away from danger–a reminder that we should always be ready to make positive changes if needed. This idea is reinforced by Buddhists.

The Symbolism of the Pheasant in Native American Culture

The Native American culture is one of the richest sets of symbolic traditions in human history. The pheasant has several meanings within this rich symbolism, but it most often represents peace and tranquility.

  • Elder Dan Everette discusses how he believes that Pheasants are symbols for our souls because they “come to us as messengers from different dimensions.”
  • Author Dean Waters argues that Indians use Pheasants as totem animals due to their powerful nature and life cycle which can take them through all four seasons of the year.

In Japanese Culture

For the Japanese, this bird of vivid and energetic colors was believed to be a divine messenger for the sun goddess Amaterasu, the centerpiece of the Shinto belief. Being the ruler of the heavens, her relationship with the pheasant has made these awesome winged creatures a symbol of promise, great power, and abundance.

In Chinese Culture

In China, the pheasant is seen as a symbol of power, authority, and immortality. It has been said that if you see one in your life, it means that you will soon need to be granted more power or responsibility at work.

The ancient Chinese would use Pheasant feathers on ceremonial robes during certain rituals because they believed it could help bring about longevity; this association may date back thousands of years when China was still ruled by kings!

Pheasant animal totem

Spiritual Meaning

Keep the Feet on the ground

As spirit animals, pheasants speak to us about the significance of balance in our spirituality. Regarded as a creature that belongs to a family that is capable of flying, they use their liberating gift only to avoid potential dangers and in short bursts sans the breathtakingly high air time and lifts. It symbolizes our capacity to reach high into our spiritual understanding but also reminding us about the value of staying and keeping our feet on the ground.

Allow New Experiences in Life

These amazing creatures awaken our brimming yet untapped creative passions lying deep within ourselves, waiting to be explored. The pheasant and its spiritual meaning provide you with the confidence to use your God-given gifts to attract and influence others by drawing attention to yourself. They teach you to allow new experiences into your life and to be comfortable in the presence of new acquaintances.

Spiritual Meaning Of The Pheasant

As our spiritual guide, pheasants allow us to recognize their presence as a reminder of our need for self-evaluation. Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasures and the affluence that currently surrounds you, it is always best to go deep within our spirituality and to allow ourselves to discover new experiences and build new relationships. While they inspire us to lift our spiritual awareness to even greater heights, they also remind us to remain well-grounded and that by simply believing in ourselves, it won’t be long until you start enjoying the beauty and the fruits of your success.

Pheasant Totem

Being an animal totem that can fly albeit in short bursts and not too high, the pheasant is a representation of our innermost thoughts and aspirations that allows us to reach for higher states of consciousness. Having these remarkable birds as an animal totem gives you the ability to be excellently creative and to attract love into your life much as the male pheasant does. It brings in high levels of libido that captivate the attention of those you desire to partner with, even many at a time if you wish.

Both Male AND Female are Needed

While female pheasants may not be as attractive as males, they hold the gift of reproduction and are almost always welcoming towards their potential partner’s efforts, providing the necessary balance to allow life to continue. The males on the other hand are flashy creatures that live on flaunting themselves to their chosen mates that can often go up to at least three at a time. The figure of a pheasant totem reminds us about the endless beauty and creativity of nature, if only we would take the time to step back and give it a thoughtful and thorough look.

Also, the flamboyance that the male pheasant typically displays is seen as a spiritual representation of attraction, sexuality (for sexual symbolism check also the Mermaid symbolism), and deep passion, even utilizing their extremely active sexuality to win over everyone’s hearts and minds and to get each of their whims and desires.

Keeping Ourselves Humble and Disciplined

This wonderfully compelling bird comes rushing into our lives, calling us to do the same. Although it may not be in provocative means, the pheasant totem serves as a constant reminder for us to stay true to ourselves and not to pretend to be daring and adventurous just for the sake of doing so. They inspire us to be in touch with our abilities and talents and to use them to help us achieve and realize our dreams, all while keeping ourselves humble and disciplined.

With the male’s ever-colorful and attractive plumage that makes it difficult for the female not to take notice, having the pheasant as your totem teaches you about the element of balance and its utmost importance, as indicated in the bird’s usual and favored environment. Although he is a vision of charm and vitality, these aloof ground-dwelling birds are quick to slip into the safety of tall grasses and shrubbery for shelter which shows that while pheasants love to show off, they are wise enough to know when to retract and remain steady when it is called for by the situation.

golden-pheasant symbolizing luck

The Meaning of the Pheasant Feather

Often used to decorate items such as fishing flies, carnival masks, earrings, and Native American headdresses, the pheasant’s symbolism is all about using each of your gifts for the right purpose. This animal spirit symbolizes your creative power and your capacity to achieve anything that you put your mind to. Pheasants motivate you to obtain great things while communicating the importance of genuine self-expression. This allows you to find the perfect balance between shining and making an impression and knowing when to retract and simply focus on yourself.

The colorful feather that characterizes the male pheasant represents the many wonderful gifts that we have been given and that we must learn how to use each one of these talents to share our blessings with people (check also the Peacock Feather Meaning). When the plumage of these marvelous birds comes into your life, the plethora of glamorous and pleasing colors remind us to further analyze a situation before making any judgment, understanding what will work in your favor and its possible consequences.

Meaning of the Pheasant Feather

When it comes to relationships, this bird’s feather enables you to attract the right partner the way it does for the male pheasant. It gives you the ability to fascinate and impress the object of your affection with your grace, smarts, and awesome personality, allowing you to create a romantic connection that lasts.

Typically seen on adornments, jewelry, and crowns, the feather of this spirit animal is believed to bring good fortune as pheasants were recognized to be messengers that can transcend the gap between us and the spirit world. It was perceived that by constantly having a piece of such a powerful spirit guide in our presence, we are empowered to effortlessly attain spiritually helpful and great certainties.

Pheasant Dream Meaning

Dreaming of pheasants is most often associated with one’s sense that they are lacking the power to fly or escape a situation. It can also represent feelings of being trapped, helplessness, and/or frustration – like one is unable to move forward in one’s life.

This may be due to external factors (such as this person feeling stuck at work) or internal ones (they feel there is no way out because they’re embarrassed by something). Either way, it usually means that this person needs time for themselves away from what has been frustrating them!

In some cases dreaming about Pheasants signifies release from guilt and fear through repentance for sins committed either on earth or in another realm.


With its attractive plumage and dazzling personality, it is easy to forget that the pheasant has a keen understanding of when hiding in the shrubs is more necessary. These strikingly glamorous birds have taught us that flaunting our influence and creativity to the world exemplifies our inner beauty and that as long as we do it with humility and care, we will continue to enjoy the perks of being guided by this pleasantly splendid bird.

Some people mix up pheasants with quails, that’s why we compare them in our post: Quail vs Pheasant and also wrote about their spiritual meaning in the post quail symbolism.

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  1. I have seen a pheasant twice in the past two days and cannot get it out if my mind. My friend sent me a picture from her phone to me this morning and we have never discussed or mentioned pheasants before. This is a complete confidence Absolutely the most beautiful coloured bird I have ever seen. ❤️

    • Thank you Noreen so much for sharing your experience with us!

      There is something truly magical about encountering a creature like a pheasant, especially when it seems to appear out of nowhere and capture your attention so completely. It’s almost as if the universe is sending you a message, a reminder to take notice of the beauty that surrounds us and to appreciate the small moments of joy that can brighten our day.

      I hope that the memory of this encounter stays with you for a long time and that it brings you a sense of peace and wonder whenever you think back on it!


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