Symbolism For Resilience: What It Means and Represents In Nature

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Symbolism For Resilience: Why It’s More Enduring To Always Seek For Life’s Silver Lining

Resilience is a powerful word that can mean different things to different people. For some, it might evoke images of bouncing back after a tough time. For others, it might bring to mind the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity. Whatever resilience means to you, there’s no doubt that it’s an important quality to have. In this blog post, we’ll explore what resilience means symbolism-wise and how you can find it in nature.

Given a choice, most of those who have gone through a period of struggle would affirm that they’d rather cross a different path. However, research shows that a handful of people would choose to take such an off-beaten track as they believe that it brings personal and spiritual growth that often leads to a life-changing outcome. Regarded as a trait that teaches us to bounce back from adversity, resilience prepares our minds, souls, and bodies for life’s many hardships and difficulties. From flowers of awesome fragrance and beauty to animals of myth and mysticism, let’s take a look at some of the best symbolism for resilience.

“It is really wonderful how much resilience there is in human nature. Let any obstructing cause, no matter what, be removed in any way, even by death, and we fly back to first principles of hope and enjoyment.”

― Bram Stoker, Dracula
  • Animals that represent resilience2 Symbolism For Resilience: What It Means and Represents In Nature
  • Animals that represent resilience Symbolism For Resilience: What It Means and Represents In Nature

Animals that represent resilience

While our misfortunes often lead us to regress and mourn, thinking positively about our negative situations makes it less likely for us to feel depressed and allows us to develop happier and more meaningful relationships. Whether they help improve your physical and mental function or enable you to respond better to stress, here are the top animals that inspire us to be resilient.

The phoenix

What better way to show resilience than with a bird that burns itself to ashes just to come back all well and upgraded? Revered in countless traditions as a mythical bird that symbolizes immortality, healing, and rebirth, the phoenix is a prominent bird of prey that swoops down with tales and messages of adaptability, endurance, and resilience. Believed to represent the sun’s setting and its rise, this spellbinding creature tells us that even the most troubling period of darkness ends up in bliss, satisfaction, and peace of mind. Read more about the phoenix symbolism.

Phoenix resilience Symbolism For Resilience: What It Means and Represents In Nature

The griffin

Perceived in several traditions as a fusion of three of the most courageous and enduring animals, the griffin (read more about the griffin symbolism) is a legendary creature that easily comes to mind when talking about the most powerful beings abound. Often depicted to possess the strength of a lion, the integrity of an eagle, and the adaptability of a camel, it teaches us how to put up with the challenges that life throws at us, all while giving us the ability to serve as an inspiration to others. Known as an embodiment of regality and resilience, this fearsome beast encourages us to overcome any obstacle that aims to hinder our progress. Read more about the griffin symbolism.

griffin resilience


An often misunderstood spirit animal, the wolf is generally seen as an aggressive creature that stops at nothing to hound and captures what it wants. However, these caring and devoted creatures would choose to avoid a fight than engage other animals and risk endangering their pack. Vicious when needed, particularly during a hunt, they come into our lives howling messages of courage, self-control, firmness, and resilience.


Feared by most for its venomous sting, the scorpion’s presence is often associated with our need of being more aware of our surroundings. Respected for being around long before the first dinosaurs lived, their ability to hide away from predators and to protect themselves from threats and risks has made them an ideal figure of courage and resilience. Their inactive lifestyle and slow metabolism allow them to survive without food for up to one year which represents our capacity to be adaptable, versatile, and persistent. Read more about the scorpion symbolism.

scorpion resilience Symbolism For Resilience: What It Means and Represents In Nature


Perhaps one of the least favorites among the symbolism for resilience and spirit guides, cockroaches are some of the most interesting symbolism for durability, survival, and resilience. Known to have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, their ability to endure long periods without food indicates how we too can endure extended periods of struggles just to come out as stronger and more adaptable individuals.

Unpopular and scorned by many, these often rejected critters come creeping into our consciousness as motivation to continue giving it our best regardless if others appreciate us or not. Read more about the cockroach in-house meaning here.


Monarch butterfly

While they are more popular for representing change and transformation, the long and difficult journey that they make from a loathsome caterpillar to a gorgeous butterfly shows how beauty can be achieved by being persistent. The distinct manner in which it goes through several periods of transition before finally realizing its full potential tells us just how never giving up can lead to a life that is favorable and beneficial. Read more about the monarch butterfly symbolism.

Monarch butterfly


Regardless of the weight that it carries, the snail teaches us about the importance of unceasingly moving forward. A spirit animal that represents diligence, self-control, and patience, these harmless critters encourage us to never stop going after our dreams and to never give up, no matter how long it takes. They serve as our gentle reminder that going slow is way better than not progressing at all. Read more about the snail symbolism.


Helix symbol resilience

From flowers, pine cones, and ferns to a sheep’s horn and a snail’s shell, the helix symbol can be found throughout nature. Featuring a visibly continuous and never-ending pattern, it indicates our ability to adapt and withstand adversity, as well as grow even when faced with depression and tragedy.

Since resilience is a trait that can be developed in each of us, it gives us the courage to remain composed even when we are constantly challenged and opposed. By helping us from falling apart as we stare at the challenges that life throws at us, the relatively unceasing image of the helix inspires us to embrace the changes that we encounter as it ultimately leads to personal and spiritual success.

resilience helix

Highly revered in a handful of cultures, the helix provides us with the inner strength to see difficulties as a challenge and not as an overwhelming hindrance. It serves as our motivation to treat our failures as a lesson and an opportunity for self-improvement and growth. Not only does this remarkable symbol incite commitment to our relationships, but it also urges us to keep moving towards the realization of our life goals.

Flower meaning resilience

Since our lives are filled with varying hardships and difficulties, civilizations past and present dig deep to find symbolisms that inspire us to remain resilient. While they are more popular for their fragrance and beauty, flowers are at times used to bring encouragement and reassurance to those who are feeling down and hurt. From the promise of the heralds of spring to provide us with spiritual enlightenment, here are a few of the flowers that teach us the importance of resilience.

Plum blossoms

Flourishing as the snow of a frigid winter thaws, plum blossoms remind us about the oncoming warmth and beauty of spring. Charmingly and fearlessly appearing even when things are seemingly dark and cold, this remarkable flower represents endurance as well as our capacity to overcome the demands and challenges of the most frigid winter (see also our post about symbols of winter).

Plum blossoms resilience

Lotus flower

Growing out of muddy water, the lotus flower shows us that while we may be living in a harsh environment, it is still possible for us to emerge with features that show the most attractive version of ourselves. Known to represent spiritual enlightenment, it blooms to remind us about how our resilience can help us grow in beauty even when placed in a situation where things are not at their finest.

Lotus flower


Resembling a blade that soldiers use in battle, it’s easy to see how the gladiolus indicates confidence and inner strength. Much like those who risk their lives to get rid of the enemy, these vibrant flowers urge us to constantly be prepared for the unforeseen challenges that may emerge. A symbol of generosity and kindness, it is a reminder for us to always be ready and to face our difficulties with dignity and resilience.




A fast-growing, star-shaped, prickly flower, the borage is an annual plant that signifies firmness, endurance, and courage. While its thorny features easily make it a flower that implies stability and protection, its ruggedness shows just how beauty can still bloom even when our life is filled with rough edges. Blossoming to guide us towards being more resilient, this tough-looking flower inspires us to exert more effort in areas where we can be of more significant impact.

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Known for providing people with a greater sense of self-satisfaction, resilience helps develop our strength to face and embrace the hardships that unexpectedly arise. While tragedies and misfortune can crack even the toughest nut, life becomes

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