The Meaningful Psychic Bond with the Chakra Lotus Flower

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Chakra Lotus Flower

Chakras are energy centers in the body that regulate your emotions, physical health, and well-being, according to traditional Indian medicine. Chakras can be found at the base of the spine, around the navel, on top of the head, and elsewhere in the body. 

The lotus flower is one of many chakra-related symbols. For thousands of years, the elegant and unique lotus flower has been used to represent purity, innocence, and balance. 

The connection between the chakras of the body and lotus flowers can provide insight into one’s true self. You can help bring balance into your chakras by working with the lotus flower symbols. 

In this article, you’ll find the true connection between chakras and lotus, and why these flowers are the perfect symbol for the energy centers of your body. 

Beautiful Lotus Flower
Beautiful Lotus Flower

Key points

  • Both lotus and chakras have a connection to your mind, body, and soul. 
  • These two symbols have been associated with each other, and sometimes chakras are illustrated as being a lotus flower. 
  • Lotus and chakras are both powerful containers of energy and represent the various aspects of ourselves and life as a whole. 

The lotus’s symbolism 

The lotus flower is a symbol of new beginnings, spiritual growth, and empowerment. Its unique ability to grow in muddy water represents the ability to rise above adversity and bloom regardless of circumstance.

 “As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.”

– Buddha

The seven different chakras within the body are each represented by a differently shaped lotus flower. When all aspects of your life are in balance, you can achieve greater harmony and open your chakras to receive and transmit energy more effectively.

The lotus flower’s symbolism reflects its significance to the seven chakra systems. The lotus flower’s petals represent the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and space. 

The lotus stem represents your consciousness or spirit. Together, these elements help us achieve balance and live with intention and purpose. 

The lotus flower is well-known for its ability to float in water due to its clever design. Long petals trap water, and short stalks reach above the surface. 

lotus flower is a reminder of the beauty

This equilibrium allows it to photosynthesize while submerged, supplying vital nutrients for growth. The lotus flower’s beauty is often regarded as a symbol of empowerment because it can rise from water without being damaged or hampered by it. 

The blooming process also represents new beginnings and life emerging from death. It can represent an individual’s spiritual growth as they progress towards enlightenment. 

The unfolding and purity of your inner self can be represented by the petals of the lotus flower. 

Lotus flowers are also symbols of purity and divine birth. The Lalitavistara says that “the spirit of the best men is spotless, like a new lotus emerging from [muddy] water.” It also mentions how they represent an unopened flower—when virtue develops in its heart this becomes fully bloomed at last!

This explains why sat Buddha sits upon his throne as if seated on fluffy petals; he has transformed himself into something beautiful enough for anyone’s attention: living beings can now see their way back home by looking only deeper


The relationship between chakras and lotus flowers 

There is a link between chakras and lotus flowers. Because it grows in muddy water, where other plants cannot survive, the lotus flower is known as the “Queen of Flowers.” 

It has lovely petals that are one-third the length of its body and are made up of thousands of tiny yellow disc florets. Each of the seven chakras within the body is represented by a differently shaped lotus (7 petal lotus meaning). 

The first chakra, or root chakra, is located at the base of the spine and is represented by a lotus flower with four petals and a triangular shape. The sacral chakra, located behind the belly button, is represented by a six-petal lotus flower in a circular shape. 

The third chakra of the body, also known as the solar plexus chakra, is represented by a ten-petaled lotus flower. Our fourth chakra is our heart chakra, which is located in our chest. 

This chakra is represented by a twelve-petaled lotus with two triangles pointing up and down. This lotus’s two triangles represent the union of heaven and earth within the heart. 

7 petal lotus meaning
7 petal lotus meaning

A lotus flower with sixteen petals represents the fifth or throat chakra in the body. The sixth chakra, also known as the third eye chakra, is represented by a lotus with only two petals

The seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is located on top of the head. A thousand-petaled lotus flower represents the crown chakra. 

Each chakra, like the intricate design of the lotus flower, requires proper balance to function effectively. If one aspect of your life outperforms the others or becomes overly dominant, it can cause discord within yourself. 

 “There is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. We need the mud in order to make the lotus.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

The seven-petal lotus flower is a reminder that we are all connected and that we need to keep our chakras in balance in order to live a healthy and happy life. Check out our post about the seven chakras symbols, to read more in detail.

Their shared water element and emotional connection link chakras and lotus flowers. When you understand how these elements interact with one another and incorporate them into your daily routine, you can achieve greater harmony throughout your entire being.

seven chakra symbols
Seven chakra symbols

There are meditation techniques one can use to help open their chakra system by visualizing each energy point as a closed lotus. As the flower opens, it creates a vortex of energy within your body that helps it receive and transmit energy. 

In general, there are many ways to work with your chakra system, we have written about some of these chakra cleansing rituals.

Lotus symbolism is very powerful and has the ability to help bring your chakras into a state of alignment, helping to balance all aspects of your mind, body, and soul. 

Check out this video for more information on lotus flower symbolism. 


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