Sacral Chakra Awakening Symptoms: How to Harness the Power of Your Passion and Pleasure

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Sacral Chakra Awakening Symptoms

The sacral chakra, or the Svadhisthana, is the second of the seven primary chakras in the body. This chakra is located in the pelvic region. 

The sacral chakra is tied to our sexual and creative energies. Your creative nature, inspiration, excitement, passion, and pleasure all originate in this region. When unbalanced, you can experience issues in these areas of your life. 

If you’ve been working with your chakras or believe you may be going through a sacral chakra awakening, a few key symptoms can help you identify this

“The key to meditation is focusing on specific symbols. These symbols are the chakras.”

– Frederick Lenz

Key points

  • The sacral chakra is the energy center located in the pelvic region
  • You can awaken the sacral chakra to help balance these energies in your body
  • There are many symptoms you may experience when awakening your sacral chakra, both psychological and physical. 
The sacral chakra
The sacral chakra

Top 15 symptoms of a sacral chakra awakening

Think your sacral chakra is awakening? There are many symptoms that you may experience, both psychological and physical. 

Psychological symptoms

1) Easily excited: when your sacral awakens, you may become more easily excited than usual. You’re experiencing an energetic “high,” and your view of the world is slowly changing. 

Small experiences may seem much grander, and big things may seem out of this world. Use this excitement to empower yourself and pair these feelings with gratitude and appreciation. 

2) Increased creativity: as this creativity begins to flow, you may start to not only want to create things but also notice a change in your thinking. You’ll be able to come up with ideas and solutions and recognize patterns more efficiently. 

If you’re an artist, you may have new ideas more frequently and seem to have a breakthrough in your work. This can also translate to other areas of your life, coming up with breakthrough solutions to problems that have been left unsolved. 

3) Sexual outlook: other symptoms include having a change of perception in regard to your sexuality. Instead of constantly yearning for connection, you may focus your energy inward and find ways to feel whole and complete within yourself. 

4) Passionate outlook: you can direct your passions into other pursuits that allow for your creative expression and encourage your creative freedom. You’ll also notice you find pleasure in more experiences, not just ones that are immediately gratifying. 

Investing time in your passions is a great way to help awaken the sacral chakra. Even if the passion isn’t fully there, the more you work and develop it, the stronger it’ll grow as this chakra becomes activated. 


5) Increased pleasure: you may experience pleasure from starting a new book or beginning a new project. Since you’ll have a larger reserve of creative energies, you’re able to appreciate the process in everything that you do because you have the energy to truly enjoy each step along the way. 

6) Feelings of connection: you’ll start feeling a higher sense of connection to the world around you. Your relationships may grow stronger as you’re able to tap into other people’s energy more easily. 

You start viewing the world as an extension of yourself and become more mindful of the effects you have on your external reality. 

7) Balancing your energies: everyone has masculine and feminine energies inside their body. These are one’s creative energies and can help manifest and transform reality. 

These energies are different from hormones, which are associated with gender. Masculine and feminine energies hold functions and properties rather than gender norms. 

As the sacral chakra awakens, you develop an increase in both of these energies, and if one energy is more dominant, the other becomes replenished, establishing a balance. This can change how you view yourself and others and what you look for in a relationship. 

8) Having fewer attachments: if you struggle with attachment issues, it’s a sign that you hold too much importance on other people or external experiences. The sacral awakening helps you direct your focus inward and care more about your support and opinion than others.

9) Letting go of old relationships: if you’ve struggled to let go of old relationships and they’ve occupied your mind and emotions, you can experience them slowly dissolving as the sacral awakens. These relationships stem from your need for connection, and when the sacral awakens, you begin to feel a sense of connection unlike ever before. We also have a post about relationships and chakras.

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Physical symptoms

10) Body tingles: whenever a chakra becomes activated and begins awakening, you may experience energetic tingles in specific areas or organs of your body (see also post about the relationship between organs and chakras). For the sacral chakra, you may experience tingles below your pelvic region’s navel. 

You may also feel vibrations or a release of energy in this area as the chakra becomes unblocked. 

11) Higher levels of energy: when you have access to your sacral energy, you have a higher reserve of creative energy. Your creative and sexual energies are what allow you to create your reality. 

When you have more creative energies, your body becomes energized, and you feel more physically awake, clear, and balanced. You have more motivation to get things done and have a higher threshold for stress. 

12) More flexibility: someone whose sacral chakra is blocked may have joint and flexibility issues. When the chakra awakens, you will experience an increase in flexibility and overall comfort throughout the body. 

Any issues of tightness, stiffness, or pain may dissolve. 

13) Less need for physical intimacy: when your sacral chakra is unbalanced, you may need intimacy more. Intimacy is used to supplement feeling whole and complete within yourself

When the sacral awakens, you have a decrease in your need for intimacy, and instead of having a strong desire for it, it is just something you appreciate rather than need. This isn’t a fear of intimacy, which is also a result of having a blocked sacral chakra

14) Less sleep: your body will require less sleep as your sacral opens. The increase in your creative energies will keep your mind energized and allow for an increased flow throughout your body. 

This allows you to stay up later, work on more creative projects without getting tired, and have less of a need for sleep. You may not always be able to get by with less sleep, but if you notice your sacral awakening, don’t try to force yourself to continue to sleep in your previously normal rhythm. 

Listen to your body and give it what it needs. 

15) Pain in your pelvic region: you may experience pain in the pelvic region as your sacral awakens. There may be stagnant energy there, and as it becomes released, it can create pain or discomfort. 

These feelings should subside quickly and shouldn’t cause too much discomfort

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Benefits of a balanced sacral chakra

When you balance the sacral chakra, you establish a healthy energy flow within your creative center. Your creativity is the spark that allows you to feel passionate, motivated, excited, and a connection to the world around you. 

Balancing the sacral chakra helps you progress forward in life, driven by your passionate desires. You have more influence over your life and have the energy it takes to complete your goals and ambitions. 

Artists are able to tap into their muse, get into a flow state, and create truly magnificent works of art. 

The sacral chakra can also help heal your relationship with sex, intimacy, and relationships, allowing you to form healthier connections with others in the future. 

We also wrote an article about the best mudras for balancing the sacral chakra.

Check out this video for more information on the sacral chakra

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