Flamingo Meaning and Symbolism: Understanding Flamingos Spirit Guide

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Flamingo Meaning

The Flamingo is a symbol of perseverance and strength. This animal totem has an elegant, graceful appearance that belies its strength. Flamingo symbolism teaches us how to be resilient in the face of adversity while revealing our inner wellspring of harmony! By diving deeply into flamingo meaning and symbolism, you will find out how this spirit guide can fortify, support, and help you!

This bird is easily recognized and fascinating, because of its unique and symbolic pink-colored feathers (read more about the pink feather meaning). The color pink comes from beta-carotene in the crustaceans and plankton that flamingos eat (so zoo flamingos will turn white if their diet is not supplemented with live shrimp or flamingo chow containing carotenoid pigments).

They are members of a group of birds called wading birds or waders.

Standing on one leg and hiding the other one in its body, the Flamingo is a bird of its kind. While a few studies maintain that it does so in order to maintain its body heat, there is no proper explanation for its singular behavior. Since ancient times, this bird has been famous as a spirit animal.

The Flamingo meaning is popular since ancient times as related to the spiritual world. It once represented the Egyptian Gods and was a delicacy in ancient Rome. Throughout history, its fat is being used to cure different types of diseases. But the Flamingo’s powers of being a spirit animal are being accepted even today.

I feel these days like a very large flamingo. No matter what way I turn, there is always a very large bill.

Joseph O’Connor

The spiritual meaning

In ancient Egypt, Flamingo was supposed to symbolize the God of Egypt. The bird is still regarded as a powerful spirit animal. It is believed to have many symbolic meanings. If this spirit animal comes up in your life, you have to use your emotions. You need to listen to your heart and follow what it says in all that you do. This is because it will assist you in choosing the true path of life.

The Flamingo could symbolize fun and joy in your life. When you see a flamingo, it could be indicative that more fun is going to come into your life. You need to forgive yourself for everything and remove all the unpleasant emotions that put you down. It is essential not to ignore the presence of this unique bird in your life.

This powerful animal totem comes with diverse symbolic meanings. It displays strong emotions being bottled within you. If you see a flamingo bird in your dreams or when awake, then it means releasing your emotions. You allow these emotions to guide you in life.

This bird also symbolizes relaxation & fun. In case, you come across this bird, then it means you can have fun henceforth. Viewing the bird depicts you venturing out to spend quality time with friends.

Again, viewing this bird in your dreams or reality can be a warning to eliminate negative events related to your past life. You need to change your thinking patterns and move forwards in life leaving behind your past. The Flamingo meaning will help you to become more positive in life & to focus on those things which matter to you the most.

Spiritual meaning of flamingo

Flamingo meanings in detail

  • Emotions: In case, you consider this bird to be your spirit animal, then you should let out your emotions. It is necessary to vent out your feelings & expressions to the entire world without any modifications. You should also allow these feelings to help you lead to your life path. Listening to your heart will allow you to derive proper solutions to overcome all problems in life. If you find it tough to come up with a decision, then you should allow your heart to take over. This spirit animal teaches you to follow sincerely your heart to enable you to derive the best results.
  • Balance: The other name for this bird is balance. These birds do have great powers to stand on one leg for a very long time. At the same time, it can maintain a perfect body balance. This means flamingo people inculcate good balance within their lives & do not prefer wasting time on unimportant things.
  • Sociability: the Flamingo meaning being your spirit animal also means you need to socialize a bit to have some fun. Spend quality time with family & friends. This will help reduce stress & tension in life and make you feel better.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork is one common symbolic meaning related to the flamingo spirit animal. The birds tend to have a common purpose while working for the community. Being your spirit animal, you can achieve success by working along with others. This will also allow you to accomplish your goals and enjoy diverse experiences. Cooperating with others will enable you to derive plenty of new opportunities.
  • Forgiveness: Being your spirit animal, you need to learn to forgive & love yourself first & then others. Avoid crying since you need to be happy & live your life.
Flamingo Symbolism

The symbolism in different cultures

  • Mayan tradition sees the flamingo as a symbol of virility, and it is also believed to be an omen for impending death. It was believed that the flamingo could predict future events when it laid its eggs, which is why a flock of these birds would sometimes be taken to other tribes of the country as omens.
  • For Native Americans, the flamingo is seen as a symbol of beauty, lightness, and the spirit world.
  • In Zimbabwe and South Africa, Flamingos are seen as harbingers for death or sickness if they land on someone’s property.
  • For Celtic Druids, Flamingos are seen as the totem of a person’s wisdom and self-awareness.
  • For Hindus in India, the flamingo is said to be an animal that was created by Brahma for his wife Rohini!
  • In Japan, Flamingos represent good luck because their red feathers symbolize happiness.

Totem animal

Those having the Flamingo totem know that the heart should be their guide in finding the best solutions to all their issues. These people derive comfort in activities performed in a group. Thus, those with Flamingo as a spirit animal understand how they can enjoy themselves in a group and yet hold on to their individuality. Just like those with the Peacock totem, Flamingo totem persons often dress up flamboyantly and are flirtatious in behavior.

Flamingo totem persons can balance their busy lifestyle quite well, and are often found to provide people with support in case of relationship issues. They can assist people in getting healed and move on in life. Their decisions are usually guided by their heart.

These are very motivational people. Many of them make enthusiastic leaders or interesting orators in their own communities. You can also find them maintaining coherence and balance between different dimensions, spaces, and time.

Driven by the heart – people with the Flamingo totem are very motivational people

Its appearance reminds you to realize your emotions. Releasing your feelings will help maintain a better balance in life. Do not hide or suppress your feelings, but release them to be guided in life.

Being your totem animal may mean having plenty of fun in life & to relax with colleagues & friends. You are sure to feel much better spending quality time with people you love to be with. If you are lonely, then the Flamingo totem is sure to bring some changes to your life. You can derive harmony & joy in life.

Being a flamingo person, you are sociable & will not prefer being alone. You are sure to have plenty of friends around you. Moreover, you can sense things simply by touching them. You are also likely to be dedicated to your family. You need to call the flamingo if you are filled with negativity and want to eliminate them desperately. It can bring lots of inspiration at work.

Flamingos in dreams

Dreaming of birds is a common thing and the Flamingo is without a doubt one of the most beautiful birds in the world. So dreaming about this spirit animal is sure to bring you plenty of success. But you need to mingle with others to derive a variety of avenues to avail new opportunities & achieve success. You also need to stop those things which make you depressed & disappointed. Eliminate a few old unwanted habits and start afresh.

Meaning of flamingos in dreams

Seeing Flamingos in dreams, just like with Ants, represent your sense of cooperation and community. You have to concentrate on working along with others towards a common objective, in order to be successful. Such a dream might be indicative that you are going to experience new situations and things in your life.

A flashy flamingo could be also suggestive that you are too vain and obsessed with your physicality. You need to love and accept yourself just the way you are.

Seeing A Flamingo in a dream could also mean that you need to follow your heart in making decisions. You should be open to all those stuff that you are most afraid of, and find what heals and nourishes your soul.

Dreams involving flamingoes can also mean that you are soon going to experience success in your life. You would do better to cooperate with others, to be able to unlock new opportunities and get more success. 

If you have woken up dreaming about a flamingo, you might need to stop everything that curbs your happiness. It is better that you kick out some of your old habits and make yourself ready for a new start in life.

It could serve as a warning that you need to look inside yourself more deeply, to be able to see all the nice traits and qualities that you have. Keep in mind that physical appearance is not everything. When you accept yourself with all your frailties, your inner beauty is going to come out.

All in all, watching a flamingo in a dream might be the way of nature to tell you that you need to follow your heart more. This is the best way to attain your objectives and get more success in the times to come.

Viewing in your dream a flashy flamingo may mean, you are preoccupied with your appearance. Also, you might lack self-confidence. It might also mean you need to look deep inside to recognize your good traits & qualities. Only physical appearance does not matter. The dream also interprets you as being beautiful as you are since inner beauty matters the most.

Do people eat Flamingos?

The answer is: yes, people do eat Flamingos! The first records of having eaten Flamingos are from ancient Romans, they ate the animals’ bodies and tongue. In recent times there were reports of citizens of Venezuela who have reportedly begun hunting vulnerable wildlife including Flamingos and anteaters for sustenance, in response to the country’s dire food shortages.

What is the taste you may ask? The algae diet might give some species of flamingo high omega-3 levels, which would make the meat healthier but result in a slightly fishy taste. And because flamingos have lean muscles built for flying distances, they’d taste gamier—more like a duck than chicken.

Another interesting fact about flamingos is that they build their nests completely out of mud. See the image below.

flaming mud nest

The Flamingo meaning and why you should be curious about it

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