Quail Symbolism – The Spirit Animal And Totem

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Quail Symbolism

Easily recognized for the black floppy feathers that stick out of their heads, the quail is a relatively small bird that thrives in forests and woodlands in various parts of the world. Ranging in size and color depending on the species, these mystical creatures that have an affinity with seeds and berries scamper into our presence to bring meaningful messages that we can carry along on our spiritual journey. A winged creature that spends most of its time on the ground, let’s strut into the enchanting quail symbolism.

“The parrot utters one cry, the quail another.”

– Latin Proverb
quail eggs Quail Symbolism - The Spirit Animal And Totem

What does a quail symbolize?

Bearing a striking resemblance with the partridge, the quail often appears at times when we require a heightened sense of spiritual and personal awareness. A figure of countless myths, legends, and folklore, here’s a look at what visits by the quail symbolism truly means.

Modesty Aside: What Does The Quail Symbolize?

Safety in numbers

Since quails are known for being solitary by nature, their presence reminds us of the value of developing close-knit relationships. They would often come to tell us that although we are capable of handling our personal difficulties, nothing beats the feeling of having to face our problems with the guidance of family and friends.

Powerful internal impulses

Observed to be restless and apprehensive, the quail is an overly anxious animal that can effortlessly identify signs of potential danger. Such an instinctive trait tells us how we too should be aware of the risks that may arise at any given moment, particularly when we are in an unfamiliar environment. Not only does trusting our intuitions help us make better decisions, but it also allows us to tap into our creative self-expression.

What does a quail symbolize Quail Symbolism - The Spirit Animal And Totem

Steering clear of trouble

Featuring a spur on its legs that serves as its protection from predators, the quail indicates how we give great value to keeping our loved ones safe from harm. This gentle creature’s appearance also reminds us to be watchful of our physical health and overall well-being for it is a more certain path to a life free of worries, anxieties, and fear.

Keeping your feet on the ground

Using its ability to fly only to escape what it feels is the presence of approaching danger, quails prefer to stay on the ground to hunt for food or to feed on grains and flowers. A behavior that is uncommon for birds, the quail symbolism teaches us about the importance of treading through life with humility and modesty. It tells us that while we possess a host of amazing gifts and talents, it is still always better to use them in lifting others and in great humility.

Quail symbolism – the spiritual meaning

Characterized by their short neck, colorful plumage, and stout appearance, quails are some of the most attractive winged creatures around. An animal of quick impulses, the spirit of the quail would often pay us a visit to serve as our motivation to quickly act on our goals and ambitions. It gives us the ability to recognize and grab opportunities as they come and to never let up until we have achieved our heart’s ultimate desires. Frequently seen with its mate yet is known to prefer to live alone, this amazing spirit animal’s presence indicates our need to spend more time with our loved ones. However, its social distancing behavior shows our ability to let go of people and situations that no longer spark joy.

Quail spiritual meaning

Steadily hesitant and uneasy, the quail shows how much we are missing out on when we constantly live in fear. Its unexpected appearance does not only give us the capacity to easily detect setbacks and threats, but it also gives us the strength to face and eventually overcome them. While trusting in our own abilities is perhaps the most significant of all the qualities that this spirit animal inspires us to do, its calm presence serves as our gentle reminder of the importance of rest and that living a healthy lifestyle remains to be the most excellent way to stay at your best.

Totem animal

Originating from North America but can also be found in Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia, many cultures believe that having the quail as a totem animal is indicative of our ability to be mindful of the people and events that are taking place around us. Much like the bible quail, this amazing bird’s gentle behavior stirs us to be compassionate of others, all while enhancing our ability to bring comfort and warmth in times of trials and difficulties. By teaching us to be more confident, the quail totem provides us the courage to work with others regardless of how daunting the task is. Regarded for being protective of their mates and their young, it represents the value that we give to the relationship we have with those we love and our willingness to do anything to make sure that they are kept safe and protected.

quail totem

Quail feather meaning

As many believe that feathers signify the presence of our spiritual guides, finding them in your path is perhaps a message of safety not just from the Divine, but also from our departed loved ones. Typically sporting a mix of white, black, brown, grey (see also our post grey feather meaning), and, at times, blue feathers, the quail’s plumage sends a powerful message of love, peace, and protection. Spotting them in times of adversity and misfortune implies that your hardships will all be over soon. It also means that your spirit animal has given you the wisdom to welcome new ideas that are about to come your way.

While the quail would often arrive to awaken your power of deep intuition, its feather tells us to be more understanding of your flaws and imperfections as well as those of others. Featuring an extremely recognizable plumage atop its head, it signifies our innate beauty and charm, as well as our ability to use our creativity and imagination to turn our visions into reality.

quail feather

Dreaming of quail eggs

Given the ability to lay up to 12 brightly colored eggs, quails are often recognized as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and new life. Packed with nutrients that help boost energy and vision, as well as promote growth and restoration, seeing quail eggs in a dream has long been associated with an individual’s capacity for absolute kindness and a keenly developed sense of awareness. Although it is undeniably much smaller than a regular-sized chicken egg (read more about the chicken symbolism), the countless positive symbolisms such as purity, compassion, and good fortune packed inside its minuscule shell demonstrates how powerful a quail can be for you just can’t help but wish that such a dream turns into reality.


Known as a flying creature that uses this remarkable feature only when threatened, many people see the quail as a symbol of critical thinking and wisdom. While its size and abilities may at times seem limited, the quail symbolism and messages it brings each time it flaps its wings clearly show that great things can actually come in small packages.

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  1. There was a quail that came and visited us right after we took a nap. What was so striking about this encounter was that it rested on our patio right outside our sliding glass door. From our place in bed we noticed it was barely moving and was blinking and looking directly at us, as if it was telling us something. It sat there completely still as if napping with us, and it observed us for a good 5 minutes, not moving away even when we got up to look at it. We took a picture and video just to prove it was real.

    The entire article you wrote was spot on and struck a few chords with us both. Especially the outcome. We’ve been going through allot of adversity and misfortune lately and knowing that spotting one means it will all be over soon brings great comfort to us both.

    Thank you for this amazing explanation of Quail medicine and it’s implications in our lives.

    • Hi Tobiah, I’m glad the quail encounter brought you comfort during tough times. It’s amazing how nature can send messages of hope and resilience. May this experience inspire and encourage you to persevere, knowing brighter days are ahead. Thank you for sharing your story, and best wishes on your journey!


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