What These 8 Birds Mean by Being Symbols of Freedom

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Birds That Represent Freedom

Flying At Will: Birds That Represent Freedom

Often regarded as an image of peace, hope, and inspiration, the bird’s natural ability to fly has long made them agents of liberty and independence. Considered by many as the idea that influences our decisions, actions, and way of life, freedom is the one thing every creature, including humans, aims to realize.

Admired for their ability to take to the skies when necessary, let’s swoop down into the top birds that represent freedom.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

– Charlotte Bronte



Recognized across cultures as the “King of the Skies“, the eagle is a popular symbol of freedom. Known to be one of the strongest birds around, eagles give us the courage to face the challenges that we encounter in our daily lives.

Boasting impressive wingspans, inspire us to grow more confident in ourselves and to look for opportunities in every situation. A powerful, solitary bird that thrives in hunting for prey on its lonesome, they remind us how we too are capable of not being dependent on anyone for survival.



As birds are already favored for their gift of flight, the albatross’ ability to go for years without touching land raises their level of admiration and reverence even higher. Taking long flights and traveling unimaginable distances, these relatively huge birds are an imposing symbol of freedom.

Choosing to float on water or settle on uninhabited islands, these aloof creatures tell us that we are free to make our own choices and be responsible for our ways in life. Their rare presence is a reminder that each of us has a unique, personal path and that such freedom helps shape who we are.

“Freedom (n.): To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.”

– Ayn Rand



Highly respected for its amazing speed and awesome hunting skills, the falcon is considered a bird that symbolizes focus, determination, and freedom. Known for its ability to chase its prey at breakneck speeds that reach up to 390 km/h, the falcon inspires us to freely chase after our dreams at our own pace and to decide who we want to be and how we want to live our lives.

A deeply solitary creature, the falcon is known for its trait of staying with a single mate for life. Its presence reminds us that while we all have varying interests and desires, no one can tell us what to do and what to believe in, regardless of our differences in views, religion, and opinions.



An elegant-looking bird that is perhaps one of the most symbolized in the world, cranes fly in with a variety of meaningful symbolism. Having long been believed to be a creature that brings forth purity, longevity, and good fortune, their innate ability to fly high and long distances have made them an image of unrestrained independence.

Playing a critical role in the myths and lore of many, these long-legged beauties are a symbol of peace, grace, and balance. Their appearance tells us how we should keep ourselves free from the countless unpleasant thoughts we take in daily. Only then will our hearts and spirits be prepared to pursue the ultimate path to freedom.


long peacock What These 8 Birds Mean by Being Symbols of Freedom

Recognized as the national bird of India and Burma, there is more to these attractive and majestic birds than meets the eye. A symbol of beauty, confidence, and honor, the peacock gives us the courage to openly express ourselves without fear or apprehension. Their presence urges us to be proud of ourselves and to share what’s good about us with the world.

While male peacocks are unquestionably some of the most charming animals on the planet, peahens have the power to turn them down during courtship. This shows us how freedom allows us to make choices that will ultimately make us happy. The peacock’s appearance tells us that while our decisions may not always be the best, they allow us to learn and grow from our mistakes.



Perhaps the most commonly found bird across the world, sparrows are highly favored for their ability to withstand the rigors of both country and city life. Such flexibility gives these friendly and adaptable creatures the freedom to thrive in different environments and adapt to the changes in their varying living conditions.

Often found cheerfully chirping in our yards, the sparrow represents the contentment we feel when we live of our own free will. The welcoming presence of these naturally lighthearted flyers encourages us to never let up until we realize where we want to be in life. They appear with great enthusiasm to tell us how we should be proud of the wonderful choices we’ve made for ourselves along the way.


mourning dove

Typically sporting white feathers, which make them emblems of peace, love, and freedom, doves fly in with meaningful messages that affect the lives of everyone. Observed to have the ability to live in flocks with thousands of members or to flourish in solitude, they teach us the importance of living the way we want.

The dove’s presence tells us that while our choices do not always lead to success, what’s important is that we recognize our lapses and that we find the strength to make it right and the wisdom to learn from them. These resilient creatures provide us with the power to seek our happiness on our own terms.


Throughout history, we have been envious of birds’ ability to do what they want and to go where they please. From the rarely seen and majestic eagle to the common sparrow, there simply is no other creature that inspires us to never take our gift of freedom for granted.

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