Dragonfly Meaning Death

Dragonflies are rather viewed these days as a common sign of mourning or gravestone’s symbols. Different people tend to interpret different things about the dragonfly. In general, the dragonfly is a symbol of change and transformation. It also represents light and color, the vibrancy and lightness of being, and joy. However, on the other hand, the dragonfly is also often associated with death. Be it you view them as a sign of the ‘devil’s horse’ or that of the world beyond this realm. In any way, and just like the Praying Mantis, Dragonflies are fierce predators and are thought to have the best vision in the insect world with almost a 360-degree view. These small insects are a reminder of everything coming with special meaning as well as significance attached to it.

Some people strongly believe the dragonfly’s meaning is death. Death may take place in various ways. There are several symbols of death which can prove to be helpful to those suffering from grave loss. There are also numerous cultural death rituals followed across the globe. Death may appear to us in various mundane ways ranging from white feathers to black cats. Dragonflies in many customs are regarded to be symbols of death.

The Meaning of a Dragonfly Sighting

Meaning of a Dragonfly Sighting

The beautiful looking dragonfly that is commonly noticed in the garden seems to have grabbed plenty of attention. If you’re lucky to understand clearly the meaning of what happens in sighting a dragonfly, you need to delve into different cultures. The spiritual world has attached lots of significance and spiritual symbolism to the dragonfly. What happens on sighting one again depends on whom you ask! The reason is that different beliefs have different types of interpretations. Hence you need to determine yourself about the meaning of sighting this insect (also find ou: What Does It Mean When A Dragonfly Lands On You). A few interpretations are given below:

  • Good luck: Some cultures & religions consider sighting dragonflies to be a ‘good luck’ charm. It is a symbol of change, grace & beauty. Being a graceful, small creature, they are heartily welcomed. These small insects consume mosquitoes, thus restricting the further spread of this unwanted, disease-spreading pest. Hence, they are stated to bring good luck to the viewer when sighted.
  • Visit by the deceased person: A common belief states that dragonflies have a direct relationship with the spiritual world. Such small symbols are believed to be signs of a guardian angel or deceased loved one. It can be a visual reminder of your beloved one being nearby. It depicts that your beloved ones although no longer physically present still take care of you. It offers some comfort to those experiencing grief & suffering.
  • All watching or All-knowing: The eyes of the dragonfly is also said to depict a symbol. Most dragonflies’ brain has been dedicated to its eyesight. Their eyes are very huge when compared to their size. Hence, it is accepted that they view the world more clearly when compared to humans and it does carry immense weight. Dragonflies do see everything ranging from small problems to big details. It shows that life is filled with plenty of challenges & changes. However, we should not allow fear to overcome us. There is plenty to learn from this world as we see it through our new eyes.

A Symbol of Death

Dragonfly as a symbol of death

The dragonfly, according to several beliefs & cultures is related to the fairy realm & is like a Fairy-type entity. This spiritual animal further symbolizes illusion. You can come closer to the spirit by connecting to its symbolism & energy or meditating on this insect. Dragonfly Meaning Death is often applied because of the symbolism of illusion, change & transformation. In this case, death does not have a literal meaning but is a metaphorical death. Here, it represents the rebirth-death cycle within life & natural universe related laws.

You may perhaps come across a dragonfly when in peace like relaxing in your yard. Probably you are introspecting or chilling or reflecting on something. Here, the universe is sending across a sign through the dragonfly. The sign is rather stated to be a message of transformation & change as well as of approaching rebirth & transition. Change might represent several things. However, you need to understand that space & old energy has to be cleared first to allow the emergence of new ones.

Life involves change, transition & regeneration. Until old thoughts & behaviors are eliminated, it is not possible to attract new opportunities, connections, love & experiences. In an energetic & metaphorical sense, to enter rebirth means to embrace death. It also means to accept our eternal & spiritual nature. hence, the dragonfly when cited also represents the reappearance of the beloved one.

Significance after Death

Several mysteries surround the small, beautiful-looking dragonflies. Numerous stories revolve around this insect comprising evil, good & everything in-between. Hence, it is tough to derive at a single conclusion to understand exactly what it symbolizes & it’s meaning after death. Most people & cultures all over the world are of the belief that these small insects are signs of the spirits of the beloved ones, who are no more.

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