Balance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Chakra Frequencies: A How-To Guide

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Chakra Frequencies

Chakras are the Sanskrit word for wheels, or energy centers located within the body, and are believed to be connected to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They have been part of ancient Indian traditions for thousands of years, emphasizing the alignment of the seven main chakra points within the body.

The seven primary chakras are located along the spinal column from base to crown, and each has its own unique purpose. This includes things such as emotional regulation, creativity, intuition, and connection with one’s higher power. 

Chakra balancing allows for free-flowing chi (also known as life force energy) throughout the body so that all organs can function correctly. An imbalance in any of these points can lead to physical or mental health issues, including anxiety or depression.

 “Opening your chakras and allowing cosmic energies to flow through your body will ultimately refresh your spirit and empower your life.”

– Barbara Marciniak

Key points

  • Chakras are energy centers found throughout the body. 
  • Each chakra vibrates at its own unique frequency that can be tuned to help increase your health and well-being. 
  • Certain symptoms can help you identify which chakra needs some fine-tuning. 
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What is a Chakra Frequency?

Explanation of chakra frequencies and how they relate to the chakras

Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body that serve as pathways for spiritual and physical healing. But perhaps most fascinating of all is that each chakra has its own unique frequency – a vibration that can be used to heal and awaken yourself spiritually.

Chakras are connected to all aspects of our being. By understanding what chakra frequency is, we can learn how to access these powerful energy centers for health and wellness.

A chakra frequency is the subtle vibration or energetic pattern of each of the seven major chakras within the human body. Each of these frequencies corresponds with different aspects of our mental, emotional and physical selves. 

These frequencies can be accessed through various practices, such as meditation or crystal healing which allow us to harmonize with them in order to create balance throughout our entire being.

In addition to accessing these energies through mindful practices, we can use tools such as yoga and visualization to further explore our personal chakra frequency and connect with its power (there are also chakras of the earth based on its vibrations).

In relation to chakra frequencies, it is believed that the energy of each chakra can be emitted as a form of electromagnetic radiation and that this energy can be measured and detected using scientific instruments.

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Physical benefits of chakra tuning

The chakras are connected to various organs throughout the body. Each chakra governs the surrounding bodily parts and affects them based on their current frequency. 

When tuning your chakra system’s frequencies, you’re raising the frequency of every part of your body. This can help resolve ailments and illnesses and promote a general feeling of well-being.

Mental benefits of chakra tuning

Chakra tuning also helps establish a healthy balance in your mental spheres. There are different planes of existence within your body, different avenues for your awareness to travel through. 

When you tune your chakras to their beneficial frequencies, you’re allowing higher-frequency thoughts to manifest and come into form in each of these areas. For example, if you have mental issues surrounding spirituality when fine-tuning your crown chakra, you will experience a deep sense of spiritual awareness and a heightened state of perspective.

Emotional benefits of chakra tuning

When fine-tuning your chakras, you’re raising the vibration of stagnant energies within the body. If a specific chakra is out of balance, the emotions associated with it are generally negative or lower-frequency, slow-moving, and remain inside of you until you are able to release them.


Chakra Tuning Techniques

Meditation for chakra tuning

Medication is a wonderful tool for chakra tuning. You can tune the chakras through your intention alone, imagining that each chakra is vibrating at a slow or low pace, using your intention to supercharge them and heighten their frequency. 

In your mind’s eye, see them vibrating faster and higher, even hearing the sound that each chakra makes as you move upward throughout the entire energy system. Meditation helps you gain an awareness of your human consciousness and understand how different thoughts and beliefs you have embedded in your subconscious may affect your external life. 

Paying attention to the thoughts you have can give you insight into which charkas they are associated with. 

Yoga for chakra tuning

Yoga is an excellent tool for fine-tuning your chakras. Focus on poses that incorporate all aspects of your body to help get your entire body in tune with your mind and emotions. 

As you transition through the poses, you’re creating harmony on all levels of your being, which in turn helps tune your chakras to a higher frequency.

Yoga is great for stretching the muscles and joints where stagnant energy exists, helping to create flow inside of your being. 

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Crystal healing for chakra tuning

Crystal healing for chakra tuning

Crystals hold unique frequencies and can be similar to the energy within your chakras. Using these tools for crystal healing can help tune these energy points. 

Find chakras the same color for each of the seven chakras, as they usually contain similar energies that can help assist each energy center to find balance.

There are crystals for awakening intuition, removing negative beliefs, promoting forgiveness, and opening your pineal gland or third eye chakra

Read more about crystals and the crown chakra.

Solfeggio frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies are sound-healing tones that have been used since ancient times. This six-tone solfeggio scale offers powerful healing energies to the mind, body, and soul. 

Each of the solfeggio frequencies rings at a frequency that is also in aliment with different chakras in the body. You can experience the positive effects of each hz frequency through the use of singing Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, or audio recordings. 

You can experience profound energetic miracles by incorporating sound therapy into your daily practices. Listen to some Solfeggio healing frequencies below:

Tips for identifying and addressing imbalanced chakras

If you’re experiencing mental, physical, or emotional issues, there’s a high chance you are experiencing an imbalance in your chakras.

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You can identify which of the seven chakras may create your issues by reflecting on their signs and symptoms below.

  1. Root chakra (Muladhara) – feelings of fear, anxiety, lack-mindset, competition, rage, and anger.
  2. Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) – unhealthy attachments to others, unhealthy attachment to sexuality or sexual trauma, lack of creativity, lack of inspiration
  3. Solar plexus chakra (Manipura) – low self-worth, low self-esteem, emotional instability, guilt, excess toxins in the body. 
  4. Heart chakra (Anahata) – lack of compassion, inability to love yourself or others, failure to connect with others, intimacy issues. 
  5. Throat chakra (Vishuddha) – lack of self-expression, dishonesty, fear of speaking one’s truth, the tension in the throat. 
  6. Third eye chakra (Ajna) – illusions, lack of intuition, unable to discern or make decisions
  7. Crown chakra (Sahasrara) – lack of spirituality, no purpose, materialism, lack of higher consciousness.

Once you’ve identified which chakras may be out of balance, you can use the chakra tuning methods listed above to create positive change throughout your energy system

As you begin to fine-tune the chakras, you may notice these symptoms grow larger as they come to the surface. The key is to experience emotions, feelings, and thoughts without resistance. 

Use them as teachers to help you understand the true lesson of your inner workings and the energies that have remained inside of you for some time. Learning to accept these energies helps promote feelings of wholeness, allowing you to move through the rest of your stagnant energies from a place of empowerment. 

Check out this video for more information on all 9 Solfeggio frequencies

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