Peacock In A Dream: An Interpretation

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peacock in dream interpretation

In the symbolism of dreams, a peacock is often seen as an omen that brings good luck. The color of its feathers has also been associated with prosperity and wealth. In some cultures around the world, it is believed to be a symbol of immortality.

In this post, we’re going to interpret the meaning behind dreaming of these rather extravagant-looking birds.

“The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.”

William Blake

When You Dream About Peacocks

This post is about peacocks in dreams. In the symbolism of bird dreams, a peacock is often seen as an omen that brings good luck and prosperity. The color of the peacock feathers has also been associated with wealth and immortality. It’s usually considered lucky to see this bird because it means you will be blessed with happiness or have good fortune coming your way soon!

If you are having trouble finding something special for someone you love, such as a birthday present or anniversary gift then maybe they would like the beautiful colors of the peacock feathers on their walls instead!

However, the peacock also stands for confidence and pride, so the message of the appearance of a peacock in a dream sent to you is: be proud of yourself, be confident about the plans you have in mind; don’t hold back but reach out and grab what you desire from life. It’s your life and you only live once.

Petting a Peacock in Your Dream

When you dream about petting a peacock, this may indicate your own sense of pride or self-respect in waking life. This could also mean that you are feeling positive about yourself these days–especially if there was no negativity beforehand. It can signify how well others perceive you or even feel towards you which might reflect on how much they respect and care for you too!

Peacock showing off

Is a Peacock in a Dream an Omen?

The presence of the peacock in the dream realm is often taken as being a great omen. In some cultures around the world, it is believed to be a symbol of immortality.

It typically means a new life will come into your life or you are going to experience something great.

However, if you see one dead then this should be taken seriously because it could mean death may soon approach you or someone close to you wants to tell you they have died but didn’t want to say so out loud otherwise than through their dream. If this peacock was alive and beautiful which meant I would likely meet lots of people during my travels who were receptive towards me.

Though peacocks are usually portrayed in a positive light, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have negative connotations. When you’ve had a dream about an injured or dead peacock, there is some foreshadowing of unfortunate events which may be unpleasant. You might find yourself struggling to maintain your self-esteem and composure if this is the pattern for more than one night’s worth of dreams.

Giving Birth to a Peacock in a Dream – Sounds Weird but what Does it Mean?

There are many explanations for this dream. The first is that it means the person will have a son who loves you very much and can make your life happy in every way, or he may be someone of great importance to you, but not necessarily close family members like children. This would indicate that everything will go well with his birth. Another explanation is that it indicates an event where both happiness and sorrow take place at once – perhaps there’s been some sort of reconciliation between two people who were enemies before? After all peacock feathers represent immortality, so maybe this has something to do with coming back from the dead!


Being Attacked by a Peackcock

The peacock in a dream often appears as an omen of good luck. This is particularly true when the bird is seen to be sitting on something that looks like it may have been hidden or stolen. The color and beauty of this bird have also traditionally been associated with prosperity, wealth, immortality, royalty, and superstition; these associations are prevalent around the world. It’s not surprising then that people might interpret being attacked by one in their dreams as meaning they will soon come into a great fortune through some unforeseen event – maybe even against all odds!

“Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance.”

John Ruskin

Peacock As Totem

The peacock is a strong totem and stands for many things in the dream world. A peacock usually symbolizes a change or transformation about to take place and heralds good fortune ahead.

However, it can also represent vanity and greed (read more about the symbolism for greed) if the person is not fully aware of what they want out of life but are only concerned with pleasing themselves instead. They may be using their beauty as bait for attention even though they know better than anyone that this will never satisfy them deep inside where all matters most.

In some cultures around the world, such as China’s Tang Dynasty (618-960), peacocks were believed to have significant spiritual significance because people living at that time considered them to be symbols of immortality due to its long lifespan; when one died another would replace it each time one died, another would take over for them and disrupt this pattern. Hence the peacock is often seen as an earthly manifestation of the celestial phoenix symbol: both are symbols for rebirth and resurrection.

The tail feathers are also symbolic on their own because they represent beauty, power, and wealth while still being very modest at the same time to show self-control – something not everyone has mastered even though it seems easy enough to do so with two hands and feet.

head of peacock


Peacocks are often seen as a symbol of beauty, and it’s easy to see why. They have bright colors, intricate patterns on their feathers, and fascinating tails that make them one of the most desirable birds in the world.

The peacock is also known for its power and strength; they’re proud creatures with an indomitable spirit who will do anything to protect themselves from predators or other animals looking for food. This combination of traits makes peacocks perfect symbols for those who wish to be beautiful on the outside but strong on the inside – like you! If you want your loved ones (or just yourself) to know how much strength lies within us all, give them this gorgeous necklace featuring some very special circle-shaped beads encased a chance.

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