The Top 10 Mudras For Balancing Your Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra (in Sanskrit Svadhisthana chakra), located between the pubic bone and the navel, is an important energy center in the body. It impacts our ability to enjoy pleasure, be creative, and feel emotions. 

Unfortunately, it can become blocked due to stress or trauma, causing physical or emotional problems (check also the sacral chakra awakening symptoms). Mudras – ancient hand gestures that are thought to redirect energy within the body – are one way to help unblock and nurture this chakra

Mudras are simple to incorporate into your daily life; they involve placing your hands in specific positions while focusing on your breath. Each mudra works with a different body part and its associated energy centers, including the sacral chakra, so choosing the right mudra for the job is important. Often mudras are paired with mantras, chanting, yoga, and meditation.

“Yogic gestures or Mudras create very subtle ripples in your body. You can’t feel them if there is already a storm going on in your body-mind.”

― Shunya

Key points

  • There are many ways to help balance the energy in your sacral chakras, such as using mudras. 
  • Mudras are hand gestures originating in Hinduism, used to direct life force energy within and throughout the body. 
  • There are many types of mudras, all associated with different elements, but mudras associated with fire are best when working with the sacral chakra
Sacral chakra

The Sacral chakra

The Svadhisthana chakra is located in the lower abdomen and glows a vibrant orange. It’s our job to manage our sexuality, compassion for others as well as ourselves, and self-confidence. Beyond this emotionally charged position lies another important task – regulating the kidneys which are responsible for cleansing old emotions so that we can keep growing!

When our sacral chakra is balanced, we can experience true joy and happiness in our relationships. We’ll be able to clearly express how we feel without worrying about the consequences. But when it’s out of balance, not only may sexual dysfunctions arise but also issues like low self-esteem or lack of empathy towards both ourselves and others.

sacral chakra
The sacral chakra

10 mudras for the sacral chakra

Adi Mudra 

Adi Mudra activates the area around the second chakra, releasing stagnant energies and restoring balance. Begin by sitting comfortably in a relaxed position with your spine straight to perform Adi Mudra. 

adi mudra
Adi mudra

Place your left palm on your lap, face up. Bring your right thumb over your left hand’s index finger, keeping all other fingers extended outward from both hands. Hold this pose for five minutes while deeply breathing into the area around your lower abdomen and navel. 

Chinmaya mudra 

The Chinmaya mudra draws energy up from the base of the spine and stimulates positive energy throughout the body. The Chinmaya mudra is performed by sitting comfortably, legs crossed, spine straight, and eyes closed. 

The thumbs are held together against the chest, while the index fingers extend upwards and meet at the tips above the head. The remaining three fingers are bent and crossed at the knuckles. 

Chinmaya mudra
Chinmaya mudra

By consistently practicing this posture, one can achieve spiritual balance through the increased connection between body, mind, and spirit. 

Yoni mudra 

Yoni mudra can rebalance the body and gently open the sacral chakra center. 

yoni mudra
Yoni mudra

This mudra entails sitting comfortably with your hands in a prayer position at your lower abdomen. While taking deep breaths and becoming aware of any sensations that arise, press your thumb into the area above your navel. 

Brahma mudra 

Practitioners can experience increased vitality, passion for life, and emotional stability by cultivating the Brahma mudra in daily practices. 

Brahma mudra is a prayer-like gesture connecting the thumbs with the palms facing upwards. All other fingers should be extended outwards, with the index fingers touching each other above the thumbs. 

Brahma mudra
Brahma mudra

Using this mudra sends energy up through the body, opening and activating the sacral chakra, which is located just below the navel. 

Dharmachakra mudra 

Dharmachakra mudra is a Hindu and Buddhist symbolic gesture representing the wheel of law, or dharma. Forming a circle with each hand’s thumb and index finger while extending the other three fingers straight is the gesture. 

Dharmachakra mudra 
Dharmachakra mudra 

This mudra represents an advancement in life, reminding practitioners to live by their spiritual beliefs and values. The movement also promotes mental stillness, which can lead to greater insight into one’s true nature and purpose in life. 

Hakini mudra 

Hakini mudra entails focusing on the sacral chakra with a single hand gesture. The Hakini mudra facilitates healing energies within our bodies by activating this chakra by bringing awareness to it. 

Hakini mudra 
Hakini mudra 

When performing this mudra, bring your fingertips together with your palms facing up. The thumbs are then gently placed against each other, so they meet at the tips while still separated by a tiny space. 

This creates an energetic link between both sides of your brain, increasing mental clarity and releasing any blocked energy from your sacral chakra

Apana mudra 

Apana mudra helps restore body balance by stimulating this vital energy center. Apana is performed by placing your hands in front of you with your palms facing up. 

Apana mudra
Apana mudra

Bend the middle fingers, so their tips touch the base knuckle joint, then fold them down onto the thumb tip. Hold for two to three minutes, focusing on your breath and imagining a bright red light emanating from your sacral chakra

This will aid in opening any blocked energy pathways in this area and promote optimal performance. 

Shakti mudra 

The Shakti mudra is intended to activate, energize, and stimulate the sacral chakra.. Practitioners can improve their physical well-being by performing this mudra regularly. 

Shakti mudra
Shakti mudra

The Shakti mudra is performed by pressing your palms together in front of your navel, with both thumbs pointing upwards towards your chest. It should be done for five minutes or longer, depending on how relaxed you are. 

Prana mudra 

Prana mudra brings harmony and balance to one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The exercise entails firmly pressing the tips of both index fingers together while extending all other fingers straight up toward the sky. 

Prana mudra 
Prana mudra

Hold the hand position for 10 minutes or longer, depending on your comfort and concentration level. Take deep breaths through your nose during this time, focusing on allowing your sacral chakra to open up from within. 

Visualizing yourself surrounded by red light can help to amplify its effects. 

Gyan mudra 

The Gyan mudra, also known as the Mudra of Knowledge, is a hand and finger gesture. The mudra is performed by lightly touching your index finger to your thumb on both hands while keeping the other three fingers extended. 

Gyan mudra
Gyan mudra

This healing technique encourages mental clarity and concentration. By forming this mudra, you can increase your self-awareness and open yourself up to knowledge from various sources. 

Gyan Mudra can also help to reduce stress, boost creativity, and even improve sleep quality.

For more information on mudras, check out this video

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