What Is It, and How Can It Help Me? Non-Dual Awareness.

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Non-Dual Awareness

Let’s talk about non-dual awareness and give you more explanation on what it is. Later on, we will touch on what it can do for you when used in different contexts. Is this a term you have ever heard of? What comes to your mind when you think of the words non-dual awareness?

What is non-dual awareness?

Non-dual awareness is simply a state of consciousness. It is something that we typically do not recognize but that is ever present in us. It is a type of pure awareness of ourselves without all of the outside experiences and distractions.

We tend to dissolve within ourselves, and let go of boundaries; some we know of and some we do not even realize we hold. Non-dual awareness can also be referred to as non-dual consciousness.

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In the religion of Buddhism, they feel this state of consciousness brings insights into self; the nature and reality of who we are and why we are here and empties ourselves of the business, distractions, and constants of this world. This is not a difficult state to experience, and it should bring us a strong sense of well-being.

What is non-duality?

You must have heard of the concept of ‘one with everything. This is a very popular concept in all forms and types of meditation traditions. It sounds interesting but what does it mean?

Nonduality refers to the first-person experience one has that reveals that the mind is not a separate observer from its own contents. This results in a feeling of a connection with the world and unity.

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The majority of people spend their entire lives thinking they are tiny people located somewhere in their heads. But upon deep inspection, it becomes very clear that the feeling of thought of being a subject, while all other things are an object, is an illusion.

It is speculated that newborn baby views the world in a non-dual way before they are given an identity and a name. An adult with non-dual awareness functions fully but is no longer limited by the barriers set by the concept of ‘I, me, and myself.

It turns out that the majority of our mental suffering comes from this dual mentality. We believe in a mini-me in our head that has to uphold its identity, solve problems and figure out who they are.

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How does science explain non-duality?

Non-dual consciousness is a concept of modern science. Modern science states that your experiences are generated by the brain, which is why it stands true that you have not seen the real world. Whatever you believe to be real is something that was projected by your brain. Whatever your experience is a part of you. Everything you feel is a projection of your mind.

Non-dual awareness and meditation

This leads us to another piece of the non-dual puzzle– meditation. This is where we balance and clear our conscience, and the purpose is to bring an awareness of self. We leave behind our thoughts, emotions, and sensory experience around us for a heightened place where we can experience calm, freedom, and intention. at

When you are practicing meditation it should be centered on the core purpose of finding your state of optimal concentration and relaxation. These meditation practices are best received by your body, mind, and spirit when the meditation is guided and structured, meaning that the sessions you partake in progress in small steps as you become increasingly aware of the purposeful consciousness of yourself. There are many online practice sessions you can research and use, so don’t be afraid to explore those.

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Think about the ways that you may be incorporating meditation into your life, perhaps in ways that you do not even realize. Do you go out and explore nature and just breathe in the silence and the peace as it calms your mind? If so, you are experiencing a type of meditation.

Do you have a quiet place in your home where you draw away to just recharge, be still, and clear your mind? If so, you are also experiencing a type of meditation when doing that. Much of what we do in our daily lives is done unconsciously, yet we have a soul and self that desires that state of solitude and peace and desires to connect with our inner self deeply.

In this world, and in the demanding lives we all live, this piece of our life is crucial. We must take time out to experience awareness of ourselves and embrace the health of our minds and bodies if we are to live the heightened life we are meant to.

Non-dual consciousness exercises

There are a few dimensions of consciousness that we want to bring awareness to through these non-dual exercises. We will talk about each of them now; physical, mental, and spiritual.

  • First, our physical selves actually will experience a reduction in stress by practicing mindfulness and meditation. This, in turn, can bring health benefits such as lowering our blood pressure and helping the functionality of our mind in reaction and decision-making.
  • The mental dimension is affected in a very positive way. We can be calm, and peaceful, and feel completely centered. These heightened awareness benefits in our mental state can be felt within as quickly as one week, and will continue to increase the longer we keep these practices. Results can also be further heightened when we make sure we are giving ourselves a healthy diet, getting proper sleep, and regularly engaging in exercise.
  • Our spiritual dimension may be one of the most heightened dimensions we will experience. Through non-dual awareness, meditation, and the act of mindfulness we achieve a state of higher consciousness and, therefore, experience enlightenment. We may find we have never experienced this before and did not even realize we could, but once we have it will fan the flame for us to continue to the practice of experiencing that within ourselves. Our outer environment will seem to vanish.
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Incorporating these exercises that heighten and shift our mind, body, and soul, should always be a very personal experience. We are not meant to measure our experience against another’s because each of us as individuals has our own thoughts, goals, body, personality, and so on. Therefore, each of us will (and should) receive something different from our experiences.

Let it happen – discover yourself

Some of us may experience a bit of a frightening feeling or fear of the unknown until we understand how this works with our body and mind and are comfortable with it. Others may feel completely limitless and like time has just stopped and they are in their own dimension, void of all their normal activities, surroundings, or even the people around them. Both of these are acceptable reactions, and they each may alter as you progress in the steps of meditation.

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Non-dual awareness is something that should bring excitement and expectation, not something you should steer clear of or fear due to the reality and clarity it may bring.

The benefits of discovering ourselves and the depth that our mind is capable of delving into should be something each of us wants to experience and expand upon. The purpose of non-dual consciousness, or that state we want to achieve, is so that everything is in unity.

There is no separation from any part of ourselves to the world. We can leave the distractions and the chaos outside of ourselves, but at the same time, we experience becoming one with the time and space of the world around us.

Awareness of awareness

This method is meant to reveal the Nondual nature of your mind by diverting attention towards the context of your experiences rather than their contents.

Most of these methods are broad terms that cover multiple methods of Nondual practice. Once you have experienced Nondual awareness, you need to keep practicing it until it becomes your default way of living.

If you cannot make Nondual awareness your default way of living, do not worry. It can take many years to accomplish and requires discipline and practice. The key is to be patient, keep doing the practices, and let things unfold slowly and naturally.

We have discussed the key facts about a simple yet important concept. Simply reading about Nondual awareness will not be of any benefit; you need to experience it for yourself to truly understand its potential.

There are many meditation techniques available, both traditional and modern (even meditation with colors for balancing chakras) (even meditation with colors for balancing chakras) (even meditation with colors for balancing chakras). The techniques by Dzogchen and Mahamudra were devised by considering years of mental experimentation, which are capable of inducing Nondual experiences.

You can try the different types of techniques available and see which one is best for you. It would be best if you experimented a little to find the method that best fits you and allows you to experience non-dual awareness. There are many free apps available that can help you achieve non-dual awareness.

Headspace is one such app that can be used to start your journey into non-dual awareness. Once you have tried it and are comfortable with the results, you can move on to other methods.

It is important not to get caught up in the technique or the method. Remember, the goal is non-dual awareness, and any method that can help you achieve that goal is the right one for you.

Nondual awareness is a simple yet profound concept that can change your life forever. The key is to experience it for yourself and to keep practicing it until it becomes your default way of living. Remember to be patient, and let things unfold slowly and naturally.

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