Duck Symbolism

The duck belongs to Anatidae (waterfowl) family and includes many animal species in this group. Generally, ducks are aquatic birds found in both fresh and seawater. Females are called ducks and a male duck is called a drake  They are monogamous for just about a year or so. Long-lasting bonds are developed among larger species. The mothers take care of their young ones and nurture them. In case, the young ones do not hatch on time or develop properly, then they may abandon a few of them. However, some species are found to be nomadic, trying to seek better living conditions.

What Does a Duck Symbolize?

This totem animal is said to symbolize emotional strength, energy, clarity, grace, family, living in the present moment, etc. It also stands for nurturing, caring, protection, self-expression, opportunities, balance, feelings, emotion, fertility, comfort, silliness, reconnection, fun, vigilance, thoughtfulness, etc.

They symbolize water energy and emotions. They will enable you to trust in your intuition while providing inner guidance. In short, the duck symbolism stands for a few of your life experiences like:

  • Cooperation
  • Unity, fidelity
  • Adjustment to present circumstances
  • Being flexible
  • Going along with the flow
  • Letting go
  • Following bliss
  • Intuition
  • Family
  • Order

Spiritual Meaning

There are different meanings associated with the duck totem. They are as follows:

  • Silliness: Often people having duck as their totem animal are regarded to be goofy and silly. They love to have a good laughter and immense fun. They crack jokes quite often to make others laugh and feel happy with it. They are pleasant to be with and also fun-loving. Their company is desired by almost everyone, including strangers.
  • Intuition: This totem animal allows you to reconnect with your emotions while providing you with the gift of intuitions. People with duck totems are considered to be highly intuitive. It is their intuitive insights that determine their decisions and choices to make. Often, they feel emotional about some work that needs to be undertaken in certain situations.
  • Emotional balance: This totem animal is also said to symbolize Yin and Yang as well as emotional balance. The female duck is said to symbolize negativity and sadness. On the other hand, drake symbolizes happiness, positivity and joy. To have a better balance in life, it is necessary to embrace all types of emotions. This includes both the good as well as the bad ones. Hence, this totem animal provides you with learning to be emotionally balanced. You need to seek balance in the different aspects of your life. You also need to embrace positive and negative emotions and learn a few lessons imparted by this totem animal. It also shows you to be an emotionally balanced individual, having achieved emotional peace. It also guides you in life, while providing you with new amazing experiences.
  • Nurturing: Mother ducks are considered to be quite caring and nurturing towards its young ducklings. They guide their small ones after hatching to move into the wild and also train them to swim in the water. With this totem animal, you can learn to be caring and nurturing with your near and dear ones. You will also ensure that nothing is missed out in the process. You also do the needful to care for your beloved ones’ emotional requirements.
  • Protection: They are quite protective and take care of their offspring. This totem animal stands for protectiveness. If you consider this totem animal, then you are considered to be a highly protective person. You are sure to protect your beloved ones and keep them safe from harm.
  • Adaptation: These are highly adaptable animals and teach you to adapt to every type of circumstance with great ease.
  • Molting: Similar to many other birds, ducks are said to undergo different molting stages of their feathers. Old feathers are replaced in the process with new ones. Symbolically, the totem animals represent periods of transformation and growth that you experience in life. You also will be able to enhance your personal life. It also symbolizes letting go of old things in life to allow new ones to be incorporated.
  • Preening: Ducks are known to clean their feathers daily. There is present an oil gland in their body which they rub constantly. It helps the waterproof oil to be spread all over their feathers. It makes them appear shiny and allow floating easily on the water. This totem animal reminds you of the need to pay attention to your overall wellbeing.
  • Vigilance: These birds are highly vigilant since they are surrounded by predators. Hence, they go to sleep with their one eye open. Even during their sleep, they guard their flock and are awake always to identify potential dangers. From this totem animal, you get to learn to be vigilant. You become attentive and are aware of the happenings around you. This enables you to make correct moves at the most appropriate time.

The Totem Meaning

Being your totem animal, you are likely to be more inclined and responsible for your community. You will be social and enjoy being in the company of acquaintances and friend circles.

You will also enjoy helping others, nurturing and take care of your beloved ones. You will also be a good adviser since you understand better human psychology. People in this group also seek comfort and provide to those who believe in you. You will also enjoy their closeness, such that you might block their progress unintentionally. You are sure to live a wonderful life in the ‘present’ and try to enjoy each moment spent. You will also be quite conventional and find the ‘status quo’ to be quite satisfactory. You will fight to protect your beloved ones and be willing to do anything for them. At times, you may be ready to sacrifice yourself to help others.

Dreaming of Ducks

Perhaps, you may be dreaming about ducks lately. It indicates a strong connection with your subconscious content and emotions. If you dream of ducks swimming or even ducks on land, then it indicates you being vulnerable. It also depicts that you are trying to confront your emotions and move on in life. It also indicates your ability to adapt easily to some circumstances.

If you dream of flying ducks, then it can be a sign of spiritual freedom and spiritual advancement.

At times, dreaming about this totem bird may indicate the feeling of being someone’s target. It can also mean postponing some issues rather than confronting it with confidence.

If you dream about a drake, then it indicates positive emotions, experiences including a great future. On the other hand, if you dream of a female duck, then it may indicate negative emotions and experiences. It means you are likely to experience a difficult stage in life.

Again, if your dream involves a pair of ducks then it indicates the immediate need to be balanced emotionally. It also signifies the need to deal with repressed emotional issues and negative emotions.

Duck’s Tattoo

Duck tattoo meaning

Bird tattoos carry a lot of meanings and have become popular these days! You may want to have a duck tattoo etched on your body. Perhaps, doing so will take you back in time, where you saw cartoons of funny duck characters. However, you need to be aware of the symbolism and meanings associated with this totem bird tattoo.

Ducks are considered to be highly resourceful animals and can live comfortably both on water and land. They can adapt well to their surroundings. They also have developed the ability to stay protected from their predators.

If you are planning to have duck tattoos, then you need to take into consideration some symbolism and attributes.

The duck is an adorable creature due to its high adaptive features to the surrounding environment. They also appear graceful when swimming on the water, walking on land or flying in the air.

When duck tattoos are concerned, they may associate this bird with cartoon characters or hunting. The meanings that come with this totem bird are diverse much similar to their feather patterns. Some considered it to be good luck if you see ducks in your dreams. There are some who considered it to be a conservation symbol or a commitment to enhancing the environment. It also signifies preserving natural habits, allowing your future generations to enjoy the beautiful world. Some ducks are regarded to be symbols of male fertility. Its duck is used in Pagan cults as a unique symbol.

At the same time, the duck is regarded to be the symbol of transition, resourcefulness and adaptability. The tattoo of ducks in water also signifies persistence, migration and resilience.


Thus, getting to know the meaning, the Duck symbolism can help you to know how it impacts your life. This way, you can have a better and well-balanced life that you can enjoy to the fullest.

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