Symbols of Family: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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Symbols of Family

Flesh and Blood: The Top Symbols of Family

From ensuring that we always have someone to count on, share our concerns, play with, and enliven our mood anytime, family is one of the most valuable gifts of life. Regarded as a unit that provides us with nothing less than unconditional love, it consists of individuals who we know will be there through good and bad times.

Whether it’s the love and comfort they offer, their words of encouragement, or the values and morals they have passed on to us, we put together these symbols of the family to make us remember the most important people in our lives and how they make us feel happy inside.

family bonds symbol

Key takeaways

  • The family offers all-time support. Although they encourage us to be proud of our individuality, the tree of life reminds us that we are deeply connected through our roots. It tells us that families support us as we journey through life.
  • Family provides a sense of security. The Protection Circle encourages us to speak our minds and ensures a safe space to rest and let our guard down. It tells us to appreciate the comfort that our family provides.
  • Family makes decision-making easy. By simply knowing that you are surrounded by those who care for you, making challenging decisions is something that you no longer need to worry about. A healthy root chakra ensures the strength to make proper decisions in life.

Family tree

Commonly referred to as a genealogy chart or a pedigree chart, a family tree is an outline that typically represents family relations in a tree structure. Perceived to have originated from the Tree of Jesse, which was used to track Jesus Christ’s ancestry, it presents the oldest generations on top of the tree and the younger ones at the bottom.

family tree
Family tree

Great-grandparents are often placed in the center to describe the passage of time, illustrating a tree’s natural growth to portray various generations.

The tree of life

Recognized as one of the oldest and most meaningful symbols, the tree of life represents a wealth of cultural and spiritual beliefs that span countless traditions. The tree of life is an expansive tree contained in a circular border. Its spreading branches represent the way that members of a family grow, all while staying connected over time. The tree’s strong roots remind us how we are deeply connected to each of our family members and that they are critical for our ability to thrive and grow.

“Family is the most important thing in the world.”

– Princess Diana

The Serch Bythol

A symbol that signifies perpetual love, the Serch Bythol tells us how the Celts deeply valued their relationships. Featuring two intertwining Celtic knots, it depicts a man and his wife, who together form a family, connected in spirit, body, and mind. The Serch Bythol represents true and eternal love.

Serch Bythol
Serch Bythol

It is the foundation on which every family is built. This ancient symbol is known to provide us with the strength, knowledge, and compassion that will help us manage the ups and downs of family life.

Greek Goddess Hestia

Known to be among the oldest Greek gods, Hestia is a respected figure in Greek mythology, admired for being the protector of families. Recognized as the Mother of all Gods, she symbolizes happiness and harmony and reminds us about the importance of honesty in family life.

virgin-goddess-hestia symbol of family
Virgin goddess Hestia, symbol of family

Believed to be the most beautiful and righteous of the Olympian gods, she brought serenity, gentleness, and peace to the families of those who put their faith in her.

Protection circle

Admired for using geometric figures to communicate their thoughts and ideas, Native Americans adopted the protection circle to signify close-knit relationships, security, and deep family ties. The protection circle is a famous symbol of equality.

It tells us that in a family, no person is more important than anyone. A figure that has no breaks and cannot be broken, it reminds us how families allow everyone to speak and how every opinion is equally accepted and respected.

“A man should never neglect his family for business.”

– Walt Disney

The heart

Recognized the world over as a symbol of love and affection, the heart indicates the unique bond, devotion, and care that prevail among family members. While the brain processes love and other emotions, many of us use the heart as the primary symbol to represent fondness and adoration.

Considered one of the most widely used emojis, it shows how we hold the people most dear to us close to our hearts.

Family pictograph

A pictograph is a two-dimensional image that tells stories and conveys messages. The family pictograph was created as a way to remember the past and honor tradition. It symbolizes the ability to transcend time by carrying on traditions from generation to generation.

Family pictograph
Family pictograph

A timeless representation of family, it expresses the importance of preserving heritage for future generations.

Family portraits

Family portraits mark a moment in time and capture the bond between family members. It serves as a reminder of how families grow, evolve, and stay together over time. Symbolizing an unbreakable connection, it shows us how much we all need each other.

family portraits on mantelpiece
Family portraits

You can find them often on mantelpieces and in groups of pictures hung on walls, reminding us that no matter what we go through, our families are there for us.

The dining room table

Being the center of the family action, the dining room table is a place where families share meals, stories, laughter, and tears. This humble yet powerful symbol of family life reminds us how important it is to spend quality time with each other.

It emphasizes the connection that family members have with each other and how they rely on each other for love, support, and compassion.

“A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss… That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”

– Brad Pitt


While it is commonly associated with the soul, fertility, and innocence, gardens are spaces of great potential where we can cultivate learning and healing and develop long-lasting bonds. A symbol of prosperity and abundance, it houses plants of varying colors and shapes, much like a family.

A garden requires a lot of love, nourishment, and patience and would be in total disarray if undervalued and neglected. Much like a family would.

Thanksgiving day

An annual celebration that honors the harvest and blessings of the past year, Thanksgiving Day symbolizes peace, opportunity, and the value of a happy home and family. Derived from the feast shared by the English colonists and the Native American Wampanoag tribe, the traditional fare includes potatoes, cranberries, the fattest turkey, and pumpkin pie.

thanksgiving family Symbols of Family: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Considered the busiest time of the year for vehicular travel, many would brave the exodus to their homes to be with family and loved ones.


Whether you see it as the week’s first or last day, Sundays have always provided a distinct feeling and feature in our calendars and lives. While the Monday blues precede it, it has long been considered a day to practice your faith, rest your laurels, and strengthen family ties. A day devoted to the Sun God since Ancient times, this period of no work and all play is commonly and fondly referred to by many as “Family Day.”


Historically appearing on shields or flags to distinguish knights and armies from one another, heraldry is a symbol that separates a person or their family from others. While it was once used to represent the duty and office of a herald, its significance on the battlefield in medieval times made it a popular symbol of family.

Heraldry symbol of family

In modern times, heraldries are images that typically represent a government or organization.


Known as robust devices that hold water vessels in place, Christians first used anchors to symbolize the strength of their faith even when under Roman persecution. Indicating a deep and indestructible bond, it tells us how even strong winds and forceful waves are no match in the face of solid family ties. Admired for its ability to keep ships from drifting away, the anchor signifies the security and stability of family relationships.

A family piano

Once considered a staple of the parlor, a piano is more than just an instrument. A symbol of family harmony and camaraderie, playing it together has been key in maintaining family ties throughout generations. The harmonious sound it produces speaks volumes about how music can bring everyone together while providing a much-needed break from life’s daily routines.

It also offers an opportunity to teach younger generations the importance of family and the value of music. Lastly, a piano serves as a powerful reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, our families will always be there for us.

Othala Rune

A runic symbol originating from the Elder Futhark alphabet, Othala is a powerful symbol that brings family and home together. Representing physical and mental inherited property, it stands for the qualities of trustworthiness, security, and responsibility that one should possess in order to ensure their family’s prosperity.

Othala Rune
Othala rune

With its shape resembling an ancestral hut or a stronghold, it is believed to protect and bless all members of the family.


A crest that describes one’s origins in Japan, the kamon is a group of ancient symbols used to represent ancestry, family lineage, and bloodline. These symbols were created to serve as a badge to represent a particular family’s identity.

Kamon Japanese Family crests
Kamon Japanese Family crests

It was common to see such symbols on samurai swords and armor. While it didn’t take long until the samurai warriors adopted the use of the kamon, it reminds us to uphold our family’s integrity and honor constantly.

Celtic triple knot

The Celtic triple spiral knot is significant as it symbolizes family, life, death, and rebirth. Also known as the trinity knot, it is believed to represent love and devotion among family members.

Celtic triple knot family symbol
Celtic triple knot

This symbol is associated with fertility and growth, which reminds us of how our families can continue to thrive in times of hardship.

Adinkra symbols

Derived from the Akan people of West Africa, Adinkra symbols are visually stunning geometric motifs that convey philosophical ideas. Representing a comprehensive system of beliefs, these symbols are often used to signify family values such as love, bravery, strength and progress.

Adinkra symbols Symbols of Family: Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Adinkra symbols

These symbolic images have been passed down from generation to generation and remain a source of pride for many.

The family symbol in the bible

The Bible shows us how the family is a trustworthy source of spiritual guidance and consolation. Family is at the center of our beliefs and as such, is symbolized by a dove with an olive branch in its beak.

This image carries many meanings, including peace, comfort, love, and hope. It reminds us that, even during tumultuous times, faith in the family can provide us with the strength and protection that we need.

Flowers that represent family

Different flowers can be used as symbols of family, each with its own unique message.

The Daisy symbolizes innocence, loyalty, and faithfulness in love, which is a perfect representation of what family is all about.

The Rose shows us how deep and passionate our relationships are with our families.

The Sunflower stands for admiration, adoration, and loyalty, reminding us how our families are the biggest source of support and encouragement in our lives.

Together, these flowers remind us of the unique beauty and power that exists in family relationships.

Animals that represent family

Animals are often used to symbolize family due to their strong connection with humans. The Wolf symbolizes loyalty and devotion, as they stay together in packs and protect one another. Dogs signify unconditional love and friendship, reminding us of the caring relationships we share with our families.

The Turtle is a symbol of determination and endurance, as it is capable of surviving in harsh environments and teaching us how to manage the ups and downs of family life.

Finally, the Penguin stands for unity and cooperation, reminding us that families are all about working together in order to achieve common goals.

More objects for symbols of family

Objects representing family can make for special keepsakes or heirlooms to pass on. They can describe your family’s values, and traditions, and carry sweet meanings that bring your family joy. Some ideas for objects include:

  • A family photo album
  • A decorative plate with the family name
  • A scrapbook of mementos,
  • A quilt made up of different fabric pieces showcasing each member’s unique style.
  • A decorative or functional object made by tying a material such as brass, steel, or rope into knots, representing how family ties are strong and unbreakable.

However you choose to represent your family, it is sure to bring warm feelings and lasting memories.

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