Symbolism For Balance: Discover the Meanings of These Symbols to Find Balance in Your Life

On All Fours: The Top Symbolism For Balance

Finding and maintaining balance in all areas of our lives is something that each of us aims to realize. If you are one of those who managed to stay fit, sustain a great career, and stay close to your friends and family, then you may have found the solution that has eluded many throughout history.

Whether you are looking to improve your performance at work or are looking for ways to have more time for yourself, this post about symbolism for balance might be able to help.

Yoga symbol balance
Yoga is a symbol of balance

Key Takeaways

  • Brotherhood can improve our social lives. As fist bumps and hugs are gestures of affirmation and love, they also enhance our connection with others. Brotherhood allows us to gain a sense of community that often stays with us for life.
  • Brotherhood teaches us to be more understanding of others. Apart from helping us develop trusting and more cooperative relationships, hugging someone shows how we are capable of showing empathy and being compassionate to our peers. Such a loving gesture indicates how brotherhood encourages us to be individuals who can provide both physical and spiritual guidance.
  • Brotherhood motivates us to do our best. While joining the military or the rowing team would require you to exert huge amounts of effort, knowing that you are surrounded by people you trust and who have the same goal as you push you to work harder. Brotherhood tells us that though certain situations can be difficult, the supportive presence of others brings out the best in us.

The Sun and The Moon

sun and moon symbolism for balance

While the sun has long been a symbol of energy, growth, and passion throughout time, the moon, on the other hand, has represented mystery, enlightenment, emotions, and the cycle of life. Since these celestial bodies form a pair, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they truly represent symbolism for balance.

As several traditions see them as a sign of contrast or a difference in opinion, their deep-seated connection is essential to how the world functions. A highly revered power couple that symbolizes light and dark, as well as ignorance and wisdom, they remind us of the importance of balance and harmony in our lives.


gravity symbol for balance

Revered for the critical role it plays in keeping everything and everyone in place, gravity allows us to safely walk the Earth’s surface instead of floating away. Known to provide the pull that keeps us rooted to the ground, it has been recognized as a symbol of balance.

Defined as the force that pulls two bodies towards each other, it serves as a magnet that enables the moon to orbit the Earth at a safe distance. While astronauts may seem weightless in space stations that orbit the Earth, our planet’s micro-gravity, although weak, continues to pull them down. Hence they get pulled by the strength of gravity from the Sun.


Yin-Yang balance

Arguably the most popular symbol of balance in modern culture, the Yin-Yang shows how two opposites can swirl into each other and inspire us to lead a life in perfect harmony. Although it was developed way back in the 4th century B.C., its philosophy continues to encourage many to find balance and harmony within.

More than just being a cool tattoo that many martial arts enthusiasts show off in class, the Yin-Yang offers a simple yet deep symbolism that we may find useful in our daily life. The Yin, or the black side, represents toughness, masculinity, and our uncertainties.

The Yang, which is the white side, signifies compassion, femininity, and enthusiasm. It is a symbol that tells us how everything is a little of both good and bad, and why it is important for us to maintain balance.


Yoga balance

Practiced by millions for its perceived ability to connect the body and mind, yoga is considered as symbolism for balance in many cultures. Deriving its name from the Sanskrit language which translates to “union,” it tells us about the importance of combining mindfulness and meditation.

Initially practiced to promote physical healing, enthusiasts would attest to its ability to provide a boost in energy and relieve stress, as well as improve flexibility, balance, and strength.

An ever-evolving practice that dates back thousands of years, not only does yoga teach us about awareness and balance but it also enlightens us to be more calm, understanding, and patient.

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Scales of justice

Scales of justice symbol balance

Initially used as a way to measure weight, the scale often represents individuals and organizations engaged in legal activities. Perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols in the legal system, it indicates the idea of balanced opportunities, fairness, and justice.

Representing the balance of an individual against the needs of society, the scales of justice are used to remind us how truth and fairness should always be considered to ensure that justice is served. While it is often seen on its own, the scales are usually held by the Egyptian Goddess, Ma’at, who symbolized ideologies such as balance, harmony, and reaching a fair verdict.

Tightrope walkers

Tightrope walkers neeed balance

A practice that dates back to the Ancient Greeks, tightrope walking is no doubt a test of patience and balance that has withstood the test of time. It symbolizes the balance of forces wherein any alteration in weight leads to life’s inequality and unevenness.

Often seen performing with a pole that maintains the walker’s stability while crossing the narrow rope, it represents how we sometimes need the presence of others to ensure that we remain balanced.

Tightrope walkers typically perform using flexible and extremely thin leather-soled footwear as it allows the foot to curve better around the wire. This not only helps with their balance but also enhances their performance.

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The visual and vestibular system

vestibular system
The vestibular system

As the role of vision in maintaining our stability has long been trusted, our visual system can also be considered a symbol of balance. Known to regulate the various systems that our body needs to keep it stable, deficiencies can lead to frequent falls, blurred or double vision, and balance disorder.

Moreover, our vestibular system provides us with a sense of balance and posture that enables us to perform quick movements in response to various forces. It is the part of our system that is responsible for the motor functions that help us maintain a healthy posture, secure our head and body as we move, and to keep our balance.

Along with such significant functions, this makes both our visual and vestibular systems competent symbols of balance.



Whether for decorating your home or giving it out as a gift to someone you love, the bonsai have blown everyone’s mind with its size, beauty, and charm. Believed to have the ability to stay upright through the harshest conditions, several traditions see these plants as symbolism for balance, steadfastness, and devotion.

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